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Toyopa Group, LLC , brings Snapchat with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Snapchat app has been update to version 3.1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • you cannot share pictures on your story from your photo album..
  • Add a self timer to the snap it'll be better..
  • Just give iPhones ability to play music while making video..
  • you can send corky and funny pictures back and forth endlessly..
  • I just wish we could upload pics from library into story..

Overall Satisfactionc41
I love snapchat so much more than Facebook.
Love snapchat but the update is so annoying.
Especially with the front flash and additional best friends.
everyone wants it to go back to the old version of snapchat.
The only things that could be improved are the camera quality.
Some things that still need to be improved is picture quality.
Fun & Engagingc40
it's really fun and u can stay in touch with ur friends.
This app is really easy to use and it's really fun.
But it's really fun and I enjoy it.
I love this app and everything about it.
Love the app and everything about it.
even after updating the app and everything else on my phone + restarting.
Social Aspectsc50
This app is really good and it's a fun way to communicate with friends.
isn't the whole idea to communicate through photos.
Good social media /messaging app love the new update.
I am sick of poorly done social media apps like this.
Snapchat is amazing and it's a great way to keep in touch with people.
but it was usable to keep in touch with friends.
I'm just looking to meet new people and have fun.
Sines the update I can't add new people.
This is my favorite social media app besides Instagram.
Every time I try to send one snap to multiple people.
it made me reset my password today.
Please get a update for snapchat way to many bugs and glitches.
Security & Privacyc30
If you want a different one you have to make a new account.
it made me reset my password today.
on my windows phone because it will delete my account.
So I was disabled from my snapchat because I forgot my password.
Snapchat has more privacy and people are complaining.
Updates & Supportc12

EVERYTIME I try to send a video the app shuts down. found in 183 reviews
Yea my front flash for videos isn't working anymore. found in 248 reviews
Can't clear snaps from my feed so annoying. found in 855 reviews
I absolutely hate the new update that came out today. found in 592 reviews
Video chat doesn't work for any of my friends with apple products. found in 235 reviews
Having problem with front camera use on iPhone 5. found in 771 reviews
Please bring the clear feed option back now. found in 436 reviews
Everytime I try to send a snapchat it crashes. found in 2583 reviews
I can't view videos that my friends send me. found in 170 reviews
I can't use my front facing camera with the new update. found in 425 reviews
I can't send videos without it kicking me off. found in 416 reviews
I can't open videos from one person in my contacts. found in 340 reviews
I can't view or send videos anymore with this update. found in 72 reviews
I can't play videos other people send me needs updates. found in 101 reviews
Every time I try to open the app it crashes and I hate the new design. found in 1250 reviews
Dislike that you can't double tap to send anymore. found in 262 reviews
You can't add push notifications or change the phone number. found in 217 reviews
Why cant you clear your feed anymore or close chats. found in 231 reviews
Great but the face to face chat has some glitches. found in 316 reviews
Live chat is buggy and cuts out a lot. found in 438 reviews
Won't let me send videos or front camera. found in 416 reviews
•Snaps take much longer to load
Snap chat was awesome until the terrible update. found in 2186 reviews
The live chat feature is stupid as well. found in 438 reviews
I'm not deleting snapchat because that's how I talk to my friends. found in 448 reviews
It won't send my snapchats and keeps crashing. found in 566 reviews
Each time I try to take a picture it freezes and stops working. found in 1446 reviews
The new snapchat it stupid & confusing to use. found in 1012 reviews
makes it near impossible to use the new chat feature. found in 506 reviews
•When trying to take a picture. found in 1446 reviews
Whenever I try to video chat the app closes out. found in 1672 reviews
Add the clear feed option & fix the sending videos. found in 436 reviews
Whenever I take a video now its so slow and glitchy. found in 376 reviews
But lately my front camera on snapchat won't work. found in 771 reviews
You can't clear the sent/delivered/opened list. found in 855 reviews
Front facing camera stopped working all of the sudden. found in 425 reviews
No more best friends and blocked 3rd party apps. found in 1237 reviews
won't send and it takes forever to load new snapchats. found in 387 reviews
Every time I try to open the app it just crashes within 2 seconds of opening. found in 1250 reviews

The Snapchat is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.1.0 has been released on 2014-11-09. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Snapchat in Toyopa Group, LLC`s Official Website :

