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Select Comfort Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS app (SleepIQ ,Loona - The Sleep Tight Game), brings SleepIQ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SleepIQ app has been update to version 0.5.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

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    which I highly recommend using.
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    It accurately records both our nights sleep and seems relatively accurate. found in 5 reviews
    it should be able to accurately record that info. found in 1 reviews
    My numbers are corresponding
    Now just add support for health app. found in 2 reviews
    With web browser. found in 2 reviews
    ll be empowered to make adjustments because you x2019. found in 1 reviews
    Im glad to see you guys finally updated your app. found in 1 reviews
    App almost unusable. found in 1 reviews
    New Update Issue. found in 1 reviews
    Needs additional features. found in 1 reviews
    Still can't control bed position. found in 3 reviews
    It's okay but not great. found in 1 reviews
    needs some help. found in 1 reviews
    no data recorded for Saturday night. found in 2 reviews
    Like the app but needs some enhancements. found in 1 reviews
    Needs to be redone. found in 1 reviews
    App does not display live view. found in 2 reviews
    but obvious improvement needed. found in 1 reviews
    Update is a Disappointment. found in 1 reviews
    Buggy sync. found in 1 reviews
    Lacking features. found in 1 reviews
    Buggy- Missing functionality. found in 1 reviews
    It shows data for invalid times. found in 1 reviews
    Good execution. found in 1 reviews
    If you watch TV in bed. found in 1 reviews
    Don't count on it. found in 1 reviews
    Unreliable data Inaccurate data Rarely works
    " nor actual sleep time well when it does actually track. found in 5 reviews
    but the app doesn't even recognize I'm in the bed. found in 2 reviews
    U give us an app that is unreliable. found in 2 reviews
    Tech issues won't allow me to log in. found in 7 reviews
    Even when it partially works. found in 4 reviews
    You can't control any of the massage features. found in 3 reviews
    It is a constant struggle to use the app. found in 16 reviews
    Need to FIX or plan on giving me a REFUND. found in 4 reviews
    gives incorrect data. found in 3 reviews
    Sleep Number should be ashamed of themselves. found in 23 reviews

    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download SleepIQ for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 0.5.2 has been released on 2014-05-09. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    Bottom Line: For more information about SleepIQ check developer Select Comfort Corporation`s website :

    The companion app the revolutionary Sleep Number x12 bed. Setup your bed, control your bed, and understand how well you slept. All from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad.
    I agree with the comments already posted The upgraded app is awful and cant understand why they released it I was already questioning the science behind the sleep iq concept and now Im even more convinced it is a gimmick The numbers makes no sense and have no consistency New app loses connectivity every day landscape feature was a big takeaway and it shows us as being I bed when we arent Ridiculous After buying the top end highly expensive bed a few months ago I feel like this we got suckered in with the iq feature We also had to have all the electronics and pumps replaced within the first 45 days Sleep Number has some serious product quality issues Start with bagging this new app     New app is awful sleep iq is questionable
    Can not get this to turn to landscape to save my life     No landscape
    Used sleep cycle app for years and loved it Paid 300 for this feature in our new bed and it is worthless Says we are still in bed hours after we got up so we cannot find out our number until later in the day Save your money people     Too bad you cannot give it a zero
    Wow nice try again Still cant get landscape mode to work on my iPad App is slow to load and readings are inaccurate Can I get my 300 back     Keep trying
    New update like others have said is a step back Several For me I get up and get dressed and put my shoes on while sitting on the bed As a result it somehow calculates the time out of bed 7 am and then the 2 minutes Im putting shoes on at 830 am as me being in bed the entire time However if I take a nap for 30 minutes it doesnt recognize that My sleep scores used to be good now they are between 2040s which all happened after the app update with no apparent change in my sleep habits proven by the app Overall what used to be a good functional app that tracked your breathing and sleep patterns has become a convoluted and cracked out gimmick app like the ones on Facebook that say take the IQ test or lets test your educational level Epic failure SleepNumber     Update is a waste
    This newest version is so much better Finally landscape mode              Much Better
