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CERVO MEDIA GMBH , the publisher behind many iOS games (ASTROLOGIST PRO - WHAT WILL YOUR FUTURE BRING? ,Riot Rings™ XL ,ultimate race XTRM Retina ,Astro Liebestest ,Magic Pictures HD Lite ,ultimate race), brings Slots - Pharaoh`s Way with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Slots - Pharaoh`s Way games has been update to version 2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • From the mini games to other bonus features..
  • I contacted the customer service contact and was contacted immediately..
  • I emailed tech support and they helped restore everything..
  • Whole family loves it..
  • do like the new slot action after reaching a goal..
Overall Satisfactionclick me89
This is one of the best slot games out very addictive I love it.
I wold have to say that this is one of the best slot machine games.
more bonuses that matter so we can play longer.
Rate number one but need more bonus.
Suggestion to Use to Love It reviewer.
They consistently exceed my expectations and I would highly recommend this game.
I do not recommend this game at all.
That's amazing game I recommended to everybody.
Thanks in advance for the opportunity to play a wonderful game.
Amazing graphics great game so addicting.
Fun & Engagingclick me90
Awesome game keeps you coming back for more.
Very addictive without loosing any real money.
I have have had so much fun playing this game.
Update 9/18 It is now just frustrating playing this game.
more bonuses that matter so we can play longer.
Rate number one but need more bonus.
Super fun slot game love the black or red bonus.
Awesome slots game just wish it had more bonuses.
So far this has me hooked for loads of fun.
This is a very fun game and it actually lets you win.
Usefulnessclick me75
I have it on my iPhone & iPad I play everyday.
Love Slots the Pharohs way play everyday.
Husband and I play every day and compete with each other.
Perfect gamble slot i do the play every day.
tech- support is very helpful.
Family Friendlyclick me100
my whole family and extended family plays this.
The best game my whole family plays it.
Whole family loves it.
My family loves it.
Value for Moneyclick me68
Wish it was real money cause I've hit bonuses so many times.
There is a catch It takes to much Money to play.
Close to the real think without spending the money.
Replay Valueclick me84
Different levels and bonus features add to the excitement.
Enjoying so much winning huge jackpots & moving to higher levels.
Horrible payout odds especially at the higher levels.
Fun and challenging to reach each new level.
It has given me hours of enjoyment.
Production Valuesclick me90
great graphic and love the winning sound effects.
More generous than Slots Journey and beautiful graphics.
Sad - it has such beautiful graphics but the upgrade wasn't positive.
You came stop playing it sound effects keep you going.
Great visuals and I love the mini games.
Reliabilityclick me60
Unable to open game please fix.
Updates & Supportclick me92
I contacted the customer service contact and was contacted immediately.
I contact customer service and always get a personal reply.
that's just poor customer service.
but if you ever have any problems customer support is awesome.
Love love love this game and support is awesome.
tech- support is very helpful.


Fun, excitement and entertainment! Welcome to Slots - Pharaoh`s Way!


Created by Casino professionals, these slots play just like a dream - for free!

Slots - Pharaoh`s WaySlots - Pharaoh`s Way
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Gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, a fantastic math and atmospherical sounds guarantee a premium slot experience.


Slots - Pharaoh`s Way




- The first multi slot experience with REALLY GOOD SLOTS!


- Discover incredible games: 5 reels-4 symbols, 3 reels-3 symbols, 25 lines, 50 lines, 10 lines, consecutive symbols and many more - WOW


- State of the art math/game design designed by casino professionals


- Easy to play, multiple convenient features:
• Fast reel stop
• Individual reel stop
• Auto play


- Discover lots of amazing bonuses


- Gorgeous presentation/authentic sound


- Double up/Gamble (50:50 and 75:25)


- Game Center High Scores and Achievements


- Universal - Buy once, play it on your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
iPadtablet made by Apple


- Slots - Pharaoh`s Way is THE premium slot experience for the iPhone and iPad


--> Please note:
This application is for entertainment only! No real money can be wagered or won!


