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Requires iOS 5.0 or la

Description - SMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer

Amad Marwat , the publisher behind many iOS app (SMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ,Reverse Image Search Free : Search for any photo using multiple search engines ,MusicLoader PLUS - FREE Music MP3 Downloader & Player for SoundCloud ,Forms PRO : G Forms Manager ,Magnifying Glass With Light PLUS ,Universal Cheats for Picture games - with FREE auto game import), brings SMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


you will get a big blank. found in 1 reviews
this app probably saved my relationship and life. found in 1 reviews
you can export the messages in many formats. found in 1 reviews
s address book or the address in the backup itself. found in 1 reviews
when it come to documenting everything and having proof. found in 1 reviews
I initially purchased and used this from my phone. found in 1 reviews
6 GB of messages. found in 1 reviews
From the time I downloaded the app. found in 1 reviews
I carefully followed the directions to back up my iPhone. found in 1 reviews
with dates and times. found in 1 reviews
and this app isn't recognizing it. found in 1 reviews
if you are trying to capture a group message conversation. found in 1 reviews
So I can't back up anything from the past 2 months. found in 1 reviews
I bought this app and it doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
Can't get it to even START working. found in 1 reviews
Repeatedly gives me error about incorrect ip. found in 1 reviews
Spent too many hours wasted with no luck. found in 1 reviews
This app is horrible and so is their customer service. found in 1 reviews
This seems fake. found in 1 reviews
App would not open on my Mac. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download SMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 8.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-05-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about SMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer check developer Amad Marwat`s website :

