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Shark Party , the publisher behind many iOS games (Bingo!™: Christmas ,Slots™: Valentine`s Edition ,Shark Party Pool ,Slots™ ,Boardwalk Bingo: A MONOPOLY Adventure ,Bingo!™), brings Slots™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Slots™ games has been update to version 1.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love playing in the car and while watching tv..
  • Great way to kill time in waiting rooms & airports..
  • This is one of the funnest free slot machine games out there..
  • This is a great game and excellent time waster..
Overall Satisfactionclick me81
Probably one of the best slot apps around very realistic.
but there are much better slots games out there.
Graphics are awesome and I love the auto spin feature.
I love playing slots especially with someone else's money.
This is one of my favorite games on here.
My favorite game until it started constantly disconnecting.
Other slots have better bonuses that pay better.
Needs an update for better bonus games and better payouts.
Fun game keeps me entertained like the varieties.
Game keeps freezing up can't even get on please fix.
Wonderful game that keeps your attention.
I highly recommend this game over other slots games.
I would not recommend this game unless you like losing money.
Fun & Engagingclick me85
Awesome game considering the fact that it's free.
Very addictive and entertaining Vegas in your phone.
I have fun playing this game and trying to unlock the levels.
It's not fun playing anymore.
I love playing the gamessHave some fun fun fun.
Loads of fun lots of slot machines to play great game.
This game was super fun and let me win.
Enough winning to be fun and exciting.
Tons of fun - sounds just like the real thing {.
Usefulnessclick me78
Play this game everyday and enjoy the diversion.
I play this game off & on through out my day.
I can't wait to play this game again.
Thank u for the great games I play every day thank u.
It's fun to play and I play every day to win more.
Value for Moneyclick me72
Just wish it was real money I was winning.
Not sure why anyone would spend real money on it.
Cures my gambling cravings without spending any real money.
I can't even play without spending my own money.
Replay Valueclick me77
Very fun with the new games added at different levels.
There is no point in having all the different levels.
Always fun to reach new levels and play new themes.
Should have option to but new levels.
This game is very challenging and fun.
Fun game I've had many many hours of enjoyment.
Production Valuesclick me81
Excellent game fun and enjoyable wonderful sound effects.
But the new slot sound effects are terrible.
The graphics are great and the choices are many.
Do love the new graphics and progressive though.
I do not like the new graphics.
Ease of Useclick me97
Loads of fun and simple to use.
A fun and simple game.
Reliabilityclick me46
Updates & Supportclick me29


The #1 slot machine game with popular Vegas themes. Play FREE forever!


The excitement of Vegas now on your phone to play whenever you want. Just tap to spin!

Tags :   slots ,   machines ,   themes ,   slot machines


Slots has hours of fun with tons of slot machines to play and more to come.


★ FREE updates with new slot machines
★ Win more often than any other slots game
★ Exciting animations and cool effects
★ Free Spins, Wilds & Bonuses
★ Play on 5 reels with up to 30 lines


Play a huge variety of fun slot machines themes:


Uncover the Pharaoh’s Treasures!
Have fun with Fancy Cats!
Win a fortune with Lucky 7’s!
Be victorious against the Alien Invasion!
Plus even more popular and original themes.


Top notch performance on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


Please note: Slots(TM) is an online only game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Slots™ for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 39.6 MB to download. The new Slots™ app version 1.0.4 has been updated on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Slots™ check developer Shark Party`s website : http://www.sharkparty.com


