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Madcap Studios, inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Tap Towers + ,RemembeRing ,Digital Comics ,Sudoku Edition ,Simon Says... ,Tic‒Tac‒Toe), brings Simon Says... with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Simon Says... games has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Put your memory to the test!


Simon Says is a memory game that incorporates vibrant colors, harmonic sounds, and an increasing level of difficulty with every round. Like in the classic elementary school yard game, you have to do what Simon Says. Every round the game presents you with a growing pattern of colors that you must repeat back in the correct order.

Simon Says...Simon Says...
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4 modes of play:


Easy - Classic Play
Medium - Gets slightly faster every round
Hard - Buttons change to random colors
Insane - Buttons reconfigure themselves as you play


Apple Game Center support:


Earn high scores and unlock Achievements as you play!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Simon Says... for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Simon Says... check developer Madcap Studios, inc.`s website : http://www.madcapstudios.com
Simon Says...


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It crashes    Horrible
Continues to crash on start    Still crashes
What many dont understand is that Hasbro forced them to change it from Simon Says to RemembeRing Its still the basic concept of remembering the light patterns and sounds just an enough change so they wont get sued I still think it is a great game To all you 1 star givers if youre so angry about the change write to Hasbro Like it says in the description which I doubt any of you bothered to read there is nothing MadCap can do about itWhat I dont like however is all of the separate charges for different themes of the same gamewhich will add up to about 1600 for all Really How about just one fee to buy the game and include all of that in the app Otherwise for 1600 Ill just head to my local toy store and buy a real Simon Says          Please petition Hasbro Not us It is 100 out of our hands
I like and it is just like Lopez             Cool
Does anyone know of another app thats like the old Simon game I remember Or is there a way to remove this app from the list of apps to be updated I really liked the old version and would like to keep it       Old Simon
Killed a great app Dont update    Horrible
As of this latest update it crashes upon opening             Greatbut
No changing the entire app and saying if you dont like it dont update is not a substitute for releasing a different app It is not reasonable for you to expect me to stop using the update all button just because you want me to pay extra special attention to this appThis is hokey    Writing this negative review for exactly the reason they dont think they should get one
Dont know what all the complaints are about Its a nice variation of the old SimonIf you want the closest thing to the nostalgic game from our childhoods buy SimSays by Carmat             Its Not That Bad
This game is just sooooo boring Other than that its stupid Dont install    Stupid game
Will never update from Simon Says It was great in retro but the new update makes no sense    Dont Update
I bought the original simon says and it updated to this Awful I want my game back The original Simon says was awesome    Boo
I played three times in a row where it lingered on a color and said I was wrong and made me lose its rigged so you pay for upgrades rather than win I know I didnt make a mistake because I was writing down the sequence Not only that but once I actually reached level fifteen and twenty on easy it did not unlock anything this app is a lie    The game cheats
I wont open it    Terrible
It is stupid I downloaded it 3 times to see if it fixes it and it still wont open it up    Do not buy it
Remembering is in many ways better than Simon Says but it would be nice to be able to change back to the old theme             Great App
Crashed before update and STILL crashes like before update Whats up with that I had to give it one star so I could Submit    No stars for this one
I had the other one and didnt want to update because of the many reviews saying dont I tried to playing it again but it was crashing at load so I had no choice to update to this version Wellthis one also crashes before it fully opensThis is the first app Ive ever had that crashes Oh well    CRASH
Whatever they say do not update Its a thousand times harder When they say if you dont like the update theres a classic mode DO NOT believe them You have to get like 15 in easy 10 in medium 5 hard 5 insane DO NOT UPDATE OR GET    DO NOT UPDATE
Just updated app STILL crashes When are you going to FIX this app    RememberRing
Looks like they got popped for copyright infringement or something Long story short the new version blows    Do not update
I try to open it but it wont DONT GET THIS APP    It wont even start
This update crashes on start    Crashes
I was tricked Please fix the game and include the original Simon saysI hate the update that was provided    Terrible
I wish people understood that they HAD to change the game for copyright reasons Still love the game                facepalm
Now I cant hit update all Why would u change the whole game instead of making a new app    Update all
Im not even gonna update cuz if all the bad reviews Y dont u just make an option where u can play the original and this one or just make it another app Cuz now I can NEVER click update all ever again Ughhgrrrshi    Umm No more update all
Removing the classic app for a modernized uglier version was a bad idea Offering a limited classic alternative is insult to injury This should be a separate app entirely it is a misleading upgrade    Lame update
