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Description - SleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy.

Explosive Apps , the publisher behind many iOS app (SleepStream 2 Ultimate: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. ,SleepStreamâ„¢ - Advanced Sleep Inducer and Energizer (33% Off Sale Now On!) ,SoundZilla - The King Kong of Soundboards! ,SleepStream 2: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. ,SleepStreamâ„¢ Music Spa - Advanced Sleep Inducer and Energizer ,SleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy.), brings SleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. app has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Awesome for kids..
  • I love falling asleep to running water or raindrops..
  • Helps me fall asleep every time i use it..
  • I've purchased several other sleep sound apps..
  • So many choices helps you fall asleep with calm soothing sounds..

Overall Satisfactionc91
The sound quality is superb and the combinations are endless.
More music options and I would've given 5 stars.
This is the best relaxation app I've come across.
Sleeping pills leave me exhausted in the morning.
Quality sound with the portability and affordability of an app.
Wonderful Sleep App.
I absolutely LOVE the 20 min Guided Relaxation.
I've tried 11 other 'sleep apps' & this one is my favorite.
Fun & Engagingc82
More music options and I would've given 5 stars.
The bin beats are awesome and so configureable.
Awesome for kids.
Love this app it really helps me relax and sleep peacefully.
Helps me relax and fall asleep when I have difficulty with insomnia.
Really helps me unwind & get really good sleep after a stressful day.
It drowns out unnecessary distractions and helps me focus.
helps me concentrate better with school work.
This app is especially helpful during my bus commute.
Family Friendlyc100
I can get my wound up kids to sleep fast too.
Best tool to put kids to sleep.
Awesome for kids.
Our Entire Family Listens to and LOVES this app.
Production Valuesc97
Includes a great variety of sounds and visuals.
Best investment to control many side effects and minimizes the pain.
Graphics are nice.
Beautiful Graphics and Souns.
Stunning app.
Updates & Supportc61
It kept crashing right when I upgraded to the paid version.
I started with this version and then bought the ultimate version.

I use this app every night for a good night sleep. found in 8 reviews
I love the short meditation and the variety of sound backgrounds. found in 7 reviews
Very relaxing - great sounds - a must have app- well worth $. found in 33 reviews
sleepstream 2 is an advanced sleep inducer and relaxation aid. found in 33 reviews
Love this app it really helps me relax and sleep peacefully. found in 18 reviews
Best sleep I've had without a sleep aide. found in 19 reviews
Sleep stream replaces unwanted noise pollution with calming background ambience. found in 58 reviews
Perfect for a power nap or restless nights sleep. found in 16 reviews
The sound quality is superb and the combinations are endless. found in 13 reviews
In a deep sleep in minutes with min sleep interruptions. found in 29 reviews
yet unfortunately somewhat distracting. found in 1 reviews
I'd like to see a full screen display. found in 2 reviews
except for the downloads are free in this one. found in 2 reviews
Here's to hoping they at least fix a thunderstorm one. found in 1 reviews
Also needs to have more overlays added. found in 3 reviews
Then I would be happy with the upgrade to the paid version. found in 4 reviews
Hate the Nag Screen Ads. found in 2 reviews
Original review:
Needs more sounds and better quality. found in 1 reviews
Like it but eats RAM. found in 1 reviews
Love it but bad music choices. found in 1 reviews
Unless I haven't figured out how to use it. found in 2 reviews
For one the ability to use more than one sound would be nice. found in 5 reviews
but got an identical app. found in 1 reviews
I can't hear the sounds for this constant drone sound in the background. found in 1 reviews
Needs more music/ sound options. found in 1 reviews
To be a really good it needs more videos. found in 2 reviews
Pretty nice app- nothing negative to say. found in 2 reviews
It's very aggravating to day the least. found in 2 reviews
It doesn't restore content I've purchased. found in 1 reviews
It kept crashing right when I upgraded to the paid version. found in 4 reviews
And the customer service is a complete waste of time. found in 2 reviews
I downloaded a meditation but can't figure out how to play. found in 10 reviews
and now that I got an iPhone I can't even install it. found in 1 reviews
Annoying AD for their new version. found in 1 reviews
Fireplace video doesn't work sound only. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download SleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 18.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5 has been released on 2014-11-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about SleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. check developer Explosive Apps`s website :

48 hour 0.99 sale now on (normally 2.99). SleepStream 2 is an advanced sleep inducer and relaxation aid. It helps you leave your busy day behind with a rich selection of calming sounds, three guided ...