Love the progressive jackpots & you actually do win them. found in 16 reviews
Very nice game great slot play and quite easy to play. found in 33 reviews
Great way to enjoy casino action without being in one. found in 9 reviews
Have some fun fun fun. found in 130 reviews
I love playing the games
Just have mindless fun with several different slots. found in 44 reviews
and great pastime when I should be doing other things. found in 24 reviews
I like the variety of games & especially the High Rollers. found in 49 reviews
It real slot action fun without losing your money for real. found in 14 reviews
My husband and I are both hooked on this game. found in 10 reviews
of the levels. found in 36 reviews
Great stress reliever helps idle time go buy quickly. found in 27 reviews
Great entertainment and I like the mixture
The greatest slot machine game ever feels like the real thing. found in 12 reviews
Very realistic game and everyone should give it a try. found in 60 reviews
This is a must have addicting game great time passer. found in 40 reviews
Nice to unwind after a long hard day at work. found in 17 reviews
Takes your "money" as fast as a casino slot machine. found in 18 reviews
The variety of slots keeps you entertained for hours. found in 41 reviews
Your always a winner and lots of Great Graphics and Sounds. found in 22 reviews
I really enjoy playing this game more than any other slots I've tried. found in 317 reviews
This game is a lot of fun with many different themes. found in 21 reviews
A great way to waste time while waiting for appointments. found in 49 reviews
Very nice game but hard to win money without actually spending money. found in 338 reviews
Just hate games that require Internet connection and in app purchase. found in 46 reviews
I just can't win enough to play for long periods of time. found in 64 reviews
The games are super fun- just wish the bonuses were better. found in 48 reviews
daily bonuses are pathetic and coins expensive. found in 357 reviews
Haven't received "THE DAILY FREE SPINS " in a week. found in 46 reviews
Wish the payouts were like they were before things changed. found in 25 reviews
Kinda wish they gave more free money faster otherwise cool app. found in 13 reviews
Won't spend real money to buy fake money. found in 46 reviews
great selections but needs better bonuses. found in 55 reviews
A great game except when it freezes and boots you out. found in 15 reviews
The game freezes quite often and often when lines hit. found in 18 reviews
The daily bonus doesn't work a week at a time though. found in 19 reviews
It freezes a lot and is always currently or temporarily unavailable. found in 21 reviews
love the auto spin feature but wish the daily bonuses were higher. found in 10 reviews
All the pay tables decreased drastically and no more bonus spins. found in 37 reviews
I get 2 free spins and they don't ever win me anything. found in 322 reviews
Not fun anymore since last maintenance. found in 35 reviews
They stopped bonus and pay outs and there are more adds. found in 280 reviews
Needs an update for better bonus games and better payouts. found in 233 reviews
There needs to be more ways to earn coins. found in 60 reviews
it does not add your bonus coins unless you play. found in 95 reviews
whats the point of 2 free spins with cheap bonus. found in 322 reviews
I spin and spin and get nothing and it takes FOREVER to level up. found in 169 reviews
Used to be fun but now it's so hard to win. found in 338 reviews
The 4 hour bonus is horrible compared to other games. found in 59 reviews
you barely get any coins to play with unless you buy them. found in 78 reviews
It's ok but definitely just tries to get you to buy coins. found in 342 reviews
Please loosen up on coin bonus. found in 61 reviews
Thinking about deleting it and looking for a new game. found in 59 reviews
The developer does not want you to have big wins. found in 142 reviews
More bonuses would be great and better payouts. found in 57 reviews
And constantly wants you to spend money. found in 106 reviews
horrible daily bonuses and little amount of coins every 4 hours. found in 357 reviews
payouts are horrid and bonus rounds are just awful. found in 235 reviews
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I have always enjoyed this game Im very happy that you can purchase coins that dont cost a fortune I do however hate that you need to spend like millions just to move up a levelI do however love that the High Roller Club is fixed at 600 but you dont win a lot and how in the world do you get past 17 so you can unlock it Again my favorite                Slots
Ive only played this app for half hour Very lame I should have know when they flash BIG WIN and U have only gotten UR bet back That it was lame I played for half hour enough time for other apps to open a second slot up but not this one Stuck with same boring slot will b deleting till they know how to keep a players interesting longer than a half hour BOOOOOO oh bye when it shows U a big win I stead of 500 it shows 6500 they put a 6 in place of a sign    HOW LAME
Love the games for sure The bonuses on some a little boring but the games are great             Love the games
I have been playing this silly game for a couple years Basically it is a good time killer when waiting at a dr appt or something like that I rarely win Every 4 hours you can get 300 game points Many times I have to wait and accumulate points in order to play When I have won a jackpot or significant points I will raise my bet and lose it all fast and worse than casino slots Not sure why I continue to play Lol What I dont understand is it is a game Why not make it a little fun and set it to win more It seems they want you to use real money to buy points I cant imagine anyone wanting to do that Especially with how you can never win on this game and using real money would just be insane Ok So theres my review that Ive been harassed to provide Sorry I cant give it 5 stars and a nice comment like they asked forUPDATE Its still horrible After my initial review there was a malfunction of some sort and I gained 21 million points I thought Id be able to play forever Ha Within a day I was back at zero I really dont know why I continue to play Im stubborn I guess    Worse than casino slots
I have been playing this game for well over a year I built up my coins to over 150000 to one day do the required update and ALL OF MY COINS WERE GONE I mean everything was wiped out as if I had never played I had no way to restore it and had to start over Im now back to 35k but dont feel as if its even worth it anymore Payouts are pitiful cash bonus is only 200 and even in free spins from the login bonus are played at a lower bet not sure what happened with that       used to love
My only complaint is that there needs to be a way to disable vibration             Great for a free app
I just like to waste a bit of time and this does that for me Im pleased with the time but sometimes it just doesnt pay off enough for me to keep playing as much as I would like Still its fun             Its fun
