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Playtika LTD , the publisher behind many iOS games (Caesars Slots ,Scratch That! HD - FREE HD Scratch Offs ,Little Linkers - Puzzle Game ,Caesars Slots HD ,World Series of Poker – WSOP ,Slotomania), brings Slotomania with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Slotomania games has been update to version 1.12.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great way to kill time and it's entertaining..
  • It provides a good stress reliever for me throughout my day..
  • This is a amusing game and the sound effects are perfect..
  • The most addictive yet super fun game on the planet..
  • Thumbs up for a great time passer..

Overall Satisfactionc54
bonus money is a little slow to pay out.
Been playing for about two years and still one of my favorite games.
This is one of my favorite games when it decides not to crash.
I love slotomania always have fun wish my coins lasted longer.
it is getting very expensive and now 15dollars for Love Boat.
Love the variety of games and the detail of color.
great variety of games and it's nice to share spins with friends.
love the bonus rounds and highly recommend this game.
until this is fixed I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone.
00 Slotomania used to be my favorite game.
Fun & Engagingc68
Slow winning hope everybody have fun playing this game.
Had been playing this game for years and they screw me.
An awesome game that keeps getting better every day.
Very addictive and they keep adding to the game.
Very addictive but need to fix too many loss connections.
It used to be fun when it paid big bonus.
The most addictive yet super fun game on the planet.
Loads of fun keep my attention and point return very generous.
Love this game I play everyday n sometimes for hours.
I play everyday and really enjoy the email perks.
It is the only slot game I play every day.
The games have great games play every day.
Family Friendlyc88
My whole family plays and we can share points.
Every one in my family plays it its great.
Value for Moneyc41
I've never spent real money on one of these games.
It just flat out cost too much money to play the game.
It's all the fun in gambling without spending the money.
No chance of hitting big without spending real money.
Replay Valuec67
Hopefully some new games for higher levels are in the works.
but now that I'm in higher levels.
Fun reaching new levels unlocking new games makes it never dull.
It's now near impossible to unlock new levels.
Game is fun and challenging especially to get to the next level.
Social Aspectsc65
Just fun to play and share with friends - get it now.
great way to share with friends your achievements.
I'll never push share with friends again it's BS.
Play with friends and make new friends from around the world.
This game is fun to play with friends.
Production Valuesc88
The game is a lot of fun great bonus rounds.
This is a amusing game and the sound effects are perfect.
has AWESOME graphics and lets you play for free.
Ease of Usec93
Greatness in simple fun.
Just pure & simple fun.
Security & Privacyc34
Fun game once you build your bank account up.
Drains my bank account.
Updates & Supportc27
Great customer service with a very prompt and fair resolution.
This is not my idea of Customer Service.
Just like Facebook version & it's 100% FREE.
Syncs perfectly with the Facebook version.
Not as good as Facebook version.

Play with friends and make new friends from around the world. found in 13 reviews
Mindless fun and you actually win a lot. found in 44 reviews
Keep the new games coming. found in 26 reviews
it. found in 31 reviews
Thank you for fixing the games
I love slotomania always have fun wish my coins lasted longer. found in 157 reviews
Amazing game when I have the money to play. found in 31 reviews
Only game I've played for over a year absolutely awesome. found in 33 reviews
Awesome traffics and great entertainment without actually losing your own money. found in 35 reviews
Good selection of games just wished they gave a few more coins. found in 17 reviews
I've been having a blast playing Slot Mania since I started
Report This is a great Game Fun and fast paced. found in 9 reviews
Playing both on Facebook and my phone it's good for passing time. found in 21 reviews
The most entertaining and enjoyable game. found in 19 reviews
Awesome game to play when you are just trying to pass the time. found in 13 reviews
I really enjoy playing this game because it fun and entertaining. found in 53 reviews
Don't have to think too much great way to unwind. found in 14 reviews
Love this game I play everyday n sometimes for hours. found in 65 reviews
The graphics are excellent and the variety of slots keeps me interested. found in 36 reviews
I love having sloto mania to play from home. found in 137 reviews
There r a lot of fun games on here for all ages. found in 22 reviews
Also the game freezes up when trying to share my wins. found in 95 reviews
I am so tired of buying coins and winning nothing. found in 205 reviews
Hope they start loosening the slots to keep loyal players. found in 30 reviews
Luv it minus not being able to send free spins to friends. found in 817 reviews
READ the Reviews before you update or you game won't open. found in 44 reviews
