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Minuk Kim, the publisher behind many iOS app (AssaultShipsFree(Kor) ,SmartCalendarPro ,SmartCalendar(Eng)Lite ,AssaultShips ,AssaultShips2 ,Phone2), brings SmartCalendar(Eng) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SmartCalendar(Eng) app has been update to version 1.74 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The SmartCalendar(Eng) is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 14.3 MB to download. The new SmartCalendar(Eng) app version 1.74 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about SmartCalendar(Eng) in Minuk Kim`s Official Website :

Smart Calendar is the application that manages events(possible to synchronize with iPhone Calendar) and shows holidays(now supports US,UK holidays).Features:- various views. monthly, weekly, daily, list.. fully supports landscape view.- customizable monthly view. various event shape. ...
I really like this a lot and I have tried at least 10 apps However where is doc on how to use this              Smart app
so cool useful app for managing our scheduleso nice to sync with iphone cal thanks                 cool useful app
Waste of time and a dollar     Dumb calendar
Giving 4 stars cause notifications dont work Havent heard from dev either Hopefully support is good              Good
So I love this calendar but when I looked at my schedule for December my work schedule shifted from MonFri which is how I had it set up to SunThu I tried to delete them and reenter them but it did the same thing It is fine from MarNov but once it hits Dec it suddenly shifts There is also a spelling error in the Weekly setup It says Weekcly but that is not really an issue Please fix the repeating appointment shifting issue              Needs an update
I use Smart Calendar almost everyday and it works great Thanks a million                 Awesome calendar
Crashes every time you click on an event to see its notes Please fix this        Good but prob with new iOS
I would like this app if would expend to iPad size on my iPad It is only iPhone size     SmartCalendarEng
I switched The newer app from the same developer Smart Calendar Pro is the one to go with Even better user interface can be used on the iPad and has a few extra user customizations to make it even faster to use              Was My FAV of 6 calendars
This is a great calendar app It easily synchronizes with iCal with Exchange services and with Google calendars or all three at the same time Update an event in Smart Calendar at it updates to iCloud to Google or to Exchange That means it is backed up in several ways Add an event to default Calendar app at it shows up in Smart Calendar tooShowhide calendars at will Allows multiple calendars coded by color within a service as well Allows overlapping appts all day or multiday events etc List view month view week view Allows you to mark events as completed or notMy only complaint color choices for calendars is limited to a handful of bright colors Something softer on the eyes would be good                 Best calendar app yet
This calendar has just the month week and day views I was hoping to find at a very reasonable price Nice landscape mode also                 Great
Hope there will be an update soon Having problems with new iOS cant see notes but otherwise love app Recommend to all              Hoping for update
I like this app a lot but the project meeting etc alert alarm didnt work for me Maybe Im doing something wrong Cant ask developer because the web page is in Korean Cant wait for an update              Like It
Crashes when event is selected I would rate the app 4 stars if that problem would be fixed Also needs an instruction manual Hard to learn what the calendar can do with no info to search        Crashes
Great app Will it be updated soon for larger screens              Screen size
I tested this out and its a nice calendar but I couldnt find any place to put my tasks If you want just a calendar try Google Calendar also But dont confuse this with SmartCal by Left Coast Logic That combine calendars and tasks and also works with their iPad app        Simple calendar
U can add events but when u select the events it forces app closed cant view or edit                 Bug in iOS7
스마트캘랜더 국내 공휴일과 음력이 잘 표기되어 있어 정말 잘쓰고있는 어플중에 하나입니다 근데 제가 폰이 문제가 생겨서 어플들이 삭제되어 재다운을 받았는데 영문버젼이 있는줄 모르고 그걸 다운받아 결제가 또 됐습니다 혹시 환불 가능할까요확인부탁드려요                 잘쓰고있습니다
I love this calendar We use it as a family calendar by syncing with iCloud Now my husband and I always have each others schedules without coordinating I love that I can see whats written on the calendar and assign colors to events and people The only thing I wish it had was notifications when an event is added either text or email or a pop up within the app Sometimes my husband adds an event and I dont see it If it had that feature I would give it 10 stars              Almost perfect
App keeps crashing when I try to open an event Please fix as I can edit am existing event and have to delete the original and create a new event to make changes Other than that the app is awesome Fix the bugs and Ill rate you 5 stars              Keeps crashing
App crashes when attempt is made to import data from iPhones calendar     Crash on import of calendar data
I wish this had a help feature with any problems that I need to ask It doesnt have a badge for the day so you can just glance at it without opening it and see what Day it is Why doesnt it display the day badge without opening it other calendars do           Smart calendar
My favorite calendar however it started crashing after the IOS oct 23rd update                 Great
The best calendar app there is My favorite part is how you can see the text on your events you add right on the calendar and how you can back it up Makes my life more organized Get this app One of my favorite apps I use it ever day                 THE BEST
Could you cancel my purchase I have accidentally installed this English version app I will purchase the Korean version              Cancel
Has everything what you would expect from a calendar Sync with iphone cal and therefor mobileme works great Definitely worth the money                 Best Cal so far
해상도 업그레이드              아이폰 5 에 맞는 해상도로 업그레이드해주세요
So much better than default calendar app I love how it can be synced with google cal so i can see my schedule on my computer and other smart devices I havent use the alarm setting as much but great design and visual that helps me get things done Thanks                 Yes
You can see ALL your calendars You can add delete have alerts and color code everything Not a one disappointment Thank you sooo much I havent tried to get the paid versiongonna check it outeven though I cant imagine what would be differentgreat as is very happy LynnInLex Aug 2011                 LOVE IT
I am always looking for a new calendar for my phone I have tried many and have always had to give up features with one app to try another This calendar has everything I absolutely love this app Please add more themes tho Great work                 Wow
Wow I always love developers who keep wanting to make their apps even better I think there is at least 3 updates since my last reviewIf you explore the program you will discover that the developers have thought of ingenious little features I am still finding more myselfReally the best Now if you add cute fonts and graphics I will just fall overNow my fave calendar Better than the 10 one I hadLots of nifty features beyond what youd expect in a stellar calendar program Even show you 2012 if you stroll down instead of sideways You can also copy cut and paste events with a tapDid manage to crash the app a few times when trying to switch from landscape month to week but also found a way to uncrash itAlso found a bug when entering an all day event the calendar insisted that it should span over 2 days instead of oneOh there are still Korean words on upper right corner with alarm settingAll in all the developers packed in a tons of features esp for 199If I were to make any suggestions for an already really excellent app would like popup notification for events okay and cute fonts will just be awesome                 Cool
This is a fantastic calendar the best Ive ever had in my long life however I cant figure out any way to back it up or print it out Imagine Makes my blood run cold What ifand no tech support The things that say SmartCalendarEng Support lead us to a Koreanlanguage page All my efforts to find Englishlanguage support via all of the corporations web pages have failed I am writing to corp HQ postal service to see if they can help I surely hope they can Love the calendar but need backup cloud desktop or print              Smart Calendar
awesome calender i just wish you could email to people                 amazing
Absolutely THE BEST calendar app Ive ever found and Ive tried several different ones Super easy to use and works so smoothly I dont know if theres been an update since the comment below mine but notifications and alarms work perfectly for me                 Amazing
Looks like a nice app but the month on the top bar is off by a month It doesnt match the dates on the calendar Pretty big over site if you ask me        Month is wrong

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