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Skyscape , the publisher behind many iOS app (DrugGuideâ„¢ (Davis’s Drug Guide) ,Clinical Constellation by Skyscape (All-in One) ,OB-Gyn Constellation™: All-in-One ,Pocket Medicine (MGH Handbook of IM) ,Gray’s Anatomy (Students Flash Cards) ,Wills Eye Manual), brings Skyscape Medical Resources with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Skyscape Medical Resources app has been update to version 1.17.8 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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  • Very useful in clinical for nursing faculty reference tool..
Overall Satisfactionclick me47
Would love to recommend this to my doctor.
Thanks Skyscape for your existence :-.
The best free medical app.
Thanks for improving the search feature.
Is one of my favorite application together with Uptodate.
The NCCN guidelines version is the best seen by far.
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I received such awesome customer service I just had to say thanks.
Awesome customer service.
Awesome all in one app.
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Skyscape apps have been my best tool to date.
Helpful Medical Aid.
Everything I need in one place.
intuitive and useful app.
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what it did and side effects.
Just love it - especialy the touch interface.
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Super convenient.
Functional and easy to use.
intuitive and useful app.
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I will continue to write honest reviews over and over again.
First time I have been inspired to write a review.
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Very satisfied with their customer service.
Their customer service says I have to re-subscribe.
I received such awesome customer service I just had to say thanks.


Here is a highly useful collection of free medical information and decision support resources for healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical students, nursing students, and more.


The new version also addresses a 4G compatibility problem. This version is now available in the App Store. Existing users can download the update directly on their iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Skyscape Medical ResourcesSkyscape Medical Resources
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Compatible with iPad. The latest Skyscape Medical Resources release (1.6.19) now includes native support for iPad—for better text and graphics. You will receive iPad specific enhancements automatically, so you can start enjoying the benefits of your free iPad app today and take advantage of exciting enhancements as they are made available.


Drug information for thousands of brand-name and generic drugs, including over 400 integrated drug dosing calculators.
Skyscape Medical Resources


[Outlines in Clinical Medicine]
Evidence-based clinical information on hundreds of disease and symptom related topics in outline format.


Medical calculator and decision resource including over 200 interactive tools organized by specialty.


Current drug information, journal summaries, clinical trial results and other clinically relevant information released on a continual basis. You will receive information based on your specialty, whether it is pediatrics, cardiology, infectious disease, etc.


After installing the App, you can download the free resources listed above. These resources, as well as any additional ones you get from Skyscape, use the same easy navigation with multiple indexes, monograph sections, embedded calculators, flowcharts, illustrations, etc. Skyscape's patented SmartLink technology follows logical thought processes to guide you to relevant corresponding information across all of your resources for the greatest degree of decision support at the point of care.


We provide simple tools to manage your resources and account information. There is a Quick Tour link on the Tools page if you want a video tour.


Resource updates for your Skyscape products are easily managed from within the Skyscape Medical Resources App. We provide ongoing updates for both free and purchased resources, so you always have the most current information.


Skyscape is committed to providing you with a comprehensive library of resources for your iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. We are working to streamline the subscription of these resources to provide you with the best possible experience through the App Store.


Skyscape has partnered with more than 50 of the most highly regarded publishers in healthcare content, major medical associations, leading healthcare institutions, government agencies and well-respected clinicians.


Skyscape offers trusted resources such as 5 Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC), Harrison's, Harriet Lane, Washington Manual, DSM-IV, Will's Eye Manual, AAP Red Book, Dahnert's Radiology Review, AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Johns Hopkins AbxGuide, HIVGuide, Labs360, ICD-9-CM, Taber's Medical Dictionary, etc. We also offer a number of specialty/profession specific collections - Constellations – for Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Anesthesia, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Hematology/Oncology, Nursing, EMT/EMS and more.


Skyscape resources include: 5-Minute Clinical Consult; 5 Minute Emergency Consult; 5 Minute Infectious Diseases Consult; 5 Minute Neurology Consult; 5- Minute Pediatric Consult; Atlas of Primary Care Procedures; British National Formulary; Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the MGH; Critical Care Handbook of the MGH; Davis Drug Guide for Nurses; Diseases and Disorders: A Nursing Therapeutics Manual; Dorland's Dictionary. . .(over 500 in all)


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Skyscape Medical Resources for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.17.8 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Skyscape Medical Resources check developer Skyscape`s website :


