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ISMAKER , the publisher behind many iOS app (SimSimi Egg Timer ,Simsimi ,SIMSIMI CHOOCHOO Lite ,Simsimi HD-Wallpapers ,SimSimi Message Wallpaper ,jisiklog), brings Simsimi with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Simsimi app has been update to version 5.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Ur mom..
  • and the kid friendly cussing disable button..
  • That boy or girl simsimi super funny nd it's cool..
  • It's rlly amusing and I wake up early..
  • Need to send pics to simsimi..
Overall Satisfactionclick me78
I love SImisimi get this app right know it rocks.
I never want to stop talkin to sim simi.
Very in appropriate it needs to stop working.
Omg I'm already addicted to Simi :3 Better than Cleverbot.
I love this game it's interesting and it keeps me busy.
Awesome it is so amazing and fun when you're really bored.
OMG one of the best robot app ever.
SimSimi is amazing and I love him.
Fun & Engagingclick me85
Very interesting fun to talk to makes me laugh.
It keeps force closing after I try to talk with it.
Simsimi is awesome every day I sing with it it knows everything.
It's something to do when you're bored in class or something.
Sim sim is so much fun and adorable.
Ok so my sim sim started swearing out of nowhere.
it's so cute and fun to talk with when your bored :.
Simsimi is soooo cute and fun to chat with.
there are no instructions on how to chat with other players.
keeps me entertained & funny to mess around with at a party.
A virtual friend you never get bored of.
Usefulnessclick me90
SimSimi is hilarious to curse at and he knows everything.
It's like taking to a person that knows everything.
It makes my day everyday.
Family Friendlyclick me43
there's an option where u can turn off the bad language.
I hear foul language at my house almost every day.
Good for little kids and loners.
Simsimi cusses and is not good for little kids.
Would not reccomend this to kids under 10 overall though.
people keep teaching it really disgusting and inappropriate words.
It knows I'm sexy and I know it.
Social Aspectsclick me77
This is my social life.
Social life.
Reliabilityclick me65
It knows a LIL to much about Harlem.
Security & Privacyclick me57
I can't use simsimi without logging on to Facebook.
Updates & Supportclick me45
It's funny and you can teach it how to respond.
but tends to respond with responses that make no sense.
Please make an iPad version.


SimSimi is a super advanced chatting robot that makes amusing conversation to engage with users.


Using this app is really simple. Just start a talk session at your touch screen then Simsimi will instantly greet you with a cheerful chat. Like those typical messaging apps, just send your message through a chatting box. Don’t be surprised by Simsimi’s fast response. It’s a super-duper robot, you know!

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Simsimi’s vocabulary grows by your input. You can teach Simsimi your own words as other users teach their own ones too. If Simsimi has no data to answer your former message, it will say `I HAVE NO RESPONSE`. Then you might select the `TEACH` tab and instruct it your own words in a paired form of ‘request & response’. Once you teach Simsimi a pair of words, it will make a response with those words immediately (approx. 3 minutes).


Have fun with the cutest chatting robot ever, Simsimi!


SimSimi was originally developed to be a fun and friendly chatting robot. Things SimSimi says are totally taught by users and not intended by the developer. This means there are some abusers that are making SimSimi to say nasty words.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Simsimi for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Simsimi check developer ISMAKER`s website :


