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Shutterfly, the publisher behind many iOS app (Shutterfly Catalog ,ThisLife ,Treat Birthday Cards ,TinyPrints Catalog ,Wink | from Shutterfly ,TinyPrints), brings Shutterfly for iPhone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Shutterfly for iPhone app has been update to version 4.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • this is probably the best app to print pictures off of..
  • Great way to easily transfer pictures to shutterfly..
  • It's great for maintaining family photos and sharing them with everyone..
  • like pics of my kids..
  • Sooooo user friendly and the daily freebies are amazing..

Overall Satisfactionc89
I love shutterfly it's the best thing ever.
I love Shutterfly but the app doesn't always work for me.
I love being able to upload my pictures directly to Shutterfly.
im having the same problem not being able to upload more pictures.
I love being able to access my pictures with my phone anytime and anywhere.
Thanks Shutterfly for making my picture addiction a breeze to manage.
but no thanks Shutterfly.
I love that I can easily upload pics to storage.
I love the ease of uploading to Shutterfly without using my laptop.
I'm a avid scrapbooker & picture quality is very important to me.
easy to use but picture quality from IPhone not good.
I'm consistently received with quality prints and great deals.
Fun & Engagingc94
They always send you awesome deals and it's easy to use.
So easy to use and they have awesome deals all the time.
This is an awesome photo app.
Fun application.
Saves time from having to upload photos other ways.
Saves time on traveling on stores to print photos.
One day we will be able to do everything on the app - hopefully.
Family Friendlyc87
Love how easily I can upload pictures and share with family and friends.
It's great for maintaining family photos and sharing them with everyone.
like pics of my kids.
Social Aspectsc76
Love being able to view my pictures and share with friends anytime.
Easy to share with friends and add to your photo gallery.
I can find any pic on my social media sites.
Great Alternative to Social Media Sites.
This application is outstanding for sharing photos with friends and family.
Easy and convenient way to share photos with friends and family.
Production Valuesc95
Quick and easy interface.
Really easy interface.
Ease of Usec63
Easy to upload photos and to view your shutterfly folders.
I've been trying to upload photos for days and it's not working.
Pretty quick & easy to place orders from pics I took on my iPad.
So easy to upload without having to transfer to computer first.
Loved how quickly I was able to choose photos and order.
Super easy to upload pictures and order photos or photo gifts.
I can't get a single photo to up load.
This a super convenient way to upload photos from your phone.
it's easy to navigate through and order any size or item you want.
Awesome easy to use app with wonderful specials.
Security & Privacyc69
Have had a regular shutterfly account for many years.
Canceling shutterfly account because the app keeps crashing.
Easy access to my pictures and so simple to use/order.
I love that I can add photos to my account so easily.
safe and secure checkout.
Updates & Supportc67
The customer service is always helpful and courteous.
Excellent app and the customer service is awesome.
Shutterfly customer service confirmed "I was screwed" after asking for help.