So much more than the previous version. found in 1 reviews
Great app for Health Professionals. found in 2 reviews
I'm still a nursing student and this will definitely be helpful. found in 27 reviews
clinical resource and Archimedes medical calculator with hundreds of calculations. found in 9 reviews
Dedication to patients and medical professionals yields excellent apps. found in 5 reviews
Continuous scrolling from one section to the next is really great. found in 1 reviews
Outlines in Clinical Medicine or Archimedes and judge for yourself. found in 6 reviews
Thanks for listening to your customers and improving the search feature. found in 2 reviews
As a second year medical student. found in 8 reviews
Great app use everyday. found in 1 reviews
calculators and ten fantastic interactive NCCN Guidelines. found in 5 reviews
I received such awesome customer service I just had to say thanks. found in 1 reviews
Skyscape apps have been my best tool to date. found in 17 reviews
I am an an Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine Physician. found in 2 reviews
I use it several times a day in the hospital. found in 1 reviews
if you just give them your credit card number. found in 4 reviews
it is slow to launch but once opened it is great. found in 2 reviews
Latest version doesn't open. found in 1 reviews
but the content was scattered and confusing to navigate. found in 2 reviews
search function is more glitchy. found in 2 reviews
After several tries to the Skycape tech support dept. found in 4 reviews
But can you PLEASE update for iPhone multitasking. found in 2 reviews
Try to search for a topic and the app crashes to Homescreen. found in 3 reviews
Ads and no iPhone 5 support. found in 3 reviews
Now doesn't give all clinical content. found in 1 reviews
It crashes everytime I try to open it. found in 8 reviews
Yearly subscription fee is a deal breaker. found in 1 reviews
Still no iPhone 5 screen resolution support. found in 3 reviews
Their customer service says I have to re -subscribe. found in 9 reviews
Annual subscription for iPhone users is a complete and shameless ripoff. found in 4 reviews
Unable to find what I need quick and easily. found in 3 reviews
The update that says it's supposed to fix it - doesn't. found in 7 reviews
cannot transfer products if you buy new iPhone. found in 5 reviews
I can no longer look up information in seconds like before. found in 3 reviews
and am unlikely to buy anyhting until they change this policy. found in 14 reviews
Failure to connect to server. found in 4 reviews
ONLY a yearly subscription service. found in 3 reviews
Before I simply deleted them from the Skyscape app. found in 26 reviews
even though I didn't have the subscription version. found in 4 reviews
Their customer service says I have to re-subscribe. found in 12 reviews
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Since the update I am unable to open the app    Cant open the app
It claims you can re download all the resources you previously PAID for on skyscape However once you download said resource it tells you its RENTAL has expired and you must either rebuy it or rent it again    Not happy
Skyscape was better the updated app is hard to navigate takes a while to get to home page you search individual books and it kicks back to main search and its nearly impossible to search individual books indexes Arent updates supposed to make apps better    You had good app
Nice app and really helpful                Great App
Good update Smart link is a great feature for me in clinic                Like smart link
The display of tables is terrible on iphone Not usable Do not buy Get the paper copy of your resource instead At least the paper copy of my resource has dosing information    Terrible display on iPhone
Such a wonderful app Thx guys                Love it
Get this appit is great easy to use and full of free helpful information                Highly recommended
Very good but has too much on plate and very overcrowded Need to improve home screen for minimalistic Even if buy a book its not easy to look for my practice Will not buy through you Definitely will go for individual app from store       Not easy to access
And very little substance Search is obscured by infomercial crap The app feels jittery    Not your old skyscape too much fluff
Great app for all even those not in the healthcare profession This toolapp is a great way to understand medications interactions etc I highly recommend this app                Great App
I have this app too use a single reference text I use the reference often but I have to go through several steps to get to it Omni has made the process long and difficult I do not recommend this app    Too cumbersome
Keeps asking me to update even after I completed the update Have to keep redownloading my books in the library with some of the other books not found in the library This program doesnt seem to know its function and everything is hard to find Wont be using omnia I wish I could get my money back on the subscriptions that I already paid for I wish they hadnt forced us to update to this downgrade    Horrible
I use this app while Im with a patient either in their hospital room or at their home I can do my patient teaching and drug interactions right there at the bedside It beats flipping through pages in a drug book and carrying bulky books to the bedside or to a patients home I work as a nurse both in the hospital setting and as a home health nurse The only reason it doesnt get a 5star is because of the confusing icons I still cant figure out how to navigate through its many features             A Real Time Saver
Skyscape was so elegant and efficient Everything you need right where you need it instantly This new thing is still ridiculous I have to navigate through an endless cascade of confusing menus and annoying pop up reminders just to look up one simple thing Horrible Just plain horrible    Epic Fail
I love this app it is so easy to use and read                Great app
I have been using this app for the last 3 months Very helpful in my daily routine             Useful App
18112014 after I changed device from i5s to i6 and I signed in Omnio again but I cant initialize the app Its bad    Cant initialize again
I rely heavily on Omni in my daytoday practice This keeps getting better with each update                Mayo Clinic physician who loves this
ridiculous waste of money    annapamd
Im a longtime Skyscape user Loved the program They changed me to Omnio without my knowledge I hate it Most of my books are gone Unable to find what I need quick and easily This is a wast of time Looking at other modalities now Extremely unhappy If I could of given this a zero star I would have    Awful
Love the new front screen This iPad version is far more easy to navigate My resources are clearly visible Thanks for making my life easier                Omnio on iPad is elegant
Still good resources If you can find them New interface is horrible I finally just switched to PEPID and wont go back to this Texts are expensive and interface makes it too hard to access them I wont waste anymore money on these       Painful to use
