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FreshPlanet Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Song Pop ,Spa Life ,TravelPop - Photo Trivia from the maker of SongPop ,ShakePop ,RedFish Alphabet 4 Kids ,Song Pop Premium), brings Song Pop Premium with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Song Pop Premium games has been update to version 1.3.49 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Bridges the gap between generations through the different genres of music..
  • so I love how you can test your knowledge against others..
  • It has such a variety of music genre's to choose from..
  • The most fun social game on the market..
  • A great game for music lovers and those who like a little friendly competition..

Overall Satisfactionc88
A great game for music lovers and those who like a little friendly competition.
Can't stop playing -- wish faster to get more songs.
One of my favorite games to play with my friends.
Best music game on the AppStore thus far.
This is one of the worst music trivia apps ever.
Hope you guys can include the chat option.
If you love music you are guaranteed to love this game.
Amazing game To Challenge more People.
I'm really loving the " best match " feature.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game very fun and addicting and competitive.
Was an awesome game until last update.
Great game very addictive love love love it play it everyday.
Can't stop playing -- wish faster to get more songs.
Super fun & challenging for music lovers of all genres.
The game was super fun to play until version 1.
I have so much fun playing this game with my friends and family.
I am totally addicted to this game and play it all the time.
Will NOT be putting anymore money in to this game.
Loads of fun guessing the songs and reminiscing of days gone by.
Great game very addictive love love love it play it everyday.
I love this game have to play it everyday lol.
Family Friendlyc91
It's great for all ages and fun family fun.
My whole family plays through-out the day.
Some of the song packs have some bad language.
even my kids play it.
My kids play this game and its VERY INAPPROPRIATE.
Value for Moneyc34
Replay Valuec92
Lots of different songs so it never gets old.
Perfect boredom killer and it never gets old.
Considering the countless hours of entertainment I've enjoyed.
Hours of entertainment.
I have noticed that some easy songs are a little repetitive.
Good songs although a little repetitive.
Challenging and addictive music game with a good variety of songs.
Its challenging and addictive.
Social Aspectsc90
Great game to play with friends and finally a game I can win.
Awesome game better than words with friends or draw something.
The most fun social game on the market.
Finding random people to play keeps things interesting as well.
Also no longer can just find random people to play.
I get great challenges to play and enjoy meeting new people.
Super addictive social music game.
Love it but full of bugs and crashes.
Ads not Intrusivec36
Updates & Supportc34
I liked song pop so much I actually paid for the premium app.
Seems like a better deal to stick with the free version at the moment.
They are great in the customer service dept as well.

So much fun and great way to pass time while waiting for. found in 45 reviews
Love the trip down memory lane with all of the song choices. found in 15 reviews
Love playing song pop and competing w friends. found in 1499 reviews
Love hearing songs I love and being able to download on iTunes. found in 28 reviews
A modern day name that tune that you can challenge your friends with. found in 14 reviews
Brings back memories of songs I totally forgot about and love. found in 61 reviews
It's become my new addiction as a music lover. found in 42 reviews
Very fun and a good time killer or competition with friends. found in 16 reviews
Loads of fun guessing the songs and reminiscing of days gone by. found in 85 reviews
Keeps you on your toes and gives you a chance to buy new music. found in 11 reviews
It really tests your knowledge about all kinds of music. found in 13 reviews
Sometimes challenging and a great way to test your music knowledge. found in 76 reviews
Super fun & challenging for music lovers of all genres. found in 215 reviews
Wide range of songs for any music lover teenage and above. found in 94 reviews
More addictive than words with friends or draw something. found in 74 reviews
Awesome game very fun and addicting and competitive. found in 458 reviews
These is a really fun and entertaining game. found in 15 reviews
It's great for all ages and fun family fun. found in 19 reviews
I absolutely love SongPop and glad I paid the $1. found in 132 reviews
Great game to play with friends and finally a game I can win. found in 169 reviews
Overall love this game but the scoring needs to be revamped. found in 7 reviews
Great game except showing opponents guesses during my turn. found in 10 reviews
So much fun but seriously needs a chat feature. found in 38 reviews
:-p Needs more songs and a chat function would be nice. found in 11 reviews
