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Cameron Johnson, the publisher behind many iOS app (Sleep Tracker ,Prayer Vault), brings Sleep Tracker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Sleep Tracker app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • 11 pm - 11pm just to show what time I went to bed..
  • Love the soft screensaver with current time and elapsed sleep time..

Overall Satisfactionc71
This is the best sleep tracker I have found.
Love it it is awsome.
best simplest sleep tracking app.
Almost perfectly useful.
I use this every day to track sleep.
Ease of Usec39
I use to use Sleep Hygiene app.
The Good: Interface is easy to understand.
incredibly easy to use.
best simplest sleep tracking app.
Some bugs need fixed.

Ordained Minister. found in 1 reviews
app does a good job of keeping track of sleep habits. found in 3 reviews
I use this app every night and the numbers are always correct. found in 2 reviews
Almost perfectly useful. found in 1 reviews
instead it provides a simpler more accurate way of entering the information. found in 1 reviews
available in 6 languages including english french and spanish. found in 1 reviews
This is the best sleep tracker I have found. found in 3 reviews
Otherwise really cool. found in 1 reviews
It makes sharing my sleep pattern with my doctor much easier. found in 3 reviews
helps to track sleep — I used to do this manually. found in 2 reviews
but it couldn't handle years if data. found in 1 reviews
I can't say enough good about this app. found in 1 reviews
but some kinks need worked out. found in 1 reviews
Good app needs some things. found in 1 reviews
Problem that wasn't there before. found in 1 reviews
hoping the problem would be fixed but it never is. found in 1 reviews
but messes up the analyze screen for averages. found in 1 reviews
I give it 4 stars because if you nap during the day. found in 1 reviews
Needs weather for the dock clock. found in 1 reviews
and let you keep notes about your sleep. found in 1 reviews
useful but could use export and multiple sleep period functions. found in 3 reviews
but the line graph doesn't reflect those same numbers. found in 1 reviews
Would be good if it didn't crash all the time. found in 1 reviews
Fix this one issue & the whole app will actually make sense. found in 1 reviews
I find that if I take a nap during the week. found in 2 reviews
I have been keeping a manual sleep log for almost 2 months. found in 1 reviews
Needs sync. found in 1 reviews
but now the Manual mode no longer works. found in 1 reviews
But once you start using it regularly. found in 1 reviews
you can't log your sleep from multiple devices. found in 1 reviews
It you can't count up to 12. found in 1 reviews

The Sleep Tracker is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.1 MB to download. The new Sleep Tracker app version has been updated on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Sleep Tracker in Cameron Johnson`s Official Website :

In today`s fast paced world it can be hard to get a good night`s sleep. Sleep Tracker will allow you to record, graph, and analyze your sleep patterns, helping you to know where you need ...
