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Wildlife Acoustics Inc. , brings Song Sleuth: Auto Bird Song ID w/David Sibley Info with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Song Sleuth: Auto Bird Song ID w/David Sibley Info app has been update to version 1.0.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Song Sleuth: Auto Bird Song ID w/David Sibley Info is now available for 9.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 397426688, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.5 has been released on 2017-02-14.
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Song Sleuth turns your iPhone or iPad into an automatic bird song identifier covering the 200 most common vocalizing land birds in the U.S. Developed by Wildlife Acoustics, in collaboration with world-renowned bird expert and ...
This app truly should be recalled and people s money be refunded I have had it for many months and the updates have not improved the horrible field performance I have read all the instructions and watched videos but nothing helps It has maybe 10 15 accuracy Even common birds singing typical songs right next to you will come up with bizarre choices that sound nothing like the real bird It gets wrong Black capped Chickadee European Starling Dark eyed Junco American Tree Sparrow Common Grackle and the list goes on Even when you do all the proper editing of the recorded sound and have the right state chosen it still fails most of the time with none of the choices being correct How can a chickadee be mistaken for an Osprey This is a great concept but poor execution The app should be removed until it is able to have at least 85 field accuracy     Should be recalled May Cheetah Lee Ann
Sitting on my back porch in Georgia and the app has identified Bluejays common grackle an osprey and our pesky squirrels                 Fun Talskid
Found it very inaccurate in identifying songs Took five tries recording a Song Sparrow that I could see before it came up as a potential choice On the upside it is easy to use just not accurate Hopefully newer versions will improve performance     Needs work JRV1953
I used this app and it never even close to identifying the bird song As a matter of fact three different times it s first choice for the bird was a Spring Peeper which is a frog They should not be selling this app until they get it fixed     No it s not a frog Shewolfdc
It thinks Zebra when pony is the answer Is that needs work I was looking at a extremely noisy cardinal The app suggested chickadee     Waste lytae
First off if this was a prototype app I d say it had real promise As it is now it feels unfinished inaccurate and not worth ten bucks Why do I say that I purchased this ap for my iPad Air yesterday and took it in the field twice First off it has trouble IDing bird calls In general if the bird is not within ten feet or less of your location the app cannot detect it Then it s identification ability depends on the species Also the bird must do its full song to be identified Chirps and partial songs do not work What species does it id well Robins and Prairie Warblers What species does it often have trouble IDing Eastern Towhee Common Yellowthroat What species can t it ID at all Chipping Sparrow Catbird Chestnut Sided Warbler What species can it not hear at all Eastern Bluebird The ap is also bad at filtering out background noise and distinguishing calls when two or more birds call at once Footsteps crickets traffic strong wind and barking dogs can all ruin its ability to identify Also if you are trying to ID one bird singing and another starts singing mid song it cannot ID it Such as when a Phoebe starts calling while a Robin sings The ap has an odd habit of suggesting vireos for Warblers If it cannot hear anything it either tells you that or suggests three of the following human a corvid an owl or a dove or pigeon Also if you have a cover on your tablet it cannot hear sounds correctly This ap does have potential if it gets a lot of work but at the moment it is a waste of money                     Has potential but not worth the price FirstChAoS
I am primarily interested in the app for recording bird songs uploading the recordings to iCloud and including recordings with my eBird observations The app does a great job at that using an iPhone SE I like how the app allows for prerecording by continuous monitoring I like the ability of the app to clip portions of a recording I also like that it allows me to identify the bird in the recording and store the recordings with proper identification The ability of the app to id birds works marginally well                 App is good at recording bird songs Tim in Salem, OR
What the heck Couldn t be less inaccurate than sticking a bookmark in a random location in a bird guide Comes up with human squirrel and some bird not even close to my sample again and again     Horribly inaccurate seattleguitarman
I realize creating an app like this must be challenging and thanks to the developer for taking it on I have used the app quite a bit this spring 2017 As others state it does mis ID birds even based on reasonably good recordings You would think given the distinctive spectrograms of species it could be more accurate Also good birders will frequently positively ID birds the app describes as rare or not listed in the region species list possibly contributing to app inaccuracy On some occasions it has been accurate in helping me ID a bird and that was rewarding and a good learning experience I didnt expect perfection from this cutting edge technology Keep working on it and improving it developer             Needs work but encouraging PA Rider
I can record the same song standing in the same place immediately and get a completely different result The only thing I can do is to record and hopefully ID later listening to it Really bad app for beginners and I suppose anyone else hoping for an ID     Worthless laughing on the way to bank nonickname5000
This app needs some work I ve read about how to crop and how to filter etc for better accuracy I m just not having much success I m a birder and unless I see and identify the bird by sight I do not trust what this app says and the whole purpose is to help with the ones I may not know or may not see It comes up with crazy off the wall selections for the most common of birds I will keep hoping for updates that make this this work         Disappointed too expensive for what you get Rockyale
Superb app All the bases covered and a breeze to use                     Song Sleuth M.Bull
The idea of this app is great but it is totally inaccurate and completely useless in the field     Needs A LOT of work dillontheboy
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