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Arnt-Henning Moberg , the publisher behind many iOS app (Sleep Bug ,Sleep Bug Kids: Audio Visual Playground for Children Lite ,Space Shooter 360° ,Sleep Bug: Sound Travel ,Sleep Bug Pro ,Sleep Bug Kids: Audio Visual Playground for Children), brings Sleep Bug with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Sleep Bug app has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The customer service is also quick and helpful..
  • Not only have I gotten a great nights sleep..
  • This is by far the best ambient sound application out there..
  • The only app I use every day and couldn't sleep without..
  • Helps me get things off my mind at night to fall asleep quicker..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Absolutely the best sleep /relaxation app I have ever used.
individual volume adjustment for each sound effect.
Love the ability to add additional sounds into the main categorical sounds.
I also love the timer so It won't be playing all night.
I love the soothing sounds and music.
Love the fire with crickets and thunder.
My 1 month old loves the sound of the ocean waves.
the best ambiance app i've downloaded yet.
Fun & Engagingc83
Such an Awesome and Relaxing method to fall asleep by.
I use this app to help me fall asleep all the time.
Awesome sleep app.
It absolutely helps me fall asleep --better than music.
it has helped me go to sleep at night.
Everything sounds like you are right there listening.
Helps me get a good night sleep every time.
really really useful.
Thanks - helps me concentrate.
Was very helpful during hotel stay.
Ease of Usec100
It's easy to set up and fun to use.
Perfectly simple.
Updates & Supportc100
The customer service is also quick and helpful.
Now that is customer service.
Then I purchased the full version a week later.
I purchased the full version.
You know it's worth Trying the free version at least.

while listening to the ocean. found in 4 reviews
individual volume adjustment for each sound effect. found in 20 reviews
This app is great for relaxation. found in 5 reviews
Many nights of great sleep. found in 19 reviews
Great App for the classroom or at home. found in 1 reviews
I use this app to help me fall asleep all the time. found in 1 reviews
I like the timer function and the sound options to add. found in 5 reviews
I'm usually asleep within 10 minutes of turning sleep bug on. found in 8 reviews
it has helped me go to sleep at night. found in 4 reviews
Absolutely the best sleep /relaxation app I have ever used. found in 21 reviews
My 1 month old loves the sound of the ocean waves. found in 2 reviews
Love the fire with crickets and thunder. found in 4 reviews
Then I purchased the full version a week later. found in 2 reviews
Super relaxing sounds always helps me relax after a tough day. found in 8 reviews
I just need to figure out how to switch to different scenes easier. found in 3 reviews
you could let users "upgrade" to even more sound effects. found in 4 reviews
I use the app when ever I cant sleep. found in 1 reviews
Would be nice to be able to move /remove presets. found in 1 reviews
can't sleep without it anymore. found in 1 reviews
Turning down my phone volume interferes w my alarm. found in 2 reviews
flawed implementation. found in 1 reviews
Love the app but it needs a landscape mode. found in 1 reviews
each sound effect needs it's own volume control. found in 2 reviews
I use it along with meditation when I can't sleep. found in 24 reviews
Only issue is sometimes I feel like I can hear it looping. found in 1 reviews
My Homedics white noise machine finally broke after 10 years. found in 5 reviews
adding ads via updates is lame. found in 1 reviews
The sounds are ok but I'm picky. found in 1 reviews
Turning down the volume interferes with alarm volume. found in 2 reviews
Needs independent volume control. found in 2 reviews

The Sleep Bug is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at a hefty 111 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Sleep Bug app version 1.4 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Sleep Bug in Arnt-Henning Moberg`s Official Website :

