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Microsoft Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS app (MSN Onit iPad ,Bing Get MeThere ,SharePoint Newsfeed ,Ms. Splosion Man ,Kinect Star Wars ,Halo Waypoint), brings SkyDrive with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SkyDrive app has been update to version 2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Easiest way to transfer files amongst platforms..
  • Extremely user friendly..
  • Great amount I free storage and easy to use interface..
  • PDF files..
  • Wow nice product better than icloud for photo storage..

Overall Satisfactionc66
One Drive is the best cloud storage available that I have tried.
Don't even bother with this app or cloud storage service.
SkyDrive is definitely the best cloud service out there.
Support iPhone 5 support support support support support.
Thanks Microsoft for the offer.
and include the ability to search through folders and subfolders.
Wow nice product better than icloud for photo storage.
Skydrive isn't much better than icloud.
Great job Microsoft.
This app performs much better than Google Drive.
Fun & Engagingc46
Awesome service.
it's very helpful storing everything in one place.
Always useful and available everywhere.
Ease of Usec60
iOS 6 support.
Seems to be fixed now.
Great app with a few bugs.
Security & Privacyc34
I need password protection needs metro.
why is there no option for a simple password protection.
Could use password protect.
Updates & Supportc29

SkyDrive is definitely the best cloud service out there. found in 48 reviews
The app consistently crashes when trying to backup photos. found in 74 reviews
Please add the feature to edit documents directly from the app. found in 63 reviews
The second is that I cannot edit files within the app. found in 13 reviews
but it really needs a passcode option like Dropbox or Gdrive. found in 8 reviews
Needs Live Mesh synched folders capability and access. found in 3 reviews
All is good except it needs edit feature for iPhone. found in 6 reviews
The product is missing key features the competitors have. found in 3 reviews
No option to lock access with PIN or similar security measure. found in 7 reviews
The newest update for the app crashes on my 4S running iOS 6. found in 19 reviews
The only complaint I have is that I can't upload files. found in 13 reviews
SkyDrive is all well and good but it needs Live Mesh. found in 25 reviews
much improved video playback but still needs work though. found in 17 reviews
finding photos/videos would be better with a search function. found in 14 reviews
but desperately needs iPhone 5 support and ability to mail docs. found in 37 reviews
Crashes when uploading video on iPhone 4s. found in 9 reviews
Probably won't renew my storage unless they add search & sort. found in 5 reviews
the app worked great at everything until updated to iOS 6. found in 18 reviews
no status bar to let me know they are being uploaded. found in 10 reviews
But the app needs to be updated to fit the iPhone 5. found in 10 reviews
We can't save videos to camera roll. found in 125 reviews
It doesn't work with your Office 365 company login. found in 46 reviews
Useless for automatic photo backup app. found in 95 reviews
but trying to share results in an error every time. found in 30 reviews
Photo sync is unreliable. found in 41 reviews
It's impossible to login if using two factor authentication. found in 46 reviews
No iPhone 5 support and crashes when uploading multiple files. found in 35 reviews
This app isn't worth it until its been optimized for iPhone 5. found in 28 reviews
The automatic camera roll backup feature is not working. found in 125 reviews
I don't want to back up every single image. found in 35 reviews
Why can't I upload multiple photos at once. found in 33 reviews
I am unable to login using the office 365 student account login. found in 46 reviews
Deleting the Skydrive app resolves the problem. found in 48 reviews
And please add iPhone 5 support and ability to store files offline. found in 37 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download SkyDrive for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.4 MB to download. The new SkyDrive app version 2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-29. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about SkyDrive check developer Microsoft Corporation`s website :

SkyDrive from Microsoft is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. With SkyDrive for the iPhone, you can now easily access, manage and share files on the ...
