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Vito Technology Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Solar Walk™ 2 Free - Space Missions & Solar System ,Zodiac Constellations by Star Walk 2 ,GyroCompass 3D - Compass for new iPod Touch ,Sky Live - Stargazing Forecast ,Geo Walk - 3D World Fact Book ,SWINE TIME - Reaction Test), brings Solar Walk - Saturn with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Solar Walk - Saturn app has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc73
    I think this is the best astronomy app there is.
    Amazing Amazing.
    The best of all apps.
    This app is probably my favorite.
    Production Valuesc34
    Solar Walk show the unbelievable graphics and details about Saturn.
    gorgeous visuals and full of facts about saturn.
    Updates & Supportc91
    This is the lite version with saturn unlocked.

    Thanks for the chance to explore the endless space. found in 1 reviews
    I think this is the best astronomy app there is. found in 1 reviews
    A wealth of information is provided on all things Saturn. found in 1 reviews
    Lots of features and a nice way to produce a lite app. found in 1 reviews
    Great App for star gazers. found in 1 reviews
    This app is marvelous. found in 1 reviews
    keep up the good work and updates. found in 1 reviews
    It works and looks great on the iPod touch 5g. found in 1 reviews
    I like this application cause it is beautiful on my iPad. found in 1 reviews
    Great learning tool for children as well. found in 1 reviews
    The best of all apps. found in 1 reviews
    Love the Time Machine feature. found in 1 reviews
    Full of facts and figures. found in 1 reviews
    but cool nonetheless. found in 1 reviews
    but major interface problems. found in 1 reviews
    but it doesn't have its facts straight. found in 1 reviews
    but a recent upgrade ruined the aesthetics and controls. found in 1 reviews
    but major display and interface problems. found in 2 reviews
    that button now takes you to a advertisement screen to. found in 1 reviews
    Pro version isn't any different. found in 1 reviews
    I'm sorry I downloaded it. found in 1 reviews
    but it's worth knowing it eats up lots of room. found in 1 reviews
    and there's no clear way of stopping it. found in 1 reviews
    Solar Walk
    You can't buy the in app enhancements. found in 1 reviews
    I can't restore previously purchased items. found in 1 reviews
    I had to reset my device and all data naturally was wiped. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Solar Walk - Saturn for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at a hefty 125 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    More Info: Find more info about Solar Walk - Saturn in Vito Technology Inc.`s Official Website :

    Explore Saturn and its moons: travel in time, read info and watch photos. - Did you know that it is still a mystery how long a day on Saturn is? The lite edition of award-winning app - ...
    This is one of the best or the best game I ve ever played                     Best game hoshuapizza
    I like the improvements                     Neat Tfgxddf
    This is an educational app that you can learn the 8 planets and moons But there is a bug when you go to the year 4000 mercury Venus earth and mars goes to nonsense directions and then goes back to the circle again I know this is long but I m only give 4 stars for the bug I will make 5 stars if you correct the bug                 Good app but bug igjnhryrthrthhtr
    My son love it The graphics are awesome and the 3D views are easy to navigate                     My 5 yr old loves this app Lil urdu
    I love this game so much because it helps me learn about space when I grow up I am going to be an astronomer Sincrly Joey P S can you make an astronaut emoji plllllleeeeeaaaaasssseeeeee                     Dear creator of this app Json1223456
    If you can or want to please make a game this is the best Sim about the solar system and explore the universe If you did you will be the number one universe builder                     Make a game please Adiaz84
    Good job                     The best app ever Mf.98x_
    I certainly like this app it is the best Except for the ads                     Amazing robloxisthebesttoo
    AMAZING                     So neymarisdabest
    Great app                     Awesome Lilcris 666
    For you pepole that say that this is a game NO ITS NOT it s an app about science you pepole say that you only see Saturn BUT NO I see all the planets The first time a saw this app was in my friend s iPad then I wanted to try it by myself Such a good app I give it five stars                     Love this app hectylecty
    My 8 9 year old girls love astronomy and your app allows them to experience the solar system at their own pace They can twist and spin the planets all they want They screenshot their favorite pictures and make collages for their bedroom walls The information is easy to access and understand Thank you for giving them an application that is entertaining and educational For all the parents out there the extra content is inexpensive and the ads are easy to recognize My girls never accidentally click on an ad The whole screen changes so they are very aware that it s an ad and to find the X and close it We have never experienced a crash or any programming problems                 Wonderful app for children Monk1ey