love the freebies and offers. found in 10 reviews
keeping family memories fresh with great products and awesome daily promos. found in 57 reviews
Easy way to show and share memories with family and friends. found in 3 reviews
they have great specials on pics and everything else they offer. found in 30 reviews
Would definitely recommend for busy moms. found in 6 reviews
I have enjoyed ordering personalized gifts for family and friends. found in 11 reviews
Have loved Shutterfly for 10 years - love it even more now. found in 8 reviews
I love that I can easily upload pics to storage. found in 73 reviews
I love shutterfly it's the best thing ever. found in 1069 reviews
the Share Sites are great for sharing pictures with family & friends. found in 19 reviews
Fast delivery and great quality photos every time. found in 18 reviews
Great way to quickly upload iPhone pics to my shutterfly albums. found in 45 reviews
Shutterfly offers great discounts throughout the year on their wonderful. found in 9 reviews
Awesome way to backup photos and order excellent prints. found in 88 reviews
So easy for Moms that take a lot of pictures. found in 7 reviews
The app makes ordering pictures from your phone as easy as pie. found in 7 reviews
This a super convenient way to upload photos from your phone. found in 28 reviews
Unlimited storage and easy to upload ALL pictures on your iPhone. found in 13 reviews
it's easy to navigate through and order any size or item you want. found in 15 reviews
the upload will pause if the phone goes to sleep. found in 13 reviews
I wish I could work on customizing my calendars and photo books. found in 9 reviews
I wish I could upload videos to my share site via this app. found in 27 reviews
Really like it- would like to see more editing features added. found in 9 reviews
Not bad but would be nice to make books from the app. found in 15 reviews
Would be 5 but needs video and background uploading. found in 8 reviews
#3: Can't upload videos into my share sites. found in 78 reviews
I just REALLY wish the developers would add video uploading capabilities. found in 17 reviews
Would love to upload more than one photo at a time. found in 12 reviews
I LOVE being able let anyone I appoint add & edit pics. found in 10 reviews
Can't seem to download photos from shutterfly to my phone. found in 35 reviews
Only thing I wish I could access on mobile: my account. found in 6 reviews
Unable to load photos to existing album to add more pictures. found in 29 reviews
but it still takes a while to upload. found in 13 reviews
Being able to create and edit photo books would be brilliant. found in 25 reviews
Also I am unable to create new albums through the app. found in 43 reviews
Unable to enter promo codes or ship30 code for free shipping. found in 8 reviews
Uploading pics is frustrating--if phone falls asleep uploading is interrupted. found in 12 reviews
The new version freezes and double selects pictures to upload. found in 17 reviews
can't upload pictures from iPhone it takes forever and doesn't work. found in 10 reviews
It also doesn't accept coupon codes that shutterfly sent me. found in 57 reviews
Can not upload photos with iOS 6. found in 11 reviews
It takes way too long to load photos for editing. found in 29 reviews
I can't get a single photo to up load. found in 25 reviews
or if the phone goes to sleep. found in 13 reviews
The app wouldn't let me use my gift cards. found in 11 reviews
Newest update continually crashes when I try to view albums. found in 11 reviews
One picture uploaded and now nothing else will. found in 13 reviews
Shutterfly has stopped allowing full resolution downloads of my own pictures. found in 18 reviews
I am unable to upload photos from my iPhone. found in 11 reviews
Wish it was compatible with online version. found in 13 reviews
Pressing " forgot password " makes the app crash every time. found in 13 reviews
Shipping costs are ridiculous for prints. found in 17 reviews

The Shutterfly for iPhone is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.0 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Shutterfly for iPhone check developer Shutterfly`s website :

Your Photos On The Go. Shutterfly For iPhone.Shutterfly for iPhone allows you to get mobile with your memories so you can upload, view and share your favorite pictures, wherever you are.Our free application lets ...
