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Crowdstar Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Mermaid World ,Top Stylist ,Covet Fashion ,Phuzzle Plus ,Top Girl HD ,Do You Know Me? Premium!), brings Social Girl with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Social Girl games has been update to version 19.06 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Super fun I even love my boyfriend thanks for the game..
  • It's okay it's a good time waster..
  • Love my boy friend just he too cool..
  • Love the clothes and accessories very amazing game..
  • It entertains my kid and is a good time killer..

Overall Satisfactionc63
but it is totally way way way way better than Top Girl.
I loved this game it Ed what I've been looking for.
This is one of my favorite games from crowdstar.
It used to be one of my favorite games until it started crashing.
Love the clothes and accessories very amazing game.
i recommend this game to all the girls out there reading this.
I would NOT recommend this game to anyone only because it's so pathetic & desperate.
My little cousin loves this game.
Fun & Engagingc74
Awesome game so much fun I play it everyday really addicting.
Super fun I even love my boyfriend thanks for the game.
This game is really fun and super addicting.
This game is really fun but IT ALWAYS CRASHES.
The worst part is that I can't stop playing it.
Me & my sister play it ALL the time & always compare whose clothes are cuter.
Social girl - awesome new game.
And really ppl everything in the prep step costs diamonds.
play it every day and you will say omg it's the best.
where girls pay for everything.
Value for Moneyc31
I just wish it gave more diamonds without spending real money.
it makes me want to spend money in real life.
it's possible to get diamonds without spending money.
Replay Valuec45
Girly girls are way too hard to get to be your friend.
Diamonds are WAY too hard to come by.
Social Aspectsc75
I love Social Girl it's the best game ever.
I can't play social girl slot because takes forever to load.
I play social girl all day long.
I make money by gossiping or hanging out with friends.
Ease of Usec100
Free iTunes fast and easy.
Free iTunes cards.

Not to mention the cute boys in it. found in 4 reviews
I tried this and got an iTunes card within ten minutes. found in 7 reviews
Funnest game evr tho. found in 3 reviews
Dis game is awesome i play it every day. found in 5 reviews
Social Gurl Review. found in 7 reviews
It's awesome I live this game I well never stop playing it. found in 5 reviews
Awesome game so much fun I play it everyday really addicting. found in 7 reviews
Oh and you should make more cliques for example nerdy clique. found in 4 reviews
K bye and Merry Christmas. found in 5 reviews
Just keep changing the time 2 hours ahead. found in 4 reviews
This game is the awsomest game in the world. found in 2 reviews
Fun and fashionable by mcurtis123@ fun. found in 4 reviews
example: 6 pm - changed to 8 pm. found in 2 reviews
It's kinda fun. found in 5 reviews
Love the art in this game. found in 3 reviews
I luv this game cuz it is soooooooo much fun. found in 3 reviews
To have the most fun and entertaining experience. found in 5 reviews
my gf loves this game. found in 3 reviews
New hotness. found in 2 reviews
And some of the clothes have RIDICULOUS prices in coins and diamonds. found in 31 reviews
Fix this game so that clothes and games cost coins. found in 11 reviews
But it's starting to crash when I try to go shopping. found in 20 reviews
I can't buy any preppy girl clothes because they cost gems. found in 28 reviews
now it just crashes everytime I try to shop new clothes. found in 27 reviews
you can't earn any more coins after you befriend all the girls. found in 31 reviews
Then you get them and the game crashes CONSTANTLY. found in 55 reviews
The game is fun but it crashes WAY too much. found in 16 reviews
Fun concept but you can't progress unless you spend real money. found in 168 reviews
I don't want to delete it but I guess I have no choice. found in 8 reviews
Needs more activities and cheaper clothes. found in 9 reviews
I wish it had more activities like topgirl. found in 9 reviews
I am not spending $100 bucks for diamonds for fake clothes. found in 17 reviews
I can't go on dates anymore without spending diamonds. found in 33 reviews
But I've already been friends with all the cliques and theres nothing to do. found in 29 reviews
I loved this game until the most recent update. found in 24 reviews
can't buy clothes when can't earn coins now. found in 31 reviews
Officially everything requires diamonds and there's no way to earn them. found in 176 reviews
I ended up deleting this app. found in 4 reviews
I can't earn enough money to buy clothes to go on dates. found in 94 reviews
How am I supposed to play this game IF IT DOESNT WORK. found in 85 reviews
It's ok but takes to long to get energy. found in 78 reviews
if your willing to pay for diamonds for everything. found in 57 reviews
And if you dont buy diamonds then the game is horrible. found in 63 reviews
and there's no way to earn more diamonds since I've finished all the quests. found in 160 reviews
but it's so hard to earn diamonds to buy things. found in 170 reviews
When you " hang out " the meter barely moves. found in 74 reviews
After the first date you can't get anything you can't buy clothes. found in 90 reviews
Who would pay real money for that stupid "Deal". found in 168 reviews
Don't download this "free" app unless ur prepared to spend money. found in 111 reviews
No way to earn more coins once friendships are maxed. found in 176 reviews
Now it won't let me continue to earn money from them. found in 160 reviews
I hate waiting for the energy. found in 70 reviews