The Dry Drone labeled Eternal Machine has lots of popping and cracking sounds Can it be fixed             Buggy ZAaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzz
Tried restoring my previous purchases onto my new iPhone 12 times Failed every time Thanks for stealing my 4 99 I guess you need it more than I do     Upgraded my iPhone lost my paid content mkdreem
I have trouble sleeping some times and it really helps                     I use it a lot Wanted to fold dollars
I have this app for a few years on my Ipad and cannot be more pleased Very helpful in many times of my day and a company at night before going to sleep I wish they also have a version for Android Do not hesitate in buying it                     Love i Ars_studi
After many years of using sleep stream classic lite with the sleep tone Blue Dive it no longer works with IOS 11 I would have gladly upgraded to the full version just to keep that sound Very disappointed in SleepStream for not continuing there support or integrating that sound into the new version     Very Disappointed Brwill79
Such a blessing how it all works Keeps me peaceful rested and tranquil                     Grateful for this app Lu$Lu
Fantastic audio video A myriad of options So relaxing you could Loose yourself Well done and after the second request for a review the previous accolades stand Must say I m not too thrilled about being asked again but it s probably not in the algorithm                     Must have Jewels711
Helps me sleep                     Good Ft synchs
I ve really enjoyed this app however every time I go to download one of the free meditations it shows that it s downloading however it s not coming up in my list of options Very frustrating as I would like to explore many of the other guided medications this app offers             Overall good but Lynn_5412
I have used this app to unwind and sleep sounder for over three years I really enjoy not only the binaural sounds for relaxation and focus but also putting the visuals on the tv screen for meditation Thanks for a great app                     Excellent app daddydarrin
It helps me relax my mind and body from a very busy world Increase rest focus and peacefulness                     Happy mind Sweetsherripie
Excellent                     Titan teddybearaholic
I hate any sounds that are changing or have patterns I want one constant noise like I ve been using for years not this limited bs change Put it back the way it was     Ruined my noise machine angsharer
I use the app almost everyday to help me fall asleep and stay asleep                 Great sleep and relaxation aid Coachinidaho
I ve been a big fan of this app for many years I use the binaural tones to help me focus while writing for work I was delighted to see the new redesign after what seemed like years of nothing new The app is solid My only complaint is that once you purchase an additional pack sounds or visualization you can t delete it individually from within the app On previous smaller capacity phones the ability to delete some of the gorgeous but seldom used visualization packs would have saved me some headaches Overall though a well recommended app                 Love the redesigned app Bhoz
I do enjoy this app I would love to hear the male voice do more meditations                     Therapy through sound myangellou
Puts me to sleep                 Very good Bill in CO
Stress has done a number on my ability to get a decent night s rest This app isn t a cure all but I ve noticed a big improvement in my sleep when I use it                     Grateful temery
I can t change from power nap back to other sleep situations anymore     Update don t work very well ⚡️ iThor ⚡️
Incredible Helps me sleep much more                     MoreSleep Roberta lo
Wish it gets updated as iPhone says it slows down the iPhone                     Nice Does what it says saleh.saikhan
This app is great for drowning out obnoxious people and staying focused                     Great for Studying in a Class Full of Rowdys ParaStudent
Wonderful app Love the different sounds to go to sleep to                     Sleep stream kkbar
As a general rule when an app constantly asks me to upgrade to another version that costs more it gets one star This is typical of free apps but I paid for this so why is it asking me to pay more for another version This version has everything I need If I close your ad you shouldn t keep showing it     Stop bugging me to upgrade mistertomlinson
Excellent sleep relax focus aid Wish you could loop guided sleep aid from start to finish                     Great A Dano044
yes                     Make Company if u feel alone ထြန္းလင္းေဇာ္
Use it every night                     Love it Wendella Huntforpizza