I have a strange wakesleep pattern due to my work history This app is helpful in keeping track of when how much sleep I get Its easy to make adjustments to the times and dates even if I didnt input the right times originallyI also have the same problem as other reviewers of the app crashing when I switch to the 1month pattern on the graph Fix that the app gets the rest of the stars on my rating           Better than my last sleep app
I love this app I use it every night There is one little bug Ive noticed though Any time I try to listen to music after I hit the Sleep button it doesnt record my time Im running iOs 5                 Love this app
So you push a button when you go to sleepAnd then when you wake up you press the stop buttonIts a glorified timerMy problem is just because I lay my head down to go to sleep doesnt mean that Im going to sleep I need to know when I actually am sleeping not just in bedThis is an epic fail I dont mind burning 99 on an application that doesnt suit me but this cant possibly suit anyoneI also like other posters would demand a refund     Wring
It you cant count up to 12 24 if youre military this app is for you For everybody else who might be experiencing any kind of sleep disorder and needs to track not ONLY the total hours of sleep achieved each night but also the sleeping and waking cycles along with their duration this app is definitely NOT for you A complete waste of a hardearned 099 Out of shear principle I would be demanding it ALL back     Great App for Mathematically Challenged People
After an update that made a mess out of this app its been fixed and is now back to being an app that can be trusted to do what it says I use this app every night It has allowed me to track my sleep to identify patterns that I didnt realize existed Patterns which were affecting my sleep in a negative wayThe screensaver feature that shows elapsed time is cool too It makes it easy to see if I should get up or go back to sleepVery glad to see that the app was fixed so fast                 Its fixed and its great again
At first this app seems really nice You can enter in your sleep every morning and view a nice little chart of your sleep activity But once you start using it regularly it has major flaws Biggest flaw it only stores data locally It has no backup and no way to backup So if you delete the app and reinstall it you will lose all of your data Months possibly years all gone Why would you delete the app in the first place Well it periodically crashes for no reason And sometimes even after quitting it wont reopen Also because it only stores local with no backup you cant log your sleep from multiple devices You are also stuck showing your doctor your tiny iphone sleep chart because there is no way to recreate the charts You CAN export your data but how do you make a sleep chart out of spreadsheet data A sleep chart where bars of sleep start and stop at random times and often continue from one day into the next This app has major fatal flaws that make it much more useless than it initially appears     Good Idea Bad Execution
Its time people start busting on novice lazy abd dishonest app developers putting out products like this one that just doesnt work It makes an uncorrectable error virtually every day making it a useless piece if junk Please write a bad review and shut these guys down as well as other massively crappy apps that developers refuse to fix     Junk killer
It does all the things I want it to do and more                 I Love This App
Downloaded this about two wks ago and no crashes yet This is a great tool for keeping tabs on my crazy Alaska summer sleep scheduleTo the developer in Analyze is it possible to add a range of all Currently the available ranges dont provide me with the analytics Im looking for given that the available ranges are limited to set periods of time to be analyzed eg a week a month 90 days and so on I would like to analyze results from the whole time Ive been using the app not a preset duration that doesnt give me a fully customized pictureThats the only reason I didnt five star Sleep Gadget Will change this if I see all added as a range under Analyze in future updates Meantime thanks for a terrifically useful app              Great tool easy to use one suggestion
I use this app every night and the numbers are always correct but the line graph doesnt reflect those same numbers              Inaccurate Graph
The update fixed the overlapping bar graph problem Now its easy to eyeball the graph and get a sense of what time Ill likely be able to attack the day on Sunday morning or afternoon                 Great graphs
Since writing this review Id like to amend it I emailed the author of this app regarding my problems with it He emailed me back and after tweaking it as he suggested it has worked according to specs For the 199 price it is a good working appI have been keeping a manual sleep log for almost 2 months When I first started inputting the data everything was great Then as others have stated previously it started to hang up Id have to close the program then after a couple restarts I could continue to input the data That is until it froze again After I input all my history into the program the analyze function stopped working Nothing I can do to get it to work Not Good After using this program for a couple of days Id say that I wasted my 199           Now fixedProblemsProblemsProblems
useful but could use export and multiple sleep period functions              Good for what it is
