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SoundCloud Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (SoundCloud ,SoundCloud Pulse: for creators), brings SoundCloud with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SoundCloud app has been update to version 2.2.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Soundcloud hands down the best music streaming app available..
  • This is the best music Sharing app available today..
  • Soundcloud never dissapoints when it come to sharing and discovering music..
  • Sleep timer..
  • This is one of the best music apps that I had thus far dope..
Overall Satisfactionclick me62
Love soundcloud it's has all my favorite music.
I love Soundcloud but hate the mobile app.
This is one of the best music apps that I had thus far dope.
Really ruined one of the best music apps with this update.
Great app for music has alot of different artists.
Great app for music but need to fix bugs.
It's great and a great why to listen to my favorite songs.
I hate that I can't listen to my favorite songs offline anymore.
howeve still way better than pandora or any other streaming app.
The app really needs a shuffle option like right now.
Fun & Engagingclick me60
Add a Loop option to repeat the same song over again.
I have two versions of the same song.
Most amazing app awesome music and really good beats.
Just download it and discover so much awesome music.
Sound cloud is awesome and the app works great.
Sound cloud is awesome on the desktop.
Usefulnessclick me33
I use SoundCloud everyday and I love everything about it.
Social Aspectsclick me37
Very amazing experience and customer support on social media.
This app is revolutionary within music and social media.
The same unfortunate money grab that's ruining the social media landscape.
The social aspect of the app was taken away.
The social aspect is great too.
I'm meeting new people and appreciating them for their talents.
Aldo you can help new people.
Production Valuesclick me25
Can we get some notifications & switch back to the old interface.
I love the old interface more than this new one.
Runs very smooth and I love the new interface.
I love the new interface.
Reliabilityclick me34
Ads not Intrusiveclick me28
Security & Privacyclick me26
I can flawlessly use my soundcloud account and edit my profile.
It's saved to my SoundCloud account in one central location.
Updates & Supportclick me17
and also be able to reply to comments.
Liked the old version better with the playlists.


The official SoundCloud app lets you easily access tracks sent to your SoundCloud account while on the road, at gigs, in the studio or just away from your computer. It lets you seamlessly browse and listen to the tracks from people you follow, sent to you from other people or sent directly to your SoundCloud DropBox.


On iOS4 you now can also listen to tracks in tracks in the background while checking your mail or sending tweets!

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The app is perfect for artists, A&R and label managers spending time away from their regular Dashboard who still want to access the tracks sent to them on SoundCloud. Producers can send tracks via
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
while meeting potential clients or partners right on the spot.


Please note that you will need a SoundCloud account to work with the app. Sign up for free at




- Browse and listen to the tracks sent to you and your DropBox
- Listen to tracks while using other apps (on iOS4)
- Favorite tracks of other users
- Comment on tracks and check the comments others have left
- Enjoy gorgeous artwork while playing a track
- Use the waveform to seek inside a track. Also read and leave timed comments in the horizontal player.
- Send tracks via email addresses from your local address book
- Listen to your favorites on the go
- Search tracks by name
- Switch between multiple user accounts ("revoke access" in the global settings app)


Watch out! We've got many more cool features planned for upcoming releases!


SoundCloud also works great with the
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
apps SoundGrid, FiRe and JR Hexatone.


The SoundCloud is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new SoundCloud app version 2.2.4 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about SoundCloud check developer SoundCloud Ltd.`s website : http://


