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Mobile Deluxe , the publisher behind many iOS games (Big Win Slots ,Pyramid 13® Social – The Hit New Free Solitaire Game from Mobile Deluxe ,Addiction ,Spider Deluxe Social™ – The Hit New Free Solitaire Game from Mobile Deluxe ,Klondike Deluxe® Social – The Hit New Free Solitaire Game from Mobile Deluxe ,FreeCell Deluxe® Social – The Hit New Solitaire Game from Mobile Deluxe), brings Solitaire Deluxe® with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Solitaire Deluxe® games has been update to version 2.5.8 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's challenging and yet mind relaxing..
  • The many different card games provide hours of entertainment..
  • Plenty of variety & a great stress reliever..
  • Graphics are awesome and the games are super fun..
  • Quick entertainment for those spare moments waiting in line..

Overall Satisfactionc73
this is one of the best solitaire games i have found for iOS.
Would recommend trying other Solitaire apps until they fix the problem.
I love the variety of games you can choose from in this one app.
It's one of my favorite games and I play every chance it get.
I love playing solitaire at work on my lunch and breaks.
Which defeats the purpose of playing solitaire.
I used to love playing solitaire as a kid.
Awesome game love the different varieties.
This a great app full of games to keep you entertained.
Fun & Engagingc88
This is a great game very addictive too.
This is my game of choice and I play it all the time.
keeps me busy when I'm bored and helps the time fly by.
Loads of fun and enough variety to never get bored.
The game is awesome and very nice graphics.
Never get bored and makes you really think and problem solve.
Graphics are awesome and the games are super fun.
creeping spiders to try to make me click on their ads.
I play this game about every hour and every day.
I would quit working and play this game all day.
so unfortunately I no longer play this game.
This is my favorite Solitaire app and I play every day.
Generally play every day for a few minutes.
Craig 29JUL14 I play 2 to 4 times every day.
I play it several times every day.
Replay Valuec93
Quite a variety of games and very challenging.
The challenging games so many different ones to play.
The many different card games provide hours of entertainment.
Lots of different solitaire games with various levels of difficulty.
Can give you hours of enjoyment.
I like the variety and different skill levels.
It's mind boggling.
Social Aspectsc96
like in Words with Friends.
Words with friends.
Production Valuesc82
Has al of the solitaire games I love and graphics are great.
plus the graphics are great.
the visual and sound effects are awesome.
2The sound effects have nothing to do with cards.
Ease of Usec86
This version is easy to play and easy to rack up rewards.
The game is easy to play on my iPod touch.
And the instructions for new games are very easy to follow.
Great to play with easy to follow instructions.
A really easy game to learn and play.
Never an easy game with 4 suits.
Enjoy playing a simple game.
For such a simple game.
Perfectly simple solitaire games.
Simple solitaire games.
Good relaxing game keeps your mind active for hrs.
but the game keeps freezing during the ads--very frustrating.
Ads not Intrusivec35
Security & Privacyc26
Updates & Supportc49
And customer service support staff are very supportive.
Great graphics and fantastic customer service.
Would pay for a non ad version.
I've been playing this version for at least 3 years now.
I really enjoy playing this version of solitaire.
Drains my iPhone battery quickly though.
but I play so much it drains my iPhone battery quick.