the game freezes every time I go to send challenge. found in 12 reviews
needs a chat or a way to send messages to opponents. found in 68 reviews
Great Game but there are MAJOR privacy issues. found in 2 reviews
99 for no ads to have ADS after EVERY GAME. found in 5 reviews
Love it but tough to get enough coins to buy new playlists. found in 157 reviews
Also have trouble with sound cutting out often. found in 16 reviews
and you still have no iPhone 5 support for the larger screen. found in 12 reviews
Love the game but the scoring doesn't make sense. found in 9 reviews
Some songs don't load completely and the score times are off. found in 20 reviews
No single player or multi-player for one phone. found in 7 reviews
Fix the scoring and please take away the pop up adds. found in 10 reviews
Fun but needs more songs & genres are mixed up sometimes. found in 18 reviews
Sometimes it takes a really long time to load the songs. found in 7 reviews
Needs more variety of music without constant buy ins. found in 7 reviews
But please change app so it doesn't automatically post to Facebook. found in 28 reviews
Scoring system is kind of inconsistent and unfair. found in 56 reviews
and that probably caused them to lose a lot of players. found in 30 reviews
But whatever scoring system they use is beyond Illogical. found in 56 reviews
Send challenge button not working and freezing up game. found in 27 reviews
I paid for premium version to get rid of annoying ads. found in 16 reviews
Fun game but sound keeps cutting out. found in 16 reviews
and please bring back random play. found in 37 reviews
Don't waste your money on power up's. found in 23 reviews
There is NO difference in the sound quality. found in 21 reviews
There's no more Random Opponent feature and the App crashes alot. found in 31 reviews
I wasn't allowed to login to the new song pop. found in 36 reviews
but I too am very disappointed about having paid for VIP. found in 73 reviews
I just upgraded to the paid version because I hate ads. found in 14 reviews
I guess the song and then the whole thing closes down. found in 18 reviews
Horrible update - " Best Match " instead of Random challenge. found in 33 reviews
Loss of VIP status with Newest Update Underhanded. found in 107 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Song Pop Premium for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. It weighs in at only 16.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3.49 has been released on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Song Pop Premium in FreshPlanet Inc.`s Official Website :

Are you ready to rock? Listen to song clips to test your music recognition - then send challenges to your friends Prove that you`re a true music master with Song Pop, the best music app Play ...
The latest update wont let you choose a challenge at times it just doesnt respond when you tap a song list and you have to close and restart the app Other than that it seems like gameplay between songs and challenges is faster           Latest update
This is a great game that has been ruined by its latest update The new rolling challenge screen frequently freezes up When this happens it becomes necessary to restart the game at which point the categories have changed        Ruined by Update
Love this game I prefer the plus version because of the lack of advertisers The way this works is a snipped plays and you have 4 choices to guess from Its so much fun and exciting to try to beat your challengers My favorite genres are TV themes movie songs new wave alternative rock dance classical video games Oh heck theyre all great even the foreign language genres Sometimes the game gets a glitch but oh well its just a game not life or death and they work to fix those and they have social media sites where we can suggest new song lists or socialize with other addicts                 Love this addictive game
Would be a 5 star game if reported errors with songs were ever fixed              Almost There
Please fix the bugs that came along with the last update Thank you              Buggy
App DOES NOT WORK WITH IOS8 I had same on iPad iPhone now it wants me to start brand new game on iPhone My contacts are on iPad very messed up you cannot write in to Zendesk unless you have your name e mail problem was Apple deleted restored iPhone all other games came back be careful I had almost 2 years deleted 100 playlists are gone angry upset irritated     Used to love
So many awesome angles to this game Long time player big time fan                 Best Game Ever
Fun and enjoyable but has bugs Has had same bug issue for awhile even with new update its still buggy Gave 2 stars cause it is fun and addicting but super buggy Hey Fresh Planet fix the bugs        Fun but super buggy
This game needs to be fixed ASAP Every time you turn it on its gets stuck and you have to turn your iPhone or iPad off everytimefix now           Song Pop Needs new update
How are there no bad reviews about there not being an iOS 8 update The game hasnt worked correctly since the update so much so that the majority of the time I cant play at all Its been over 2 weeks we need an update           Update