The Social Girl is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 17.3 MB to download. The new Social Girl app version 19.06 has been updated on 2014-11-29. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Social Girl in Crowdstar Inc`s Official Website :

NOTE This game will not work on iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 3rd Gen 8GB and older devices. (Social Girl is playable on 3GS or newer iPhones, 4th Gen or newer iPod Touch, and all iPads.) Social ...
Luv it cant wait for an update breakthrough                 Its a really good game by far
There should be a way to get free diamons           ATM
Its a good game it takes forever to refill your energy and to get clothes that have the right level not many coin ones and its really hard to earn gems if that were fixed five stars              Nice game
This game is awsome So fun so stylish I have a super cute girl and she has super cute cloths              Puts download
Whenever I try to rename my boyfriend it takes FOREVER and then when it loads it crashes           Boyfriend
Get I harley                 Amazzzzzzzing
Youre never hot enough to go on any dates with your boyfriend Your best is never good enough no matter how much you level up and no matter what you buy Diamonds are absurdly overpriced There is no reason that virtual clothes should cost most than real clothes Do not play        Never hot enough
Please stop complaining this game is really good If you save up you can afford the prettiest hair and clothing and its real fun Try it out you might like it                 Good
The game works very well but the lack of plot makes it way to simple It doesnt keep me suspenseful or make me feel as involved as other games I play regularly do           Eh
The hangs to long and plus I was bored lets try a different app just update a little ppl would be happy bye        Ok
It says shes tired but I cant get her to sleep But on the other hand its super fun              Love it but
The game wasnt that except if you wanted to become popular quick you have to spend your own real to get more diamonds coins to purchase certain clothes buy gifts to make friends Worst part is when the game crashes smh need to fix those bugs smh        Was ok till it crashes
I cant go on dates it will not let me so please make a go on date button              Dates
Good                 Good
Social girl is very addicting and fun but its also glitchy I think its fun but it also takes a long time to load too           Very Addicting
Its like you cant even go anywhereits like dates all the timeand when you want to use the pretend money you have to use the coins and the dimandsand it comes with one plain white shirt and shortsHORIBLE        Stinks
This game is a bad game bc it keeps crashing And every time I try to use it it crashes and loads forever even when my wifi is working fine I definitely dislike this app I would at least give it 1 star When I try too put a name too give to the characters it loads for so long I wouldnt recommend this too a friend it keeps crashing and loads forever This game needs many improvements This game is     Bad game Needs improvements
To me this game is kinda boring        Ok
It crashes and wont load    
It kept going home and its really frustrating And once I got the game going ever after the intro it was to much going on at once and really confusing so if you dont like things popping up all the time the games not for you     Social girls
Okay so Ive had the game a few months and just unlocked the girly girls I have to say that the rocker girls are my favorite Its getting harder to do the dates cause it takes me awhile to unlock clothes that I dont have to but with cause Im not spending real money on fake clothes for a fake date with a fake boyfriend As for the boyfriend I think its nice we can pick the one we want I also like that there is an option to rename them but I would like it better if the game didnt crash every time I try to change Brians name If there was like an option to work at the FroYo shop for I think that would be great        Meh Needs serious updates
Over all I think the game really coolbut it keeps crashingNeeds bug fixes           Keeps crashing
I just got this game literally less than five minutes ago Every time I try playing it crashes If I try to do the slightest thing it friken crashes This game is crap and I would not recommend getting it     Not Good
I thought this game was SUPER fun But at the same time I thought it was boring The conversations take way to much time Well of course this is just my opinion of the game Oh and one more thing if you have the talking Tom or Angela app or anything like that you should read the reviewsOr if you are thinking about downloading this game        Bad but good