My bonus spins haven't been the greatest either. found in 189 reviews
Good just don't know how to receive free spins from friends. found in 133 reviews
Great games but pay outs could be better. found in 496 reviews
I do not want to pay real money to buy fake coins. found in 77 reviews
I like the free spins even tho I don't win much. found in 231 reviews
So let us broke people win enough to play at least. found in 91 reviews
Game needs to pay out more often & more coins. found in 605 reviews
It freezes too often especially during bonus games and I lost 80. found in 64 reviews
Real money goes in and fake money comes out no prizes. found in 117 reviews
It really needs more bonus feature to hold interest to the game. found in 129 reviews
after latest release constantly crashes before and during bonus rounds. found in 64 reviews
Won't connect to facebook and won't let me play w/o connecting. found in 193 reviews
It's a good way to waste time when there's nothing else to do. found in 97 reviews
It is just not as much fun anymore. found in 149 reviews
Buggy on Facebook connection and sending gifts to friends. found in 142 reviews
Would be nice to win more. found in 238 reviews
No more " Mega Bonus " screaming across the game screen. found in 299 reviews
You never win and it crashes all the time. found in 259 reviews
Crummy service from slotomania
Great graphics but hard to win anything without buying credits. found in 768 reviews
Also the bonus rounds are impossible to win. found in 869 reviews
Reviewing I can't send free spins and this game NEVER wins. found in 817 reviews
Don't spend money buying coins just to lose fast. found in 205 reviews
Spending real money for fake wins is stupid. found in 631 reviews
Get it thru your head WE DO NOT WANT TO BUY COINS. found in 1211 reviews
Extremely poor pay outs. found in 496 reviews
Bonuses are few and far between and you don't win much anymore. found in 231 reviews
Has some cool games but it takes way to long to level up. found in 483 reviews
Pay for coins and your stupid like the maker. found in 202 reviews
Fun in the beginning but not enough for me to keep playing. found in 399 reviews
Crashes during bonus games resulting in bonus coin loss. found in 599 reviews
Hard to open new games without spending real $$. found in 822 reviews
especially for an online casino that doesn't ever have to pay out. found in 605 reviews
you should offer more coin packages to loyal customers. found in 537 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Slotomania for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 28.2 MB to download. The new Slotomania app version 1.12.0 has been updated on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Slotomania check developer Playtika LTD`s website :

Slotomania is a Video Slots experience like no other, it brings a Vegas experience to your fingertips. Introduced to the world of social gaming and was immediately embraced by game lovers all over the world. Its unique ...
Great App just wish it was totally free              SlotsManiac
Been playing feature game with sticky scatters Gotten two scatters in two days plays this game on the regularwhen play game most days get lot scatters seldom get bonuses Since feature playing for two days gotten one bonus had millions in coins all gone     Frustrated
Good game watch out for changing machines Coin eaters Ive bought coins and they just get ate up When you do get free spins you get all no wins Terrible games as far as winning goes Ive played tournaments and never get hits seems as though they can tighten up the machine Im playing to take my coins in order to get me to purchase more Im going to delete this game source They cheat Cheat cheat cheat and more cheat Cant recommend anyone to play these games its lose lose lose lose and more lose Today you took 34 million of my coins and I didnt get a hit Not even a free spin How do you do that Is this game fair              Elvis
Played today love it won 125 free spins And won over 34 MILLION my biggest win to da So far                 New riverboat riches game
This has become the most worthless app I have on my I pad 350 spins on any game no bonuses or scatters When you do get free spins you get less back than you wagered Used to be a fun app See ya     No fun
You are a thief                 Stotomania
Good game but a bit slow at times              Slots
I have played all the slot casino games available on the App Store but slotomania is one of the ONLY games I ever win Jackpots on Great odds fun games overall 110 happy customer                 More mega wins
