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SundanceNow , the publisher behind many iOS app (SundanceNow Doc Club - Documentaries, films and movies, handpicked by experts ,SundanceNow ,Shudder: Screams on Demand), brings Shudder: Screams on Demand with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Shudder: Screams on Demand app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Shudder: Screams on Demand is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. It weighs in at only 55.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2015-07-31. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
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Shudder is the new home for horror, a diabolical streaming service devoted to things that go bump in the night. On the Shudder app, enjoy unlimited access to a growing library of horror movies from ...
I was thoroughly enjoying Shudder since it was now working on my 6 Plus but out of nowhere they have cancelled my first paid month subscription I started on September 4th and the month hasnt even ended yet Ive emailed them but yet no response Seems like a scam to me     SHUDDER HAS HAS CANCELLED MY PAID SUBSCRIPTION
App at least plays with the ios 9 update but airplay is not completely functional unless mirroring is turned on as well Only turning on airplay plays the sound through apple tv but picture remains on device only        Almost there need AirPlay working
This is a fantastic service I cant wait to see what this service will bring as it developskeep it up                 This is the dawn of a new era
I like the content but it freezes regularly Navigation can be a little annoying please add an all movies section SUBTITLE OPTIONS           Its aight
This app is a work of art The transitions and UI is beautiful and app streams smoothly Pure madness for a horror fan                 DramaFeverFan
I was so excited to find out about Shudder Im a huge horror fan and couldnt wait to use this app Unfortunately for me I didnt find out that there isnt any Apple TV compatibility until after paying for the subscription Which pretty much renders my subscription and this app useless I know its still in beta so I have high hopes for it in the long run but for now Im pretty disappointed        Disappointed
Ive watched a lot of movies I wouldve never considered otherwise through this apps Live stream service It also has a pretty extensive and varied selection of movies Is it perfect No But without our support they will never expand their catalog of films Im glad to be paying for the service                 A work in progress but still great
I was disappointed by the numerous occasions I found movies I wanted to see only to discover they would not play on my TV via Roku Many times the app would just crash Once the problems are fixed I will be happy to pay a monthly fee        It has potential
Its great Still in beta But can only get better with time                 Amc shudder
But wont stream to Chromecast Also giving full access at the start of a trail period would make more sense All the app lets you do is choose 5 movies to watch Netflix gives you the full tour through their trial period which made me want to sign up Im gonna pass on Shudder Good Luck     Coo idea
Shudder is a great service and hopefully it will continue to get better Curated horror so it doesnt have a lot of the chaff you find on Netflix Its only 5 a month too thats pretty great              Great service the app is pretty good too
The app crashes on launch on my iPad mini 1st gen I got it to work on my iPhone only to discover that they disabled AirPlay so I cant watch their movies on my television via AppleTV So the app was a disappointing experience I thought I might have better luck with their web site on my Mac but it was similarly janky and required Flash to watch the movies What year do they think this is 2006 Its a shame because its a great idea for a service but they made some really poor choices in implementation for both the app and the web site     Crashes no AppleTVAirPlay support
I love this app I just wish they added new movies more often Sometimes the prompt will change and say recently added but the pic in question was already on the site              Love it
Great app and great start tad buggy but beta is a beta              Horror
Only a few days into the world of Shudder and I cant believe how fun this is Awesome selection of titles including a few personal favorites Videos stream flawlessly Plus holy crap The attention to detail on the design app and website is incredible Its spooky and creepy and fun all at the same time                 Equally beautiful and intelligently disgusting
Apple TV support really should have been the first thing or one of the first things that they implemented if they were going to put this on iOS As it is the eight day free trial period is pretty much useless to me I am not craning my head down to watch a 90 minute movie on a mobile device Sorry guys Other than that great collection of flicks        No AppleTV support no use for it
Cant watch movies on my I pad because the update ios9 please help thank you        Shudder
Fantastic app and service Content available is a good start Very compelling                 A great start
The movie selection is terrific and unique The app does lock up every once in awhile but overall works very well with my Apple TV Im looking forward to lots of scares              Loving it
Updated app functions with ios9                 SHUDDER
A must have for horror fanatics Has a great selection of movies that continues to expand Only complaint is that I cant watch it through my game consoles or chromecast yet but Im sure that will change soon Definitely worth 499month                 Love it
Since the update everyone is working fine I love this app definitely worth 5 and I can only assume it will get better Must have for any horror fan                 New update works
Im a huge horror movie fan and Im so happy this exists I hope it sticks around for a long time Horror fans need a service like this I already signed up for a year subscription The movies are few in number but Im sure it will expand at some point but the choices presented are good and shudder TV is really awesome too The app is still in the early stages so some bugs aside it works great                 So glad this exists
While their library of titles is far from extensive you can tell this site is run by die hard horror aficionados and their presentation is beautiful Hoping to see it develop and grow its library of titles but very impressed with how they put together their product              Tons of potential
Im a huge horror fan and when I heard about Shudder I literally shuddered The app works great on my ipad and iphone so no complaint from my end 5 stars all the way                 My life is complete
