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Simple Finance, brings Simple with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Simple app has been update to version 1.4.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Simple is a fluid financial management tool which I use daily..
  • to faster and easier ways to transfer funds..
  • I understand that the simple envelope system is the best..
  • This app has everything I need to manage my Simple account..
  • Fantastic customer service and absolutely love the 100% online banking..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is hands down the best banking app I've ever come across.
that Simple has been the very best banking experience Iu2019ve ever had.
Absolutely love simple and all of the features they provide.
Looking forward to seeing mobile check depositing in a future update.
it's borderline useless given the lack of mobile check deposit.
Amazing app and amazing customer service.
Switching was the best financial decision I've made in a while.
My Best Decision Yet.
I love the clean lines and SIMPLE way to use it.
Fun & Engagingc93
I want an awesome bank app".
Awesome Customer Service.
I love this bank more and more everyday.
and have kept everyone well informed.
Ease of Usec83
Absolutely love simple and all of the features they provide.
Been using Simple since the beginning and I've never looked back.
Simple offers the easiest fool-proof way to save your money.
Helps keep me on budget and makes saving money easy.
Simple's app is just as beautiful and easy to use as their website.
Makes managing money easy and painless.
I'd love for y'all to add the daily.
Security & Privacyc67
Completely replaced my traditional checking account and I love it.
I look forward to mobile.
Updates & Supportc88
Fantastic customer service and absolutely love the 100% online banking.
Customer service doesn't have answers and it is honestly just bizarre.
Amazing app and amazing customer service.
The app and support is amazing.

Simple will be a perfect banking solution for everyone. found in 7 reviews
Banking for the 21st century. found in 1 reviews
The clear and concise views of your activity. found in 2 reviews
This is hands down the best banking app I've ever come across. found in 107 reviews
Pay support and the ability to Track Expenses. found in 5 reviews
once in a lifetime thing. found in 2 reviews
They have great customer service along with an exceptional banking platform. found in 4 reviews
that Simple has been the very best banking experience I’ve ever had. found in 95 reviews
I'm using Simple as a savings account for my small business. found in 2 reviews
Free ATMs almost everywhere because they partner with other ATM companies. found in 3 reviews
Makes managing money easy and painless. found in 2 reviews
I'm having to use Mint to track my account history and expenses. found in 5 reviews
Tracking spending habits is intuitive and the visualizations are excellent. found in 3 reviews
Not to mention the user friendly interface of their app. found in 7 reviews
and the customer service is outstanding. found in 2 reviews
I love getting push notifications after making purchases. found in 6 reviews
Please open registration I want in. found in 1 reviews
Latest update caused some problems. found in 1 reviews
missing some old features. found in 1 reviews
Needs design improvements. found in 1 reviews
Excellent but needs Apple pay ASAP. found in 3 reviews
surprised there's no access to goals from app. found in 1 reviews
Still no iPad app either. found in 2 reviews
It desperately needs an update for ios 7. found in 3 reviews
great app but limited service issues. found in 1 reviews
Can't add funds. found in 1 reviews
Definitely needs an iPad version and an iOS 7 style update. found in 2 reviews
Married couples be forewarned: THEY DO NOT YET OFFER JOINT ACCOUNTS. found in 15 reviews
but feel I can't without an instant way to deposit money. found in 3 reviews
Not very confident about this anymore. found in 1 reviews
Needs a iPad version. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't support Apple Pay yet. found in 4 reviews
it is really difficult to make deposits into a Simple account. found in 3 reviews
if they just issued regular paper checks. found in 5 reviews
but have a regular bank in case something happens. found in 3 reviews
Clearly I made too many transactions and closed my account. found in 1 reviews
The iOS app needs to be updated to iOS 7 though. found in 5 reviews
When I try to sign up it says error something went wrong. found in 6 reviews
I refuse to update my phone to the latest version. found in 7 reviews
It really makes me sad to write this. found in 5 reviews
No mobile to mobile instant transfers. found in 5 reviews
no iPad Support. found in 3 reviews
Great company went downhill. found in 3 reviews
But I've needed to call customer service 2 times total. found in 6 reviews
Have tried multiple times to sign up. found in 6 reviews
Crashes when I try to add contacts. found in 7 reviews

The Simple is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 17.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4.0 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Simple check developer Simple Finance`s website :

Simple is a worry-free financial alternative to traditional banking, replacing your bank`s checking and savings accounts with the tools you need for everyday spending and saving.With Simple, you can:- View your transactions. See your transaction ...
