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Showtime Networks Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (SHOWTIME ,Showtime Anytime ,Dexter ,Weeds on Showtime ,Sho Press Kits ,Showtime), brings Showtime Anytime with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Showtime Anytime app has been update to version 1.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • 5 Mbps Wifi connection at a hotel and it worked fine..
  • Netflix all support air play why not showtime..
  • I'm fine with everything about this app from live tv..
  • AppleTV works well for TV streaming..
  • picture quality over wi-fi is acceptable..

Overall Satisfactionc13
AirPlay Support Finally.
Watch Showtime live or pick your favorite show on-demand.
The video quality and sound are great.
picture quality over wi-fi is acceptable.
Fun & Engagingc10
Buffering issues galore.
Security & Privacyc14
Works perfectly with my Verizon account.
Updates & Supportc11
Hoping for an answer from Showtime Anytime customer service.

When I tried to log back in I received these error messages. found in 42 reviews
The app works great except for the occasional parental control issues. found in 82 reviews
U Verse and FIOS come on…… Let Directv subscribers join. found in 44 reviews
Still no iPhone 5 or Air Play support. found in 31 reviews
Very disappointed this doesn’t work for Dish Network users. found in 289 reviews
Air Play would make this app so much better. found in 60 reviews
Still pointless without airplay. found in 29 reviews
but still problems with video playback. found in 42 reviews
Showtime needs to get their game up and release an update. found in 37 reviews
only to find that Shotime Anytime does NOT support AirPlay. found in 43 reviews
Why there is no selection for COX customers. found in 24 reviews
constant crashing and playback errors. found in 27 reviews
Need to add dish network to ur list of providers. found in 283 reviews
-support more providers. found in 155 reviews
Great app but the lack of AirPlay is really disappointing. found in 17 reviews
but this App really needs AirPlay & video- out support. found in 10 reviews
Limiting viewers to one or two providers is suicide. found in 103 reviews
Main complaints people have had since the beginning:
Only real gripe is no Apple TV support. found in 49 reviews
This app is completely useless does not support the major cable providers. found in 349 reviews
No airplay support makes this app useless for me. found in 142 reviews
Learn from HBO and add more cable providers geniuses. found in 356 reviews
We subscribe to showtime through charter and the app thinks we do not. found in 199 reviews
The two cable providers that 99% of Americans don't use. found in 341 reviews
I'm even considering canceling my monthly subscription to Showtime as a result. found in 164 reviews
Once they add more providers I'll revisit my review. found in 232 reviews
I have tried again and still no availability for Dish Network. found in 289 reviews
I'm uninstalling " showtime anytime " since it's useless for me. found in 151 reviews
Add Time Warner /Brighthouse to your list of providers. found in 286 reviews
I called direct tv tonight and cancelled showtime. found in 175 reviews
We have Time Warner Cable & subscribe to HBO & Showtime. found in 116 reviews
Please add more providers or I'm canceling Showtime and sticking with HBO only. found in 155 reviews
You need more providers like time Warner. found in 155 reviews
Apparently show time doesn't appreciate my business. found in 122 reviews
I pay for Showtime on dish network and cannot access this app. found in 293 reviews
Needs airplay for Apple TV then it would be great. found in 253 reviews

The Showtime Anytime is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.5 MB to download. The new Showtime Anytime app version 1.1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Showtime Anytime in Showtime Networks Inc.`s Official Website :