SMS Export PRO is the most extensive solution available on the AppStore to copy SMS & iMessages from your iPhone/iPod/iPad to your Computer. It also gives you the ability to preview and print your contacts ...
App needs to be updated It continues to crash when I try to open up the messages I want to export     Keeps crashing acoulston1
This app is terrible     Hard to use plumbing411
Got this app downloaded everything for it to say it can t Work and to contact the app creator Big waste of money and time Absolute scam     SCAM APP DO NOT BUY SuperRoosta
Can t get It to work     Not working whitkings
Fantastic just downloaded this to document client issues I call and she texts I email she texts Well now I have the whole story and will get paid Worth more than the full upgrade and download I paid for                 Need to get sreenshots too SteveBra
I need an app that will work directly from my phone This app does not do that     Not what I expected Sweeti2990
This app is really a piece of crap It ll export from a 3 year old back up from an iPhone 5 but every time I try to get it to export from my current phone and backup it just keeps crashing What a frustrating waste of my time and money If Apple iPhone would just stop being so freaking proprietary it would not be an issue I mean of all the things this phone can supposedly do it cannot send imessages or texts to an email or print them REALLY     Worst App Yet GT_Homes
Doesn t do what it says and the support team is no help     Garbage ShvII
It has taken me 3 days to even make it work now it says I have not messages on the back up I want my money back don t waste yours     CRAP kdensmith
PLEASE REFUND     Waste of money MIGGYDx
Do Not Buy This App It does not work     This does not work probably hacked my messages Only2rateapp
Please refund my money I purchased this app by mistake I do not want this app Its not what I was looking for Thanks     Purchased by mistake bowtie89
Please refund I folloed all of the steps to the letter and nothing     App Does not work tdp80
In the beginning I had no luck at all getting the software to work It simply wasn t working for me no matter what I did Although the developer was slow in getting back to me the solution offered did work Problem turned out to be that I was using v 1 4 0 0 which was not reading backup files produced by my iPhone 6 iOS 10 1 1 because I was using iTunes v 12 5 3 17 The developer gave me a link to v 1 4 0 3 which instantly solved the problem Export SMS Pro operates fast and reliably My only complaints now are two minor ones 1 The You Tube tutorials displayed at the company website were produced at such small size that they were hard to read without resorting to reopening the videos in You Tube and dsiplaying them at full screen wihich seriously degraded them because the video resolution didn t support viewing at that size 2 It would be great if a future upgrade included the option of exporting sms message threads in a format that displays them exactly as they appear on a phone including attached photos                     Ron Nickname82742
Completely convoluted and doesn t work Just crap 5 bucks wasted     Complete ripoff shoegirlga
I had a little trouble downloading but customer support was responsive They e mailed a newer version of the link to download and then it worked as advertised                     Works as advertised great customer support raindiamonds987
doesn t work failed on my system ios 10 0 2 and windows pc windows 10     doesn t work TDNH21
I am very please with this App I am 64 years old and not particularly tech savvy but had not trouble downloading this app and using it immediately While it does require you to think a bit and to be patient while it retrieves your text information it DOES WORK as advertised Basically I purchased this app on my iPad When I launched the app it directed me to a website to download the app to my computer Once it was loaded to my computer I backed up my iPhone using Itunes Then I launched the SMS app and was off and running I was able to export all of my text messages to Excel or to export only text messages from a single sender The only trouble I have ever had with the app was when I updated my iPhone to IOS 10 When the app bombed it allowed me to send a message to the developers and a fix was in my email the next day This app is well worth the tiny investment                     Stop Text Harrassing Alaska Grandmother
I have to preserve texts with clients in my records This is the perfect solution Ran into a technical glitch emailed support and got prompt help in resolving it For attorneys or anyone else that needs to preserve text messages as business records or for anyone who wants to keep texts but free up phone memory I highly recommend                     Great Product Justascreename
Not only are there surprise in app purchases but couldn t get the darn thing to work Very frustrating     Waste of time Squigglethecow
Even paid 5 for it and it doesn t do nothing Keeps searching for a server I followed the directions to a tee     Does not work StotkaGirls
Is not worth it     Don t Gilfalca
Paid for this few months ago and it worked on day 1 Ever since there are error screens with confusing instructions that don t match iTunes or the options in the phone Highly recommend using the a different app     Junk Spacey2106
Downloaded on iPhone 6 Then did backup of phone to my desktop and the app reads the files off of the backup It works well not a beautiful interface but easy to use and gets you the info you want to see                 Works as advertised Esierra
This app does exactly what it claims to do and is easy to use The support team is very helpful and answered all my questions in a timely manner The only drawback is not seeing received and sent pictures but the team intends to include this feature in future updates No regrets in purchasing this app                     Great app and support Satisfiedcustomer1234567890
I don t know why this app is not rated higher If you follow the directions which are easy to understand it works great I recommend giving it a try Well worth it                     Works great Dee Shanklin
Oh my goodness AMAZING I am kinda sentimental so I didn t want to lose all my texts relating to the birth of my children so I had almost 4 gigabytes of unusable data on my iPhone And now here they all are on my PC in a lovely darling FABULOUS excel document totally searchable organizable and exportable to still more formats I LOVE IT Thinking of ways I can export them from excel to still other formats and use them as memorabilia                     Stay At Home Mom LettyG7
The steps for it to work is tedious but it does work Just follow the directions to a T and have about 30 minutes to dedicate And atlas you ll be able to convert your texts to a pdf other outputs available             It s tedious but it works J.Shari
After many tries could not get to work Needed files that were not downloaded Would like money back Apple should be notified Don t they verify apps they sell     Waste of Money Ted in Bham
The app does what it says however if you are trying to capture a group message conversation you will not see your responses On the iphone 5 the app keeps shutting off at 97 download of messages I guess thats why is 399           App is So So
Dissatisfaction     Useless