Omnio which sounds dumb right off the bat replaced the simple fast and elegant Skyskpcape environment with one that is an illconceived cocktail of crappy web browser and advertising gimmicks riddled with obstacles and requiring you to sign in repeatedly and navigate through many cumbersome frames just to get what you need Im an ER doc who doesnt have time for all this crapafter years of enjoying Skyscape as a valuable partner in my practice I have removed its worthless successor in search of a worthy replacement    Brutal downgrade from Skyscape
Changed my phone from a 5s to the 6 Used this app quite frequently and now it hasnt been able to connect to the server    Failure to connect to server
Thank you for updating Omnio Its our goto app for all things medical                Update
This would be akin to when starting your Kindle app having to go to your library and find the book Then you would have to download it to your device to read it Every time Ive talked with the support people and hopefully theyll make the small change of having it open to the page you were last reading upon opening the app itself Not just when you open the resource That one small change would make this app FAR more useful As it stands Skyscape was a more useful app       Why do we need to go back to the home screen every time
Another great update Thank you Omnio                They Did It Again
I used to have the skyscape app which was at least usable One would pick the program search and scroll down to read the definition or drug info This new one requires searching for the drug and you have to hit each tab to see dose side effects classification etc And when you are done you cant just go back and enter a new search word It comes up with a box giving a bunch of inane questions Its time to look for a new medical app company as skyscape omnio has become archaic and anything but simple to use    Worst upgrade ever
wonderful resource search results return is almost immediate drug database is particularly helpful especially like the pill identifier                intuitive and useful app
This app is awesome                Good app
I have used skyscrape as a nurse for the last 6 years Loved it until this conversion to omnio Now your paid resources can only be downloaded to one device skyscape if I bought it on iPhone I could use it on ipad as well The user interface causes drastic delays instead of at hand instant recourses when providing patient care and in a business where seconds count this is just not acceptable Will be finding another paid service very soon goodbye skyscapeIll miss you dearly    Would give 0 if possible
The app keeps saying it cant connect to the server and asks if I am online A quick fix would be great    Server update connection problem
This app is easy to use and the information available is second to none                Functional and easy to use
Ap automatically installed when I tried to view stedmans and there is no icon visible so I cant delete it if I wanted to Thats super shady    Shady
I loved skyscape I have had it since I had my palm pocket When it updated to omnio I wish I could have gone backwards Clearly the worst upgrade ever Massive loss of function and was much more difficult to navigate Recently it just stopped working Just tries to connect but cant I really just want my skyscape back If not just give me the 100 bucks I paid for my apps If you dont have it look elsewhere    Can I just go back to skyscape
Each release just keeps making this product easier to use and better Keep up the good work                Keeps Getting Better
This app was made for physicians primarily However I found it very useful for all audience I think this is probably the most helpful medical app out there in the market I compared with other apps in this category and obviously Omnio provides the most professional information about medicine It did take me a bit of time to get used to the navigation part since there seems so much information in this app But once I am used to it the app works like a charm Nice work                Most informative medical app
I am a nursing student and decided to download this app out of curiosity Opened it for the first time today and what a pleasant surprise It offers many different resources from journal articles health news drug information lab value interpretations etc It feels like theyve compiled 10 different apps into 1 without sacrificing the quality             Everything you can possibly need
dont buy this app it has lost its charm try unboundmedicine 5mcc    do not buy it
This new version is terrific Thanks for quickly fixing this app I use it pretty much every day now that it loads quicker                Much much faster
Simple and easy for my daily practice Looking up the drug database is faster than other apps I have I recommend Omnio                Simple and Easy
I have used Skyscape since it became available and it just gets better every year I have made a point of explaining its benefit to Pharma companies as to its usefulness to practicing physicians I just cannot say enough nice things about Skyscape THANK YOU                Great
Cool                Cool
Omnio is clunky takes more steps to navigate and is not as straightforward to search across all sources as Skyscape was Unfortunately since upgrading my phone I cant use Skyscape any moreFinding the desired search results is awkward especially since the results are not sorted in the same order as preferred resources areFurthermore certain sources CANNOT be deleted from the library and are therefore included in the search results An example is the Medical Calculator 360 It and other sources clutter up my search results Very irritating If I hadnt spent a much on the sources I would simply delete Omnio    Warning Most positive reviews are old and for Skyscape NOT Omnio
DynaMed used to work well on Skyscape now it is extremely difficult to navigate and I can never access the information when I need it because the resource is currently being updated    DynaMed
With the latest update it was difficult to even search for a topic in the Washington Manual or 5MCC The update to omnioor what ever it ishas decreased the usability of the program by several degrees of magnitudeSave your money This is now a waste of timeUse UpToDate on the web instead    Skyscape app is now useless
The new interface looks way more beautiful on the iPad Now I see all my resources lined up right on the front screen                Love the new interface
Couldnt be happier with this app Incredibly helpful and informative                Easy wBeautiful Interface Design
I paid 300 for a book on my old ipad Cant use it on any other device paid resources can be downloaded once COME ON    STUPID


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later.
Last Updated:
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iOS / 1.17.8
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iOS Skyscape Medical Resources 1.17.8 Mobile

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