Lets start paying out how greedy are you Maybe we should all quite paying your games Your a bunch of damm cheapie Why arentt we payingf off this morningc When are you going to start paying out When are your machines going to start paying out Your free spins are rotten What the hell is going on You Christmas game was fun but now it isnt phong out at all guess it time to say Screw with you games its Time to strt paying out What is going on in Christmas payouts have been rotten today Quite watching my acct and pay out at Christmas 1224 just to show how cheap you are I played a bonus at 10000 8 free spins Got 14200 ha ha ha guess we are Bunch of suckers Come on slotomania players lets quite playing there games until they start paying out The Scrooges are back Ha ha Tubo every 112 hr easy to give when machines arent paying out Stick you tubo 1115 why do want us to write reviews you never get anything free Here When you give bonuses every 112 hr the machines dont pay out Why should we always be the suckers 11115 What has happened Enerytime you have a special on coins sit seems that the machines dont Pay out Let start paying Come on friends lets quite playing Two can play there game too You pay well play 11615 As soon as a person get a few coins ahead you play you little game and quite paying out Quite monitoring my acct 118 Tthe last two days all your games STINK on payouts1 11915 Do you want us to continue playing your games If you do you better start paying out Your pay outs are rotten the last few days Come on fellow players lets stop playing until you start paying 123 If you want a rating for 12315 for your record it is rotten went down over 40 million point None of the games are giving anything Really p off 127 Your payouts the last 3 days are rotten there isnt a rating Low enough to give you Your sure are stinky with the bonuses Things better change soon or to hell with your games 2115 The couple of days the games have been fun They have been paying out nice thanks2102 21015 Your up to your old trick again have specials and done pay out DiamondLife was a fun gamenbut your payout and bonus n Guess I will quit for awhile COME ON FELLOW PLAYERS LETS QUIT UNTIL THEY START PAYING OUT 21115 Your payouts stink dont tell me you cant set you machines screw you I quit 21315 ARE YOU HAVING FUN HELL NO Isnt time you start paying out time to start do until you do You dont read these reviews anywa 21715 You have these machines screw so tight why should we play didnt get over 5 bonuses all day Time to shut it done Your rotten today 704 Happy fourth of July How much tighter can you screw these machines over the Fourth Tight wards What to hell is happening Where are you bonuses Nothing happening on any game You say you arent controlling this Im 88 years and Im not that stupid 070915 Anyone can give a100 billion away your damm machines arent paying out who are you screwing to do Us playing Oh no 071215 On a scale of 1 10 I would rate you as a 2 I have went all over plying up Tp 2000000 And nothing pays off let open up these machines and have them pay off the last week it stinks Let hear from other Players IF YOU GUYS ARE SO DAMM BROKEM MAYBE WE DHOULD TAKE UP A COLLECTION COME ON LETS START PAYING OUT THERE ISNT A LOW ENOUGH RATING FOR YO When are you every going to pay out Cheapies If your bonuses would come up more often we would be having fun 082515 082915 91015 Slow come up of bounues pay out is rotten 91815 How tight can you turn your damm machines You payouts are rotten when you go 50000000 in a half hour something is wrong Guess its time to shut down the machines a do something else Time to quite being Sucker to slotomania Get on the ball and open your machines up come payers lets boycot there games     Bad payouts
Great games like the variety and free tokens every 4 hours Even though they want you to buy tokens only buy when they have discounts              Sloomania
After update lost 500 million in a few hours today Have played the game for years but never again Am wiping out the app right now Never again     Rip off
I tried to collected coins in the past week I collected 8 millions coins I played 5 minutes ago Guess what I lost all coins less than 3 minutes I could not win with high bet I won 0 coins for most of spins I just got one scatter that gave me 10 free spin After 10 free spins what I won was less than I bet Fking BS You developers are too greedy I played less than 3 minutes for a week It is so ridiculous Trust me you never win DO NOT BUY COINS They will steal your money Lost 3million coins less than 5 minutes again No payouts and no scatters I have been played this for more than 4 years This app is getting worse and worse You guys are too greedy The winning ratio are less than 01 BS games     Rip off Never win
Please stop with the automatic postings of my jackpot wins to Facebook In the past I have been given the option of sharing or not Lately the postings have become automatic There may be times when I choose not to post my activities Please stop with the automatic postings                 Deasthory
What fun Luv it when ur down to almost nothing and hit 5 of a kind Havent won millions to able be able to play daily yet Ill keep playing though                 FUNNNN
Queen of the Desert and Civil Treasure plus the Nautilus are Fun and Great games Lady Bug also becoming interesting How come you do not show the poisition of multiplier and plus 3 picks anymore While playing Wild Pixies today PM 11415 i feel cheated when my 40 by 2000 bets hit a free spin bonus and connection was shut off Wwhen i return the bonus play wwas not cqretained nor my probable win credited Wild pixies appeared in 50 by 1000 bet wwith two m figures but winning wwas not credited afted reumption of contact Otherwise wwith other gmes like Little Genie Lady Bug and Mermaids are very entertaining and gave fair credit or resumption of bonus play Alice was fun at the start but starting to become a big tease lately We still like Mermaid Treasure and Jaguar Queens due to huge bonuses Civil Treasure updated version is a disappointment New Civil Treasure is fantastic Please REFRAIN sharing all my winnings in FB without my permission Other FB friends are already complaining with the saturation of my Timeline It has negative effect onthem Many thanks              Queen of the Desert is my favorite More bonus feature please