Sleep Bug is a sound mixer that produces ambient scene music with random sound effects. Thanks to the powerful built in sound generator Sleep Bug sounds realistic and will give you many hours of quality sleep. For ...
When you need to drown out the noises on the street or your spouse s snoring this is the perfect app For many years now I swear by this app Everywhere I go it helps me drift off to sleep for a good nights rest                     Drift off to sleep Ksbyaya
On my previous 2 phones this app rocked it But with my new iPhone 8 I ve found a glitch in the sound Specifically the rain drops in the weather mode It clearly is a BAD loop for that specific sound Very distinct Please update that admittedly very minor issue and I ll give it 5 stars once again Hell I will buy the ad free app Still I am happy with what I do have                 Still really good but hdkcjjrrnr
I have been traveling over 40 years and am a very light sleeper I used to carry an electric white noise maker with me This app on my iPhone is the best On the road or at home Sleep Bug helps me get a good night s sleep                     Simply The Best Zachary Bruno
I love them the ocean waves are so real you think you re there Puts the baby right to sleep This is the BEST FREE app thank you                     Sleep bug and sleep bug kids Neverendinggamer
Tried just about all only one I ll use Great job Grew up near ocean lake I get homesick often this lulls me to sleep like no other app Hoping you ll never leave Thank you from my heart                     Only one I use mari.jones
I ve been using this app everyday for over 4 years It s the best It s free the sound is ongoing unlimited so it won t stop shut off after let s say 12 hours there s a great variety of white noise sound track options it s easy to use the sound quality is excellent at any volume the volume range is great you can choose from very soft to very loud and there s optional variety you can add or remove to every sound track w the push of a button for example you can add seagulls to the beach waves track My favorites I play the waterfall at night for aiding deeper better uninterrupted sleep and the beach waves in the day for relaxing making me feel like we live near the beach We have this app downloaded on all our devices so it s mobile The kids get the same white noise at home in the stroller car at grandma s house on vacation                     Best white noise app I ve ever seen or used Mom With 2 Little Ones
Helps me sleep                     Quality Keont88
The waterfalls is THE only noise that I depend on for great sleeping when I m away from home                     Waterfalls KindteacherKrista
This is the best sleep app I have found great                 Perfect Fedd 11
I like it just the way it is                     Epic shawneie
Bought the full version sounds are great for sleeping relaxing or casually working They re very immersive and you get to control the sound effects                     Excellent App jimmyyang3000
Truly helps me fall asleep The feature where you can mute or adjust certain sounds is prime                     Worth the price andillus
I love sleep bug it definitely helps me sleep I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble sleeping It really helped me                     Great app Superfragalisticexpialadocious
I was looking for something else and this came by like a gift to a watercolor artist Thank you                     The Unexpected Beautiful Places Wintersky4
Take you to bed with me most nights Ha I have tinnitus the crickets sounds If anyone has a cure please post it                 Darling 😄Martha
Does not drain the battery when used all night So many options too                     Great Maleia L
I downloaded this app for use with my toddler a terrible sleeper generally It has helped a lot with her sleep and now that I have another baby use it in her room during naps It has even come in handy for me in drowning out sounds to help me sleep too                     Great for kids and babies LutheranLady
My hubby and I have been using sleep bug for years as white noise to cover up his snoring at night I love the waterfall sound This app had the most soothing and quality sounding nature sounds than others I have tried Also use it for my toddler at night Love it                     Good quality app Hi$
I love it Makes me fall asleep in 5min It s crazy                     Luv HA-CHEW!
Love this app Best white noise a guy could ask for                     Fantastic Booter Conanza
I tend to fall asleep with the tv on which I notice results in terrible sleep quality This app puts me to sleep like a baby in no time and I wake up feeling like I got a proper rest The music box is my favorite                     Helps me get much needed sleep samanthaooh
This app is useful if you want to avoid silence but not good for sleep at all The selections are all loud busy and aggressive sounds The lullaby sounded more like a lively cartoon             Disappointed BabyBaze
I use the water fall with no extra sounds It sound very much like a bod fan Love It                     Awesome Slimming the thighs
Great sound options My kids love picking their bedtime sounds and adding other sounds Sleep timer is a great addition too                     Awesome ZLor319
Customizable remembers my settings lots to choose from Just great                     Great app Sionrel
Whenever you can t seem to sleep this app can help you with different kinds of background sounds                     Sleep On JesseLadner
I was impressed within the first few minutes but the more I explore this app my appreciation only grows Not only is there a wide variety of themes to start from each theme has several sound enhancements that can be added and there is a volume control for each additional layer of sound I also found the background images to be very beautiful and thoughtful of the designer that you can toggle all the o trolls on and off so the image can be viewed without clutter Highly recommend and it was definitely worth it to pay the 1 99 for the additional themes                     Wow Caporte2
Love this sleep app Wish it had more music to listen to though All in all it s great                 Sleep app Ozzie53
I love this app Helps me sleep and stay asleep Hands down the best sleep app you can get for free with so many features Highly recommend                     Beautiful Rich Sounds Alisha2117
I have this on my computer and phone I ve had so much trouble sleeping And this had help                     Love Blazefire6966
I love how realistic the sounds are It is also accessible with voiceover                     Love it Jakvuz_jsod
There are a lot of options We only use the waterfall to help our infant sleep through the night It might better be suited for a spa or massage              Good for spa nit fir baby
it has unique sounds and everything is really high quality                 best sleep noise app
All of the soundscapes sound completely unrealistic They lack depth and space Horrible eq The frequencies of the environments are offensive Captured or seemingly replicated at a foul attempt and mixed terribly Im sorry Way better soundscapes on YouTube     How does this have such high ratings Terrible samples
