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Curiosity Media , brings SpanishDict with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SpanishDict app has been update to version 1.10 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The Word of the Day notification is useful..
  • Spanish Dict is probably the greatest study tool I've ever found..
  • The word of the day helps increase my vocabulary..
  • Lots of phrases and pretty comprehensive dictionary..
  • The games are great at building vocabulary..
Overall Satisfactionclick me91
I really love the word of the day and the mini quiz you can use.
By far the best Spanish dictionary /translation app out there.
It's a lot more accurate than Google Translate.
This app is extremely helpful to anyone trying to learn Spanish.
the best free spanish dictionary available in the app store.
A wonderful resource for those learning Spanish.
Best one I've used thus far.
Fun & Engagingclick me90
The app format makes learning Spanish uncomplicated and fun.
The word of the day is awesome.
I use this app and the website all the time.
Awesome app and website.
Usefulnessclick me92
Helps me learn with the correct Spanish words unlike Google translate.
There are a lot of useful phrases that are quickly accessible.
My daughter loves learning a new word every day.
Dictionary is very helpfully and I like the word of the day.
This is an incredibly helpful app.
Having it on my phone makes it very useful and convenient.
Like the word of the day great for everyday use.
What a great way to study Spanish on an everyday basis.
Repeat Valueclick me67
I wish the word of the day were more challenging though.
Ease of Useclick me80
finally simple fast one word conversions.
Having it on my phone makes it very useful and convenient.
It's easy to toggle between English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English words.
Otherwise it's a very reliable and easy to use app.
Convenient learning tool.
Easy format.
Reliabilityclick me70
Ads not Intrusiveclick me54
Updates & Supportclick me87
The current version is outstanding.


"A full Spanish-English dictionary with over 100,000 entries, right on your phone."


"A challenging word game to help you improve your Spanish."


"Over 700 words and phrases--with audio--to help you get around in Spanish speaking countries."

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"This is the best free Spanish app available in all of iTunes."




The SpanishDict app features a complete Spanish-English dictionary, talking phrasebook, interactive word game, and a word of the day. Use it as a handy reference or as a fun way to learn new words. This app is easy-to-use, feature-rich, and free!




***Spanish English Dictionary*** - The SpanishDict App comes loaded with a full Spanish-English dictionary in the app, which is much faster than apps that require an internet connection to lookup words. Words are auto-suggested as you type. Audio pronunciations of the words are available.


***Word Game*** - A fun, multiple choice word-game is included that will challenge Spanish speakers of all levels. Audio pronunciations introduce a word, your job is to select the correct translation. The more answers you get correct, the more difficult the words become. This game is surprisingly addictive.


***Talking Phrasebook*** - The talking phrasebook features over 700 common words and phrases. Each includes a text translation and an audio pronunciation of the Spanish. This is an indispensable reference for use while traveling in Spanish speaking countries.


***Word of the Day*** - The SpanishDict App has a new Spanish word for you to learn each day.


***Favorites*** - Keep track of words you are learning with the favorites feature. You can
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
yourself these words anytime.


We hope you enjoy the app. If you like it, be sure to leave a positive feedback rating and tell your friends. And as always, good luck with your Spanish!


Hasta Luego,
The SpanishDict Team



The SpanishDict is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.10 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about SpanishDict check developer Curiosity Media`s website :