Definitely better than iTunes I use it more than iTunes. found in 18 reviews
Excellent sound quality & simple enough to navigate. found in 57 reviews
Best app for deep house and techno type music. found in 12 reviews
Best music app for edm and much more. found in 17 reviews
SoundCloud is a great platform to share and listen to music. found in 24 reviews
you can find tons of cool music from lesser known sources. found in 22 reviews
use it everyday to check my favorite dj's and their releases. found in 23 reviews
Can't view track info like playlists on mixes
Unfortunately you can delete songs off your albums. found in 240 reviews
Honestly this version is cool but I can't see my followers. found in 60 reviews
but I can't see the list of people I follow anymore. found in 181 reviews
Also & most importantly I can't create playlist anymore. found in 107 reviews
I keep getting a notification about a connection problem. found in 150 reviews
Let me create and edit playlists on the app please. found in 178 reviews
Can't even see whom I'm following and make a playlist. found in 157 reviews
Also there isn't an option to change your profile picture. found in 111 reviews
This app was great at first but sadly it's been crashing. found in 30 reviews
Can't even see my private tracks or don't know how. found in 180 reviews
I've downloaded some new music and every time I try to open the app it crashes. found in 650 reviews
Can't even see who's following me or who I'm following anymore. found in 81 reviews
I can't change my profile picture look at comments or look at my followers. found in 315 reviews
I can't see who I'm following or who's following me. found in 158 reviews
Soundcloud needs shuffle and playlists for the application. found in 55 reviews
Also you can't add songs to playlists or edit existing playlists. found in 1462 reviews
how do you even add music to your playlist anymore. found in 134 reviews
Please make my list of people I follow accessible. found in 161 reviews
I can't figure out how to add songs to a playlist or delete songs. found in 30 reviews
3. found in 109 reviews
I can't even share music to my pages without it crashing. found in 357 reviews
Also I can't figure out how to make new playlists. found in 157 reviews
Can i please stop seeing Kesha when i want to listen to music. found in 2047 reviews
Also you can't even add new songs to your playlist. found in 212 reviews
It keeps crashing every time i try to open the app please fix asap. found in 650 reviews
Cant see who I'm following nor who's following me anymore. found in 157 reviews
What happened to comments and viewing followed artists. found in 203 reviews
Doesn't show posts from friends or people I follow. found in 161 reviews
Can't add to playlists and songs keep disappearing off my playlists. found in 701 reviews
I can't change my profile picture can you tell us or fix it. found in 315 reviews
Please add a Add to playlist button on each song again. found in 663 reviews
Can't even make playlist on your mobile device anymore. found in 305 reviews
I can't even see a list of people I follow or follow me. found in 181 reviews
I can't see who I'm following anymore and what's music they like. found in 158 reviews
There is no way to check notifications or respond to comments. found in 203 reviews
Can't even delete songs off my playlist or make new playlists. found in 240 reviews
No streaming your private tracks unless within a private set. found in 180 reviews
Bring the old layout back and fix glitches. found in 155 reviews
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Soundcloud Is The Best I Love It                Best
Perfect                Perfect
Can u guys make a repeat button on feature                Only Thing
I like numerous other musician used soundclound to post original music which I could only do via my PC the app is totally useless for uploading Last week I deleted my soundcloud account because even the PC site didnt recognize my correct password and its not worth the hassle dealing with    Soundcloud is my least used musical app and heres why
So basically I just got the app and it looks good But when I saw my profile my name was User there were numbers and I didnt have a picture for my profile So I went to the sidebar to check if there were settings well I didnt see it All I see was sign out share to a friend your profile No settings at all to change my profile Can you guys please fix it Im getting so frustrated and impatient    Okay Im getting frustrated
Can find anything Im looking for Why cant I see the people that Im following    This app feel so unfinished
I would use it more if I could play my music without a connection          Please add a offline option
I like sound cloud I truly do But it has some problems such as the app exits out of nowhere and some music that worked before and doesnt work later Also one of the biggest things I hate is how I cant unlike music I have chosen in the pass and I really want to see it go So pleas can you fix this I am truly sorry If I sound bossy Also another problem that gets me angry is that whenever I open soundcloud Sometimes I go to my likes and there is two of the same song Please fix this          Problems
Great music app                Awesome
WHERE IS THE REPLAY BUTTON I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MONTHS FOR A REPLAY BUTTON TO BE PUT INTO THE APP I MEAN IS IT HARD SURELY IT ISNT OH MY GOODNESS ALSO WHATS UP WITH THE POOR PROFILE DESIGN I wanna easily be able to see who Im following and whos following me similar to instagrams profile design You guys are getting left in the dust with the lack of consumer service Just sayin             Been good too me so far but
Its the best app I use it everyday                
