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Slice , brings Slice - Track, Organize Purchases with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Slice - Track, Organize Purchases app has been update to version 2.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • this is an exceptionally useful way to keep track of everything and the delivery dates..
  • The best Internet shopping companion..
  • I high recommend this app for online shoppers or business owners..
  • Perfect little online shopping assistant for me..
  • Very Helpful for Small Business..

Overall Satisfactionc84
Hands down the best package tracking app out there.
It's not even useful for package tracking anymore.
Love being advised when to expect deliveries and tracking purchases.
I love the notifications for an item being shipped or arriving.
Would love to see an iPad version that takes advantage of the larger screen.
Much better than having to manually copy over the tracking numbers.
I love the convenience of having tracking information for all shipments in one place.
Fun & Engagingc93
Love it for keeping track of my shopping addiction.
Great for an online shopping addict like me.
I shop online all the time.
Awesome Online shopping management.
Awesome online shopping accountant.
Awesome tracking apps.
Awesome tracking app.
this is an exceptionally useful way to keep track of everything and the delivery dates.
Love having everything in one place and not having to sift thru mail.
Helps me stay organized & keep track of everything.
You'll wonder how you lived without it.
Has to be one of the most useful apps on my phone.
Nice app to have it saves time on adding your purchase.
Helpful in keeping all your purchases tracked.
This app keeps me up to date were everything is and when it will arrive.
Social Aspectsc23
I'm hoping for better support of living social /groupon/etc.
usually groupon/ living social stuff.
Production Valuesc45
thru several interface changes.
Ease of Usec86
At least what I still have emails for Easy to setup and use.
Makes it easy to stay on top of items you have bought online.
This app saves all the information in one convenient place.
the app is really handy and super convenient.
It is a simple app that gets the job done.
and remarkably easy.
Amazingly simple yet effective.
hope the kinks are worked out.
Security & Privacyc73
This application integrates seamlessly with my Gmail account.
Coupled with my gmail account this is amazing.
it has now completely stopped working for my primary gmail account.
It's tracking online purchases easily and synced to your email inbox.
Just link it to your email and it'll do the rest.
Now it wants TOTAL access to your email.
so i just unlinked and relinked my yahoo account.
date of yahoo account opening.
I can't log in with my Yahoo account.
Updates & Supportc60
With the Pre-filled email to the store's Customer Service group.
no customer service.
Would love to see an iPad version that takes advantage of the larger screen.

This app keeps me up to date were everything is and when it will arrive. found in 4 reviews
Helps me stay organized & keep track of everything. found in 16 reviews
Love the push notifications for delivery tracking and price drop alerts. found in 11 reviews
Love it for keeping track of my shopping addiction. found in 10 reviews
And the best part: price drops and product recalls. found in 11 reviews
for relieving me of unnecessary worries and simplifying my online shopping experience. found in 5 reviews
This is truly a MUST-HAVE app for anyone who shops online. found in 20 reviews
I'd recommend this to anyone who buys a lot of things online. found in 4 reviews
Track all your online orders from different carriers. found in 106 reviews
Excellent app for tracking purchases and keeping track of expenses. found in 3 reviews
Amazing organizational app for shoppers. found in 7 reviews
This should have been apple app of the year. found in 3 reviews
It beats creating an excel or access document to keep track of purchases. found in 28 reviews
where is the scan tracking feature you had on previous versions. found in 7 reviews
Great app for tracking those holiday purchases and following for price drops. found in 68 reviews
This app is the best package tracker I have used so far. found in 43 reviews
Love being advised when to expect deliveries and tracking purchases. found in 29 reviews
Useful but not perfect. found in 2 reviews
What happened to the Pending orders. found in 7 reviews
shipment status updates seems to fail / stop working too frequently. found in 5 reviews
Was very Handy - but update will not install :-. found in 2 reviews
USPS fails to update accurately. found in 5 reviews
Needs a way to manually update deliveries. found in 10 reviews
Another issue occurs when I manually add the tracking info. found in 25 reviews
I don't need to remember. found in 18 reviews
Crashing on iPhone 5S after latest update. found in 7 reviews
I downloaded it & found out it doesnt work with Hotmail. found in 1 reviews
my only issue the widget doesn't match the app's status. found in 3 reviews
so you don't have to copy -paste the info manually. found in 10 reviews
Edit: 07292012
The latest update made it even worse. found in 2 reviews
Progressively worse with each update. found in 3 reviews
Wish there was an easy way to mark orders as single shipments. found in 8 reviews
Good idea but needs improvement. found in 2 reviews
this app is slowly going downhill with each new release. found in 3 reviews
I will keep using for now- until something better comes along. found in 4 reviews
Update: Heading downhill. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work in the notification center. found in 9 reviews
The new UI places everything in one jumbled mess. found in 5 reviews
I can not manually add tracking numbers. found in 16 reviews
I really like this app but it fails to update. found in 5 reviews
Does not work with my paid Yahoo Mail Plus account. found in 11 reviews
As soon as it launches goes into debug mode. found in 6 reviews
Yahoo email no longer links and now worthless app. found in 10 reviews
This app used to be amazing and now it's basically useless. found in 5 reviews
I can't log in with my Yahoo account. found in 17 reviews
So until the yahoo problem is fixed. found in 5 reviews
Can no longer manually add or edit shipments. found in 25 reviews
but when I try to relink them. found in 19 reviews
Refuses to go without linking an email inbox. found in 15 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Slice - Track, Organize Purchases for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.3 MB to download. The new Slice - Track, Organize Purchases app version 2.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Slice - Track, Organize Purchases in Slice`s Official Website :