I cannot honestly say enough good things abou this app you have created Honestly when it come to documenting everything and having proof there is little to no recreational apps that allow you to view and save your texts on a desktop format honest to god this app probably saved my relationship and life thank you                 App review
I went through all of the steps and downloaded everything on my computer only for it to tell me application cannot be started Contact the application vendor Thank you for wasting my money     Horrible
Have tried everything it simply does NOT work I can see the info it just will not allow it to be exported Complete waste of money     Will not export
This app is horrible and so is their customer service I tried restarting phone and computer and still the app could not find the iPhone backup on computer to download sms messages Very disappointing to say the least     Dont waste your money
Total waste of money its missing files to download the software on my computer     Does not work
I bought this and when I tried to open it I got a message saying that it was not an approved developer from the Mac Store     App would not open on my Mac
I normally do not pay for apps but I absolutely love this one I love this app because I was able to save my messages and if I ever need them for whatever reason I can go back to them Also you can select which conversations to save and how they are saved Completely worth the money                 Best App
App doesnt work I want a refund please     Refund please
Why does an app need to FTP into my pc Just have it send via email or save a file to be sent After setup app is clunky at best Its not everyday user friendly at all Considering most people just want to have a backup of their messages the process should be much easier Overall rating 1 star Why Cause somehow it made it to the store     Bad app is bad
Complete crap Waste of an hour Does not work advertisement junk     useless
I could not find anything on my Mac that looked anything like their illustrations Cant get it to even START working I need something like this but this isnt it     Needs an Update Or Something
Finally a way to save those messages that you may need one day                 Love it
Does not work I want my money back Apple should be monitoring fraud apps     SPAM Does not work
I dont understand why text messages takes up so many space on an iPhone I exported 66 GB of messages shown in Generalusage and the app turned it into 8 MB Now I have so much extra space on my phone                 IT WORKS
Im going to need you to do better     Waste of time
I installed and followed all the steps and first try to export to email and it worked just like it said it would No idea why complaints previously here must have had bugs or users did not install correctly I love it                 Works great
TERRIBLE APP Every time I try to run the video tutorial for windows it crashes It appears that there is no other way to set up this app without this video     Does not work
Do not purchase this app if you dont want to waste your money It did not work at all I typically find myself to be fairly tech savvy but I could not get this app to export a single message I want my money back     SCAM WORST APP EVER
This is not the app just the key and the website where to get the app The app itself runs on a PC or Mac my case is the Mac It is not an apple approved app so you have to lower your security settings to run it When I ran it for over twelve hours it did nothing I am going to remove it and complain to apple for even letting the iOS app in the app store Dont waste your time or money on this one     Very Poor
Dont waste your money on this crap     Does not work
Pain to try and figure out Have to download an additional component for your computer as well Really useless     Could never get it to work
I initially purchased and used this from my phone I was able to export tens of thousands of messages that I wanted to keep It was a little bit clunky to do it from the phone This week I went to use it again and discovered the companion computer app It is TERRIFIC I carefully followed the directions to back up my iPhone I had a little bit of a hard time figuring out how to choose the Backup on the menu in the app if you make no choice you will get a big blank I also had to play with selecting contacts in order to figure out how to use it best Once I experimented and figured it out it works just great It does exactly what I want it to do exports to Excel my text messages and even my emojis with dates and times The only improvement I could suggest would be the ability to choose multiple but not all contacts for export                 LOVE it
So you pay for you app download it and find you need another part on your pc Fine Once thats done They want more money to actually do what the name of the app says it should do Total fraud Total waste of money Cant tell you enough find another app This one is a rip off     Waste of money Just want to upsell
I am PC literate but I have spent hours have gotten nowhere with this app Im glad I didnt invest on full version from start Im running XP Pro iPhone 4s Repeatedly gives me error about incorrect ip I pulled ip from Run cmd ipconfig IDK Spent too many hours wasted with no luck Wished I couldve ranted raved about it     Frustrated
Total waste of five bucks No work Rip off     Crap
Not very user friendly     Not very user friendly
Great Does what it says                 Great
Please issue a refund     Wont work
I bought this app and it doesnt work The export button does not show up This seems fake Spent 1     Does not work
I downloaded this app but it doesnt even appear on my phone Now I cant use it or delete it I really hope this isnt the kind of app that spies on ur phone and steals ur info This is crap     Dont bother
Its honestly fine for me except I know that Ive made more recent versions of my backup and this app isnt recognizing it even though my iTunes is So I cant back up anything from the past 2 months which is what I want to do           It works but
Does not work Pretty sure they made a virus that they tell you is compatible with this app and you have to have to export the texts to your computer DO NOT BUY     DO NOT WASTE MONEY
Terrible     Terrible
I have no idea how this app works The help section is at least two years out of date so it shows an iTunes that looks nothing like my iTunes so its useless     Totally incomprehensible
This app is horrible it did not pull all the contact information and only made avaible a smallnumber of texts And when I contacted support I never heard a word from them     disappointed
Im not sure why all the bad reviews in fact I almost didnt purchase it but Im so glad I did From the time I downloaded the app it took literally 34 minutes before all of my text messages were exported and sorted by date 5 stars                 Best transfer app super easy
I have tried for the past hour to get this to work It requires downloading unauthorized applications installing them creating unencrypted backups and after all that mess ZERO messages I would like a refund     DOES NOT WORK I want refund

SMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer ProductivitySMS Export PRO - Backup SMS & iMessages to Computer Productivity

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