Crashvery bad Muy malo no lo recomiendo     Bad No lo recomiendo
Well worth it              Good app
I really do like this app Ive been using it every night for at least a year I like just having the times of when I went to sleep and woke up Yes I know it has major flaws and thats what Ill talk about nextA while ago I was having issues with overlapping bars and missing bars on the calendar I think this was fixed When I wanted to edit or add a sleep time it would crash every time this has been fixed And there are still a few little minor irregular flaws like the fact that some of the averages and calculations seem a bit off But the main reason for my three star grade is the backupWhen I first bought this app I had just gotten an iPad 2 for Christmas It was the perfect app for me and I loved it since I had been writing down my sleep times before that its so much easier to press a button when youre half asleep in the morning than write down a time Then in summer I got an iPad 3 and transferred everything from my iPad 2 to my 3 Of course I lost all my sleep data and had to start all over but I was fine with starting fresh Now I recently bought myself an iPod touch I would much rather have the sleep gadget on my iPod than my iPad but I dont want to lose that data again So all I ask of this app please make a way for us to back up all our data to transfer itOther than that fantastic simple app to use           Okay
Only thing on my wish list would be for it to better analyze and track nap times too              Great app
You will not be disappointed with this app The ease of input and graphing functions are nearly perfect I am not aware of a better app for tracking sleep and everyone who lives on the edge of sleep deprivation needs this type of app                 Fabulous
The app does what an applet should do in that it is very good at one thing Tracking your nightly sleepWith regard the graphing I exchanged emails with the developers They were very responsive They get the issue and will have a fix for it soonThe Good Interface is easy to understand graphs are clear and concise The bar graph lets you know quickly how your tobed time is doing You can set the delay to take into account the time it takes to drift off It exports via csvemailThe Bad The line graph is strictly by dateeg if you go to sleep atMon 10PM 6AM 8 hrsTue 9PM 9AM 12 hrsWed 11PM 6AM 7 hrsThe graph will showMon 2 hrsTue 9 hrsWed 10 hrsThe workaround is easy I export the data and track my sleep in excel but it will be really nice when the line graph works              I like this app a lot Exports data now Almost there
Feature RequestAbility to distinguish between naps vs sleep on analysis of earlylatest bedtimeswakeup timesI find that if I take a nap during the week this data point gets all screwed upThanks guys brilliant appGreat Best sleep tracker no fussFeature request rate your night sleep green good yellow avg red bad maybe add notesI use to use Sleep Hygiene app but it couldnt handle years if data This app seems to be very well done and can handle lots of data no problem              Awesome
Used to use this program regularly Recent updates have totally killed the reliability More times than not you mark that youre going to sleepand in the morning when you want to indicate youre up its lost the time of sleep start Fail of prime function Dont install     Update wreck
no complicated setup no sensor calibration no missed data if you went to bed or woke up without checking inWould be nice if it incorporated sunrisesunset data but an iPhone user could probably get another app or look out the window for thatThere are some minor quirks with with the main entry interface and it lends itself to mistakes entering sleep time as today instead of last night But it can be worked aroundBut the core functionality is the minimum most people need to improve their sleepI tried the sleep sensing apps and they always fell off my bedThis app doesnt have a way to record quality of sleep some kind of notes or rating would be nice A little more open ended was would be niceAlso some way of accounting for naps though personally I would only count naps towards my total and only an indication of poor sleep and possible disruption of falling asleep                 best simplest sleep tracking app
I love this app However this week it started graphing wrong on Calendar It is overlapping on one day and leaving the next day blank which is making the line graph look very erratic I see my doctor on Thursday and I cannot review with her as it is not accurate The data is entered correctly as I reviewed that Please find the problem Otherwise the app no longer works for my needs Not sure why it has changed from being a 100 accurate        Problem that wasnt there before
This app is exactly what I was looking for simple incredibly easy to use with very readable graphs I have not tried exporting the data yet but had to write because I have been so happy with it                 Love it
Love it                 Sweet
This is app is great in that it does what it does simply tracks your sleep times and runs analysis over different period of times I love it since it doesnt try to do too much it does what i need My only request would be to have a way to track naps that could add you your daily sleep amount total without throwing off stats for mostleast sleep and bedtime and wake up times              Like the app wish i tracked naps
This app does nearly everything I want however I cant edit anything as every attempt to edit crashes the app I will hang on since it looks like that started recently following an update           Almost great