Real-time picture chatting is finally available on iPhone Snapchat is the fastest way to share a moment with friends. New & Noteworthy in iTunes Photography July 2011 With Snapchat you control how long your friends ...
I love the new update Its so fun But you need to fix it asap because the app keeps crashing exiting out when I switch from filter to filter Especially if I try it in video format              Crashing
I updated my snapchat 2 days ago It worked just fine before Now my snapchat is glitching Its opening stories I dont click on and its making my snapchats open and close in less than a second Im tired of asking people to resend a snap to me This needs to be fixed     Update messed my snapchat up
Im on my ipod and the new update on snapchat is not working I press and hold at my face before I take a pic but it isnt working What should I do           new update
bring back something likt old snapchat not happy with snapchat my phone is glitching and its screenshoting stories in sick of updates     everything is bad
I snapped my friends and they didnt answer so I went onto my story list and I saw all of them doing a new thing so I asked how do I do that and he said you go on your camera and hold on your face so I went onto my camera and Im holding on my face and nothing happens I tried like 20 times     DOSENT WORK
I have the first iPad mini and I tried to use the new filters but it doesnt work Is it because my device is too old or is it a bug Please fix this     Unable to use new filters
HEY Y u take off the jump scare selfie              Jump Scare Selfie
i cannot use the new feature because my phone is iphone 4s please fix it i want to have the new feature too    
Bring back bestfriends Please keep the faces dont take them off to add a new one                 Suggestions
The update for the most part is great But taking the seconds off the stories is aggravating But the main thing that really ticks me off is the fact that now I have to pay to be able to replay a snap Why would you do this First you shove the advertisements into our faces by adding them to the story page then try to make even more money from us As if youre not getting enough from all of the advertisers that pay you to put their interests in our faces You will NEVER get one cent from me just so that I can replay a snap Your going to piss a lot of people off with this           Update
The faces when I press and hold just like u said it wont work and I did update it and everything but nothing working     New faces not working
Uh I like the new updates like the new faces you can make but what really annoys me is that its sooooo difficult to press and hold to get the little faces to show on the bottom it frustrates me and annoys the heck outta me So pleaseeee fix that also I dont like how now you actually have to watch your story just to check whove watched it I like the old one b4 It was quick and easy Thank you please fix these problems           I guess
I love snapchat I love getting to see what my friends are doing I love all the super cool filters and I love the updates they are always fun to have But sadly I cant get the new face filters which really upsets me My friends all have it and I would love to have it too Could you please fix this        Regarding the iPod 5s and iPhone 4s
Does this new update thing not include the faces for IPod touches If so PLEASE FIX           IPOD USER PROBLEM
Lets Get It Together Awesome Update But Lets Make It More Thumb Sensitive I Want My App To Work Awesomely Fast By The Press Of My Thumb                 Hmmmm
My silly face is not working why wont it work I had to have at least pressed my face before a picture or video about 10 times and it still wont work do you have to have a certain type of iPod or phone because all my followers are doing it but I cant do it at all           Problems
I love snapchat but Im really sad with the new update I have the iPod touch 5 and I updated my iPod but I didnt get the new filters with the faces or anything So its like Im pretty bummed cuz the update was pretty pointless to me cuz it does not even work        Sad
I honestly can say that I am surprised of how much detail there is to this new update but I am not such a fan of the removal of the seconds I kind of wish the seconds would have stayed because I often like to check how many seconds I have or how many others have Other then that I think everything is perfectly fine I guess              Love itbut not so much
Why would you make update that doesnt work on all devices Honestly I watch other people do it on there iPhones Then my iPhone wont work Sometimes it would just help if developers would use there brains                 Use your brain
I like Snapchat but the update stopped workin              Like SC but
Does the update not work on iPods     New update
BRING BACK THE ZOMBIE THING                 Update
Ok so all my friends are using the cool new feature where it changes your face and so I asked my sister how to do it dice she was doing it all the time and she said just press and hold over youre face and youll be able to use all the features so I go ok then when I tried it there was nothing I tried about 50 times and still nothing then I started reading the reviews and other people had the same problem so thats something you need to fix           SO UNFAIR TO IPOD 5 USERS
So people keep asking me why I screenshot there story pictures when I dont even screenshot sh and same happens with my story        random screenshots
This want work on my iPhone 4s how do I fix this        Confused
The new selfie face thing isnt working I tap and hole on my face and nothing Really disappointed     Not working
Give us back our ghost face That changed the smapchat game If you cant handle it then dont use the app     Give us back the Ghostface
Ill give this app a 5 star if u guys put the scary face back on Pls do it                 I NEED THE SCARY FACE BACK
Can you not text through snapchat anymore nothin sends Also the funny face thing doesnt think that my face is a face and does not work Please fix     Messaging