A great app for my sleep All the sound options except the goofy piano overlays really help me drift off to sleep when I m battling insomnia Works especially well when I pair them with the binaural hums I use it quite often Even like to use the app s sounds as background soundtrack when I m just reading or relaxing comes in handy when I want to hear ocean waves or maybe a little rain on the window panes Your results may differ                     Love The Sound Options Beat Killer 2000
Latest version update suffers from crashing and poor design changes 1 Consistently crashes when attempting to play from Main menu selections 2 No ability to open last settings used I typically use this app for sleep and usually have it set exactly the same way every night That s what I ve become accustomed to The new version of the app has apparently scrapped that kind of user friendly future Moreover the app does not even seem to be finished Something about the way this app feels right now makes it seem as if it was completely gutted and not properly put back together     Latest version update Crashing Consistently H.T. Glover
This app helps improve my sleep so much Really glad I found it Simple yet effective                     Great sleep aid Andy VSC
Constantly having to reset my settings since the most recent update Glad updates happened after a long break but made functionality much worse New fixes need to happen ASAP         New updates super glitchy Daytonflyers10
I use this every night and during long car trips When I can t quiet my mind the 20 minute sleep meditation is helpful I try to recommend this to friends but I don t have the words to tell how much it improves my sleep so just Try it you ll like it                     My favorite app Mrs. Tepper
Others mentioned how long the sound loops are and it s true This is a great app for relaxing and sleeping I bought the tinnitus iap but can t really tell if it helps Still great app                     Nice app NycterisA
This app has improved my sleep It also helps me relax and nap I love it                     Love this app Luv2Grill
The sound loops are long and varied I never have identified recorded loop even after hours of listening Ive used for years just wish sleepstream would add more main and overlay package options They d earn 5 stars then                 Great sound learn2b1
The new update looks very cheap and it no longer is intuitive Please restore the old version     Terrible update bccf500
The other reviews are accurate not only is this update hideous but it completely breaks the app by making the UI unusable It s a terrible clunky design and it doesn t even work the way they intended it to because you press is not what gets selected and some options are not selectable at all Please roll back these changes ASAP Users should consider this app nonfunctional until another update is released     Update breaks the app SuperSasho
The most recent update March 2017 is very unappealing to look at as well as to maneuver This has been my go to sleep app for years but this new update is just dreadful     Awful Update funsuckerrrrr
What an awful ugly update on March 2017 Ugly ugly ugly and difficult to use hard selecting the right track also they last UI was ugly enough as it was now this I wanted the sleep stream ultimate and have been waiting for a price reduction because 9 99 is awful Automatic one star penalty because of the endless annoying pop asking to upgrade to the 10 ultimate version STOP IT     Kilaeua
This app worked fantastic to calm my teething 7month old It has become part of our bed time routine The ability to play calming music with overlays of natural sound like rainwaterforest a game changer I with there were more acapella lulbiessongs                 Sleepzzzzzzz
I love using the app it works great and has lots of neat sounds that help you sleep But the biggest problem I run into is being constantly marketed to and they want you to always upgrade to a new version which costs more moneygive it a rest already No pun intended              Works wellbut
I love this app but it wont let me make in app purchases It keeps telling me i am not a test user              Lovebut
I rarely ever buy apps and write reviews but sleep stream is one of the apps you wont regret buying It enhances my sleeping attention and so many others                 Absolutely WORTH IT
Love this app The guided sleep meditation knocks me out 90 of the time That is no small feat Worth a go                 Love
I cant get it to work NOT userfriendly Can anyone email me a link to the instructions Merdem comcastnet     Help
I love this app and Ive tried most of these sleep sounds app I love the binaural beats sound overlays Also love the sleep meditation track use it a lot would love a better fireplace or fireside sound be able to overlay with rain sounds over that Also Im asked to enter my Apple ID every time I launch the app Its becoming a pain Please update for iOS 7 I love this app                 Awesome
I used to like this app that I PAID for but know every time I open it I have to clear an ad for their new 10 version     Annoying AD for their new version