The notification badge on the app is still there despite this latest update announcing it would be gone     Still not fixed
This update is awful You cant tell if pics were actually uploaded bring back the s on pics it doesnt upload all pics that you select and it uploads some pics twice You cannot go in and delete a double pic and you certainly cant tell which ones they didnt upload to the album I am frustrated and bummed at the same time Please fixed these bugs or go back to the old version     Not happy with update
I used to love this app until the recent update I dont like the redesign of the app Even with this update I still cant tell which photos were already uploaded The new photos folder has a bunch of photos that were already uploaded Please give me back the old version which was much better than this        Dislike the update
Still not happy I still have a random notification on my app I absolutely hate having those red dots Please fix the problem ASAP     Bring back the old version
The badge icon is still there The new update did not fix the problem Very annoying        App icon
Still have a notice icon on the app Its driving me insane Take it away           Update
Love the auto upload feature and the beautiful clean design I made an iPhone case in less than 2 minutes                 Love the new design and features
I was so hopeful that the badge notification would go away with this update but its still there Help        Badge Notification Still There
I wish the update did not get rid of my ability to see which photos have not been uploaded to my shutterfly albums The loss of that has seriously downgraded the app for meboo     Please bring back new photo option
Great wired awesome but wont let me check out Says I have a connection issue but I have full bars     Great till you checkout
Great app Love the latest update and fixes              Auto upload
I will change my review when an additional update is released but until then this app is TERRIBLE It doesnt know which photos you have uploaded before the update and keeps trying to upload them which will take forever as I have more than 4000 photos I tried to just upload everything to a different folder overnight but in the morning only about 30 photos had uploaded Terrible update     I love Shutterfly but this update is the pits
I wish that the function for new photos under uploads would come back It redownloaded all oh my photos Grrr Also I wish they would go into the albums in order of download instead of mixing them all up Please fix        Duplicate photos
Thank you for listening Shutterfly and bringing back the option to know what photos have been uploaded This makes the app so much more efficient Thank you so much I also love that you can swipe your finger to select multiple photos to upload it makes it really fast                 Thank you Uploaded features back
This app is very handy when it works which is about 1 of the time I have tried repeatedly to upload pictures from my iPhone on to my Shutterfly account for them to never appear in my account It worked once Thats all I get I guess I expect more from a website such as Shutterfly which has been a great site for me over the past 10 years     Done with this app
Each time I mark a photo to be uploaded nothing happens Useless     Cant upload iPhone photos
I love Shutterfly products and this app makes it super easy to make prints photo gifts and more from all my Instagram pictures                 Love Shutterfly
Ill admit lots was fixed but the red 1 notification remains even though Shutterfly said it was fixed Im so tired of looking at itOh my god All my photos were uploaded AND marked as uploaded as of three hours ago I just went back into the app and it started to upload all the 851 photos again even though they are all marked with an S What is going on Apparently this update isnt as good as I thoughtBack to 1 star     Remove 1 Notification
Works well for me              Good app
I updated my app and wish I wouldnt have I liked the old features better like when it told you that you had so many new photos Now it keeps trying to upload 995 photos every time I connect I just wanted the new ones Not all of them again Someone please fix this I maybe moving my businesses somewhere else Very irritating and frustrating     Very disappointed in new version
Absolutely nothing has changed It is not any better at all Plus the little notification is still there Please fix this I use this app a lot It needs a lot of work to be perfect but the older version was a lot simpler to upload photos If it was easier to upload my photos I might be more inclined to actually purchase things from the sight more Just a thought     Still not fixed
This update is an improvement But today I uploaded 107 bday party photos to Google Photos Quickly created an album for them Created a few collages too saved them to my device and shared them digitally All from my phone Thought a shutterfly photo book might be nice Uploaded same 107 photos 79 of which actually uploaded Do I really need to say more           Hopeful but dont trust
Great app I like how quickly I can make a gift on this app                 Thank you shutterfly
Ive already downloaded the same pictures three times Please bring back the S that lets us know what has already been uploaded to shutterfly Is there a way I can revert to the old version of the app I can only hope the app creators read this and bring back that feature     Please please please bring back the S
But even after update uninstall and reinstall the badge is still there Not filled with hope over the rest of the improvements        Not even sure how bad it is
I really hate this new version of the app The previous version was so much more user friendly Before I could hold down on a picture and then move down a row of pics to select multiple pics at a time Now you have to individually select In the older version it would sort your pictures for you that had already been uploaded too Worst of all I cant find all of my previously created albums So much more tedious and time consuming Please fix ASAP     HATE The New Version