    This app is fantastic Real time movement like a watch My 8 year old granddaughter is enchanted with this app so am I                     Only 7 5 star ratings Red Letter Edition
    Yes I missed that in the description The app is beautiful however that means little when many taps on the screen generate a pop up ad I paid for the content why am I constantly inundated by ridiculous ads Response I admitted that I overlooked that in the description of the app I have several of your apps and this is not something I have seen from you before The bigger issue is the ads are highly obtrusive They are not some subtle header or footer they over take the full screen and completely detach me from the experience of using your app The enjoyment of using an app as beautiful as this is ruined when the ad pops up and I have to hunt a way to close it It takes my entire focus away from the content I paid for and have come to expect because of your other apps I am delighted to use         Ads in paid version Coryographix
    This app is amazing You can look at the solar system from multiple perspectives You can go to moons planets the sun and see the surfaces of these You can even see solar flares The information icon allows you to see measurements features and full descriptions of each celestial body Simply fabulous APP                 Simply Fabulous
    This app is lite version It only give us information about the saturn     There are so many other free apps like this
    I dont write reviews for apps but I wanted to for this one I was so happy with it from the second I opened it I love that you can look at moons and planets from any angle and it gives you facts and actual images Im very happy with this app and I would download it again if I could                 Best App Ive Downloaded
    Very good download                 Very good
    Im sure youve probably have spent a feiw dollars on an app but solar walk takes it to another level 2000 just to see our whole solar system are they crazy I think so     Money counts
    Thats it Great app                 Time to map pluto
    Its a precise way of learning about spaceI really like it                 Space
    So If you dont buy the 299 or 799 your in for a total ripoff     Disappointment
    It was awesome but I have to buy the upgrade or else I would miss out on a lot of new stuff           Okay
    Nothing but crap not sure how all reviews are 5 stars only     Crap
    Love this app                 Love this app
    You cant buy the in app enhancements It tells you that your password is wrong        Broken
    Great App for star gazers                 Solar walk
    Solar Walk Wonderfully done planetmoon orrery but a recent upgrade ruined the aesthetics and controls Theyve added a HUGE icon in the center top of the screen called UNLOCK Real nice It destroys the inspace illusionimagine youre in your spaceship and suddenly encounter a GIANT MARQUE over Saturn reading UNLOCK Spock whats that Dont know Captain Ive never seen anything like it well except in the Vito system Compounding the problem theyve moved controls around Instead of the usual Settings control in the lower right that button now takes you to a advertisement screen to yes you guessed it unlock it We get it already Whats the point Have some class and put the upgradeunlock info discretely in one place say under the options screenand return this to the uncluttered standard interface your regular apps use The irony is that we were thinking of upgrading but this was so offputting were now holding off Other issues 1 The orbital paths of the moons remain impossible to see during the day at least not without setting brightness up to 34 or more 2 It still only functions in landscape mode 3 Saturns orbital path shows up unexpectedly and even when zoomed in to watch the moons At first we didnt even know what it was The planet then looks like its hanging from a string That makes Saturn look like a Christmas tree ornament There should be an option to turn on and off the paths 4 The moons often look like theyre going to collide Just follow Titan and Iapetus around Also Titan eg seems to be traveling in Iapetuss orbit although thats hard to tell given how faint the paths are 5 The orrery often gets out of control accelerating wildly when you dont expect it too and theres no clear way of stopping it Hint tap the time slider control 6 One has to exit manually step by step from the options screen rather than just letting us tap the main display 7 Its a space hog No pun intended On the iPhone it takes up a HUGE 244mb of space the same amount of room as what the blurb here says for the full solar system version However just noticed that its taking up 454mb on my iPadsfar more than what they specify here on iTunes Somethings wrong but its worth knowing it eats up lots of room especially if youre tight on space and wondering what to delete Its just too bad as these things would be so easy for them to fix Weve enjoyed the free trial of Solar Walk focused on Saturn but itd be good to return to its roots and pare down its size 2 stars until then Addendum Just thought to check out something about the app Amazingly it shows the two faces of Iapetusthe dark sooty size and the brilliant icy one Its the only solar system moon that shows such fantastic changes in brightness due to its markedly different surfacesIapetus is brighter on one side of Saturn and darker on the other And the developers have captured that Nice        Fantastic app but major display and interface problems Space hog