I love this game for the graphics Thats it Coins barely accumulate The bonus coins given every two hours seem to miraculously disappear when I go back the next time to play       Ok game
Just like real slots Sometimes it lets you stay in the game sometimes it takes everything                Keep you busy
Sweet             Slots
Played this game for over 2 years Had maxed out to level 121 Had to get new phone and lost all points levels which I knew would happen But didnt realize how much of a ripoff this app had become A lousy 100 coins every 4 hours with a minimum bet of 20 or 25thats 4 or 5 spins NONE of which ever provide a win Of course the greedy developers expect meus to spend REAL money for their FAKE coins in order to play longer than 15 seconds Dont do it Besides the fact that their coins are grossly expensive youll eventually lose all that you buy bc its rigged that way And remember you cant cash out like in a real casino Be patient save those paltry free coins bet the minimum and in time you might win a jackpot and get a wee bit ahead DO NOT fall prey to their greedy ways    Rigged
I love this game because it doesnt cost to play          Slots review
Not a vary good game I would not recommend this game to anyone    BigTiny
Coins too expensive Wins are rare Deleting app    Greedy
But I found you must bet higher to gain in the bank                Fun slots
Great game need more coins on bonus                Dave
Had to transfer to new iPhone 5 on August 2215 Over 8 million credits didnt make the tripI wont be playing anymoreCant handle dropping from level 40 to level 1Needless to say Im pretty mad       What happened
I have never played a game that is so inconsistent in not giving you wins Almost daily I have not gotten my daily bonus The time resets but the free doesntfix your game people    Loser of game
Please give more free bonus coins and bigger more frequent wins          More coins
A really fun app                Nice
Lots of fun play often I have to agree on the discussion of low paying bonuses though No high roller hereStill keep coming back to this game It was the first one I downloaded and it still takes most of my toy time                Good Game
Game is OK not the best game Ive played Game will not allow you to play different slot machines availability Also slots become unavailable freeze up quite often          OK game
Game changed       Slots
I bought a new iPad and suddenly I have lost all my coins and must start at level 1 All my other games had no problems You need to fix this    Coins
I enjoy playing these slots I especially like the Progressive Jackpots                Fun Slots
Five stars                Good times
Lots of fun Addictive                Jrjdjdjrjj
Whenever there is a new game limited time offer You can never get to the new game or should I say new machineWithout getting the new featured GAME U r offering at the time so I usually close the slots and return another day                The big problem I have with this game is
Ok storm 8 you just lost someone who doesnt mind buying coins but I want to return on my investment I will be by no more coins until this game place fairly    Im done
I love the game but of all the games I play Slots has the worst payouts You wait almost a minute for 300 whereas 2000 is the lowest that all the other games pay PLUS they give big bonuses every few hours Lose that miserly handout Slots    Wake up Slots
Nightclub story is the best game ever Please Im begging you storm8 studios          
Good slot app Great slot app             Cool appGreat slot app
These games have never had any problems Always a lot of fun I love this siteLove this game Has a big variety of different slot games Only wish I had more chips to play with Lots of options for amount that you want to play with Good fun                Slots fun
When I try to claim the free credits it doesnt save them to my gamesneeds update       NOT IMPRESSED
Great                Cool
Used to be a decent game but ever since Fortune Slots came out this one went down the drain Its REALLY laggy the machines are ALWAYS downloading and you guys dont seem to care about fixing it anytime soon I liked this game I played it on a normal basis until its legitness plummeted       What Happened
Love it             Engineer
Slots is my favorite game I like it lots Sincerely Birdbrain                Slots
Really enjoy this game Good way to get my gambling fix without losing real money                Fun game
Ok to play when coin balance can keep up But dislike the constant back and fort to collect coins with the window automatically opening to the last played game before I have collected all bonus Would rather walk the floor and select the game I am in the mood to play More often then not I just exit app rather then do all the back and forthAlso I dislike the fact that I get the same old level bonus as when I was at level 1Also the bonus games are identical just different pictures Where is your creativityMy phone is getting full and one of the first apps to go will be this one    Too many screen touches before playing game
I love this slot game Wilds bonus and free spins Love it                Slots of Fun
Great game Great fun Awesome             Slots
I love it I feel like I am in Vegas the graphics are grate                Slots
Lots of fun I really like this app and Im not one to play games My complaint with this app is that it constantly breaks downCant you fix this If you want me to use your app then fix itNow writing months later still breaks down Poor payouts STOP changing my bets when you go offline       Slots
This used to b a great game U would win a little more often than what u get now A big win was a BIG win not 2 over ur wager Now all u get is 38 gains on a 30 wager What the hell is that Im done All big wins are now a joke DELETEUpdateStill wont give it more than a star Takes takes gives grudgingly little back Big win is usually only a couple dollars more than the bet You used to be able to win big quite a lot not anymore They want you to bet big to win big What happens is u bet big and lose it all faster    Lousy
Its an alright not as good as other but okay       Okay
Great for winding down before bed                Great brainless fun
Been playing for a while now While it is no longer easy to win it still is great to past time Now the problem is recently all the machines start crashing so frequently and all the bets that are used during that turn are forfeit Kindly address the issue and allow us to carry on wasting our time       Always crashing
I enjoy playing winning big is fun                Slots777
You dont build up money very quickly Pay out stinks But it is a fun time killer when you have to kill time          Just a game


Shark Party
39.6 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.4
iPhone iPad

iOS Slots™ 1.0.4 Mobile

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