Slice is the best way to organize your online shopping. It s the only app that lets you track your shipments automatically -- no need to manually enter in each tracking number. Slice works with ...
Improved Amazon tracking with this update still doesnt display Amazon tracking on my 5S I have to manually enter the number Pretty great app other than that Shipping times can be off especially when from out of the country              Pretty good
Awesome app and even better when linked with IFTTT recipe to automatically add deliveries to your calendar                 A
This app is an excellent resource for tracking items and keeping up with packages                 Amazing App
Concept is cool App is very clean and easy to use except I dont really understand the Slice and Dice menu              Cool
I recommend this to all my DS friends It makes tracking orders easy for business and personal purchases it pulls emailed receipts for auto updates you can manually enter info from large companies UPS USPS FEDEX etc if it has a tracking number SLICE tracks it                 Great tracker
The idea is dead simple and well executed Im noticed it tries to double up on PayPal purchases Posting both the item and the PayPal payment But for package tracking it gets no simpler Slice is fully automated and easily lets you manually add tracking numbers if it doesnt recognize them Would definitely recommend to anyone who shops online                 Great app could be better
Slice is several apps in one To monitor mailings from so many services in one app is long overdue So little if any info is needed for data input on the users end Ill edit this and give it 5 stars when the Amazon problem is fixed Not the part where Amazon doesnt supply the info to customers about what is shipped but the part where it does recognize the info given but fails to save or use the tracking that I input manually It would be off the charts if it could also provide tracking info from outside of the USA I often order from China and shipping takes forever I cant even follow those packages once theyve arrived on American soil              THE Goto Mailing and Shipping App
I love this app Everyone should have this Its the best                 My favorite App Love it
Everything is super ultra amazing Especially loved the email tracking Needs fixing on interface Needs to be more simplistic           A MUST NEED
This app informs me when my packages have been shipped and delivered I always know where my packages are The app is great                 Great App
This app allows you to add multiple accountsemails to keep track of your online shopping It is awesome in notifying you of where and an estimation of your ship time even before the website you purchased from Ex target                 Great app
Got a notice on a previous orders price drop and was able to easily contact customer service with all the needed info resulting in a 106 refund on a 400 purchase Thanks Slice                 Nothing else like it
You get notifications of shipping and delivery without having to sign up for anything via the shippers website It keeps all if your purchases in one place without having to check your email                 Great app if you shop online a lot
Use this app to track packages and then to know when their delivered                 Great app
While it does have a lot of room for improvement it still does an amazing job so it still gets 5 stars I can never find receipts to return things but thats solved with this app regardless of how you purchase or pay just be sure to always get an email receipt                 Love this app
Love it                 Ms
Convoluted Intrusive Cluttered And useless Zero stars     So ugly
I love This App Its Really Awesome and it helps you with every thing you need loving this app                 Great App
The package tracker is not always accurate and it sometimes a little confusing Often times it shows me double shipments other times it doesnt show me shipments at all However the price tracker that is running in the background is awesome its saved me over 200 this year already This alone makes the app worthwhile You dont have to any do anything except tapping a couple of buttons to send an automated email to request the price refund App is definitely worth using                 Cracker not great but price tracker is awesome
Exceeds expectations Easy and intuitive user interface                 Great app
Simply love this App Perfect way to organize all my online shopping Genius                 Cant live without it
I love the savings Every savings helps my money go a long way                 Great app
This app is incredible Found every one of my packages instantly                 The BEST App for tracking your purchases