    i hate it it cost you to get planets     isuihisuhhsuhsh
    I expected a lot more when prompted to pay 1 for the pro version If you want those planets in HDthats another 1 Oh want to look at the satellitesanother dollar please Feels like a play for free and pay to win game However the concept of the app is impressive However you still have to connect to the internet despite the massive size of the app           Pro version isnt any different
    Only Saturn is included in the free version     Saturn Only
    Great App for teaching my children about the solar system Easy to navigate and graphics are beautiful                 Beautiful App
    This game is awful the only planet I could see wasSaturn and could barely even look into it and if I want to see any other planets it would cost me three dollars dont waste your money on this stupid game it might seem educational but its not     Dont waste your time in space
    This app is great No problems at all Lol This app will be helpful with science class Definitely buying the full version Keep it up                 Awesome
    This app is a little OK but way way over priced for what you get I got the whole bundle Its not worth what I paid for it I wish I could a refund        Over priced
    This app is stupid I cant even see earth why can we only see saturn If you live on Saturn you should get this app but if you live on earth I should say dont get this dumb app     BOO
    Total piece of crap Useless unless you pay     Piece of crap
    I liked it it is the best space informer apppppppppppp Im confused it was a Bye it is good if you are willing to pay                 Pretty good
    Its awesome It shows you the planets which you can go deeper into and then expand to our galaxy Love it Also it gives you information about each planet dwarf planets and moons                 Solar System
    Thanks I got many knowledge and useful for me                 Hello solar system
    You only look at Saturn nothing else     Worst app ever
    Beautifull game graphics alright open sandbox and everything just a great game              Top notch game
    If you love astronomy youll love this app Great learning tool for children as well                 nice
    They should tell you what you are going to get     Not right
    Beautifully designed and extremely informative but only Saturn is free Other planets will cost you Im sorry I downloaded it           Save your time and space
    Muy buena app muy completa me gusta mucho                 Excelente
    Im a bit sad that in order to get all planets you need to pay but besides that its a great app              510
    I am not satisfied with this app way to much money just to see the planets I can only view the moons what a bust I shouldnt have to pay 10     Too much money
    Love this app Keep the addon coming                 Love
    The graphics are cool a lot of good detail on Saturn and its moons But thats all thats available in the free version Dissatisfied over the fact I cant even get down to Earth the sun moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Uranus Neptune in the solar system I feel that these should be the bare minimum and that I shouldnt have spend a dollar to get them        Its cool but if only there were more options
    I just got it but I already found out things about Saturn that I never knew The graphics look great easy to navigate and I think I will be getting the full app              So far Im loving it
    I have just opened the application for the first time and it looks just amazing It can be pertinent information for those interested in space and missions to other celestial bodies                 Stellar
    A work in progress Not what I thought but cool nonetheless        Ok
    Why do you have pay money to see some planets     Why
    By far the best app am iPhone has                 Perfect
    This blew me away                 Amazing
    The anomalies at the poles of Saturn hexagon and oval arent mentioned or even shown in this app deleted           Missing content
    This is an excellent informative app not only for children but for adult too I love it              Solar walk evaluation
    This is a great app for viewing so much of the solar system Its very easy to fly to different planets and their larger moons and theres a lot of good info on them as well My favorite part has to be the time lapse Watching the sun rise over the Earth from the space station is breathtaking Yes its Few extra dollars to get more than the Saturn system but some people need to stop complaining about not getting the world for free Literally in this case                 Favorite solar system app
    Good app It should be free for those who have a fascination for star gazing and higher knowledge              Great appearance
    i guess i could say its pretty coolcool                 i guess

    Solar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar SystemSolar Walk - Saturn Reference Solar Walk Solar System

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