Didnt work for me weird sounds very distracting Wasted money     Awful
Have had this app for many many years now however since 2010 have little to no change at all and customer support is all but non existent Seems they have given up on itcould be 5 stars but with no support or answers or any updating its slowly phasing itself out           No longer seems to be supported
This app BY FAR my most used appI have let it put me to sleep for months now Its great because I can take it with me when I travel and sleep to the same sound wherever I am I love the soft piano pieces for focusing when Im doing school work too You cant go wrong if you want to use it for power naps Its a great investmentthumbs up in this one                 Cant live without this one
Quality masking sounds Cloaks the noises that go bump in the night                 Sound Sleeper
I have learned to use the app every day since I got it I use it for Headaches anxiety attacks I have always used the sleep and lucid sleep programs But I have recently discovered the use of sleep phase and I am finally getting back to a more natural sleep pattern Thanks                 Awesome
What the heck Sleepstream This is the same as the free app except for the downloads are free in this one I feel like it wasnt made clear that this is the identical app with free downloads Unless youre going to download more than 1000 worth of stuff the original Sleepstream will work fine for you I just spent 10 expecting something new but got an identical app        Its the same
I have never written a review before I love sleep stream 2 I use it to study relax focus and do homework Consider adding a city background Loud I know but sometimes relaxing in its own way                 Sleepstream 2
The sounds and beats are soothing helping to relax me every evening This is the app for the true insomniac                 Love this app
This app is so amazing This app is very useful to calm me down when I have a lot of energy I sometimes use it at night and it puts me to sleep in a snap I havent experienced any bugs in this app Youve got to try this amazing app This app is perfect for people that have a lot of energy and need to calm down This app is so amazing that I will probably keep it for as long as I live                 Amazing App
Excellent app I use it for power naps at work and usually have it on all night long                 It works I use it everyday
It helps me sleep I have always have had a hard time to sleep and this app is great The only thing is I order some of the other stuff to add to it and I lost the app and put it back on but the stuff I bought was not put back on it but otherwise its a good app to help you sleep              Love it
Guys guys guys its been over two years and you havent released any new content dont sell your customers out for a quick buck keep providing content or pull the app     Binural support
Before using this app I would toss and turn have the weirdest thoughts before bed and have nightmares Now Im calm clear minded and not dreaming at all fine by me I love this app Sleeping is enjoyable again I recommend to everyone                 The best
I love this app                 Worth the Money
I tried many of the competitor app before I found this one Nothing compares I started with this version and then bought the ultimate version I fall asleep every night listening to sleep stream I also listen to the other programs as needed The only feature I wish theyd add is the ability to set a time for a program to start Id love for the Up beats to start when my alarm goes off My sleepy brain just cant get myself to use that program in the morning But even without that feature hands down this is the best app out there                 Best sound app
Dont count on this working at all Very distracting     Me
After testing many many apps this is the one I always went back to Using it for a year or the now and LOVE it Sleeping studying meditatingyoga exercise class prep relax and unwind cheer up and destress Ive even made a purchase or two This is an amazing app try it out But how come the moving animations available in my iPod arent available on iPad Disappointing But still worth the download              Best of its kind
No better one out theresit backrelaxand be ready to be in your happy place in minutes                 Never lets me down
Very high quality compared to other similar apps                 Love it So much options
Fireplace video doesnt work sound only Cant find any place in app to get help or make it work     Fireplace video doesnt work sound only
This app is great for getting to sleep when I need to and getting myself up in the morning The sounds are beautiful                 Easily my favorite app
There used to be about half a dozen guided presleep sessions I have to say that guy has the most relaxing voice in the world But now with this latest release theres only one Bring back more Relaxing Man Please           Last Version Was Better