Love it                 Love it
Excellent app Saved me 90 by letting me know of a price Drop                 Saved me 9000
Really great app for tracking shipments                 A Must Have App
Just wish the interface was more minimalistic but thats just an aesthetic thing Great app              Works Great
I thought it was supposed to auto scrape trackings from emails but It still asks if I want to add tracking s manually I also get double results from things purchased through eBay and paid for through PayPal The purchase historybudget tool is pretty sweet This app has great potential              Pretty good
Great way to track your online purchases                 Great App
This app is simple to set up and use and its fun Bravo                 User friendly fun and slick app
Great app Provides on point info and tracking of package delivery                 Always Reliable
I love how this app keeps track of any orders you are waiting to receive and it tells you how many days left till it is delivered Cool app Very accurate                 Great app to track your shipments
This app is a must have for online shoppers It provides quality reassurance of your shipping information                 Must Have
Great app for organizing your online purchases                 Personal assistant
Good tracking app that keeps all your deliveries in one place Even uses fingerprint sensing to keep sensitive info secret Great app                 BEST TRACKER
Love the app its really easy                 Great
Just the best package app Ive found                 Awesome
Had my current orders and ALL of my past orders available for review in less than 15 seconds after signup Amazing Now I dont have to go crazy trying to remember where I ordered something if Id like to purchase it again OR go through the hassles of checking on the status of current orders Great work guys                 Just awesome
This app used to be the best It did exactly what it said it did scan your email for order confirmations and track all your shipments But each release just makes it worse and worse It now notifies me only for Amazon shipments but not for days after they actually ship The rest of my shipments just never show up in the app Ive tried contacting the developers for support but theyre useless Major disappointment        Just keeps getting worse
I used to love thiss app It saved me money and helped me keep track of my many online purchases even the helpful ability to quickly look up purchases later It has been many months since it has worked at all I reported the problem was assured it was being investigated but have heard nothing since My adviceenjoy it while it lasts     From 5 to 0 if I could give it zero
Great App                 No More Delivery Worries
Great app if you regularly shop on line It keeps tracks of all your purchases and tracks shipments too                 Must have for on line shoppers
Works like it should for the most part Sometimes it has trouble linking shipping info from emails and the Amazon account linking didnt quite work Love the little map feature that tells you where your package is              Works
I just dont know what to write but I                 Love this app
Slice records lets me know when things are coming right after Ive ordered them online Tracking packages right to my door no matter what the carrier is                 Top notch
I swear by this app must have if you make online purchases                 Super useful
Great app for tracking all parcel delivered to office or home or others And like the Amazon tracking feature                 Slice
If you shop exclusively on Amazon theres no reason to get this app But if you shop anywhere else even bricknmortar stores like Home Depot or PetsMart this app is a musthave Automatic tracking is just the start Slice makes it easy to find price drops and begin refunds                 Necessary for nonAmazon purchases
I was hesitant about letting it search through all my old mail but it was able to grab any new packages I dont like the interface because its hard to maneuver I want to see the status of all my packages from the very beginning and be able to see each stop it has made along the way Not bad but there is room for improvements to the UI              No more tracking
Absolutely awesome Cant believe I just found out about this app If you shop online even rarely you NEED this app Convenient accurate just lovely Great                 Shockingly great app

Slice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo MailSlice - Track, Organize Purchases Productivity Yahoo Mail

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