Love it                 Awesome
Whats up with this game Last week was a blast because we actually won something for a change Now we are back to losing every spin and the BONUSES not hitting When they do the game is skipping them like they are not there Its so not right PLEASE fix these issues Id like to play the bonuses I hit Thank you BTW next time you have sticky wild mania in civil treasures why dont you let scatters hit more than once every 500 spins and increase them from 5 to 15 or something to make it worth all the wait I wonder if anyone hit 5 Columbus Thats a payout Ive not seen in 3 years        Can this game ever work correctly
Great games Love to play                 Rockin Slots
Love playing this                 Any of the games
Great game as soon as you reach higher levels                 Time traveller
Of all the slot games I have tried this is one of my favorites The additions have kept it exciting and they are always adding new games to keep players interested                 One of my favorites
This is a great all around game I play it daily                 Love it
Cant even get bonuses anymore WTH     Nope
It wouldnt be so bad if there were was decent wins but when you get zero wins no scatters or bonuses tell me what is fun about that Its where its better to not play because if you do its gone in seconds even on low bets Thats bad and to level up 4 levels is a joke on these games with those winnings Read your comments there all negative Whats up with the games most wins are zero You buys coins for zero fun This is fun to be able to play and have decent wins scatters that actually pay out big and maybe some boys rounds would be great Question this event on the sticky wilds on the civil game on a scatter do you only get one scatter in the 2 day Pretty sad if it is The riverboat game is a fog joke Won a scatter and the winnings were the multiplier which was basically zero Not fog fun at all     Mad
Always something different and playing different games                 Fun but addictive
Just got bonus points supposed to be 5000 I got nothing     Bummer ratings
The crashes have diminished and sometimes bonuses are real hard to get but great game nonetheless              Has gotten better
AGAIN Why wont you let me collect my BONUS Same day Reinstalled again Fix it or I quit it Every button works EXCEPT my Collect 7202015 Ive had to reinstall this game three times in last week It especially seems to freeze when trying to collect every four hours 7132015 Seems to go into never ending spins rather than let you win Frustrating 62015 Still same New games never let me win Still same Older games still better        72015
Tinker bell bonus does not pay out correctly Game often closes completely when in the Elvis game Fun game been playing for years              Review on current update
Do you believe me and Apple was on my home phone they were checking my cell phone and I was supposed to rate them people who lie cheat and steal well we caught them writing my review with my own word they put together how stupid are they I print all my letters out I wrote to them lol the caught if Apple people have a problem with them contact I tune and they will give you an email to get them thrown of Im showing my civil lawyer on Tuesday all the review everything Im so done wit them 88 spins not one hit 65 spins on another not one hit then if u notice they take some of the Wizards out and stars so you can not hit and that white line that goes around the top of your cell or computer when it hits the middle it knocks your spins off target I know what there doing my brother for a living makes and sells all slot machines he told me it was a big scam to pull us in then selling coins cheaper then when we run low and not a lot of people on price is back up well I had 300 million coins gone like that only spinning 500 thousand I just could not get a hit then I wrote them told them I was done done so I had 125 million left so me and my husband was gonna just let it go to count our spins on video they stole 250 million dollars then move it to 500 thousand we looked up I have Video for Apple and all of a sudden it said you need to buy more coins you dont have enough to play we where like what they took the 125 million and put me down to 45 thousand who does that omg that is so wrong I caught them because of my brother who makes slots machines and he looked at it and said there controlling the game I did not want to believe him I should have listen but I have all letters I wrote and letters they wrote were they wanted me to master reset my brand new iPhone come on its blacking out on everyone I wish I could give them a good rate but they really did me dirty to many times and Im tired of it new people buyer BEWARE you will have your up and downs but when u have a lot of coins plus spending money thats a no no they think you have money then take all your coins I could take 250 dollars to the casino thats what it adds up to what they took and I would not spin 88 times without on hit thats crazy casino dont rip you off that bad Im 29 from AC and an hour fro Delaware park I dont need this good luck to the new people I was new once Im platinum almost 600 level for me to leave this is big good luck to the new people and the ones who stay bye the funny thing Apple has so many complaints they told me to send all the stuff that I send to costumer service and hit print and then they will take ACTION              SLOTOWANTS YOR MONEY
