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FreshLogo , the publisher behind many iOS games (Spell Mania - Word Spelling Games and Boggle Trainer ,Synonyms Quiz ,Anagrams HD ,Spell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words ,Find The Synonym ,Anagram Stack HD), brings Spell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Spell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great mental exercise and so addictive..
  • This is a good puzzle game that keeps me going back..
  • also it's a great learning tool..
  • Great game to play in waiting rooms..
  • This game is fabulous for kids and adults..

Overall Satisfactionc91
I love word games and this is my favorite one so far.
This is by far my favorite game of this style though.
Wonderful game to relax with.
I would definitely recommend this game.
This game is amazing.
My husband loves spell and fill.
Mind opening tool love it.
Fun & Engagingc91
This app is fun and very addictive.
Awesome game keep up the excellent work.
This game has been very fun and addicting.
It's especially fun to make your own grids.
It's a nice little game for my downtime.
Loads of fun keeps you thinking.
This game is really addicting.
This game is super addicting I play it all the time.
This games is entertaining while you are still learning new words everyday.
I play every day and my vocabulary is expanding.
I use it in school every day and my teachers love it.
Great for spelling and thinking of words not used everyday.
Helpful Sleep -aid.
Family Friendlyc95
This game is fabulous for kids and adults.
I got my 14 year old grandkids hooked on it.
It's a great app to play with your kids.
Good fun for the hole family.
Replay Valuec92
Very challenging and extra super duper pure lumper Tupperware fun.
great brain exerciseu2026can be addictive.
This is a fun challenging word game that is so addicting.
This game never gets old for me.
I want some more hints so I am writing this review.
Social Aspectsc87
Keeps my brain agile and helps in words with friends.
The new words with friends.
Ease of Usec83
Simple to play and surprisingly fun.
Very simple to play.
Easy to get hooked.
It's a simple and addictive game.
Haven't noticed any bugs or problems.

This is my new favorite word game. found in 9 reviews
Awesome game keep up the excellent work. found in 44 reviews
Fun and addictive game for all ages. found in 3 reviews
I can sit and play for hours. found in 7 reviews
Keeps my brain agile and helps in words with friends. found in 8 reviews
Loads of fun keeps you thinking. found in 8 reviews
but actual sound effects that go along with swiping. found in 2 reviews
Wish there was a timed option though. found in 2 reviews
It's a great game especially cause you don't need internet. found in 1 reviews
Great replacement for doodling during boring meetings. found in 2 reviews
Challenging without being frustrating. found in 2 reviews
But overall this game helps you think of new and interesting words. found in 2 reviews
it doesn't pick up where I left off. found in 2 reviews
Needs sounds. found in 1 reviews
mind stimulating game but some words seem made up. found in 3 reviews
Great game but some words are very tough. found in 2 reviews
But 1 suggestion. found in 1 reviews
Fun game to waste time while waiting. found in 6 reviews
I've played games with more inconsistent dictionaries. found in 2 reviews
Needs larger grids as an option. found in 4 reviews
Wish there were a few levels of play. found in 2 reviews
but you can't save the game. found in 3 reviews
So please list the words in the grid which we couldn't get. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't accept some words that are real. found in 1 reviews
This game is terrible. found in 1 reviews
UPDATE: tired of Game Center always prompting to turn on :. found in 3 reviews
There are ads running at the bottom - but unobtrusive. found in 2 reviews
Worst game. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Spell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Spell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words in FreshLogo`s Official Website : http://www.wordmillgames.net