Cant figure out how to play the guided meditations at all It shows its been installed and downloaded but how do I get it to play     Will change to 5 stars when I get some help
Thank you to the makers of the sleep stream app Ive been using this app for quite a while I want to say more than two years but is it that old The clear sounds of thunder or dry tones have been helping me sleep for a long time Thank you thank you I wish there were more sounds without having to buy the more expensive version but this app has been so helpful I cant help but rate it according to my appreciation level                 Thank you
I like the basic sound for relaxing my baby to sleep but the horrible ads for upgrading are terribly annoying especially since this is a paid app Note to developers lose the splash screen as at startup Its very aggravating to day the least Hate the Nag Screen Ads Hate the Nag Screen Ads Hate the Nag Screen Ads Hate the Nag Screen Ads Hate the Nag Screen Ads Hate the Nag Screen Ads Hate the Nag Screen Ads Hate the Nag Screen Ads     Hate the Nag Screen Ads
Works well for my son                 Best app ever
Automatic one star penalty because of the endless annoying pop asking to upgrade to the 10 ultimate version STOP IT    
Ive used it for different settings I was skeptical especially with the energy setting Yet I felt it worked It has help with sleepless nights too                 Awesome and It Works
I have severe adult ADHD first diagnosed at age seven most kids will grow out of it but with some it carries over into adult hood having a hyperthyroid disorder as well gives me an increased metabolism so anything that is time release will have no effect on me so meds are out only other option was meditation and is how I came to find this app This app has help me regain so much by aiding in controlling my ADHD Ive had a massive overall improvement in my life and in my moods overall attitude so I just want to thank the developers for this magnificent tool thanks you guys                 Luv this app
During a really stressful time at work I found myself waking up in the middle of the night and not able to fall back asleep The presleep meditation helped me clear my head and fall asleep again every time Now I have a newborn and Ive found the baby calmer especially helpful Were both getting much needed sleep I love this app                 Helps put me back to sleep
Best sleep app Ive ever found Programs dont get boring or old I deleted my other sleep apps this is the best by far Terrific volume control to customize sounds binaural beats                 A
I am really irritated that I paid for this app and am seeing adsAds for THIS app that I already paid for I love the relaxing sounds but I am tempted to switch just because of the ads that pop up No fair I am stuck navigating past them when all I want to do is turn on the noise and go to sleep     Paid for app now seeing ads
I had a different version of sleep stream and purchased a bunch of binaural beats and then I bought this pro version and its the same exact app and I cant even transfer the purchases from the other version to this pro version Also it needs an update to meet ios7 UI standards        Feeling cheated
Love it I really love the different options for ocean waves Ive not seen so many before                
If you can spare the storage space this app is wonderful                 Well worth it
I love this app                 Sleep stream works
Love love this app Makes falling asleep peacefully a piece of cake                 Beautiful Sleep
I use this app to study when I need to focus and cancel out distractions Its also great for helping me relax so I can fall asleep 5 stars                 Amazing
Please update for iOS7 Other apps running in the background dont work When I use at bedtime and the awesome meditation is done and I fall asleep as I should the alarm which is another app doesnt go off So I have to choose which app I prefer to use Unfortunately the alarm would take precedent Your app is so good and I love it           Please update
Ive tried 11 other sleep apps this one is my favorite                 My Favorite
When I first downloaded the app I was able to download some of the free sounds and tracks however it crashed to the home screen and then when I reloaded it just shows no content in the download section I uninstalled and reinstalled several times but nothing improved        Downloads seems broken
Dont buy the add ons I had two one specialising in masking my tinnitus Both add ons disappeared after the last iPhone software update I emailed the app developers about the problem and heard nothing back Its been months     Not worth buying the add ones

SleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. LifestyleSleepStream 2 Pro: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. Lifestyle

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