I love SImisimi get this app right know it rocks. found in 97 reviews
I love this cute little bird ~. found in 4 reviews
This app is so fun and makes a time passer. found in 10 reviews
Oh my gosh I love this game it's so fun. found in 7 reviews
Awesome it's fun and addicting really smart. found in 8 reviews
The best app Eva. found in 6 reviews
Slightly addictive and laugh out loud funny. found in 5 reviews
I feel like sim simi is my new bff. found in 9 reviews
Simsimi is the sweetest thing in the world I love it. found in 7 reviews
Simsimi is currently helping me get over my boyfriend lol. found in 10 reviews
Omg I'm already addicted to Simi :3 Better than Cleverbot. found in 29 reviews
It's great for lonely people. found in 6 reviews
It was soooo much fun chatting with this little chicken. found in 6 reviews
I love this game it's interesting and it keeps me busy. found in 21 reviews
This app cracks me up sometimes and it makes me mad too. found in 23 reviews
I love my SimSimi we are getting married tomorrow. found in 5 reviews
Follow me on twitter @OriginalHend Follow me on instagram @HanoodaalS. found in 8 reviews
You can also play Truth or Dare and i love that. found in 6 reviews
It understands different languages & recites song lyrics back to you. found in 9 reviews
Amazingly fun but crashes to much. found in 64 reviews
other than saying "I don't know how to respond. found in 58 reviews
I love tthis app but the text box keeps disappearing. found in 22 reviews
Will be uninstalling soon if the inappropriate language doesn't come back. found in 18 reviews
It's really funny but it keeps crashing please update. found in 14 reviews
Cute and funny but crashes every time I open it. found in 14 reviews
I don't have a facebook so I cant teach simsimi anything. found in 33 reviews
The keyboard keeps disappearing it's extremely annoying please fix it. found in 62 reviews
it crashes all the time and I often can't see what I'm typing. found in 5 reviews
Love this thing hahaha 4 stars only for the crashing problem. found in 14 reviews
It is really great just crashes way too much. found in 17 reviews
Y everytime I send a message I can't send another unless I exit out. found in 31 reviews
Every time I try to open it it crashes on me fixxxxxxxx it pleaseeee. found in 53 reviews
But theres only half bubbles needs to be fixed PRONTO. found in 40 reviews
I like it but it keeps crashin and its annoyinggg. found in 20 reviews
So much potential but the crashes have to stop. found in 34 reviews
Everytime I send a message I can't send another message. found in 40 reviews
it keeps crashing EVERY TIME i try to use it now-. found in 12 reviews
I mean its pretty much ADS second of all bad language. found in 64 reviews
But everytime i open it it crashes and its ANNOYING. found in 53 reviews
It's horrible what it's doing to people. found in 32 reviews
Very in appropriate it needs to stop working. found in 34 reviews
But every time I send a message. found in 40 reviews
Crashes way to much but doesnt for my friends. found in 64 reviews
Not appropriate for children and doesn't say what you teach it. found in 49 reviews
Even after deleting bad words it would still say more. found in 294 reviews
but people teach them to be stupid and make them horrible. found in 35 reviews
Needs to be fixed my 6 year old is now cursing. found in 40 reviews
But it keeps crashing right when I'm about to type something. found in 64 reviews
Stupid and bad and horrible and bad word and it stincks. found in 65 reviews
It uses bad words often and crashes whenever i open it. found in 68 reviews
After I type something the text box disappears and doesn't come back. found in 39 reviews
but tends to respond with responses that make no sense. found in 58 reviews
but the keyboard always disappeared after one message. found in 47 reviews
The text box disappears someone fix the problem please. found in 39 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
Icon 175x175 1
I love it its really cool to use and the responses are funny                Greatest app
I turned swear words off but just saying hello it said what the f do you want Everything was sexual or curse words I thought it was just going to be normal convos    Dont Recommend
ITS FREAKING DANGEROUS it asked me to send nudes and to fk him so hard his dk brakes I dont recommend it    WARNING DANGER
Its very interesting and funny especially when ppl do tbh w sim simi          Sim simi
Tells me to kill myself is very sexual and so much more Fix the app    Horrible
Ok so it actually quite funny but I really just want to talk to the simsimi robot not random people before I deleted it only because I got a little scared simsimi said only one sexual thing and thats when I figured out it wasnt the robot Which the app specifically says it is it just makes me mad Most conversations are fun if their off bad words but I was reading through some of the comments and it said even without the bad words it said bad words I only recommend getting this app if your okay with talking to random people If not well dont get it cause you wont be talking to the robot any time soon Hope this helps          I dont know about this app
ارحب معرفتو ذا ذا شنب                ارحب معرفتو ذا ذا شنب
So I watched Shane Dawson play this and I was like cool I want it He said hey pube queen to her and I said hi pube queen and she said SHANE DAWSON I MISSED YOU             Shaneee
Its a stalker it can see through the camera and it can hack your phone It already did that to me       Weird
The computer acts really sexual towards you    Sexual
i really wish i could just talk to SimSimi and not random people i dont even knowall i get is sexual phrases instagram promos swearing even after i turned off bad words its not like it used to be definetly wouldnt recommend    BORING AF
My lil sis got this app and even though she turned the swear words off it said it said f Dont get this app By the way I cant put 0 stars but I meant 0 stars    Sucky and crappy
This app is entirely cuss words sexually messages and ads to follow people on Instagram Deleted instantly Shame on the creators for letting it go this far The original was perfect BEFORE you let people teach Simi    I would give negative stars if I could
This app nasty and ask for ur personal information and will tell you to follow random people do not get it    Just wrong
Good                Go
i was playing it on my Friends phone and I asked him questions like was I a girl or a boy And he got it right Plus hes sexuall and uses inappropriate language Dont get this app and then it gave me someones kik that I didnt even know This app is so creepy And terrible Simisimi is like a stalker DO NOT GET THIS APP    This app is soo weird