Thanks for correcting upload Yay                 Thanks Shutterfly
Unfortunately the app update didnt work for me I still have a notification that wont go away and the pictures that Ive previously uploaded are not stamped I really enjoy using shutterfly I hope these bugs can be resolved        Still having issues
I hate the new version The old one told me what photos I had already up loaded and this one dont so now I have like a million of the same pics being up loaded And I hate that if I dont leave it open it wont download the other version worked well     Needs a few changes
Please please please fix this Its driving me crazy I have done everything I know to get rid of and also thought this update would fix it No such luck     The stupid notification is still there
The new shutterfly app is terrible You cant tell which photos have been uploaded and which ones have not As a result you get duplicated photos unorganized albums and endless upload reminders I wish they would go back to the original app Dropbox and other photo collection apps are much better        New version terrible
Love it                 Love it
I have always liked Shutterfly better than other photo storage programs My only complaint is that with this recent update it no longer tells you which photos you have already uploaded Im one of those people who have limited storage on my phone I would upload my photos delete them from my phone Now I have no idea which photos have already been uploaded I have a lot of duplicate photos in my albums now I will have to go online delete those but Im worried to delete any photos off my phone now just in case I havent uploaded those yetPlease bring that functionality back Shutterfly Then youll be perfect again     To be like it once was
I have been using Shutterfly ever since my first digital camera in 2001 The creation of this app was a godsend when I got my first iPhone With that being said this current version is very frustrating I loved the fact that on previous versions it told me how many new photos I had that needed to be uploaded NOW IT DOES NOT Before it also placed a small S on each photo that had been added to Shutterfly NOW IT DOES NOT Still a great place to back up photos but I wish I knew which photos needed to be added        Love the app but hate this update
Can you please bring back the old app before the update Its horrible You cant hold and tap a number photos very difficult to share now uploads take me in a circle now and I end up uploading duplicates or to the wrong albums cant edit like before specials freeze and shut app down I also tried the Shared Sites App and also am not impressed It was so much easier before the update Im unsure why it was ever changed Very disappointing I love love this app and have for YEARS Please fix or take the new app back     Disappointed Update
Please improve this app I hate that when you upload photos they no longer delete them so you know where you left off So stupid Update ASAP     Hate the latest update
Its an easy app to navigateBut it keeps saying I have an invalid card informationI called customer service and they cant figure it out eitherTheir solution was to just go to my desktop to buy what I neededGreat solution sarcasmHow about you figure out your issues to make our lives as consumers easy     No help
Please bring back the s denoted on pictures that have already been added to your app If somebody has hundreds of pictures how can he or she easily determine which ones have been added Why on earth would you remove that handy feature It makes no sense Please bring it back ASAP So disappointed and frustrated     What did you do
Love it                 Great functionality and way to manage memories
Ive tried multiple times to upload pictures and two have actually uploaded The older version worked much better and would let you quickly see which pictures were already uploaded So disappointed I use to love their photo books     Terrible update
Love the ability to upload photos from my phone Definitely recommend this app for shutterfly users and anyone who takes a lot of pictures on their phone                 Good experience
What happened to the mark all as uploaded button Its not there anymore Now I dont know what I have already uploaded Please fix this     Help Us Shutterfly
I wish I wouldnt have updated This last one made the app horrible for uploading photos It wont show which new photos youve already uploaded so you have to go searching through your albums for them firstand then half the ones you think youre uploading never show up anywhere Ive used shutterfly for years and I loved ithope they get this all fixed up soon        latest update blah
091415 update Thank you for listening It works seamless storing my pics again Thank you                 Better update
even though the latest update was supposed to get rid of the annoying badge on the app icon its still there           Decent app but
So much for the update to remove the notification icon     Pesky icon still there
Love the new features that keep coming on                 Now this is awesome
Theres still a notification sign on my app I thought this would go away after downloading the new version but its still there I have deleted and reinstalled a few times but I cannot for the life of me figure out why my app still has a notification in it           Still have a notification
When entering the upload page it no longer shows you the number of new pictures that have yet to be downloaded to shutterfly This is extremely inconvenient when you have so many photos The task of going through all of your photos in your phones camera album and comparing to what you have uploaded onto shutterfly is TEDIOUS You also CAN NO LONGER tap and hold one picture and select and other to check off the photos within that range You have to individually check every photo that you want uploaded ANNNOYING GIVE ME MY OLD UPDATE BACK     Horrible update
I still have the badge icon on my app and I just uploaded the new version           Badge icon

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