To everyone whos requesting things such as best friends and the time shown on a snap to come back stop Whats done is done Snapchat administrations are not going to full fill the request of the average few hundred peoples opinion just cause they threaten to delete the app Snapchat is used all over the world by people who really dont care about the updates it brings us Some even enjoy the journey it takes us through involving other administrations and people around the world This is a company sponsored by many others who pay to have their stories on snapchat Sorry to break it to you but this world does revolve around money instead of happiness unfortunately Youre not paying anything to snapchat besides the pathetic comments complaining about updates The fact of the matter is theyre going to keep updating and making changes to snapchat regardless to what you say They didnt hear you out when they put the app together why would they listen for update request Especially for something theyve already removed from snapchat Things like best friends and other recent updates have been complained about before why would they now change it back If its really that big of a deal delete the app instead of saying you will If you really want to make changes change your affiliation with it instead of complaining on how it didnt meet your wants like the original snapchat did Actions speak louder than words           Chill
I own an iPod 5 And all of my friends we doing the cool face thing So I was tiring to do it for like 30 minutes and I couldnt So I went to the App Store and saw the reviews And us iPod 5 users cant do it So please update so that we can        New Update For iPod Users
I dont usually write reviews but after reading over all the negative views this recent update got I felt the need to address the issue here I like the update a lot I think that the new faces is funny clever if you dont like it then just dont use it Its ridiculous they had to remove the scary face one I enjoyed prancing people with it when they least expected it I do agree that they should add the timer back to see how long the snap is As far as best friends go people should have the option to display their best friends or not depending on how private they want it Theres always room for improvement so do your thing Snapchat 1 Add the timer back 2 Add option to display friends 3 Add more faces Other than that its one of my favorite apps                 Love it
Snapchat says I keep taking screenshots of people stories when I didnt People keep asking me why I took a screenshot but its the app Glitching or something           Screenshot problems
My update wont work I tried everything           My update
Loving the new update however there is a glitch which tells others you have screenshotted their story when in reality you have not Not really problematic but annoying and makes you seem like a creep lol              Screenshot glitch
Ive always enjoyed Snapchat and the new selfie filters are enjoyable The geographic filters are really neat and customizable However every time I try to save my snaps it crashes and I can no longer keep what I snapped This forces me to take the video manually or screen shot my own picture which can be very irritating at the end of the day Also the seconds that were on the circle were very helpful and convenient but no longer exist on the newer version The circle is also a lot smaller and makes it more difficult to record videos Please make these old things that make the experience enjoyable back for your loyal users        Please fix the bugs and glitches
We need to know how much time we are wasting when we watch snapchat stories I also need to know how long my snapchat story is Everybody on Twitter also wants the seconds back while viewing stories and our own stories so please bring it back Thank you           BRING BACK SECONDS
My update doesnt work fix it yo     Updatesssss
Ever since I updated snapchat it wont let me reply to texts on snapchat Please fix this        Why cant I send messages
Its nice you can say But snapchat should definitely bring back best friends the numbers on stories and other small tweaks Also the audio does not always work     Too much
Desde q salió la actualización del zoom para IOS Snapchat dejó de funcionar como solía hacerlo en mi celular No puedo hacer zoom ni puedo utilizar la nueva actualización de la selfie He intentado eliminado la app y volviéndola a descargar pero no me funciona Desearía q me pidieran ayudar con eso ya q no creo ser el único al q le pasa eso        No me funciona snapchat
I love the new update except for that yall deleted the part on how long the snap stories is I wish yall would put the seconds back on the snap           put the seconds back please
Snapchat is one of my favorite apps I can send people photos and also communicate with my friends Download this                 I love snow hat
I tried taping and holding on my face for the surpriseBut what happened to it the surprise was nothing cause thats what I got NOTHING        What happened to my tap and surprise
Ever since this new update I havent been able to send out snaps Ive done it all to uninstalling to reinstalling resetting my iPod and nothing is working Im about to give up on snapchat if this doesnt get patched or something cause from what Im seeing many are having the same issues Let alone I cant even enjoy the new faces n crap and my iPod is the newest generation so idk           New update messed up my snap
I am an avid snapchatter but it is super annoying now that in stories you can see how long they are just a little circle Super annoying        Good but
It crashes so often please fix on 6     Please update so many crashes
Smh the update is sad yall Fr need to bring back the numbers     BRING BACK THE NUMBERS
Not a big fan of the filters and the fact that there is a small circle than having a countdown     Hating the new update

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