I didn't know there were so many different solitary games. found in 16 reviews
I'd give it 5 stars for solitaire deluxe. found in 24 reviews
I love the variety of games you can choose from in this one app. found in 221 reviews
Found some new versions of solitaire I didn't even know existed. found in 48 reviews
I love me some solitaire & this has a great selection of games. found in 33 reviews
Great time killer on the train and the toilet. found in 33 reviews
Love all the games to play especially freecell and spider solitaire. found in 35 reviews
I love playing these games and learning new ones. found in 18 reviews
I couldn't ask for a better free Solitaire. found in 23 reviews
The challenging games so many different ones to play. found in 24 reviews
Time waster at work when I should be working. found in 47 reviews
Please bring back the paid version with no ads. found in 5 reviews
Hate the annoying ads at the bottom of the screen. found in 40 reviews
Lots of fun but too many ads pop up in the middle of ongoing games. found in 21 reviews
except keeps wanting to connect to Facebook then locks up. found in 22 reviews
Now the geico ad is freezing up the game. found in 4 reviews
Was great before the full screen ads were added. found in 21 reviews
Good games bad daily spins and adds for new games. found in 88 reviews
Love the Game but Dislike the new pop ups. found in 9 reviews
The ads for other games pop up to much when you are playing. found in 6 reviews
Right now the video ads are freezing the app. found in 10 reviews
Definitely worth it to pay for no ads. found in 8 reviews
Game freezes after ad pops up. found in 17 reviews
Love the app but it crashes & shuts down unexpectedly & often. found in 5 reviews
Now ads ruin the game. found in 5 reviews
The ads are still there and are frustrating. found in 4 reviews
I like the game but there are way too many ads. found in 10 reviews
Lots of fun and easy to okay but too many pop up ads. found in 15 reviews
and the scrolling ads at the bottom of the screen -- it is totally annoying. found in 5 reviews
Hate the pop up ads and takes me away from the game. found in 7 reviews
but the game keeps freezing during the ads--very frustrating. found in 17 reviews
There are way too many pop up ads. found in 28 reviews
but will stop until the flashing ad is discontinued. found in 14 reviews
The daily spin and points are distracting and annoying. found in 88 reviews
you get what you pay for - annoying ads / notifications. found in 40 reviews
I started getting video ads that pop up in the middle of a hand. found in 21 reviews
without touching the screen it opens Safari to a blank page. found in 11 reviews
Too bad the ads pop up mid game and freeze up. found in 12 reviews
New update causes game to stop every couple of minutes. found in 28 reviews
I deleted before I could actually play the games. found in 18 reviews
Game freezes to black screen. found in 17 reviews

The Solitaire Deluxe® is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 18.8 MB to download. The new Solitaire Deluxe® app version 2.5.8 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Solitaire Deluxe® check developer Mobile Deluxe`s website :