    Since the recent last 2 weeks update the app has gone to crap The number has stayed the same and the bar graph is backwards Green is restful and orange is restless and the graph shows more green but the number the restful side is always showing low numbers as if there are less restful times You broke the bloody app Fix it please otherwise we paid extra for a data monitor that is useless     Unupdate the app
    I know Im not a great sleeper but since this new app came out it appears Ive been sleeping worse than ever I would question what has changed Also I dont like the idea you cant turn it on its side on the iPhone and it appears harder to read For the amount the beds cost I would think they would have a topnotch app I think at this time is better off not even have this app     Bring back the old app
    I used the app to control the bed without logging in Now its not an option Old version was better     No remote function
    It would be nice to alter when you actually go to sleep rather than when the app thinks you are going to sleep I say this because I lay in bed while I read or watch TV before actually settling down to go to bed Also if you change your sleep number from the app it doesnt refresh unless you log outin or switch user and switch back Landscape view would also be really nice           Alright app but needs some tweaks
    Please add HealthKit support It would be great to see my sleep data automatically added in the Health app        Missing Something
    Biggest problem is they removed landscape so you cant see details of your sleep patterns Remote needs up down arrows        Needs improvement
    I used to be able to use the app without reading glasses but the removal of landscape killed that This is huge We need landscape on the details and it was better to flip it over to get it The leftright swipe is cumbersome between details vs days This used to work great on my iPhone6 Now even with glasses I cant tell the difference between restful and restless colors The size of the bars is way too small The previous version got it right And the background color is difficult on the eyes too Please consider color blind folks when you pick colors Or better yet have a preference setting for that Also MIA is the live view I didnt use it often but it helped I knew not to go in the room if the wife was grabbing a nap And last but not least the app is now dogslow The slowest is the family view This shouldnt have been released this way The old both was just bearable Many times it seems to be hung I even quit the app and came back in just to be sure on my iP684 Not a fan at all of the new version I would give the old 5stars vs this version I would give zero stars if I could     20x Update is a huge step back
    This App is awful I always questioned the accuracy of the app but used it daily anyway to track my sleep patterns It all of a sudden stopped working It shuts off wont update datetime is just awful This is an expensive piece of equipment they advertise sleep iq as being a significant advantage to buying these types of beds I hope they will fix it For now Im deleting the app     Very Disappointed
    The app works well in my experiences Other reviewers hove stated the 2x version is a step back however being new to sleep number I can not speak on that The app can work as remote to control the beds sleep number positions and lighting And does a fairly good job of it I would like to see a few things however faster Bluetooth connectivity for remote functions would be much welcomed currently it takes about a minute to pair Also the addition of Health Kit integration would be greatly beneficial to the user The app would then be able to pull in activity dietary and health information to better calculate our sleeping habits as well as allow users to view sleep information in in the health app as well This would be great for people with sleep apnea to get a snapshot of their overall sleeping habits Also as a side note how about a way for users to submit suggestions without having to leave them in the review section like this           No problems but needs improvement
    The performance of this app is sad It is slow to boot and slow running I purchased a K1 bed for my son and this app is supposed to function as the remote It does not consistently boot or connect to the bed Also not able to view the trend charting Majorly disappointed in app son loves the bed when we can get the app to work     Makes one regret purchase
    Since update 081215 No change dont see any of that schedule stuff you see on app download screen Still no landscape mode Even deleted the app and reinstalled Should have left it the old way Blah Come on guys Fix the dang thing What did we pay all that extra money for Terrible Worse than before Please add a schedule we can enter too Cant seem to find live mode and cant get landscape mode to work Dont see any of these new items on screen to input anything routines etc     Yeesh Still stinks
    We have the app as long as we had the bed which is about a week Everything works and the layout is nice Im not sure what the issues others have but none here I hope they add support to the apple health so I can have everything in one but this app is nice and does what it says              Not bad but could be better as with anything