Helps me learn with the correct Spanish words unlike Google translate. found in 93 reviews
extremely helpful when I'm doing my Spanish homework. found in 46 reviews
Excellent user friendly app for all levels of speakers. found in 40 reviews
This is a great app for learning Spanish and it is absolutely free. found in 129 reviews
It works great along with my other Spanish learning tools. found in 5 reviews
I enjoy receiving the word of the day too. found in 3 reviews
Helps me remember high school Spanish many years ago. found in 10 reviews
audio pronunciations for dictionary entries available in app internet connection required. found in 9 reviews
This app is just great for a beginner spanish learner. found in 8 reviews
I'm so happy I found this before I purchased Rosetta Stone. found in 13 reviews
I highly recommend this great Spanish dictionary and language learning app. found in 14 reviews
By far the best Spanish dictionary /translation app out there. found in 317 reviews
Greatest English- Spanish translator ever point blank end of discussion. found in 23 reviews
I really love the word of the day and the mini quiz you can use. found in 379 reviews
This app has been really helpful in expanding my Spanish vocabulary. found in 23 reviews
The words are usually simple and practical for beginning Spanish students. found in 10 reviews
Helps for quick translations and gives useful and educational. found in 16 reviews
Great for beginners that need a little extra help. found in 8 reviews
full spanish english dictionary with examples regional usage and contextual information. found in 43 reviews
My daughter loves learning a new word every day. found in 12 reviews
Have the "more translations" feature open Safari INSIDE the app. found in 2 reviews
annoying Ads. found in 1 reviews
Needs more vocabulary and some more complex phrases. found in 4 reviews
Fast to load and fast lookup. found in 6 reviews
wish the word game had more words. found in 5 reviews
There are words missing from this dictionary that just shouldnt be. found in 2 reviews
Updated Version not compatible. found in 1 reviews
but needs to fit iPhone 5 screen. found in 1 reviews
needs iPad support. found in 2 reviews
Love it except it needs a landscape view. found in 2 reviews
but I need big screen for iPad. found in 1 reviews
but needs an iPad app as well. found in 2 reviews
the word game crashes after about the 3rd one. found in 4 reviews
There are no apparent settings on how to remove this feature. found in 7 reviews
Note: The word game does not crash my iPod Touch 3rd gen. found in 2 reviews
The word game needs more levels and more words. found in 2 reviews
you don't need wifi access to use this app. found in 4 reviews
But the audio part of the phrases is excellent. found in 1 reviews
I wish there was more variety of words for the word game. found in 3 reviews
This app cannot translate simple words like 'let. found in 6 reviews
Needs an ipad app. found in 2 reviews
Please add copy option. found in 2 reviews
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Its a great reliable all thats very helpful                Great
Useful for some things Otherwise it closes on me if I dare to translate more than one word making the app unusable       Closes randomly
Love it                Easy to use
So far so good             Good
Mi gusta mucho Uso dulante mi clase cuando necesito traduccion Apredno una nueva palabra todo un dia                Ahmed
I used this app extensively while in Mexico Now it crashes constantly Cant even get it to open No es bueno Will try to reload and see if that helps    Was fantastic
Awesome app                F
I love this app Ive learned so much already                Love it
My girlfriend is Colombian and Im working on my Spanish Ive tried many apps and this is by far the most intuitive                The best
Yaaaaaaaaas                YAS
Such a great resource for a student learning Spanish Me gusta mucho                Great app
The SpanishDict app is a quick and effective onthego SpanishEnglish dictionary and translator It almost always has the word Im looking for offline and even when I need to go online to get examples of how a word is used the online portion usually loads quickly and seamlessly2 things I dont like about the app 1 Searching for new words online is often clunky and slow 2 The send feedback button just closes down the appOther than those two things the app is an incredibly useful tool             Love this app
I love it                A lot better than most apps
Strongly recommended                Very useful
I love the conjugations tab                Best Translating App
This is an awsome app It is even voiceover compatible                Awsome App
Entertaining Good to have                A review
I could not ask for more from this app It has everything I need I used to spend some time googling a word getting the wrong translation and clicking on random links My favorite part is that you can click on conjugation and see it all PERFECT APP                PERFECT
I rate it a 5 With Spanish my problem is with the pronunciations and this app is perfect for that Keep up the good work Thanks                Review
A really helpful app on your phone if you have only basic Spanish like meGroping for a word is made a bit easier Try it                Great for the Camino
Very accurate and helpful Easy access which is another wonderful perk                THE BEST
I love that this app frequently gives more than one translation for you to choose from A great advantage                Bilingual Teacher
We all know that google translate is a very unreliable source with poor translating abilities Dont use it Use spanishdict instead This app is absolutely excellent I use it whenever Im in doubt of anything Of course aways search smartly dont assume the first translation is correct It is the most accurate Spanish translate I have found and I highly recommend it                Best Online
This is the best Spanish translation site out there Nothing else even comes close to being as helpful and informative                The best of the best
Love it                Great app
Simple y fácil de usar Aunque muchas de las palabras diarias que me recomiende las conozco es un buen ejercicio                Me gusta la idea de la palabra diaria
I accidentally forgot my travel SpanishEnglish dictionary on my trip to Spain so I downloaded this app It came in super handy for random words that I had never used before like contraseña and sacacorchos Definitely saved the day Now Im never deleting it from my phone                Amazingly handy
I have this app on my iPhone and iPad My Spanish is quite good but there are many phrases Ive forgotten since leaving school Its great to have an app that translates quickly and educates its users My only complaint is the audio doesnt always play Finally I recommend paying the small fee to have the ads removed its well worth it                I use the App all the time
Well programmed app with good functionality as a dictionary with easy cross referencing between the languages and good for learning                Great dictionary and learning tool
Use this app to look up words fast for Spanish Es muy bueno                Great for class
Cause it told me                Read this NOW
There is one huge thing missing from this otherwise great app You MUST be able to copy from it Cut and paste from it to add to your text for whatever your writing Thats whats missing It has everything else in my opinion Why cant you take the text from the app Im writing in both languages all the time and have to go back and forth and want it to look professional I cant rely on my poor memory Sorry Signed Frustrated          SpanishEnglish Translation
Good app for my needs at this point and time I use several times a week to check spelling verb conjugations etc                Es una buena app
Its fantastic due to its ability to be accessed off line There are Country specific definitions yet this is to be expected Over all a great app                This Spanish App is very Handy
Love it So easy to use and very intuitive                The best help for my senior daughter span 2
Very simple easy to use and just what I was looking for                Great App
I love this app because anywhere I go it works even if I dont have wifi I think that this app should search full sentences I love how it has word of the day I really recommend this app for people who want to learn Spanish or English                Best Spanish app ever
This app is so great It is much more accurate and helpful than places like Google translate It helps you know which word to use in which scenario It has really helped me comprehend it and you should definitely get this                So helpful
Its not just a translator it helps you to learn the language                Love it
Great app                Great app
Muy buena aplicación                Muy útil excelente
The pronunciation is perfect and easily understood It aggregates well and rapidly responds                Perfect pronunciation
I work in a Health Dept and love this app I simply type in my question and it gives 3 different versions I show it to my patients who answer me love it Our interpreters smile as I use it when they are busy I love the word of the dayThank youRN PLCHD                Convenient pocket interpreter
I wish this scale was on 110 and the unit was inches instead of stars because this bad boy would get a foot long Great app             Spanish Dick is essential
好用                良心出品
Its not the best at translating strings of words only good at translated one word at a time makes it ok          Id give it a Meh
Nice and easy to use Love the daily words Enjoying this app                Perfect
Muy buena herramienta en mi trabajo me ayuda mucho y ahora lo puedo leer mejor gracias por toda su ayuda                Excelentes
This app is helping me with my Spanish We attend a Hispanic church and it helps so much with translating as I learn more and more                Valuable tool for language
This is is very helpful congratulations to the person or persons who invented it thank you guys                Spanish


Curiosity Media
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.10
iPhone iPad

iOS SpanishDict 1.10 Mobile

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