The app is excellent and by far the best banking app Ive ever used Unfortunately the bank itself leaves a lot to be desired They claim to be different than most banks Theyre not so differentThe goals and apponline interface are amazing The customer service is greatwhen they finally get around to responding My support tickets take a minimum of 12 days to be responded Usually its more like 35 days on average Various times they would respond my inquiry and I had completely forgotten I even asked them anything Answers are usually just a very nice agent telling you what company policy is and there is no way around it Their is little to no flexibilityMost of my support tickets were in regards to their Safe to Spend balance In theory its fantastic Unfortunately it is wrong a lot I have opened several tickets where my balance was showing very wrong Not knowing how much money you have is literally the worst feeling when it comes to a bank If you cant report my balance accurately then what is your purposeUnfortunately this is not isolated as I have invited others to Simple and their experiences have been similarMy final advice under no circumstances use this as your only bank They will disappoint you        Great app Mediocre bank
I am a new customer but I absolutely love this bank It took a little while for the card to get to me but after that its been smooth sailing They had great customer service when I had to call Glitched site on old version of Safari The app is seamless and super easy to use And Im loving Touch ID My nanny just made an account so I can directly transfer her checks to her account So smooth and simple I love it              Love
I love this bank and this app It makes budgeting and tracking your spending so easy I used to have a spreadsheet Id never use to budget This I use and its changed my financial life                 Simple makes budgeting easy
Simple way to bank Nice app So many ATM locations                 Love it
Please fix the issues with Touch ID otherwise amazing app and simple to use and navigate              Some bugs could use squashing but overall a good bank experience
Apple pay the ability to purse money automatically and great customer service coming from a bank I couldnt be more pleased Great bank AND app                 Fantastic bank
You wont regret using the Simple Card                 Awesome app and card
This app would be great if I could ever open it It freezes or crashes almost every time I try to use it        Always freezingcrashing
Thanks for fixing the Touch ID bug App works great now                 Works great
This has been freezing up and crashing my phone every time I try and use it     Crash
Simple banking on a streamlined app and good customer service within the app                 Great simple banking
Instant transfer is awesome Safetospend is the best Way to go Simple                 Great app Great card Great company
App is stable now for me and everything else about Simple is fantastic The envelope style budgeting tools are the standout feature                 Best for budgeting
I was experiencing issues logging into the app with Touch ID but once I reached out to Simple via message and Twitter they responded immediatelyThe app is functioning well and is faster than ever I came back and changed my review from before                 Great Customer Service Response
Simple has it figured out Their app updates frequently and provides a beautiful user experience matched by no other Simple is a bank worth switching to                 Hands Down The Best Banking App
This app and service has done so much for me since I started using Simple several months ago Between the app and webpage I can finally move money into my goals and not see the running total balance unless I really want to know That way if I dont see how much I have Im less likely to spend it on things other than the bills I need to take care of                 Ability to gain financial control
Do not replace your bank with third party banking This is nothing but a call center with no hierarchy This was a complete waste of time     Dont do it
Great customer service No monthly or overdraft fees Aesthetic minimalist approach to mobile website and debitcredit card Easy photo deposit checks On Call and Instant Chat Overseas travel This Bank has Bright Futures ahead ADORE                 ADORATION
Ive been using Simple for nearly two years now and I have to say there arent many banksbank apps that could compare to its customer service design and user experience                 1 Banking App
Crashes every few times I try to use it Not what you want from a financial app erodes trust     Buggy
This is the best banking app ever Period                 Best Banking App Ever
