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Showtime Networks Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Showtime ,Showtime Social ,Weeds on Showtime ,SHOWTIME ,Stroke Your Genius: Marty`s Guide to Management Consulting ,Sho Press Kits), brings SHOWTIME with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SHOWTIME app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The SHOWTIME is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 14.6 MB to download. The new SHOWTIME app version 1.1 has been updated on 2015-08-06. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about SHOWTIME check developer Showtime Networks Inc.`s website :

A new way to get SHOWTIME is here, and you can try it FREE for 30 days Simply download the SHOWTIME app to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and sign up. Watch what s ...
Crap It keeps making me subscribe every time I try to log in even though I have an account Now it says no account found        Eh
When I hit play it closes the whole app PLEASE FIX     Keeps crashing
Looks like the developer on the app are not doing their job This app is not optimized for iPhone 6 size screens Shameless season 5 is also not available        What a shame
Everything is On Demand They offer Live East and West but on the iPad Air2 you receive a Dialogue box informing that the Video cannot be displayed On the Apple TV you do not even receive the Dialogue box It appears not to get Authorized Inside the NFL was the main Reason I subscribed to Showtime The Chemistry from a few seasons ago is destroyed Movies are kept far too long 1099 per Month is way more than it is worth to me        No Live Feeds Inside the NFL has lost the flowChemistry
Playback is terrible Shows constantly pause     Waste
I love this app until halfway through season five of Shameless all of season 5 suddenly isnt available through this app anymore I logged on the for several night in a row watching Season 5 and now they take it away Please someone look into this After marathoning through the entire series and getting to midway in season five and have it taken away was such a disappointment What are they thinking Please showtime figure this out I love this app and I like showtime better than HBO but I have never experienced anything like an entire season being there one day and gone the next This would be 5 starts if not for this blunder And if it was on purpose to drive iTunes purchases of individual episodes then shame on you Please fix        Shameless Season 5 disappeared
There needs to be an update to support iPhone 6 plus Other than that its pretty awesome              Good app but
Add an option to sign in using Hulu for users who signed up using that service It will also draw more users to the Showtime app Think about it           Hulu Log in
I cancel my trial before the free 30 days and there is no way to get a refund     This is a scam
I subscribed to watch Shameless season 5 only to find out that they only have up to season 4 Such a major disappointment considering they advertise that they have season 5 on their website and say that you have to subscribe to watch it only their full of crap To make it worse I have NO idea how to cancel this worthless subscription and it figures theyd make it difficult to cancel and make it just ever so easy to sign up I wish I could give this zero stars     scam
Would be awesome if Sony TVs get dedicated app                 Much better with Chromecast
Enough said     Canceling is Bogus
What happened to season 5 of Shameless After watching from the beginning of the series season 5 disappears What is going on Now it wont be available until October 5th Why when it was previously available Please fix this So annoying Would be a 5 star review if not for this        Shameless season 5
I began watching Shameless season 5 and suddenly it all gone without any notice It is so wrong Showtime But app is quite good           Where is 5th season of Shameless
Pls add auto play so i dont have to keep going back and selecting a new episode           Pretty good
App works great on Apple TV however it is not working on my iPhone 6 Plus I have tried the app support but there is not real contact information to report this issue Until this is corrected I have give it one star as I am paying for a service that I can not access from my idevice     Update will not complete download cant open app
This app needs to feature an update that makes it Chromecast compatible     No Chromecast
When I saw Showtime rolled out an app that did not require cable service I was STOKED HBO had released it and now my 2 fav channels are available sans mega cable bill Tried it out worked great on my iPad until I realized gasp no capability to Chromecast to my tv What is this small screen hell I have been left in What is the point I can not speak to other smart stream devices smart tv Apple TV roku etc but you would think having this app align with these devices would be a top priority Showtime Anytime with TV subscription does work I hope this gets changed soon If you are downloading this to use with Chromecast or similar device dont waste the 11month           Doesnt work with chromecast
Great app                 Love it
Uh where did Season 5 to Shameless go              Shameless Showtime
Ever since I got the update today I havent been able to watch any of my shows it keeps cutting in and out the app is messed up big time     Do not update new update does not work on iPhone five
First off There are NEVER enough scifi or fantasy movies Those are the only movies I really watch and there are never enough Add more cause Im bored with these ones Secondly I have had Showtime my whole life Now it seems like you want to cash in and charge more money for a service I should be getting Whats the difference between this and your other app Are you holding out on the good movies so people will pay Eff that BS     I am a subscriber to Showtime But this wants more money