Very hard to guess a song when you cant hear it This used to be a fun and very addicting game not its just a headache The last update worked great for one week then back to the same story     No sound
Very frustrating with songs not loading last couple of days Usually a 45 star ap but cant even play lately Please fix     Whats with songs not loading
i paid for this version so why does the free version of song pop have a better interface yall need to update song pop plus to make it at least the same if not BETTER than the free version I would not have bought this version had I known it would not be as good also the sound goes out a lot when I am playing this needs to be fixed        disappointing interface
It started with my friend around 4 weeks ago and now I cant access the game I updated to ios8 and it is still not working Yet I am still getting emails stating my friends are waiting for me and here are power ups or coins Please fix asap Game was 45 stars till now     Stopped working even before the ios8 update
Its quite apparent songpop does not care that they lose players They would have fixed this like everyone else has done since ios8 Shame on you songpop for taking money on an inoperable game     Bad
Ever since I updated it still shows a notification that I have an update on the App Storeplease fix        Ok
I play this game like 30 hours a week Seriously if you love music this game will make you love it even more                 A
New update and new problems Constant crashes Must close and reopen app between nearly EVERY round Used to be fun This has been a problem since October 2014 Developers obviously cannot fix SAVE YOUR MONEY Pitiful Read the reviews for the free version as wellsame problems as Plus version     BEWARE Doesnt work with IOS8
This was one of the best if not the best game out there Continue to make changesthe game slowly loads freezes slags during songs Paid version should be ad free and unlimited talk but no idiots changed that too Yes I continue to fight and play the game so Im an idiot also Fix the game and leave it ALONE IDIOTS Game is buggy slow loading freezes pts are taking over this idiots design this game now     Idiots
The game keeps losing connectionSometimes when I try to choose a playlist for my turn the game become unresponsive somehow I cant choose a playlist so I have to close the game out Please fix           Shakur92
Why when I lock a playlist I have already BOUGHT AND PAID FOR do I have to pay 100 coins to unlock it We shouldnt have to pay to use playlist we have already bought I play other games where you can lock and unlock categories when you want to FREE Please change this I want my playlists back to play at my convenience              PLAYLISTS
Th game freezes very often It happens as I choose a playlist to challenge the other player I always have to reboot my iPhone to correct this Any ideas              Freezing
I have played this off and on for a couple of years This game is still ridiculously buggy Why I bought the plus thinking it may be the ads that was crashing it NOPE           Why so buggy
Does not work on iOS 8     Doesnt function
No sound at all with latest update What a waste Used to be fun     Terrible Terrible Terrible
This was my favorite game5 starsBUT EVERY UPDATE KEEPS making it NOT WORKafter I JUST STARTED playing again yesterdaybecause 23wks Ago IT STOPPED WORKING AFTER I PAID AGAIN FOR ANOTHER WEEKthen it worked last night but today the update gives me a WHITE SCREEN I cant play at allThanks SONGPOPIm still waiting for my6month VIP credit from the last major update messing up my ability to play from July 2013 until JANUARY 2014     Whats going on
Ive been using this app for years however it needs a whole new restructuring of its interface Also I recently noticed a Spotify option of the songs on after a round is over and you click on the individual song played is gone and it really is disappointing please bring back the Spotify option              Needs major updating
My game will not load ever since I put iOS 8 on my iPhone Ive deleted the game reinstalled it Nothing works I even tried app support which wont accept my request as I cant accurately tell it how many power ups or coins I have since my game wont load I dont know what my power ups or coins have to do with fixing the problem but whatever I guess Im done playing song pop     iOS 8 has rendered my Song Pop USELESS
If Im paying money for an app or game I expect the developer to use that money to optimize their app or game for the newest iPhones If youre gonna keep releasing non optimized versions then even the plus should be free No reason to charge if the money isnt used to give new iPhone users the best possible experience     Not Optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus
I love this game but since the iOS 8 update it runs soooo slow It takes ages to load the main page and then when you click on a player its painfully slow waiting for the playlist to load Half the time it fails or times out This is my FAVORITE game and Ive played for over 25 years so I dont want to risk losing all the people I play because of the slow loading issues Please fix     Unhappy with upgrade
