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Description - Sing! Join the global karaoke party!

Smule, the publisher behind many iOS app (MadPad - Remix Your Life ,Guitar! by Smule ,Strum ,AutoRap ,MadPad HD - Remix Your Life ,Glee Karaoke), brings Sing! Join the global karaoke party! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Sing! Join the global karaoke party! app has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Music lovers will definitely appreciate this app..
  • User friendly and fun platform for the karaoke enthusiast..
  • my favorite feature is the Free Mic feature..
  • Fun to sing and make friends that you can sing with..
  • Plz add chat feature..

Overall Satisfactionc81
I love to sing and this app is amazing.
I really love to sing and this game is a disappointment:.
Need more songs by beyonce and Destiny's Child.
This app needs more songs than just pop.
Is one of the best karaoke apps that you could possibly get.
I can practice my singing and even sing my favorite songs.
I absolutely LOVE music so this is my favorite karaoke app.
I love this game so much and it's like u sing and everyone loves.
But in all a def 5 star app thanks Smule.
If you could world on that and add more country.
Fun & Engagingc82
Need more songs by beyonce and Destiny's Child.
This app needs more songs than just pop.
It's really fun though it's scary to hear yourselfsing.
It's really fun to sing along to good music with good sounding people.
No voice to sing along to - I donu2019t know every song perfectly.
If you could world on that and add more country.
This is a dally great app that provides hours of fun.
Although they do have classics and awesome songs :.
Once again you make a great and super fun app.
i love it I sing all the time it is awesome thanks bye.
I love itIt helps me sing better and hit the right notes.
Charging people to sing better songs is greedy and really dumb.
Should update a bit more up to date songs like for example.
I love the singing i sing everyday so this helps.
because you practically have to pay for everything.
I play it every day I love it.
Family Friendlyc87
Smule is great fun for the whole family and great stress release.
This app is a fun interacting must have for the whole family.
It is appropriate for little kids and is really FUN.
There's a ton of little kids on smule.
Worst game ever for little kids.
My family loves playing this together.
It's amazing my whole family loves it.
Repeat Valuec100
This is a dally great app that provides hours of fun.
This app is just hours of fun waiting to happen.
Social Aspectsc95
You could meet new people and even your friends.
I love listening to and meeting new people.
You can sing with friends family people I just love it.
Wonderful way to sing with friends and great songs.
This social network app has lots of voice filters.
it's a social network for music minded people.
This is a social media based around karaoke for goodness sakes.
Really quite an amazing combination of social media.
This app is tons of fun to play with friends and family.
It's an awesome game it's fun to play with friends.
Production Valuesc81
confidence when I'm sing with the different voice effects it's just.
I especially love the voice effects and volume control.
sing your favorite hits with sound effects and video recording option.
Great app more sound effects like auto tune would b cool.
Updates & Supportc37
and the customer service is super responsive and helpful.
OK all customer service handled outstanding.

My stress relief is singing on smule love it. found in 7 reviews
And u can sing with awesome people like Austin Mahone. found in 22 reviews
other than the mainstream stuff like Bruno Mars and Christina Perri. found in 29 reviews
Smule sing is the best game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. found in 460 reviews
My family loves playing this together. found in 9 reviews
I have met some incredibly talented people on this app. found in 60 reviews
It is truly a stress reliever to sing with people anywhere. found in 31 reviews
The best game to warm up some vocal cords. found in 11 reviews
Loooove this app so much. found in 10 reviews
Great time killer for good singers and bad. found in 7 reviews
It makes karaoke more fun and enjoyable than ever before. found in 10 reviews
This is a dally great app that provides hours of fun. found in 39 reviews
I personally think this is the BEST app EVA. found in 11 reviews
I lov this app because I can sing. found in 9 reviews
I was able to sing a duet with Lady Antebellum. found in 9 reviews
This app is tons of fun to play with friends and family. found in 12 reviews
Example: Someone like you and Rolling in the deep. found in 12 reviews
This App is amazing and my new addiction. found in 13 reviews
Omg i love this app and the amazing followers that come with it. found in 20 reviews
It's amazing with several song options and full of great talent. found in 9 reviews
it crashes and I have to re download the app. found in 38 reviews
but I think it needs more songs like Evanescence and stuff. found in 14 reviews
It would be nice if it was easier to get coins. found in 55 reviews
until you required VIP for Open Mic songs. found in 73 reviews
It's fun but its kinda hard to get coins -_-. found in 55 reviews
We just need more free songs besides those few old sample boring songs. found in 231 reviews
needs more music at least some for FREE. found in 77 reviews
Even though I'm not a huge fan of the video update. found in 9 reviews
I wish I could sing the VIP songs it to expense though. found in 14 reviews
But please add newer songs that have been released recently. found in 45 reviews
it needs more variety for those who like everything from punk rock. found in 10 reviews
Really good app but I wish you didn't have to pay for the songs. found in 16 reviews
It just says " Request timed out " or something like that. found in 11 reviews
What's goin on cant sing to my iPad anymore. found in 39 reviews
Has Alot of songs but I think it needs newer songs. found in 10 reviews
Would really love it if you guys would add more Christian music. found in 61 reviews
I do wish they had more rock and rap selections. found in 22 reviews
One thing I don't like is the whole VIP thing. found in 10 reviews
It's good but you should earn credits every time you sing. found in 203 reviews
Needs more country music too not just Taylor Swift Garbage. found in 19 reviews
Well to start you don't have enough credits to sing one song. found in 163 reviews
Fun but is dumb how you shave to get coins. found in 55 reviews
I go to try to sing a song and the app freezes. found in 56 reviews
whenever I join a song it glitches and it doesn't work. found in 24 reviews
Cool concept yet stupid free song and buggy app. found in 231 reviews
Newest version keeps crashing on iPod touch 4th gen. found in 21 reviews
It crashes every time I attempt to sing a song. found in 194 reviews
I couldn't connect to Facebook it said it was "unabled to connect. found in 25 reviews
I really hate this app I want glee karaoke back :. found in 23 reviews
and I soon found out why: the stupid auto renew. found in 38 reviews
Don't get it unless you want to pay money to sing. found in 22 reviews
This game keeps crashing on my iPod 4th gen. found in 30 reviews
It's ridiculous how I have to pay to sing good songs. found in 71 reviews
But for te all access pass. found in 34 reviews