    My sleep number has been 17 since the app was updated This app is terrible     Terrible Update
    Sleep number bed great Dual temperature control great Sleep IQ crap After a nights sleep for example of 7 hours the app says that I had approximately 35 hours of both restful and restless sleep But the little detail bar graph is full of green restful bars That doesnt make sense Theres a lot more bad things to say about this app but Im not up to the task of writing it all down     Horrible App
    This update is cryptic I can only find sleep tips and an overall number No longer can I see my hour by hour graph or month long stats If there is a way to do it it isnt user friendly     Terrible
    Updated app sleep scores are now grossly inaccurate WASTE OF MONEY     Dont Update
    Dont even have the bed yet and can tell you this app is a jokethe update does not work in the latest download as there is still no landscapeand why dont the sales staff in the Sleep Number stores tell you this feature is an added cost to your bed They make it sound like its a standard feature     Not working
    I totally agree with the comments of the last reviewer who stated the last update messed up the best features the ability to see if my fidgeting bothered my husbands sleep and the ability to rotate that graph for better viewing Now most of the screen is covered with the iq number which really hasnt made sense to me anyway It seems when I think I have had a fairly good sleep the number is lowplease address the graph issue        New updated hides best feature
    I loved this app before I didnt have any trouble with it and it was very user friendly Since the last update it has been nothing but trouble It rarely works and looses connection frequently Before when I wanted to look at my nights sleep I could turn my phone to rotate the screen for better viewing Not now it doesnt rotate and its so tiny I cant see it I have been through my settings to make sure I have the screen tilt option on and I do Not that I even look at it often anymore because the app rarely works I SO wish I could have the old app back I use to check it daily        Latest up date is awful
    The new update does not work at all It takes so long for the data to upload if it all and then everything is so tiny I cant see it without a magnifying glass and the landscape mode is gone There was nothing wrong with the previous version as it worked very well Please fix this app or give us back the previous version     Update lousy
    We have had our Sleep Number bed for about 1 month The Sleep Number apps lack of consistency and little glitches make me wonder if my purchase of Sleep IQ was even worth it I track my activity the trends tab is supposed to round up 90 days of activity But in a months time it has wiped everything I tracked multiple times The Sleep Tips are not personalized at all and repeat themselves This app has potential but definitely falls short     Inconsistent
    I cant say I have a lot of experience with the app from what I can tell after two night is that it is just OK Judging the other reviews I may need more experience before giving it a relatively high rating in comparison to the others First and foremost please add integration with Health Kit This is valuable data but stuck in a standalone app the data is quite useless to the user As a Sleep Cycle user it was my assumption that this app would share data with HealthKit as the apps are so similar and SleepIQ with HealthKit seems so commonsensical The Sleep Cycle app blows this app away and it didnt cost 3000 like the Sleep Number bed Thanks in advance for integrating HealthKit in the next update Looking forward to the next update where I hope to give this app a 5 star rating           2 nights in
    The app will no longer save my WiFi to my phone Nor will it discover it No Nothing has changed on my end Send the fix soon     Boo new update
    This updated version is terrible The app crashes periodically response time is slower and the display graphics are very difficult to read Please bring back the prior version of the app     Please bring back the version
    The bed is fantastic looking at the app in the morning fills me with a burning rage The Sleep Number management team needs to fire the current staff or techco that builds and maintains this atrocity and get this thing fixed        299 app for a 5000 bed
    Unreliable data at times Missed 2 days out of the last 7 for me but not my wife Quite sure I was here and sleeping Why was the landscape rotation of the hourly graph removed The little graph in place now is tiny and a pain to read not helpful if its supposed to be something I am using to judge my sleep quality The only bright spot is that the remote feature is improved It seems more robust and doesnt seem to have any connection issues        New version is pretty bad
    Zero stars It said I woke or stopped tracking an hour before I did got out of bed 4 times when I didnt and said I was still sleeping when I was walking around the bedroom reading the app saying I was still sleeping What a joke     Dont Do It Worst Decision Ever