SpellGrid Swipe over the letters in the grid to spell as many words as you can. Discover 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7-letter words. 2 game modes: Spell Grid - 3 x 3 grid Try to find all the ...
Love spell grid very challenging                     Player gloflo Glow916
Addicting Crazy way to learn new words                 Maid
You can get stuck I used my clue aerie When I inputed itit was impossiblejust the very last word Other than that it is funhelps you brush on your alphabetical skillsfor remaining wordssomewhat a guessing game              Spell grid
Great game very addicting                 August 26 2015
I love this game Totally great time waster                 Love it
Fun during flights and long commutes Hard to put the phone down once Im on a roll                 Seriously Addictive
It is a good game but some of these words are in question It is a fun game but frustrating because of those words that are in question           Good game but
I love this little gem of a game I cant seem to put my phone down Great fun                 Highly Addictive
Love this game I am addicted to word games and I enjoy this one more than most of the others I play                 Spell Grid
Addicting                 Addicting
Love the game Just wish you that once you misspell a letter in a word you could just correct the one letter and not have to key in the whole word again                 SpellGrid Fun
Just started playing this game and I am hooked big time Love it Recommend it to anyone Challenging and fun                 GG
I love this game Fun to play anywhere                 AWESOME
Writing a review so I can get another clue Friggin addicted                 Need another clue
Very entertaining Helps keep your mind sharp                 Word Grid
I cant put this game down It is the best game ever I just downloaded it yesterday and I have to keep charging my phone to play it                 Loving it
Challenging And fun              Great app
This game is awesome when you are bored It passes time quickly and exercises your brain I love it                 Super fun
Very fun              A
This game is fun Makes your brain work to see patterns                 Fun fun
This game is very fun and very addicting Its great for when you need to pass the time              Very fun
It is a very good game its challenging so if you looking for a challenging game get this also I personally like how they give you an option to make your own bored                 Awesome game get it its really good
Very fun but at times very frustrating Some of the words used Ive never heard of let alone used Loads of fun                 Addicting but difficult
Its a great gane just that sometimes it has words that dont even exist              Great game
I would like to see the definitions when I finish a game but the game disappears immediately and the words and definitions seem to be lost to me If I could see instructions for avoiding this problem I would gladly give this game 5 stars As it is it loses 2 stars from the annoyance factor           I enjoy the game but
I really enjoy this game its challenging and entertaining and the variety of words is stellar              Fun game
I love word games without time pressure I can play forever                 Really enjoyable
Lots of fun                 Amazing
Great game use it with my physics     Ms
There is a vast majority of words that Ive never heard of which makes the end of levels tedious Tayra A species of weasel in South America Really Get a better dictionary to base the game off of or at least have someone go through and check some words Other than that it is fun Not sure if I will keep it due to this issue              Words
Addictive EducationalFun to play Love the game                 Spell grid
I love this game Im speechless                 Awesome
Fun way to waste a little time              Fun time occupier
Easy to use fun game play no time limit thank you Very engaging without a lot of fancy garbage in the way Now Make a 2 player version Seriously though Love it and thanks for the awesome game                 Almost perfect
Love this game It is challenging but not impossible Love the save option Allows you to resume the game                 Fun and addicting
I like the way the game grids can be played over and over so you can challenge your friends and see if you can beat their score                 Challenging and fun
Great game for down time              Great game
I love the unlock feature Finally a puzzle game that helps you without charging extra money              Definitely addictive
Fun game                 Great
Yeah                 Good
I love this game I play it as much as possible I learn all kinds of new words and their meanings                 Review
Awesome game                 Love it
Great game its addicting great to play with family and you learn words youve never heard of Love it love it                 Best game ever
Just wish it would remember words when phone is off           Great game
I love this game So much fun                 Awesome
great game never knew such hard 4 letter words              fun way to keep my mind sharp
This game is challenging and addicting I recommend it for kids and adults It can easily become a 2 player game if you set some rules So fun                 Such a Fun Game
I love it                 Great game
I am so addicted to this game particularly the 3x3 grid You have to find all the words but after youve found a few it gives you hints for all the others Once youve completed a grid it lets you see the complete word list and you can even get the definitions of the words which is great since it does use some pretty obscure ones                 Totally addicting
Incredibly challenging and awesome Fun all around                 Awesomeness

Spell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell GridSpell Grid : Swipe Letters, Spell Words Games Spell Grid

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