love this app music is great                soundcloud
We want to play music without wifi Can you fix that Rather than that its a really good app          Read
Just wanna let you guys know this is the best music app I have ever used and yall crank out cool stuff all the time I just would love a bookmark for the song Im listening to if I ever cant finish a set thats really long Sometimes its hard to pause it or I accidentally shut the app down and I forget my spot If thats at all possible                App suggestion
Great apps                4S
Terrific                Great
Amazing app                Review
I love this app brings joy to me and my familys life                Loving it
I personally think that this app is really good for being free and not having to pay for extra nonsense You can do a lot of things so I would definitely recommend testing out this app                Really good
App works great for me             Like
I love sound cloud its a great way to find new artists and songs and to get your name out there in the music world                New music
Soundcloud is amazing                Dan Dollars
soundcloud is wet                its lit
Pretty much agree with most people on here app has so much potential but some how no one involved actually used this app before they shipped it Dont get me wrong the app works its not broken Its just what SoundCloud offers and what this app does are two different things For one if you are following or being followed you cant see them let alone listen to them You pretty much have to know their user name type it into search just to pull them This opens up a whole lot of other problems with the app which Im pretty sure the other reviewers have mentioned Youre better off using the web version       Lost potential
I like the idea and concept of sound cloud and the sound cloud You need to this is the kind of music you like save those for playlists but everything stored on the cloud one of the good things he is all it is not stored on your phone stored in the cloud and you need to listen to when you connect to it I guess thats one way to keep the copyright infringement from being disrespected or violated Seeing that piracy is a bad now a days Sound cloud is a happy medium for both artists and fans or listeners we did better than mediocre level of satisfaction All things considered I like Sound Cloud I hope it improves and sticks around for a long while to come             On the Real with Sound Cloud
If youre a musician and you are considering using soundcloud to get exposure dont bother You cant even upload art or a picture Its complete garbage    Terrible
This app pretty much shuffles music from a bunch of different artists unless you make your own playlists But hey I needed exactly that And it seems to work fine on data and wifi No ads either so far as Ive heard                Fine by me
My only complaint is that some of the songs I like arent on here                One of the best music apps around
Ive only have had this app for 2 or 3 days now but I love it             My review
A friend recommended this app and it had really good stuff in there Ive only had it a day and i find a good new song on there almost every time i listen to sound cloud This is the sht                Good sht
They care about the artists and its very easy to find good similar music to what youre already listening to                My favorite music app to use
we want old version pls                we want old version
Its great                
I can swipe screens in a thousand directions but I can never seem to get where I want to be Further I cant find a simple list of musicians I follow Im switching back to the web interface why bother with apps when they actually rob you of BASIC functionality       Incongruous swiping Cant find those you follow
Nice one             Nice one
This app use to be good but now it is useless You have no control over anything anymore Its all crap music coming through on your feed Just post your music somewhere else No one uses sound cloud any more and I see why    Went down hill
Love it                Great App
I enjoy listening to a variety of music not the everyday same olsame So I turn on a track and start listening to something new and different                Awesome great app
I use it more than 14 hours a day Music is life             Definitely one of my favorite apps
I think it needs more Gospel music and more praise breaks Also instrumental gospel music and praise breaks                Great app
If u hate spotify bc u want to listen to a certain song at a certain timeThis is your appIts amazing and has a MAJORITY of top songs U do have to get on a desktop to change your username but this app isnt about getting ur name out and connecting to othersits about connecting to the music                YES
I just want to listen to my music Why do you have to crash all the time       CRASH
It wont let me use the search tab Every time I tap on it the app closes       Its okay
This fools started from the bottom now on the top 10 apps thank u soundcloud                5 star app
This app bomb af                Boom
Its amazing I suggest it to everyone I just wish we could shuffle more things like my reposts or other peoples repost Alsoa notification tab So I can view who follows me and so I can see who I follow also             PERFECT BUT
nice use                nice app
This is an amazing app I absolutely love it but there is one thing that bothers me You cant repeat songs Soundcloud really needs to add this feature That is the only reason I didnt give it 5 stars             Suggestion


SoundCloud Ltd.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.2.4
iPhone iPad

iOS SoundCloud 2.2.4 Mobile

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