This app is still in the Stone Age when compared to Netflix and HBO now showtime devs should use those apps to see how an app should function Also the fact that shameless season 5 disappeared gives me no reason to keep this app or pay for the service Ill just stick to my HBO now and Netflix Oh yeah this app doesnt even support chromecast     App Needs a whole lot of work
Please I need my money back Its not working at all     I need my money back
I have this on the ps4 the interface is awful Vertical keyboards need to go away           Bad UI
App is not working at all on my iphone6 or iPad Seriously I expected a lot more from showtime Lame     Doesnt work
I thought when the update will come that you will solve on NO AIRPLAY on Apple TV but pardon me i was wrong        Airplay
Cant activate trial at all Waste of time     Doesnt work at all
Whats the point Cant watch anything     Cant watch a video
I love the idea of a stand alone app And love that it is on roku and even has a live streaming feature But boy is it glitchy Constantly losing connection to the server So maddening when you are trying to watch a movie And the search feature is a nightmare for finding something to watch How about a whats new section rather than having to surf 350 tiny tiny images of movie posters to get to a movie        Extremely glitchy
Seriously Im paying a month for this app I should be able to do chrome cast it I pay for Hulu 7im paying more for this app cant even chrome cast it What the heck Please make is compatible for casting           Luie
The description claims that Any way you choose to subscribe to SHOWTIME you will be able to watch SHOWTIME live and get unlimited ondemand access to every episode of awardwinning SHOWTIME Original Series exclusive movies sports documentaries and more wherever and whenever you want NOT TRUE Showtime expires shows so they are no longer available see Shameless Season 5 but also others have expiration dates on them Also new shows are supposed to be on demand but no sign of the new Notre Dame series the day after it aired And no response from support thus far Ill update this if I hear     false advertisement
I was a bit unsure to download it after reading all other reviews but the app has worked really good for me I like the look and feel and the watchlist and the content I really enjoy it The only issue I honestly have is the lag between the show and the close caption subtitles Id give the app 5 stars if they both were in synch Other than that great app              I love it but
Need to add Chromecast capabilities           Needs more
How do you cancel your subscription     Dont like it
This app is fun while its free How can they charge this much per month for so little content They should reconsider aligning their price below Netflix which offers a much better better experience and much more content     Not worth the money
UpdateAugust Worked with Showtime support more via email and eventually over the phone They were incredibly rude and not interested in helping at all The app still does not work on either of my AppleTV devices Canceling my subscription Update July Showtime support has been subpar trying to help get this to work Their customer service is poor Original review I subscribed via iTunes and the iPhone app works but the AppleTV wont recognize my subscription I get stuck in a loop kinda like authorize via iTunes enter email email already in use by iTunes account use that account authorize via iTunes repeat infinitely     Doesnt work showtime support is rude
Very disorganized when searching for episodes of TV shows Worst part of this app is that it does not work through the HDMI accessory for my phone I travel extensively and like to connect my phone to my tv so I can watch shows while connected to my LTE instead of using the slow hotel wifi This app disables that feature making this app useless to me Might be great in the home but I have much funner things to do at home than watch TV           Not near as slick as HBO now
Every other app I have is connected to the Internet But not Showtime It simply doesnt work You guys sure youre ready for a cord cutting world Catch up guys or you are dead     Appaling
why why why why where where where is my money     internet connection
Unlike HBO Now Showtime picks and chooses what new shows you are allowed to stream I purposely switched to the Showtime because of the Notre Dame Series and Showtime is not including it in their stand alone App Very disappointing     A Season WithNo Irish
Did these guys just release another update that is not optimized for iPhone 66 Inexcusable This half baked app is a microcosm of how poorly Showtime maintains their services Deleting this app     Fire your project manager
The app doesnt even start showing not internet connection for iPhone 6 plus Please fix ASAP     Does not even start
Force it how my phone backwards because the lack of screen rotation on the 6 this puts my thumb on the sleep button Therefore it is useless to me Lacks iPhone 6 full resolution support so no 1080P     Lacks screen rotation deal killer and iPhone 6 HD
I was going to download this to watch the last 3 episodes of shameless season 5 but thanks to all your reviews i wont freecarl     No shameless no showtime
How do I unsubscribe to this     Cant unsubscribe
Thanks to all the reviewers who warned the unwary about the problems associated with this subscription I will pass on Showtime     A scam
Baaad bad bad     Showtime
They make it really difficult to figure out how to cancel the service Utter nonsense Dont bother with the free month Definitely not worth the headache     Terrible
If I close the app while watching a show it freezes up and I cant reopen it I have to delete the app reinstall it to fix the problem And why does this app not support Chromecast        Freezing

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