SHOWTIME ANYTIME new for the iPad Get unlimited access to full length versions of your favorite SHOWTIME programs acclaimed Original Series, uncut hit movies, hard hitting sports, comedy, reality/documentaries and much more, right ...
This app has worked flawlessly on my old IPad and my IPhone 5S I have been using it for a year with no issues no matter whose WiFi I am connected to Time Warner is my TV carrier now but it worked without issue when I had Direct TV too I am shocked to hear people are having problems I was skeptical about adding HBO because I just now got done reviewing the terrible ratings of that app But since it seems to be on par with the bad Showtime reviews I am not going to trust the reviews for either app I like watching a variety of series so I hope Showtime keeps pumping them out                 As Good as it Gets
This app is designed well for those looking into the different content that Showtime offers With the app users can look up movies TV series sports and live TV Users can add their favorite programs to a list to watch later or keep in mind Users can dig in deep on content information as all shows have synopsis for their episodes Navigation is smooth and is easy as one can use the bottom tabs for category selection All Showtime subscribers should download this app as it is a handy guide for the channel           Showtime Anytime
I have downloaded this app on XboxOne IPhone and IPad It didnt work on any device Click on Uverse as my provider log in pops up then screen goes grey DOESNT WORK FOR UVERSE CUSTOMERS Showtime is a waste of money     Horrible App
Its att fault there authentication is not working for any streaming provider since beginning of September If you call customer service its nothing but double talk and no idea when it will be fixed                 Dont blame the app if your on ATT
Just downloaded and logged in through ATT UVerse It takes me to a blank gray screen Awesome I expect horrible experiences anytime something is related to ATT but didnt expect it from Showtime     Broken
The app doesnt work Really showtime With all the money youre making This is pathetic     Piss Poor
Not sure why so many people are complaining about this app and I almost didnt download it because of the negative feedback But I just watched two episodes of The Borgias and experienced no crashing I also found the streaming to be smooth and the picture to be crisp and clean                 App Works Just Fine
This app will not work with your ATT UVerse account IPhone iPad Apple TV and website all fail to log in with ATT Seriously unacceptable ATT confirmed the issue is on Showtimes end Please fix ASAP     ATT UVerse customers beware
Sound is very low and poor quality Using EarPods with the volume all the way up I can not make out the dialog if there is any background noise such as a fan or air conditioner I have never had this problem with any other app Video quality is also not as good as HBO go Amazon prime and other streaming apps I use        Poor sound
I was unable to log in under my ATT uverse account When I selected ATT uverse option it went to a gray screen and no further Im deleting this app and will maybe check back in when the rating rises     Unable to Log In
I was forced to download the app in order to activate Showtime Anytime and it wont let me log in I have Uverse so that may be the issue because I see others have had a problem with it     Made me download to activate on Apple TV doesnt work
This app is terrible it never works The shoes or movies that do stream do so in standard def Showtime seriously needs to reboot this app     Terrible
Why do I have to register after authenticating with my cable provider Crashes repeatedly Deleted and dropped my Showtime subscription     Horrible app requires login and registration
I attempted to log in via ATT UVerse it gave me a grey screen instead of a log in screen like the directions said it would     Defective
Previous reviews on the mark At a minimum landscape mode for any iPhone casestand use is upside down and wont flip     Fix it or Im gone
I subscribe to Showtime on Charter Spectrum TV The app doesnt work Tells me I have to be a Showtime subscriber with my TV provider I even called Charter thinking the problem might lie with them but no Apparently none of us Showtime Charter customers can access What a rip Charter is trying to fix the problem apparently but 3 weeks later to no avail Thanks for nothing     Lame
Dumbest thing ever     I need to download the app to activate another device
Using an iPhone 6 If using ATT like me you must use your ATT Net login for ATT or it will not recognize you as a valid user I spent an hour on the phone with ATT figuring this out Once the software recognizes who I am and says it will auto log me in so it says It then brings up a blank grey screen and thats it It is completely useless Also will not work on my Apple TV Im not sure whose issue it is but I know this HBOGO and every other channel works fine on my Apple TV and I have no problem logging into ATT with my password     Would make it a zero if I could
I used to love this app and never had any issues running it Now that Directv and ATT have combined my login no longer works Ive reset my password over and over and over to no avail I dont know whats going on but the app is useless to me and others looking at some of the reviews if we cant log in What a joke     Thanks ATT
I am canceling my subscription to showtime How can you create such a useless app that does not allow you to watch shows via an HDMI cable If you cant provide such a basic function why should I continue paying     Utterly useless without HDMI
Can I give zero stars I pay a small fortune for cable and Showtime and was thinking hey this app will let me catch up on some shows I missed the beginning of ATT Uverse users beware this app will not work for you Showtime should feel ashamed by putting this app out and not supporting a massive part of the nation Showtime if you want to compete with HBO you need to get these little things right     I feel robbed