I play a lot of these games being disabled and I find these games very fun to play Thank you Keep them coming They play better than 90 out there                 Good game
I get aggregated when I get a bonus and the game shuts off It says bonus saved Thats not always right Like a couple of minutes ago I dont make very many large bets Occasionally I get carried away but it seems not to matter how much I bet you all still take my money very quickly Course I know this is called gambling but cant you just give me a break occasionally Loltoday is August 25th I wrote you a few weeks ago Dont think you even looked at it Yesterday when I was supposed to level up you didnt give me my money Can I ask whats going onI today is Aug Second You all arent even ready my reviews Here I am typing on to my last revied Which is hooked on to the previous one before that I dont get angry easy I dont cuss Wellnot often anyway Lol But what is going on with Slotamania Thats all I want to know Cant win anything and keep it over a few minutes Hard to come by but gone so quickly Im not a big gambler and just bet it all away Well in a way I do bet it all a way because after I win a tad you all take it right back Give me a break sometimes I made a mistake and put August instead of July Now you wont let me send my revied So why botherI agree     Bonus not saved
The games have so many errors its amazing For example Civilitreasures is supposed to have sticky wilds when on free spins but they scroll off like any other game Waste of time and you shouldnt bother paying money since its rigged to not hit bonuses scatters etc     Won initially but now just lose Also get lots of notes to buy coins Coincidence
Addicting                 Game
Best slots app                 Best slots app
Game locks up at every bonus thus losing coins Must turn off iPad after each bonus Money eater game Locks up at every bonus Get new levels with no coinswhat gives What a rip off     Slotomania Issues
This game blows It never pays Winning lottery is better odds than winning this game They just want you to spend more money to buy their coins to waste them Take that real money and play the lottery You will win more     It blows
Ive been playing this game for years and have never had any real troubles However as of a few days ago its not opening at all I cannot get to the lobby to email support I do have an older phone but I cant be the only person who still uses a 4s If the slotomania team fixes this I promise Ill come back and give a 5 star rating Help me     HELP
Love love LOVE                 Shocked
Removed     10 Minutes and Im bored
My favorite game slotomania but I got robbed twice first place twice didnt get My winnings then it says                 Why is this happening It is B S Oh well
It let you win enough to keep you playing Nice way to pass time              Fun Slots
Great game I really wish I could win           Think the game is great
Loads of fun Good entertainment Specially when youre winning LOL                 Fun Fun Fun
I love all your gamesthanks a lot all the games are great Thanks a lot                 SOLOMANIA
Very enjoyable Next best thing to being at the casino Many hours of entertainment                 Mylittledarlings
I dont mind paying to play But when you pay and get ZERO play it just pisses you of Right Im so tired of playing for 30 seconds every 3 hours I guess Ill just start playing for 30 seconds every four hours now because I wont be buying anything else from this gambling site What a JOKe Finally leveled up after I think over two months Got to play for a few minutes But thats about it So so bad Just horrible when you cant even play for over five minutes after collecting    
The best slot game Hours of fun Love the different games and all the ways to win Keep the games coming                 Love It
This is my first ever review but this game deserves it Trust me when I tell you I have played every casino game out there This one BY FAR is the best And guess what I hope your reading this other casino games but this one actually REWARDS ITS PLAYERS Every other casino game will milk you dry Download this Its the best Enough said                 BEST CASINO GAME BY FAR
BEWARE This game has tricks to get you coins which ultimately equates to your MONEY When you change slot games the program changes the amount of coins or points you are willing to bet I had almost 5 million points and have been playing 50000 all morning on occasion it has changed to 25 000 Just now I changed slots and was playing several times till I noticed the program automatically had entered 750000 bet HOW TRICKY IS THAT IT IS JUST WRONG Do not buy anything from these kind of people     Dar

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