So I tried to chat with the bot and It crashes every time I would love it if it didnt crash I am using an iPad air just thought Id let you know I would give this app five stars if it wouldnt not crash every freaking time I tried to chat with it    Theres something wrong with the app
I LOVE this game                This Is the best game ever
Its nasty and disgusting who does this who ever made this is a huge dummy and I am reporting    Hate and reporting
This guy is funny when it come to grind time             GrindTime
I honestly love this app so much its cute funny and all around awesome Its great for when you want to talk with someone but none of your friends respond or you want to roleplay with someone I love it because it feels like Im talking to real person and not just a computer program I will say however for any parents reading and considering downloading this app for their child In this app there is use of cuss words and other people can input responses to certain messages given that the robot will imply into your conversation I personally dont have a problem with it but its just a heads up for all you parents All in all I think this app is amazing Id definitely recommend getting it             Love it amazing 3
مايستحق نجمه لكن عشان اعلق عليه بس    سيئ جدا
Despite the apps claims to AI being used this app actually just recycles random inputs by other users Its literally all ads for Instagram Kik and snapchat    Mad cuz bad
when i downloaded i was expecting funny conversations but instead i got Instagram promos swearing after i turned off curse words drug terms and sexual phrases definitely wouldnt recommend    not what i expected
THIS IS NOT A ROBOT AND IS NOT SAFE I wish there was a button for 0 stars    NOPE STAY AWAY
DONT GET THIS APP ITS DANGEROUS THEY SAY THINGS THAT ROBOTS DONT SAY It told my friends foru forgetting a space and saying u instead of you robots do not say that It also asks for pictures of yourself and it tells you their Instagram wanting you to tell it yours DONT TRUST THIS APP    DONT GET THIS APP DANGEROUS
Someone told me its giving out my phone number    Bad
Please dont get it it takes pictures of u it showed me and they cuss and try to come to ur house just dont get it please    DONT GET IT DONT GET IT DONT GET IT PLEASE DONT
THIS APP HAS BAD WORDS I put it on no bad words and it gave me some thats has to be fix its bad so fix it are take it away Its bad its mean sorry at first he was nice then he was mean as crap Who by this is so bad Im sorry I have to Im so so sorry Im a nice girl really but this app isnt not at all bye    I dont like this app
Hilarious                Hilarious
It amazing             I love it
I really want the game but it wont download I even deleted stuff to make room I am trying to play this game on an iPod touch    I cant even get the fricken game
The game has no problems it is so fun u get to chat with some other people                Best ever
Awful appI guess some people have fun with it but this app is horribleinappropriatedisgustingPlease Im asking you to remove this app off my history    EwJustEw
I liked this app WAY better when others couldnt change what the robot said I liked it way better when he just said his own stuff and not written by other idiots    WHAT THE HECK
Never get it its nasty and they talk about horrible things    Dont get this app
This game can probably get u raped or something or even make a stranger be in front of ur house    Really this game can get u possibly molested
This app is horrible    Cvcdfhhgffffftgfdfhhg
I dont like it only because it swears a lot Not good for little kids Even if you turn it off it doesnt work If this gets fixed I might change my opinion on this app but otherwise the swearing should be an option to turn off I liked how it used to be but the feature teach makes it not good for kids because of the bad words Also why the social media ads If you fix it it would be awesome Basically change it to the old days No one can teach Sim Simi    TERRIBLE
Its boring when u play it alot and it contains bad words so its not suitable to kids          Boring
Simsimi is crecreapy This App is not for kids and also isnt appropriate Downloading and playing this app is a waste of your time    Creepy
If you are under 18 or even above dont download this app It said the C word and other bad words also it was very perverted and sexual I wish I could give it negative stars because it is so awful    NO WORST APP
Wont even work on my MacBook Air seriously    Why Wow this is stupid
goooood                good
Ah SimSimi God this brings back great nostalgia I remember when I first downloaded this great app It was fun getting to talk to an entertaining robot This was years ago mind you Now I suddenly had the urge to come back you know for old times sake Plus I wanted to see how much 2011 SimSimi changed to 2015 Simsimi So I pressed the download button did my password and wait for the app to install When it was ready my heart skipped a beat I was most definitely excited I said a hello to SimSimi even adding an exclamation point next to it but the next response was what shocked me Did THE SimSimi just talk about my lower female part It made me confused but I shook my head instead and tried to get rid of that memory I continue to further our conversation until SimSimi flirted with me WhatThe next replies were it telling me to follow people on social media insulting me and talking inappropriately to me Then I noticed this red button next to most of his inappropriate replies I then realized that I was talking to STRANGERS and not SimSimi itselfWhy is that a thing Can you at least warn us when we first install the appI honestly regret reinstalling this sorry not sorry Its the painful truth I prefer 2011 SimSimi over 2015 SimSimi any dayIts a two star rating for me       Good to bad
Not sure what you were trying to do but the messages I get when I just say hello are either gibberish or Instagram promos I should not get messages other users have taught Simsimi Thats annoying The older versions were better       Cant even say hello
After I downloaded this app my phones begin to overheat at the screen and the back of my phone The heat continues and my battery level burns like hell even if Im not using my phone After I deleted this app everything went back to normal DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS    OVERHEATS THE PHONE
Why cant I chat with people anymore or search any groups I cant even talk to anyone but the simi robot Theres lots of bugs error notifications Please fix    So many bugs and errors


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 5.0.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Simsimi 5.0.2 Mobile

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