Downloaded the app selected Att uverse typed in user and password then nothing but a black screen Super job application what a waste of time     Whats going on
Another fine mess from the Internet of nothing Wont authenticate half the time not ready for prime time     12 star app
This app does NOT work via Uverse Disappointed with my paid subscription to this movie channel Will definitely remember this when I cut the cord     Does NOT Work worthless
Was unable to login after most recent update Had to delete and reinstall the app and then log in        Unable to login fix
PLEASE KEEP PORTRAIT MODE Shocked by bad reviews as content is exceptional and can be easily accessed Great series movies and live feedTV options are one touch away Netflix HBO and others dont have nearly as much versatility Please dont change it thanks                 OUTSTANDING BEST TV APP AVAILABLE
I cant even activate my Amazon fire stick You have to down load the stupid showtime app first in order to get the activation code on my tv I dont want the app on my phone Thats why Im using the fire stick Then when you are asked to log in you find yourself staring at a blank grey screen for ever until you give up     Garbage
Was forced to download this useless app to activate AppleTVhate companies that force you onto a productespecial a crappy one like this Not worth the space on my phone     Useless
I downloaded the app It prompted me to log in and a error screen pops up And for some strange reason there are more movies on the app than on demand Please fix this ASAP        Cant Log In
I have a paid subscription for Showtime via ATT Uverse After downloading the app for the first time I clicked the ATT Uverse provider option to log in For a brief moment I saw that my ATT login info had autopopulated the login fields I must have clicked a Submit button or its equivalent After that all I saw was a blank grey screen When I backed out to the main screen in the app it still said Login in the top left corner Now every time I click Login all I see is that same blank grey screen staring back at me I deleted the app redownloaded it and started over on BOTH my iPhone and iPad but to no avail THIS APP DOES NOT WORK Not for ATT Uverse customers anyway This is the same experience another user posted in their review about Dish customers Too bad Whoever created this app seriously needs to pull it from the App Store and make sure it actually WORKS before releasing it back to the public It is just a waste of space on my devices and will be deleted immediately after I submit this review Not being able to log in to a major provider is a deal breaker because the app does not work unless you can log in to even begin to access content I am already paying for I would give this app ZERO stars if possible     Unable to Login via ATT Uverse
Why is this app being so difficult I cant log in Whats the point of payin    
Doesnt work Stays on log in the entire time Want to activate on other devices Xbox one you have to download app to activate it but app doesnt work Waste of time     Stays on logon
This app does not work with ATT Uverselogin screen doesnt even appear Im missing Ray Donavan please fix the bug issue Very disappointing No stars     No login screen
Doesnt work     Good idea but doesnt work
ATT login wont load properly     att login
Couldnt possibly be a more terrible app     Garbage
Not worth bothering with Downloaded it and tried to log in but it just goes to a blank grey screen     Bad
When I try to log in and choose my provider Blank screen I have a paid subscription to Showtime     Not working with ATT UVerse
Same problem here After logging in your credentials the screen goes grey and nothing happens except hitting the BACK button FIX THIS PROBLEM ALREADY     U verse login problem
App wont pass then login screen after correct credentials are entered     App doesnt get past login screen
Really wont even let me log in using my optimum account I sign in then message pops up that I was logged off     Terrible app
How is it that Netflix Amazon HBOGO and myriad other providers are able to effortlessly and flawlessly stream HD content whereas Showtime struggles to even begin the stream only to fail after a few minutes I have a 100 megabit account with Charter and a Netgear wireless router that provides 5 bars of signal strength into every nook and cranny of my home Yet Showtime still cant provide a reliable stream Hey Showtime buy some server capacity and splurge on a few decent programmers Hell just find the people who wrote the other apps that work and hire them If it werent for Penny Dreadful and The Affair Id pull the plug on Showtime entirely     Useless garbage Dont waste your time
It is one of the clumsiest Interfaces Ive ever used The folks at Showtime need to study how Netflix does series and emulate The streaming quality is great though        Workjust badly
Aside from the horrible UX when it works it actually works Sadly it doesnt work often I constantly get an error were having a problem with video playback Really this company needs to stop cheeping out and hire some more engineers and do this thing right Its pretty embarrassing     Fine when it works
Just downloaded this app on my xboxone because my Comcast Cable box is giving error messages for on demand Very frustrating stuff So I downloded the Sho app and am happily catching up on Ray Donovan I see everyone giving it low ratings and complaining but works like a charm for me no different then HBOGo                 Dont see why everyones cryin
Cant log in have ATT and just get white screen Tried 3 devices all same Please fix     Cant log in
Uverse may be the reason so they both get one star     Horrible App
This app will not work with ATT Uverse When I try to login using my credentials a blank gray screen pops up with no way to proceed     Will not work with ATT Uverse
App runs okay although lacks a resume option for recently watched but the volume is intolerably low even maxed out whether on Apple TV or phone or iPad        Volume too low

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