This app helps me focus on my work                 Focusing
Very realistic sounds Relaxing                 Love it
so wonderfully relaxing amazing app indeed thanks                 bliss
Needs a a fan noise option              Fan
Allow rotation feature for iPad users              Love it but
No option to restore in app purchases Seems developer is trying to double dip     Restore in app purchases NA
I use this app every night It helps me fall asleep really easily The sounds help me picture myself in that situation It relaxes me The soundsmusic provide background sound for me which I like because Im not a big fan of complete silence when Im going to sleep                 I love this app
I bought the full version of this app But when I got a new iPhone it somehow didnt remember that I had bought the full version Now I cant listen to the sounds I rightfully paid for What the hell It says I have to buy it again even thought I already paid and used it for half a year Someone contact me and fix this           Was a great app Until I got a new phone
I use this almost every night and I get a great nights sleep whenever I do Great variety of themes although I use Dreams and Zen Garden the most I have tinnitus and the sounds help me borne kept awake by the ringing all night                 Great sleep aid
Amazing                 Sleep bug
I use this app for my baby to sleep with Great app                 Great app
Nice to catch a few zzzzzzzz SS with I use it for those 30 minute power naps Great collection and variety if sounds 55 ZZZs rating                 Zzzzzzzzz
I needed a good sleep app but none of them were good enough but then I stumbled over this one and it is the best app ever I recommend this app if you have insomnia                 The best
I have trouble winding down to go to sleep All I have to do is put my sleep bug on the beach setting and I am on vacation in the Caribbean I relax right away and totally sack out                 Love this app
I have been traveling over 40 years and am a very light sleeper I used to carry an electric white noise maker with me This app on my iPhone is the best On the road or at home Sleep Bug helps me get a good nights sleep                 Simply The Best
This is a very good app                 Very good
Love love love this app It absolutely helps me fall asleepbetter than music And I love that there is a timer so it doesnt have to run all night long The beach sounds are my favorite                 Pure awesomeness
Love the ability to add additional sounds into the main categorical sounds For instance while listening to the ocean we also added wind chimes birds and passing ship sounds Keeps my kids asleep even when noises arise in the house              Great
I have tried a few different white noise and ambient sound apps This one is the best because 1 the sounds are truly soothing 2 there is so much variety and so many ways to customize 3 the images help with positive visualization and 4 it has a great user interface and many snazzy features like a timer                 The best
I use it almost every night                 Works great
Ive been using this app since my son was born for his naps and at bedtime Its fantastic and definitely helps my son now 21 months old sleep soundly                 Fantastic app
I have had other white noise apps before for my babies but I use this one for me I absolutely love this app you can customize the sounds Its SO relaxing It helps me sleep super fast Waterfall is my sleepy time necessity I have a difficult time without it                 I am dependent on this app
This app is awesome You can fully customize even the most minute sounds by setting the volume on the different effects                 Best sound app
Its alright but it takes up way too much space           Ok
LOVE it cant sleep without it It is the best                 Ruth
Love it Once I got a sleep machine I couldnt sleep without it this is a Portable sleep machine                 Sleep bug
The best of its kind Ive tried similar apps but there always seems to be an absence of some element that would enhance the experience that or there is an over abundance of elements This app allows the listener to easily tailor the audio experience to their own taste The sound quality is also excellent                 Excellent
We use this every night for the baby but my husband and I love it too                 Love this app
Absolutely love this app My favorite feature is that you can pick a base background and then add additional sounds wind chimes owls wind etc you can even individually control how loud the additional sounds are Builtin timer is helpful too                 Amazing
Plenty of variety in the free version Love it                 Great free version
I use this app every night I love that you can customize each theme and that there are so many themes to choose from Would highly recommend                 Love
its okay but it took probably 45 minutes to download and only increased my anxiety and restlessness        seems okay
My newborn baby loves this app He falls asleep very quick very relaxing melodies                 Baby
Very good app Love the jungle sounds                 Nice
Im traveling and have trouble sleeping in some places During a sleepless night I searched for a white noise app I am so thankful great sounds love adjusting volume of individual sounds sleep timer works perfect No ads either                 Thanks for your help
My favorite is the weather The app is so easy to customize the sound settings                 Love it
Like the Beach choice on the app for sleeping It covers the unwanted noise of my loud rude collegeage neighbors Just wish there were more options of sounds I like that I can mute the parts that I dont like and raise the parts that I do of a set of sounds              Good to cover unwanted noise
I love putting in my earbuds and relaxing to the calming sounds                 Great
Best sleeping app ever                 Sleep bug
Ive used that other highly rated app for white noise etc but the sound quality in this app is much better Great options I bought full oh my gawd after using basic app just a few times Id recommend                 Way better sound quality than other apps
Love this app Sounds are realistic Cant sleep without it                 Great app
I have used many other sleeping apps This is the best                 Awesome
I used this app while I was pregnant to help calm baby When she was born I used it to put her to sleep Now a year and a half later I still use it to put her to sleep The music calms her right down and within minutes shes sleeping This app has saved us from hours of crying It even calms me to the point that I fall asleep while playing it for our daughter We have it on all of our devises so we always have it with us love it                 Love
This app puts me to bed in a second                 Awsome
I have tried a few noise apps and this is the best one so far Many choices with consistent noise Love it                 Its great
Keeps my baby asleep as well as my husband                 Love it

Sleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following SoundSleep Bug Health & Fitness Sound Effects Following Sound

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