Please dont misunderstand me I love Simple I do But lately things have gone by the wayside Every other time I try to open the app it either crashes and I have to restart the app again at least once if not more or it freezes and I sometimes have to restart my entire phone Ive deleted and reinstalled the app but that doesnt seem to work There was a time that Simple was well simple and easy to use The last few versions of the app and banking system have been a flop        Ugh What happened to Simple
Cant rave enough about this bank and their app So convenient It tells you exactly when something was purchased Support responses come always within 24 hours Theyre all friendly The goals feature is FANTASTIC I love stashing away money and then clicking at the top to realize I actually have more Great for budgets and curbing unnecessary spending Intuitive for 20somethings Highly recommended                 Intuitive and MillennialFriendly
The name genuinely says it all simpleIve had the account for more than a year now and its been smooth simple sailingJust recently last month I had a fraudulent charge on my account I was notified IMMEDIATELY and the customer service was the easiest effortless most pleasant experienceIm VERY happy to bank with SimpleThey know whats up                 Literally Simple
While I dont use simple for 100 of my banking needs nor do I think you should it is a useful tool to send friends money if you can convince them to open an account I have all my close friends using it and we all love itedit This app keeps improving with every update Keep up the good work Simple                 Awesome
Quick and easy to use no hidden fees great for tracking expenses and goals and very fast updates                 Best Banking
Its simple Simple lost the first check I direct deposited into the account Their customer services advice was to borrow money from friendsThis company is a joke ran by children I repeat THEY LOSY MY PAYCHECKStay AWAY from this bank Customer service is a joke left me broke No sign of over 1000     Lost my Paycheck
Although I like the bank I can barley even get in half the time Touch ID has been broken for a while please prioritize     Buggy Touch ID
Today is one year of using Simple as my primary bank I love the platform and it seems like their app is constantly being updated both on this app which is very important and also on their web version Very powerful and works well for me                 Today marks 1 year
This app is very good when helping you sort out what you want to buy and save up for it I feel that many of the bad reviews are old or have a misunderstanding of the app I absolutely love simple and have often spoken to customer service about simple questions and they are extremely friendly For a free app and free service this is a diamond mine I am someone who spends money frugally but this lets me deposit certain amounts of money and has me wait until I fill it completely to buy the item allowing me to be more pensive about whether I should get the item or notI recommend it to anyone who ever has financial troubles Its hard to see how much youre spending by swiping a card everywhere Simple notifies you how much youre spending every time you swipe and even out of what envelope youre wanting to spend from I seriously love this thingI used up all my savings account money and have been struggling to put money back in but with simple Ive been able to do thatId give it more stars than 5 if I could                 My favorite app
Frequently crashes on upon open and freezes phone I have a iPhone 6 and no other app has done that This needs a fix Other thank that great features and great for budgeting           Great but more work needed
I really loved this app for years now but I cant trust it for anything important which is a pretty critical flaw for a bank Dont try to upload checks with photo deposit got totally screwed over when Simple indicated that my funds had settled but then they withdrew 2k from my account about a week later claiming that it was a duplicate deposit which led to big headache when my student loans were supposed to automatically be withdrawn from my Simple account Terrible experience Only going to use for small simple things like paying Netflix     Simple can only handle simple things
As of the iOS 9 update the widget has stopped working for me I have an iPhone 6 and whenever I tap to sign in it brings me to the Simple app but thats the end of it I use he widget constantly so thats why Im giving 2 stars for now Thanks        Great but the widget needs to work
A couple crashes but they fixed it recently The app is great but so is the bank                 Simply great app
This app and the support at Simple is truly amazing What a great move it has been from the brick and mortar financial monsters                 Im Done with Conventional Banking