Cant login with Facebook              Just paid for it
This is the worst app ever I had the free version and after downloading the new software for my phone I just knew the paid version would be so much better Ughhh no its worse When I get a text it turns the sound off really     Song bob plus
My Song Pop hasnt worked since the iOS 8 update It says loading but never does PLEASE fix it     Wont Load
How am I suppose to play a music game WITH NO SOUND Get it together If I can give this ZERO STARS I would     NO SOUND
Update installed and Song Pop is working great again So much fun So glad to have it back Do not buy if you have iOS 8 This app no longer works                 Song Pop Plus Updated for IOS 8
This is a great game but I wish that it would turn landscape for the iPad If it did I would give it five stars instead of four              Need iPad version
Wish I had not purchased this game due to every time I go to play it takes me to song pop 2 unlike other games I figured it would take over and be an unlocked version but its not Dont waste the money if you play song pop 2 stay where you are     So upset
After finally receiving the highly anticipated app update to be compatible with the iOS 8 its immediately proven to be yet again flawed Um you need to have SOUND coming from the game in order to guess the song Not happening with this update Ive had to download the app twice and still having difficulty getting sound to play on each game Get it right you guys     Latest Update No Good
This is a great game Unfortunately 90 of the time it has download problems It drops people from your play list Then there is no way to delete invitations to people who do not play I have games that are over 2 yrs old and have never been played Cant get them off my challenge list Ive payed at least 3 times for the game And yet they keep changing the subscription rules Ridiculous But the worst is the download problem It eventually will time out with an error message But if you close the app you lose the game So you have to wait and wait and wait and wait Dont get started Just step away from the game Too bad because it is fun     Too many bugs
Will this game ever get fixed I would like to be able to play on my phone Please fix the problem asap     Fix this game
Most of the people I used to play with dont play any more Can you make it possible to delete those so we can start new games           Can we delete inactive games
If you want 5 stars add more fun ways to obtain coins For example when you make a leader board achievement such as Speedster you should win 200 coins When you get 5 stars in any song category you should get 399 in coins enough to purchase a new song category Make these changes for 5 stars and guaranteed more players        Could be Better
I have been playing since DAY ONE may 2012 this game is now the worst ever After todays iOS 81 update my game wont load on 3rd gen iPad all I get is a white screen F I X this before you lose all your playersit used to be my fave game but I have been dropping players because it isnt even enjoyable anymore     This game gone soooo downhill
I bought a VIP and I cant play cause the game is not working with the IOS 8 Pelas fix it or give me back my money my time of VIP access will end and I couldnt play it all Unbeliaveable     Its not working with iOS 8
Whats the deal Suddenly stopped working Songs wont load Error messages Fix     Ok
Song pop would be perfect if only the perfect match people were actually accurate in what you liked to listen to and song pop will never be perfect UNTIL it has more breaking Benjamin songs or better yet a breaking Benjamin playlist Maybe a breaking Benjamin three days grace playlist SOMEONE PLEASE ADD MRE BREAKING BENJAMIN PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAKING BENJAMIN PLAYLIST I would be more willing to pay for stuff if it allowed me to have a playlist of something I really really loved           Song pop would be perfect but
Fun game but sometimes the app has glitches which result in lost games that shouldve been won Sometimes the app freezes completely so I have to restart my iPad and sometimes matches take FOREVER to load for whatever reason Right now none of my matches will load which prompted this review And no its not my internet Also most of the free coin offers dont work and it feels like theyre scamming you Finally sometimes the app doesnt let you select the playlists available and the only option is to go to the playlist store and I think they do this on purpose I enjoy the game but some aspects of the app are shady        Ugh
Stopped after the IOS8 update Sooo please fix it     Stop working after updated the IOS8
Still no sound I really enjoyed playing this game and every time theres an update I think it will be better but its actually gotten worse     Over it
I would rate this higher but get annoyed at the constant notifications I only want to get notified if it is my turn           Songpop

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