Why cant I browse SharePoint libraries You have OneDrive OneDrive for Business now rolled into 1 app finally but the damage is aready done Now you haw Office 365 and SharePoint left as a confusing mess Opening files from SharePoint team sites seems nonintuitive if not impossible You cannot create Office files using the app anywhere not in your OneDrive folder or business SharePoint folders from within the app The whole Microsoft ecosystem is discombobulated and confusing mess which is why nobody I know really uses it to its potential despite the entire company standardizing on it The germ for something great is here But after 6 years of halfhearted semiprogress and downright confusion it just doesnt seem like anyone at Microsoft has the vision to pull all these great pieces together     Confusing mess
Ive been using onedrive for quite a time and I love it The last update is amazing the problem when uploading something from iphone 4 is no more and now it uploads 5 items at a time You can save photos videos documents from word or even a pdf now It makes everything easier to reach First you have 1015gb for use but later you get more for example now I have 30gb this is a huge boost for the phone storage if you have too many pictures or videos I totally recommend it to everyone because IT is very simple and safe                 Great app with lots of storage for use
Great app              Good app
I just upgraded my ipad mini3 to ios 9 and when I wanted to upload a word file found in Safari or any other app I had been using that allowed it in the past Microsofts One Drive is NO LONGER an option WHY                 Problems with ios 9
I love this app and use it often for lots things Camera backup is a great feature but videos dont load well at all In fact they tend to get clogged and will sit there trying to upload for weeks              Works well for most things
Trouble viewing files no option to view offline or download files           Bugs and improvement
Its great for sharing videos and photos to friends and family Great for sending large video files too                 I really like the fact it backs up everything
Can be better                 Good one
Great app              One Cloud
Love this app helps me work away from my desk on the move put in the field to get more done efficiently                 OneDrive Saves Me For Work Everytime
I like the focus on putting Microsoft services on devices people are actually using That being said the apps are getting huge and bloated Strip them down and rebuild them when needed           Getting Bloated
Works as intended                 Great
As a relatively long time user and subscriber of Onedrive Ive found the iPhone app very functional with no issues encountered at this point in time I tried using iCloud for about a nanosecond and found it totally useless because none of the filesphotos I was trying to sync actually worked I use Dropbox as well but only sparingly so I cant comment on how that compares with Onedrive At any rate Im very happy with Onedrive for iPhone                 Works well for me
Microsoft seems to be trying to make their iOS apps better They dont feel as reliable or quick as Googles iOS apps but theyre improving Whenever I try to attach a file from OneDrive in iOS 9 OneDrive crashes All the other cloud storage apps work fine Please fix the security of the app ASAP The passcode Touch ID prompt should be the very first thing you see when opening the app Sometimes opening the app or switching to the app shows a list of folders or files for a split second before prompting for a passcodeTouch ID The app needs a way to manage the local cache There should be a Clear Cache option in the app settings as well as a way to set a limit on the size of the cache ex no more than 300 MB Its a pain to delete the app restart my iPhone and redownloading the app to get rid of the 12 GB of cache     Decent Microsoft is trying
If you cant run without the big dogs stay on the porch Doesnt have near the sharing tocapabilities Dropbox does I dont want to turn camera upload on just want to share specific photos to OneDrive from the photo app on my device Cant           More functionality please
Has some of the features I was familiar with in office for mac 2010 that I cant seem to find in the new version Not so happy with the new version of Office 365 for the Mac Using this to get the paste format which I am unable to find as easily as in office 2010 for Mac                 A great addition to OFFICE 365
Organization is just simple folders and there is an app in all major platforms                 Best cloud storage if your used to windows
The consistency of the photo upload feature is improving with time but this most recent update has become a battery hog Even with the app closed cellular data use disabled and background update turned off One Drive has become the largest battery user on my iPhone fully 26 of my battery usage and I am not even taking photos or moving files There is some sort of background activity going on that is draining my phone battery faster than it ever has before Please correct this Microsoft           Camera Upload Getting Better Battery Drain Getting Worse
Good app I really like it no issues so far              Good app
Its ok              Good
I enjoy being able to listen to my music offline but we really need the ability to play our music and have it run smoothly instead of having to go back to the app after every song There should be a shuffle and it should run smoother but the app is ok overall           The music