The Slots - Pharaoh`s Way is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 37.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.1 has been released on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Slots - Pharaoh`s Way in CERVO MEDIA GMBH`s Official Website :


This is a very fun game and it actually lets you win. found in 65 reviews
And the technical support is truly helpful in matters. found in 13 reviews
This is by far the best slot game I have played on here. found in 37 reviews
Pretty awesome and great time killer. found in 39 reviews
Super fun slot game love the black or red bonus. found in 84 reviews
The graphics and game play are smooth and fun. found in 55 reviews
great way to pass the time without driving to a casino and losing real money. found in 166 reviews
And the support staff really is friendly and helpful. found in 17 reviews
So far this has me hooked for loads of fun. found in 77 reviews
plays at fast pace giving it a run for its DIOMONDS. found in 10 reviews
It is a time waster to get you throughanother day. found in 26 reviews
Very entertaining with the variety of games at each level. found in 23 reviews
Ive hit several big wins and am having a blast. found in 13 reviews
Great game I'm always anticipating the next time I can play. found in 14 reviews
I wold have to say that this is one of the best slot machine games. found in 189 reviews
Winning happens often automatically provides chances to win on all pay lines. found in 13 reviews
Very realistic and comparable to the actual games in the casinos. found in 50 reviews
You came stop playing it sound effects keep you going. found in 41 reviews
Awesome game keeps you coming back for more. found in 360 reviews
Fun and entertaining as you work your way through each level. found in 40 reviews
Wish you didn't have to wait 4 hours to get bonus credits though. found in 7 reviews
but now after the update the game will not open. found in 13 reviews
I refuse to buy tokens/ credits so I bet conservative. found in 7 reviews
Takes forever to open new machines. found in 5 reviews
if you are in no hurry or do not purchase coins. found in 10 reviews
Great Graphics - but hard to win for long. found in 12 reviews
Love this game just wish you got more coins. found in 4 reviews
Nice game but can't get anywhere because the payouts stink. found in 4 reviews
Good game but it takes too long to get bonus and free spins. found in 16 reviews
Please loosen up the slots or give larger bonus winnings - Thanks. found in 16 reviews
but since the update it just isn't as much fun anymore. found in 15 reviews
couldn't win anymore. found in 6 reviews
But refuse to pay real cash for fake. found in 18 reviews
but I wish the bonuses and stuff had more animation. found in 13 reviews
Good game except don't receive downloads for new chapters often enough. found in 9 reviews
Decent game good way to waste time while waiting for a bus. found in 17 reviews
You would hit bonus and free spins and keep you goning. found in 51 reviews
that way I don't lose interest and go to another game. found in 14 reviews
Bonus and free spins at first. found in 16 reviews
I got stuck on level 14 no more credits to play. found in 41 reviews
They want you to purchase constantly. found in 45 reviews
Who really use real money for fake money. found in 18 reviews
the time on the 4 hour bonus resets itself. found in 46 reviews
you take my money for credits and not let me play. found in 22 reviews
Something changed and it really isn't fun anymore. found in 15 reviews
If you bet higher your odds of winning get a lot lower. found in 13 reviews
Horrible payout odds especially at the higher levels. found in 46 reviews
I stopped playing this game before for this exact reason. found in 15 reviews
No coin advance in 4 hour bonus whatever level you may be. found in 41 reviews
If you're looking for a place to spend your money. found in 54 reviews
Not a good pay out for all the points I buy. found in 88 reviews
Down loaded the new app and now my game won't load. found in 20 reviews
iPhone 480x320 1
iPhone 480x320 2
iPhone 480x320 3
iPhone 480x320 4
iPad 480x360 1
iPad iphone 480x360 2
iPad 480x360 3
iPad 480x360 4
Icon 175x175 1
The mega wins are like 13000 when on other slots a mega win is 50000 Seems like you win less             I like it but some things about it arent right
I like this app                Fun
This is so frustrating Loads once in a blue moon All of my hard earned credits and unable to play Have closed and reloadedstill nothing Please fix it for my IPad       Pharaoh bonus
Bueno muy bien                Bueno
On top of it being difficult to even leave a review this game has gone down hill fast The higher level you go the worse the payouts get Customer service does respond but never does anything to adjust payouts or bonuses You can go 100150 spins and win nothing and no bonuses Its a joke Better odds at real casino Dont waste your money buying credits Wont last long Current reviews tell same story     beware
DO NOT LET THOSE DINKUSs who whine about being lured or tricked I made it from 0 to level 400 because I know understand the meaning of strategy Those who are having tantrums pout Dude delete the game and leave it to those of us who CAN HANDLE IT Bam                Challenging IF you know the definition of strategy
I have played this game for several weeks Graphics change every few levels so you dont see same characters constantly They do need to ease up on bonus games I find them very few and far between but overall a decent game that has several screen changes and bonus games do change according to your level             Review
TNX                Very gooooood
Great way to pass the timeThanks                Great fun
This game is very fun             Fncbchdjncn
Love this gameSince last update I am unable to open it thoughMy sis is having the same problem on her iPad PLEASE FIX IT SOON                GJ
This is my favorite casino game so far                Best game ever
This game used to be AWESOME But now I hardly win so my thoughts are they changed it so youd have to purchase coins I will not purchase coins       Used to
Good                Good
I cant put it down I love it                Best App ever