Solitaire Deluxe is free for the first time ever Play unlimited hands in the 16-game Solitaire Arcade and earn rewards fast. Or, play ad-free Winnable Deals which are updated daily. Get bonus rewards when you come ...
Super                 Yukon
A fun simple game But I think when youve played awhile it stops letting you win so you have to buy coins              Fun no brainier game
Love this game              Great game
I loved this game and could even abide the extremely annoying ads until recently I dislike the contents of the newest ads and Im offended by them Im not playing until theyre replaced If theyre not then oh well more time in my life to not play games on my phone     Ugh
Its a fun game that would be even better without all of the annoying ads As others have reported they can be especially difficult to close           Fun
Game freezes up a lot Make sure you create a username and password because youre going to need it The creators of this game need to update cards and backgrounds In the Pay for play section that they say is winnable they make it next to impossible to be successful Ive played this game quite a while but Im ready to find a new game with different designers Now they are not refreshing the pay for games           Too many glitches
Great time killer and mind keeper Dont mind the ads Ignore them                 Love to play this games They help pass the hours when Im in an appointment
I really enjoy this app I have it on my phone and iPad Consistent                 Fun
I love this suite of games and spend waaaaay too much time playing them However I have to say that the new ads that come on with an unbidden blast of sound are ridiculous Of course its hard to complain about a free game and I totally get that the business model is adsupported but the loud obnoxious ads make you want to never ever ever buy whatever product theyre touting which ive got to assume is pretty much the opposite effect the advertiser was going for And while Im on my soapbox the Amazon Stocks banner ad makes my game freeze up every time it cycles in and I have to relaunch              Awful ads
This is my go to kill time game I play it all the time However as others have said the adds seem to be set up to trick you into clicking them Despite this I really enjoy the ease of play and how quickly I can complete a game If I could wish for something that would be more data on my games For example it gives percentages won but Id like to know more                 Love it But
Games are great and easy to play But the Card designs and background choices are horrible Makes it a bit hard to enjoy playing if you dont like what you have to look at           Background and Card designs are UGLY
This is a great game to unwind after graveyard shift                 Great game
Love the choices of games available I get bored of Klondike with other solitaire game apps so this one is fun with so many styles to choose from              Solitaire deluxe
I really like this game but could do without all the loud ads              Good game with lots of options
Good games with lots of variety and challenge But the ads are too annoying              Solitaire
If you love Solitaire games and love exciting hands then this gives all in one experience I have used this for years Updates are always fast current and I have never had any trouble New items all the time Many different ways to play Enjoy                 The Best Card Game Ever
I enjoy the actual game but the ads that try to trick you into clicking on them automatically guarantee I will not watch read or remember their product The game itself is great              Video ads are almost a deal breaker
Agreed Too many ads Takes too long to get to the actual game              Rating
The ads are so out of control that game play is affected Sometimes completely unresponsive for minutes at a time but generally it runs so slowly I want to throw my tablet across the room           Ad slowing
Easy play good selection of games                 Really enjoy this app
I like the game especially Spider but think it should not be scored as a loss when you restart the game especially when the same game gets restarted multiple times Each one counts as a loss vs actually losing the game Otherwise I would give it a 5              Spider is challenging
I like the variety of solitaires but the program has some flaws I wish it would let you save a solitaire game while you work another game I like the redeal as it gives you another chance to win when youre stuck              Great but frustrating
This is always my goto app for solitaire games Still have a few to learn but always nice to look forward to a challenge                 Nice variety
I deleted this game after the most recent update I wanted to play solitaire not to be forced to spin to win be shunted through a system of earning credits to play or any other nonsense I hate this version and will not reinstall     Deleted
Simple direct with a ton of variety Only downside is you have to spin a stupid wheel before playing              Good game
The best                 Chinese Solitaire
Ads that you are locked into viewing and listening to have ruined this otherwise fun app     Terrible
Used to be my favorite little therapy app until the ads got so bad I couldnt even play the games Reinstalled to see if it got any better maybe it is a little will uninstall again when it gets to be too much again UPDATE Had to uninstall the ads have sound and scare the crap out of me and theres no way to turn them off Yikes        Good games bad ads
Fun game              Solitaire
Very addicting Can play for hours                 Great game
In the middle of the night I like to play when cant sleep Noisy ad comes on over and over cant turn off and wakes partner Not good Dont want to play anymore What are the coins for Can use on just so many backgrounds and cards How about other options        Ads no good
Has all the great solitaire games and more with easy to learn tutorials                 This game rules
So many versions of solitaire When I get bored with one I find another one that I have to beat Perfect time killer                 Every game and more
Too many adds but love the games              Great games too many adds
I love playing the games on this app with one exception in the golf game you can no longer play any cards off the king This card does not respond to any touch Makes it frustrating So I just dont play this game anymore the rest are fun and challenging                 Great with one problem
This is a great game and I play often              Great Games
Fun game Only game that I can play while listening to music I have certain ones that I play and try to win them each night                 Solitaire
You will not stop playing              Great fun
The games are great but the ads are flippin annoying Id rather pay for a version without the ads but until that is available I use this one           Great but
Always fun with a great classic              Tried and true great classic game
Just reloaded app after having it closed for some time Said it was upgrading and to keep the app open I did Play button is now there but it wont let me play     Wont Play
I think Klondike is my favorite but I love them all Thanks                 Been loving it for years
Adds are very annoying I dont mind that you have them but to have loud audio and mechanisms that dont allow us to get rid if them should be changed A while back i also thought perhaps the dealing was fixed somehow as there were deals with multiple same numbers over and over This doesnt happen with real shuffling and dealing           Fun
I love being able to play all the different versions of solitaire and although the ads in between games are annoying I still play it every day                 Awesome games
Lots of choices Good on iPad Not do much on 5c iPhone              Pretty entertaining
Just started playingvery addicting                 Solitaire Deluxe
Excellent games                 Solitaire deluxe
My game freezes up quite often and it is hard to keep the bonus up when it will not let u on to play When I can get on to play I usually play at least 10 games usually in the evening It is frozen again tonight and I have tried everything to break through Well the freeze up problem has been fixed but now the annoying ads before I can play my he is driving me to want to drink good thing my dr Wont let me              Solitaire Dix
The app offers plenty of games but the ads have gotten ridiculous Before ad would pop up and youd x them and continue on with the game Now you have to wait for the ad video to run and then you can x them or you x them and it registers as you selected the ad Its annoying           Bad Ads

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