The Sing! Join the global karaoke party! is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 19.7 MB to download. The new Sing! Join the global karaoke party! app version 1.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Sing! Join the global karaoke party! check developer Smule`s website :

Join the global karaoke party Share your voice with people all over the globe, join group songs for FREE, or perfect a challenging song and then share it with the world. NOTE: we are currently ...
Love love love this app Xo                 Love
Fails a lot doesnt show subscription so you can use much        Crashes more than wright brothers did
Ive downloaded the app before but then had to delete it for space But after seeing all these great responses I think Id like to get It back                 Didnt know what I was missing
This thing is a great appI think you can enhance it more betterAll the best                 Great app
tysm smule for makeing this app                 AWESOME
I love sing it slows me to show off my voice to other people and send singagrams to my family and friends                 I like it I Love it
Its great stress relief you meet great people all around the world and its fun You couldnt ask for more                 Best app ever
Had fun singing with kids                 Nice App
Just a poor quality awful app that takes money from your account without notifying you     AWFUL APP
This is the best singing app ever                 Great app
Its fun and stuff but I wish there was a better known selection among the free songs                 Yea
This app you will learn to sing and sing with talented people all over the world From Luck Bryan to Charlie Puth Its great You will love this app I promise you                 BEST APP ALIVE
Its cool I guess needs auto tune                 Legitness
I love this app It is fun to sing with people                 Good job on creation
This is a great app my 11 year old daughter and I are enjoying singing together with it                 A lot of fun
The program seemed to be useful for its stated purpose I dont like being tricked into a recurring subscription with an offer of a free trial The unsubscription procedure was multistep and not intuitive        Probably OK
Couldnt be happier                 Love it
HiI am addicted to this app from the first useits been two days I m glued to my phonebut the thing I noticed is the phone gets too hotlike melting point literallyand it eats too much batteryI feel like its dangerous for my phone              Its addictive but eats battery
I absolutely love this app One of my favorites But you should totally add some songs by Troye Sivan It would make the app so much better                 ADD SONGS BY TROYE SIVAN
It is fun to sing I wish you didnt have to pay to be a VIP but that is the way they make their money              Great app
Great idea well executed                 Great app
This is the best app ever its a stress reliever for me love it                 Thank you thank you thank you
5 stars for the BEST KARAOKE APP hands down                 5stars
Its real fun to sing wit lots of creative people                 Funnnnnnnnnnn
This is by far my favorite app A community you can truly engage in singing with Ive made so many friends and followers It really is amazing                 Favorite App
Great ap                
Makes me feel awesome                 Addicted
This is GREAT I can show off my voice It fun And if you ever plan on getting it Im Roxi42006 If you follow me Ill follow you Its just fun and yeah                 Im a User
Needs no adds it gets annoying when they just pop up all the time besides that its awesome              4 stars
Get to express yourself with singing                 Fun app
Its a good way to pass the time Love that you dont have to post every thing you sing haha                 Fun fun fun
I love it and now they have spanish songs                 Awesome
Its such a great app                 I love it
So I really really love this karaoke app but the glitch where you cant hear your voice while replaying your singing is quite annoying But other than that I really love this app they should add more kpop too              Would be a 5 star if
OK I LOVE THE APP BUT WHY CANT I UPLOAD THIS TO INSTAGRAM Like who even uses Facebook anymore I cant even save the video to my camera roll please please update an install to Instagram feature        I hate this
Awesome I love this app              Cool
I didnt receive a free follower              No free song
Wild how easy it is to write a review that will be edited by gatekeepers versus trying to figure out how to turn off auto renewal of an appjust sayin     All fun Games
Recently i had a hard time uploading songs from invites and oc even if my signal is strong please do some fixesthank you so much              Smule uploading songs
its so funny and pretty cool for sing in this app I love it                 cool
I got the new update and when I went to look a my profile it had changed all of it so then I had to delete it and start back over again        Not the best app
Make it free pls              VIP badge is ridiculous
I loved this app soooo much but the most recent update wont let me go on the app I have iOS 9 and I turn off my cellular data in the settings to save data but I turn it back on when I open the app This is the only app that turns its data back off Please change that Then Id rank it all stars     Read please
Both my kids downloaded and played this game and the piano game for a couple days then got bored and deleted it What we didnt realize was that it set us up for a 300 per week subscription so for over 6 months these apps stole over 300 from my family for nothing DONT LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU AVOID THESE GAMES     This app steals your money
BEST SINGING APP EVA                 YAS
Now every night is karaoke night                 Lots of fun
I can hardly saying and thats why I downloaded it to have fun Great for karaoke and having a laugh watching others Many editing options are not available unless you pay this would be my only complaint You also have to unlock songs or pay for certain songs              Great For Fun
I had this app before deleted and downloaded it again Its been a while since Ive been on Im amazed with how cool this app has gotten its changed for the better Its worth a try Get into your favorite songs and have fun with it My personal favorite is singing to Taylor Swift                 Its really awesome
Loveeee this app yooo everyone follow me delbairo11 much love                 Love it

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