Just did the 211 update Needles to say app STILL crashes once launched    Just aint gettin it right
What No Why didnt you just make a new app This is completely different I wanted Simon I want Simon I would have happily downloaded and tried RemembeRing if it were a separate app Bad move Dont update    Why would you do this
Easy to learn and very entertaining I got it after version 20 came out and I have had no issues with it Thank you                Thanks for making this app free
For those of you saying that we 1 star reviewers that it was changed for copyright reasons and we should complain to Hasbro consider this We initially downloaded this because it was Simon not this ugly abomination Madcap could have very easily stopped supporting Simon pulled it from App Store and released RemembeRing as an all new app Instead they released RemembeRing as a patch to Simon and thats what has everyone so pissed offI personally find this game to be an eyesore The wheel is ugly and the backgrounds are ugly If you dont have slender thumbs this game is hard to play on an iPhone or iPod Touch especially on hard or insane I cannot tell you how many times Ive fat thumbed the wheel which makes the game far more frustrating than fun At least in old school Simon the color buttons are defined They blur together here This doesnt add challenge This adds needless frustrationMadcap also needs to rename classic mode because its simply not true Classic mode implies Classic Simon not stupid ugly light ring on a checkerboard backgroundHad Madcap simply left Simon alone and just stopped supporting it I would not be writing a scathing review Instead they took the bait and switch route and those of us who disapprove of this have every right to voice our complaints The issue is not so much of what Madcap did but how they did itAgain if you have version 10 or 101 and you like classic Simon do not update to this    I stand behind my one star review
The new is not why you downloaded this app Its not our fault that madcap pulled a cpyrght infringement Stay with the old and enjoy a piece of your childhood Update and be disappointed with something different than you remember    Dont update
This update is trickery at its worst It takes away the retro Simon and replaces it with an inferior knockoff If the developers infringed on Hasbro then they need to manup and take the app off altogether Dont trick people into updating Dont give them a penny    Simoniz it
Ditto what the others said the latest update now crashes on startup every time so now you cant play at all Ridiculous    Dont install latest update
Im using this on the iPad 2 and havent run into any issues with crashing like the other reviews mention The app works seamlessly and is fun play around with graphics are nice too                Great App Misleading Reviews
I didnt install this new update but I feel like they betrayed their customers by turning this into something else They should of made this new update into a separate game while keeping the classic version I wish I could delete this new update from my lists of downloads so I wont have to individually update each software I rather delete the classic game then to download whatever this is    This is not what I downloaded
In two years of owning an iPhone and iPad Ive never had the interest in writing a reviewIm so shocked that they would sneakily substitute an inferior game while stealing my ability to use the update all button that I have to do my best to slam this organization as irresponsiblePlease revert back to the great game Simon was Please    Worth writing my first review to say horrible
Hey Madcap Did it ever occur to you that we DL your game because it WAS the closest to the original retro Simon Says we could find on the app store YOU CAN REDEEM YOURSELF BY OFFERING ANOTHER UPDATE THAT WILL ALLOW PLAY IN EITHER UPDATED FORMAT OR CLASSIC SIMON SAYS FORMAT PLEASE take our reviews serious People are really upset    Update Gone Bad
Developers dont put out an app then change it to a totally different one in an update and charge to get the original functionality backUsers do not support this developerAs other users are reporting this is a classic bait and switch    A fine example of what NOT to do
This piece of nonsense isnt close to the original Simon Says I demand an update to return the original Simon Says    Return the classic
It crashs right when you open it Dont but this app    This app stinks
It soooo cool You have four patterns to do and four modes You should totally download this app             Awesome
I change my rating I know they had to change the design and the new one is pretty good I do think there are too many things you have to buy but a good game             Good version of classic game
Dont like the look of the new version Wish they would have just made it a separate game Upset that I cant update all anymore if I want to keep the old version    Bring back the old Simon
I updated the app and now It wont open I even reset my iPad and still no game FIX ITplease          Updating issues
I have ios 5 and it crashes when the theme color changes Other than that it works fine i just cant go past four light patterns because thats when the color changes and the app crashes          It does crash
Heres a friendly suggestion if you want to experiment with your new idea make it an OPTION within the app ie Classic mode and Modern mode Dont make your customers throw away the classic version in order to try your new design The classic Simon game is a classic for a reason    Try again please
It doesnt play Why    Ssss
What a bad move you said youd hate to get bad reviews for your update that removes a classic Hows that working so far Bring back what was a fun app    Lame Update


Madcap Studios, inc.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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iPhone iPad

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