I have resisted rating this app because it seems to only want you to review it when it gives you a big win Then it is 1520 zero spins taking your entire win before giving you another paying spin which may it may not even be equal to your bet Dont expect to play a long time on your free play because you wont This is why I will never buy credits They do not last          Multiple losses
Nice graphics And a free game But a small amount of free coins every 4 hours doesnt go far And no one should spend real money for pretend coins Whats most frustrating is when it takes an average 150 180 spins to get a bonus and then that bonus gives maybe 20 of the amount used to get the bonus in the first place Be patient play with only free coins but dont expect them to last very long And ignore those diamonds that are won Theyre sorta worthless especially once you max out on levels       Frustrating
Excellent slot game                Slot game
This was the only slot game I played I always deleted the rest but now it is is awful you can only play less than five minutes without losing all your credits and forget the Treasure collection you never win their very disappointing    Sad
Hi love the game Time for a new game and free coins please             Update
Cant open since update again tried reinstall still cant opendont wanna lose all my pointspleeze fix me Still cant openplay it is now sept2015             Update probs
Goog                Good
Pharaohs slot is by far the best slot machine app out there and I have them all Great graphics and constant updates I highly recommend Cervo has a very good customer service department as well if you have any issuesNice job Cervo Media Thank you for making some really nice updates on the game                Best slot machine
I just updated my IOS When I uploaded again I lost everything Im now back where I started 1 It should be on a high Level The Game Center showing Im the 1 but when you upload the Apps for this game its all gone Oh well I dont know what happen    Lost
This is not the kind of review I like to write Especially for this app because Ive enjoyed it for a couple of years now Ive been a consistently paying customer so Im especially disappointed I used to be able to buy credits then sit back and have fun getting ahead Now I only get behind I feel like Im getting nothing for my money Ive had enough of Cervos brand of fun not so Im finished There is no entertainment in buying credits and losing them immediately Too bad If youre new to this game enjoy it because it wont last       Long time player quitting
This is a great game everyone should play it I played it a few times and enjoy it I never thought Id be playing this                Good Game
Entertaining and good pays                Awesome game
I like playing this slot to pass the time if Im waiting for something                Great Time Passer
Reasonable fun             Not bad
I love this game is my first slot in mi I pop thank you             Carson
boi    boi
I love this game but seems like the coins are going faster and fewer bonuses Need to take note of what players are telling you       Slots are not loose enough
My favorite slots and the only one I havent tired of and deleted Best graphics and great updates                Best
This game is addictive I cant stop playing it Id give it 5 stars if they could sync their games across multiple devices             Good slot game however
Good game                Good
Lame no recall such a bad game    Slow going not too happy
Great mindless entertainment but only do it for freeOf course they want you to spend real money but we both know a fool and their money are soon parted                Great for free
Why dont y guys update faster get with the program Every other support group addresses any comments or problems ASAP I have sent 3 attempts now with in the last month asking why does it take sooooo long for u too open another slot It SIMPLY WRONG to have to wait months to go on to another slot Coming soon coming soon thats all its says Ur ratings r going soooo down due to this issue theres simply too many other slots to play without having to go through this          Get on it
Recent update seems to have a problem The app freezes Froze in the middle of a bonus Couldnt get it back Hummm          Not Sure
Great game A lot of fun and easy to advance and earn credits Keep up the great work                Mr
Been playing a few years played a bunch of others but this game is the only one I love                Slots the Pharos way
I quit playing with 42 million points to my favor Since Cervo introduced all new features they ruined best app ever Someone mentioned playing the Treasure Collections was a waste of time I assure you that before changesnot only was it possible I finished all three It took time but was definitely achievable You are right that it cant be done now you lose your money too quickly Today I went to the new feature called VIP game I lost 6 million in less than 1 minute The biggest win I received was 20000 May sound good but I was betting 250000 Cant bring myself to delete App Still hoping Cervo changes game back or they bring out another game that matches the original Pharoahs Way    BEST GAME EVER TO WORST
My husband and I love this game but it has been cutting off when trying to load Please fix Love the game nonetheless                Love this game
Fun The game is exciting and you get to feel like a winner                Awesome
Its a great game to play                Great game
Its an ok game       Ok
I have loved this game since I first played it I had trouble with my iPad and now I have been sent back to the beginning of this game I was all the way up to the 400 level Now I cant win anything and I am giving you just one star    Chopper239
What else can you say Its got beautiful graphics sound and action but its only purpose is to make real money for the developers and keep us entertained          Its a Slot Machine
Not so much fun when it keeps giving you nothing hopping you will purchase coins bad game    Slot


37.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Slots - Pharaoh`s Way 2.1 Mobile

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