    I work nights so when I have a night off I cuddle with my wife for about an hour then leave the bed When I do go back to bed to sleep it doesnt read it It only reads the hour I spend with my wife This tells me it cannot be that accurate Until they fix this issue I would not recommend buying it     Doesnt read sleep well
    This update made my less than reliable Sleep IQ gimmick completely unreliable It regularly doesnt update my score and hardly ever lets me control my bed Now Im stuck using the website or the Sleep Number remote     How to Make a Bad App Worse
    Just updated the app Landscape on the iPad still does not work Completely uninstalled and reinstalled Landscape still does not work It is shame you cant get this right     Landscape still does not work
    This update is terrible Landscape is gone My activities have disappeared and when I add them back they appear as duplicates in the trend function Hard to read Doesnt load The list goes on and on Not happy with this upgrade     Bring back the previous version
    Please bring back the old app The new update is horrible Its not userfriendly and the graphics are worse than the other one I hate it     Horrible update
    Better analytics but it still does not know when you go to bed Feature would be to tell it average bed time           Doesnt work
    Still no landscape view Now it wont log in either How does an app this bad pass Apple inspection     Terrible
    This app used to be ok It was never great and it was never beautiful but it generally worked Now Its a hot mess Thinks Im in bed when Im not Constantly updating data when theres nothing to update And theres now a whole tab in the app for your trends which only works if youre actually manually entering the stuff you did that day Nah So yeah One star is generous at this point Bold move for a bed company to get into tech but they could seriously use to hire some good iOS developers And a UX whiz Cuz this user experience is awful Its slower and less useful than it used to be Pretty sad for an app update     Update unbelievable how bad it is
    Can we please revert to the older version of the SleepIQ app The graphs on the new version are almost impossible to read dont support landscape and general UI forwardbackward swipe navigation is confusing Moreover this update brings no additional features over the previous version For example it would be great to be able to edit the time when I went to bed so that I can adjust for readingwatching TV in bed instead of the app thinking that Im restless        Revert to previous version
    The new version is horrible The live view is the worst now Bring back the old version     Horrible Update
    Not good interpretation of what could be great use of good technology For startersif I watch TV in bed it thinks Im sleeping It should allow the option to adjust the sleep times manually so that we can get an accurate sleep number        Ehh
    Nice new graphics Very cool But I liked landscape view and think it should be on the iPhone as well Very hard to see the bar chart for sleep states Also there have been a number of updates and what appears to be a full rewrite How about support for HealthKit Is it coming Not like it is that new at this point           Updated but still missing features
    It rarely works     Hit or miss
    I never used the older version just purchased sleep iq couple days ago App seems ok but why cant I control via remote on an iPad 4 It has low energy blue tooth 40 app says it doesnt Need to update app to include iPad 4           App seems alright
    I just wanted to add my two cents I agree with everything the 2 nights in person wrote Also a landscape mode would be nice I still need to figure out if theres a way to edit the sleep times Last night my daughter laid on my wifes side of the bed for a while at bedtime before I moved her to her own bed Now it looks like my wife was in bed got up for a while and then went back to bed so its messing up her sleep rating It would be great it the arrows that show the start and stop sleep time had the ability to slide so I could just slide the start time for my wife over and remove the time my daughter was in our bed        Still new
    My biggest issue with the app is it takes so long to give you the results It gave me the results for my side of the be but my wife has not been on her side of the bed for 10 minutes and still nothing        It doesnt track well
    When I purchased my bed I noticed the price was 300 more than what the bed was selling for in the store I was told the Sleep IQ was added I thought why not maybe it will help knowing what my sleep habits are Weve only had the bed for four days now and I can say Im more than a bit disappointed in this app Really This is all you get for 300 Even though I get out of bed approx 2x a night sometimes it shows sometimes it doesnt All it basically shows you is when youre moving and when youre not The hints and tips are ALWAYS the same No help there The other reviewers are correct as well Please get someone that knows how to make this app useful     Not so good

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