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PepRally, LLC , brings Specimen: A Game About Color with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Specimen: A Game About Color games has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Specimen: A Game About Color for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 63466496, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2015-07-13.
More Info: Find more info about Specimen: A Game About Color in PepRally, LLC`s Official Website : http://playspecimen.com

Specimen is an addictive, minimalist design game about color perception. Easy to learn, tough to master: simply tap the specimen that matches the background color. As you advance, earn patterned boosters and chroma coins to ...
An absolutely wonderfully executed game So much fun trying to work my way through the spectrums Gorgeous animation and sound design Thank you                     Beautiful Skinny P
A simple elegant and fresh game Super addicted                     Beautiful Gorociao
I like the colored amoeba blobs and I like picking the one that matches the background Would really really appreciate an untimed mode you could even just call it a practice mode Time limits are incompatible with relaxation That s work not play I d also like info directions help something explaining what the black and white patterned blobs mean Two seconds of info flashed at the beginning of a level if that s what it is doesn t help Maybe everyone else but me is too smart to need this all spelled out Or maybe others would like the same thing It would sure be friendlier             Pretty colors baffling effects phibetakitty
It s a great game to test your eyes It starts of easy but it gets harder and harder Your eyes might become your worst enemies                     Great Koloshow
Definitely an entertaining quick play I d like to see a mode for color impaired players though as even a mild partial color blindness can make the game a lot harder or impossible                     Fun game Unbiased Writer
Addictive and not as easy as it looks                 Fun JYK98
The timed element adds that extra spice but I wish I could turn that part off if I wanted to for an extra second to think about what I m pressing I have pressed the wrong color out of sheer reaction time not because I actually thought I had the right color but was wrong good game overall and unique                     Challenging and fun SkaDot
I found out about this app Time is the overseer of all things from a stock ticker article Time is the overseer of all things I m a four eyes but I Time is the seer of all things have descent color perception good rods and Time is the overseer of all things cones I suppose Not when it comes to the color Time is the overseer of all things green apparently and that s why I m certain that time is the overseer of all things                     Very tight ... TRM ...
I would love this game but the touch response is badly delayed Please fix it                 Specimen color game Glk25
And squinting This game will have you questioning your senses and wondering do I really see the same colors other people do What is art Will man ever walk on Pluto Why s it called double u when it s clearly two v s Point is Specimen is a lot of fun                     Can t stop tapping Rogerlovespizza
A beautiful and addictive little game that has brought out my competitive streak I will make it to the next level I will                     Fun fun fun Angry Action Fan Grrr!
I m not sure what I expected going into this but this game is not it However it was definitely a pleasant surprise As the game gets more challenging you have to really focus and that makes even a simple one touch game SUPER addicting I would definitely recommend                     WOW ms fortune
Need to beat epsilon                     Can t stop playing Suddenlystoppedworking
This is hands down one of my favorite games of all time As soon as I started playing I was hooked and have a hard time setting it down I dream about color theory and matching specimens                     Amazing BrandiEHudson
This game got me good                     Wonderfully animated and brilliant music Saskdraws
I normally don t play any games I am a design nerd and I am always very picky about the user experience of any kind of application But Specimen is so well conceived and perfectly executed that I can t help but simply keep on playing with it Gameplay is very easy to grasp and highly addictive with its simplicity The whole experience is fun and rewarding and the soundtrack is a gem as well definitely one of my favorite apps ever I am curious about future developments and it s also free TOTALLY RECOMMENDED                     highly addictive and so beautifully designed Giorgia981
Awesomely unique game Incredibly difficult but soooo much fun                     Fantastic The Jakalope
Brilliant design I can t stop tapping                     Wow Hohusen
Who would think that matching colors could be so challenging You quickly become addicted and want to best yourself Even if you lose a round it s fun to watch the colorful floating specimens while listening to curiously soothing sounds Bravo on great execution                     Mesmerizing Curiously Challenged
Simple and extremely fun Design and music are top notch                     Great game Steve Niebauer
It s kinda like those test your color perception tests Very fun                     Unique fun Gabe Askew
I m a big time game player during my commute on the train and this is definitely one of my new faves Will be interested in seeing if my color perception improves over time or not                     Gamer Khen123
Very clever game                     Great Fun Ggfggfm
Nicely designed and beautiful animation Love the challenge                     Colorblind AND STILL FUN Phiiiiiilll dawwwwg
But this game is fun as hell regardless                     I must be colorblind handshake
I m enjoying the challenge with this one                     Petri riffic BigBabyJackson
Very fun                     Feels so good to be so bad Paulbz
What a fresh new game Bad eyes and all I can t get enough of these little germs                     Colors Cooties theejana
Unbelievably addicting I m in love with all the subtle animations that make the game feel so good                     All the little things make it great Adam Plouff
CAN T STOP                     SO GOOD maxnelson
It s amazing how the eyes get better at recognizing slight color differences after practice It s so much fun                     A workout for the eyeballs Lou Morton
But I still love it I have a new antipathy for the color blue                     I am so bad at this its_brunch
Superb design You ll be amazed at how much better your color perception gets after a few plays                     Gorgeous and Fun Cody Uhler
I can t put down this beautifully designed game so fun to pass around with friends and see who s best                     COLOR ME DELIGHTED t0m4h4wk
This game is ridiculously fun and surprisingly addictive The mechanics are beautifully balanced so you get a real sense of accomplishment as you progress at your own pace Highly recommended for anyone aged 3 to 300                     The perfect game for color enthusiasts juicysauce
This game is fantastic So much fun                     LOVE Tuggie D
You ve been warned                     Super beautiful super addictive Jrlevine
Can t stop playing this                     Addictive yewknee
Can t stop playing Such satisfying animation and music I want to keep attacking those little specimen bubbles forever For real gotta try this                     Addicted Lisbylisbert
Super fun game Deceptively challenging to play I keep coming back to this one                     Awesome backsmith
Fun clean addictive Great for playing in short bursts or longer subway rides It s very satisfying to get better at detecting subtle differences in hue luminance and saturation Spectrums that used to look like ten of the same color become conquerable over time                     Couldn t stop until I got to Zeta higafox
I m addicted love this game                     So Rad dprife
Really fun and beautiful design                     Super fun Shooter1234577899
Love this game Can t stop playing Plus getting good at telling colors apart                     3 luisa_ph
I love the idea alone someone made a game out of color theory and perception But to have it this good well thought out beautiful and fun to interact with is just aces Not to mention completely addictive and maddening when your eyes seem to give out on you Highly recommended                     The COLORS Mibaji
Specimen: A Game About Color Games Game About Color SpecimenSpecimen: A Game About Color Games Game About Color SpecimenSpecimen: A Game About Color Games Game About Color SpecimenSpecimen: A Game About Color Games Game About Color SpecimenSpecimen: A Game About Color Games Game About Color Specimen

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