Its ok I just wish the dates wont take long Its so Ffggfghhgccfgv I cant say it              Ok
At first this game can be very fun and interesting But after I started going on dates I got reeeeeeeallllllly frustrated They make you go on the same stupid hiking date Also when I tried going on my fifth hiking date FIFTH there was a glitch and my character and my bf were just standing there with the lights dimmed and I couldnt tap anything I was really frustrated and confused so I deleted it and tell everybody I know about that game so they know not to download it and I hope you dont download it to and go through the frustration that I did     RIP OFF
Its fun but the energy goes by so fast and if you want a new bf Huh All Im saying is its good just not hreat           Well
I just got cool enough to hang out with the preppy girls and my game crashes every time I try to enter the prep store please fix           Zoe
Its a really fun game but it wont let me change my boyfriends name theres a button for it but it doesnt work urs might work for u but mine is broken                 Good but
Its a good game but it takes way to load and it doesnt give me clothes        Complaint
Theres nothing more for me to buy with coins which makes most of the game pointless What happens when I buy everything I dont want to stop playing because Ive invested years in this game but theres nothing for me to play for anymore I think an update with new clothes and such is long overdue     Update
It keeps on glitching every time I want dress my boyfriend please fix this                 Glitch bug glitch
Love it                 Love it
I really enjoy this game in theory but the kinks take a lot of fun out of it First of all the layout isnt compatible to the iPhone 6 Second of all it gets stuck and subsequently crashes every time I try to change my boyfriends name Third of all it crashes multiple times throughout the game playing If the engineers could fix these kinks I think the game would be much more enjoyable        Fun game but lots of kinks
This game is AWESOME The only bad part is it goes back to home page and you hAve to wait on her energy to refillwhich in my opinion is stupid other than that I love it                 Pretty good
I love it because it has all the types of girls you could be you know what I mean so yeah be what ever girl you want                 I LOVE THIS GAME
Great app but I cant customize my boyfriends name It just glitches out and its getting annoying Please fix this bug and update              Please update
I like the game but seriously after some levels is not much to do Get better options please 505 for a ugly dress are you kidding me Get better resources because the styles are all mix up And is way to expensive especially after being friends w all the girls is not enough options cant even go in dates           To expensive
Takes forever to load           Okay
I honestly dont know if I liked this game or not Its not boring or anything but the whole concept of the game is very stereotyped I do not recommend this game to people who are bothered by that           Not sure
I just bought it and I think it would be great but it takes forever to load Its ridiculous Fix this tho and it will be awesome        Well
Its awesome At school I cant dress up too much but on here I can have the guy of my dreams and dress up like who I want its super cool If u dont play this u need to right now and u can come and be my friend I think Who cares play this now Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo              Wow I love it
This is awsome game                 Social girl
When I downloaded the game and opened it up the was a pop up saying that connect to the Internet I was already connected If I wasnt connected than how would I be able to download game Every single time when the pop up came the games was just running by it self It was loading and when it was done loading the game was ready to play but the pop up was still there           Cant get in
This game is a bit boring It can be fun though I think the boys are ugly I recommend superstar life Its much more fun Nicer boys who give more valuable gifts        Well
Worst customer service ever Takes them up to two weeks to respond to each email or complaint Will take your money then ignore your support requests     Horrible
I think this is a VERY VERY stupid game For millions of reasons DONT GET IT     I DONT LIKE IT
Well at first it was fun for like a 20 min and then it got boring I didnt have enough coins to go shopping or on a date so it was like when I wanted to go to a photo shoot I had to have a friend and i was like why do u have to take a pic with someone else why cant u just do a single pic           Kinda Boring

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