Suggestion It would be nice if completed goals could be collapsed or if the goals tab could have a segmented view of completed in progress It would also be nice to see what your goals will look like in the future so you could see how full a goal will be in 1 week one month etc on mobile on desktop its possibleComplaintAdd labels to the bottom tab bar So hard to remember which is which but it would be very useful for new usersComplaint To me its a nice simple app But there are way too many features that are desktop only The analytic features are completely missing and its really a missed opportunityComplaint Theres also no iPad support The desktop website doesnt work that well on iPad the sites design assumes were using a 13 27 display           Not a true mobile first bank
I love this bank I hate writing reviews yet here I am that is how much I love this bank The app is so intuitive I used to screw up my account at least once a month I joked that I should find a husband to manage my money Now I just tell Simple what I owe and they tell me how much I have left over No need to ever get married Thanks Simple                 Person
Simply put best bank ever you you can visit the teller at your bank and withdraw up to 5k for 1 instead of paying ATM fees Its the best also because it allows you 24hr support and charge disputes in app in a timely fashion They have been great and I now use them for my revolving debt because the goal setting is awesome                 1 Cash Advanced at your bank teller
This app is awesome Simple makes it extremely easy to keep track of your finances If any changes could be made I think implementing a zerobased budget feature would also be great No complaints about this app though                 Excellent app
I love Simple I never thought Id be enthusiastic about a bank but Simple is incredible The app is beautifully designed and is easy to use I havent had any issues so far Even if I did Simples customer service department is so amazing that I wouldnt be worried about it                 Great Bank Great App
Login causes app to stall all the time when using finger print Terrible stability for a finance app     App crashes a lot
Thank you for a wonderful banking experience Just to let you know recently the Simple app has been very buggy and the latest release hasnt improved the situation September 14th 2015 and the app is still crashing and freezing often when authenticating with TouchID           Bugs not gone
Takes 5 days to get a new card In 2015     Poor customer service
Hey thereThe app still crashed upon using the TouchID even after the update Its not as offer as before but its still happening Sometimes I have to try 45 times just to get it to workOther than that Best Bank Ever Cant beat the communication and support that you folks give And thanks for supporting Apple Pay              TouchID Access Issue
Simple is a wonderful app that makes banking easy I love my simple accountI just wish joint checking was an option                 Banking at its best
Were on update 2 or 3 for this issue Does anybody test the app before they push out the update I love Simple youre a great bank Ive only had to talk to support once but it was a great experience Please get it together and fix the app How about sending out testflight invitations so we can test the update before you send it out     Persistent TouchID Issues
The app is constantly crashing and now nothing in it will load Its seriously broken None of my goals are showing up        Love the service hate the app
100 years from now history will look back on the evolution of banking and 2009 will be remembered as the year that Simple ushered in a new era of 21st century bankingExcellent customer service a beautiful user friendly UX and a slick white debit card all make Simple an appealing App but the built in budgeting of Goals as a key feature change the way that one thinks of banking Use Simple for just 90 days and you will see exactly how banking can should and inevitably will be                 The new age of banking
Need update and touch sign in still not being addressed Never works on my iphone 6        Touch sign in will not work
No punishment fees if you accidentally overdraft by a dollar or fees in general Wonderful app that lets you change your pin block see transactions within seconds Super friendly customer service Who would ever think you would love your bank I do Yes there are occasional delays or issues the real world means nothing works 100 of the time but when things do go wrong Simple is transparent and open and they own it The app The app is good but the bank behind the app theyre awesome The downsides no physical checks are minimal with planning and less impactful than you might think But if they ever did offer a paid upgrade with that I would be an easy upsell                 Finally the way it should be

Simple Finance Customer Service Simple SimpleSimple Finance Customer Service Simple SimpleSimple Finance Customer Service Simple SimpleSimple Finance Customer Service Simple SimpleSimple Finance Customer Service Simple SimpleSimple Finance Customer Service Simple SimpleSimple Finance Customer Service Simple SimpleSimple Finance Customer Service Simple Simple

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