I got this app because my sister uses it We wanted an easy way to share photos for photo books and prints However after I set up my account and made a folder when I tried to share it with her by adding her to the folder I kept getting the pop up that I needed to verify my account which I did earlier Could not find a way to verify again so just sent the link through email           Could be a 5 if
Ive this app to back up my iPhone for several years Many times when iCloud failed my pictures and documents were saved by OneDrive I recommend everyone have it The negative comments I am reading on here are from people they may not be using program properly Of course like any software program you may have to tweak settings You can buy extra storage and not worry if your phone computer tablet crashes because OneDrive has its own copy Similar to drop box but I find this easier to use and works with all platforms programs and phones 5 stars baby                 Perfect A must have
With win10 this app is awesome                 Great app
This used to be my most reliable iCloud camera roll alternative but lately it doesnt sync properly and bloats the app size while trying to upload and afterwards The good news is that the photos do upload you can find them in the File section they just dont show in the Photo view When that happens you lose all of the nice stuff about the app like the auto tags for photos and the ability to see photos grouped by date        Camera backup is buggy
It does everything I want it to Simple to use and can even use it on my Xbox one                 Works perfect
Windows 10 has made a huge difference for me in the responsiveness and ease of use for all the MS apps There is still lag time when uploading files to when they show up on the phone app path It isnt awful but an hour or so When this improves it will be outstanding              VERY HAPPY SINCE WINDOWS 10
Excellent app saves so much space                 One drive
Microsofts apps have difficult components that dont sync together Tried calling and emailing tech support but couldnt get an answer as to why my files were inaccessible to me Google drive is much more efficient and is easier to use     Just horrible
Havent had problems with app                 Application seems to work as expected
App does not pick up photos in iPhone Nor on PC using W10 another mistake Support answered but dropped me cold     Microsoft Fails Again
Hey Guys I really love the app but can we please get a option to select a specific folder for camera roll back up Please              Great App One Request
I love the latest update Much faster than before                 Great app and much faster
you guys have to seriously fix the issue on the app end for onedrive Very erratic some files get uploaded others dont even the app on the desktop does not show me the file i just uploaded from the url for my onedrive account i sometimes wonder why i signed up for this service when i canot get the files where i want           serious problem with sync on devices
Problem with downloading uploaded photosi cant select several photos or videos for downloadingdownloading one by one is frustrating              Faster than the other cloud services but
It is a very usefull application It helped me alot to easily sync my documents or resumes between my iPhone and and PC Its just great Im able to take my work with me anywhere anytime                 Great App
This is the best app i ever had Thank you for backing up all my info                 Thanx
Does everything and more than some other players just now are catching up Best part amount of storage Microsoft offers As far as complaints by some reviewers that their files are not syncing I would not blame the app there is network upload speed etc to consider For my needs works perfectly fine Thank you for great app that offers painless cloud storage options to consumers Thank you apple for opening your apps to integrate with One Drive                 It Works Great
I can watch the app upload files at a normal expected speed 2 Mbps When I background the app the speed diminishes to virtually useless 20 minutes to transfer 20 MB Requiring me to foreground an app with a primary use case of syncing my photos and videos is essentially useless     Offline sync is garbage
Puedes respaldar tus fotos del celular borrarlas para hacer espacio y tenerlas en la nube seguras la recomiendo                 Verdaderamente útil
seamlessly backs up everything                 Great App
Great app for photo managing on iPhone                 Great app for photo managing on iPhone
Use this app all the time love it                 Very important app
Decent app but there is a significant bug when you press the photos button on the bottom It does not show all of the photos and for the ones that it does show it shows the correct month and day the existing pictures were taken but pictures from 2015 are labeled as having been taken in 2016              Photos Bug
Useful just doing a few things to test drive app I see complaints but have none for myself Fingers crossed I continue to have smooth sailing              So far So good
Excellent                 Like
I constantly get this notification camera upload is paused Please open the one drive app There is nothing wrong with my wifi every other device works fine on my network This app has been running for several days and draining my battery It takes forever to upload a file The app also crashes a lot     Very buggy
After upgrading to this version I just cant login to my business account anymore Account havent been set up yet please sign it to the web all the time Previous version works just fine     Bot working for business account
Ok works and does as it should              Good

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