Perfect App performs and generates informationally exactly how I need                 Ordained Minister
Lots of unfairly negative reviewsapp does a good job of keeping track of sleep habits and a go to sleepwake up button is nice so you dont have to remember how long you slept you just hit your phone before you pass out and again when your alarm goes off Could have more data management options but the graphs are simple and easy to read I hope for some improvements in updates like being able to look at specific dates in detail instead of just being able to see 3d 1w 1m etc but as it stands decent sleep app better than most others              Not bad
Sleep Cycles is a better app it uses the accelerometer to track your deepness of sleep through the night this app is pretty pointless it just tracks the amount of time asleep I could do that with a piece of paper and penSo Developer include accelerometer readings into the graph make the graph scalable and I may use it instead of Sleep Cycles           Currently pointless
Love it it is awsome                 Love it
I think most of the people who are actually interested in tracking their sleep would be those that have problems It would be much more useful if this application allowed for multiple sleep periods in a day went to bed at 10 pm woke up at 1 am back to sleep at 3 am etc and let you keep notes about your sleep for trending Then having the ability to export to Excel or similar to take to your Dr My 2cents        Not so useful
Love this app I use it every night                
This app features many analytical tools that made tracking my sleep much easier                 Surprisingly well featured
I like this app but those are two things that make analyzing my sleep annoying It didnt do that before the last update so something is wrong with this latest version The graph thing is the weirdest one and its hard to describe The sleep I just had will not show up on the graph until I have another long sleep Short sleeps like naps or sleeping after waking up early from a disturbance will show up           Bug Sleep grade stuck at F some sleeps not showing up on graphs
Love this app I couldnt find an email to submit a bug notice but it has a bug where the app crashes when I select 1month or 3month plots Everything else works fine as far as I can tell although I havent tried exporting yet iPod 4g latest iOSThanks           Bug Report
This app does what it does quite wellThere are two things that would make it completely perfect for my needsFirst I want to be able to attach a note to each sleep block My sleep clinic makes me do that and right now I have to do it in a separate fileSecond I want to be able to set wake up and go to sleep times and have two grades one for number of hours slept and one for how well I managed to sleep at the right times Right now I get the same grade it I sleep every day from 3am to11am as if I sleep from 10pm to 6am which is badly misleading              Almost perfectly useful
This would be great with a sync feature allowing you to sync between iPhone and iPad Otherwise really cool              Needs sync
Would be good if it didnt crash all the time        Ehh
Its a piece of crap waste of money Get sleep cycle Way batter an only 1     DO NOT BUY
A very good app for tracking your sleep habits howeverIm having problems with the manual setting can this befixed ASAP           Sleep Gadget
I use this every day to track sleep Line graph on new version now makes sense as do lower set of analyses Thanks for exportCalendar graph still needlessly split up wrap around middle of day needs to be 2 AM and first set of analyses now nonsense Keep up the good work You are SO close                 Better Still needs a fix
Only improvement I can think of is a stat tracker for the number of days you have recorded sleep data for                 Awesome sleep tracker
and have since I bought it Thanks              I use this app daily
Great app helps to track sleep I used to do this manually I give it 4 stars because if you nap during the day as I do all averages wake up time bed time etc get screwed up It would be nice if the app allowed to mark sleep periods as night sleep or naps to provide meaningful stats              Good app if you dont nap
At first I thought this app was fantastic easy to use and had everything I wanted After using it for a few months I had noticed graphing inaccuracies so I began watching it more closely When there are large differences in amounts of sleep say 4 hrs one night to 85 hrs the next night the line graph shows an even larger gap sometimes by quite a bit Now that Ive been using it for 6 months I can see that the graphing is wholly inaccurate even for consistent sleep I will be trying a different app now because this one is unreliable     Graphing is inaccurate and untrustworthy
Graphs are worse now FYI They exceed the chart area in line mode and the time periods make no sense compared to the graph range example set graph to 30 days and data from dec 2011 displays Its Oct 2012 currentlyPlease fix     Update actually made graphs worse
Ive always had a hard time sleeping But this little app really helps Highly reccomended                 Great
It hasnt crashed once and Ive had this app for a couple of months If you havent downloaded this app already you definitely need to                 Works great
Great app                 Awesome

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