It works just fine for me the only thing is that I hope they can add more movies because Im running low Lol                 I love it
As an avid horror fan I was stoked to see this Its still has some work but its so new I can understand I havent had any issues thus far with crashing and I can stream to my hearts content Just give it a try you might be surprised              Pretty good
This would be a pretty decent app will be but not having the option to stream to a television makes it a lot less useful There are a fair amount of movies that arent available on Netflix or Amazon prime and that are a little more obscure but I dont know if the number is high enough to be worth the extra monthly charge I want to love it but its just not there yet           Not bad not good
Clean sharp interface thats easy to use Havent seen anything like this for niche content and Im loving it Really solid library including my all time favorites and lesser known films that are very underrated                 Shudder app is awesome
Works great                 Fantastic service and great app
This app started out pretty well when it was free but as soon as I paid for this 1st month its not showing my account as active Would definitely not recommend outside of the free subscription     Disappointed
Love it                 Great for true Horror Fans
Ive signed up for a subscription twice and paid the 5 It STILL says I dont have a membership     Keeps charging 5
Already addicted So happy this exists Awesomelooking app and good streaming                 Sweet
After writing my first review about how the app keeps crashing after a few seconds of opening it I must say its still a huge problem basically defeats the purpose of this appWhich I am already paying for I refuse to pay even the least amount for this service It still needs work understandable but dont think people should be charged for it Just fix it please iPhone 6 plus user        From 4 stars to 2
If youre looking for classics modern or camp they have it all and they seem to be getting more all the time I love this app                 Greatest thing ever
Okay so I joined shudder on a free trial membership I got 2 weeks for free and then I would have to cancel or get charged So during my 2 weeks I tried to watch as many movies as possible to see what I thought and get the most of the trial if I decided not to pay It was okay not great but I saw some pretty good movies They mostly skew towards older and cheaper movies so that was a little meh but I figured theyre suppose to add new movies every month so it was fine I got to the end of my 2 weeks and decided to just let it charge me 599month is affordable and if I didnt find anything good in the next month or two I could always cancel Except even though they had my billing information after the two weeks Shudder started telling me I didnt have an active account anymore This was annoying but I didnt think I was paying them and I had been on the fence about keeping it anyway so I dismissed it and deleted the app If they were too stupid to figure out how to charge me I didnt really need it But then Then 2 months later I found out that they Had been charging me They charged me for 2 months So I went back to the app and tried to login again and my account was still not active They wanted me to pay to reactivate it Are you kidding I DID pay you You just deactivated me anyway So now Ive closed them out from having access to my Paypal account and I dont recommend Losing 12 isnt the worst thing thats ever happened to someone but thats really annoying and messed up It really wasnt worth it        Argh
I can safely say that this is one of the best horror apps out there AWESOME                 HORRIFICALLY awesome
Super excited Easy to use great movies amazing quality fast Sold for LIFE                 Perfection
Off to a good start I think adding more titles will improve the site even more              Off to a good start
App crashes every time you start a movie     Worthless
Super slick app Dig the selection Seen some stuff now that I wish I could unsee In short 2spooky4me                 2spooky4me
I started out with the Roku channel and had audio issues Desperate to take advantage of the free trial I hoped for an app and found this Works great on my iPad no audio problems no buffering or crashing here About half the content is available on other popular streaming apps but the other half isnt and some of it is fairly obscure which makes it well worth the small fee if you are a horror fan Im a paying customer now and think it has great potential              Work In Progress but Not a Shabby Start
Im so happy that this appservice exists Finally a streaming service that curates horror Shudder features a compelling home screen interface that encourages exploration and curiosity I suggest two things 1 A 010 rating system Most movies have 3 star average user ratings which makes it difficult to differentiate film quality I essentially ignore user reviews because of this I know this will never happen but a scary and gore user rating might be cool too 2 Allow users to create a list of films they would like to watch like Netflixs My List Thanks for releasing this app              Ive been waiting for something like this
The Netflix of horror movies its better on Roku but I love it on the go I used it when I was admitted in the hostipal to keep myself Entertained and cheered up                 I love it
I watch it on ROKU Im a huge horror movie fan Love this channel so far Just wish streaming movies would change more often Same streaming movies for weeks But love the movie library              Shudder
If youre a horror fan this app is great Its a decently priced subscription with a good start to its collection I watch it on AirPlay from my phone to my Apple TV and it works great with minimal issues There are a few bugs that could be tweaked but all in all its a great app if you love horror              Work in progress
iOS 9 update works I was having gore withdrawal Shudder rocks for horror fans                 Awesome
45 stars I really love the concept this is made for me Ive had a few technical problems but wow this could be something great Ive already found a few amazing sure to be on my list of favorites Id never heard of If you love horror or just sharpening of the stakes this is for you Its a work in progress so wait for the future Shudders              Start the chainsaws
I have spent the last two weeks glued to my phone screen night and day watching horror movies on Shudder and I must say I am quite enjoying this site Its like Netflix but with a quirky twist of screams blood and gore It is also a hell of a lot cheaper than Netflix and for me a thousand times more addictive Im loving Shudder                 Shudder

Shudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror MoviesShudder: Screams on Demand Entertainment Horror Movies

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