Spinny Circle

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Bug fix...
18.5 MB
Josiah Jenkins
iPhone iPad
Requires iOS 6.1 or la

Description - Spinny Circle

Josiah Jenkins, the publisher behind many iOS games (Go Far! ,Crazy Lamp ,Spinny Circle ,Go Ball Go), brings Spinny Circle with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Spinny Circle games has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Spinny Circle is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 18.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2015-09-04. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
More Info: Find more info about Spinny Circle in Josiah Jenkins`s Official Website : http://www.jsjpromo.com

Tap to rotate the polygon to the correct color before the ball lands or it`s GAME OVER. How long can you last?
This app would be really good if there werent any ads While I was playing an ad popped up and interrupted me I hate the ads        Has to many ads
So much fun                 Bddt bddt
I love the game the ads ruin it           Fun
This game is really cool I think its got a great design Fix the ads please Im getting ads in the middle of me playing And they upset me more than YouTube ads                 Awesome game
This game is extremely fun and very addicting                 Fun
This game is one of those repetitive but really addictive games Its pretty basic and easy to get but its not like its that cool or interesting enough to give it five stars And the ads are very very VERY excessive and end up ruining the game Not only do they show up but they show up WHILE your playing which doesnt really make sense You could be right about to get a high school and suddenly an add will show up You can exit out of the ad but the game doesnt pause for you so you just automatically lose just because of an annoying ad getting in your way Honestly the game isnt exactly amazing but it could be considered really fun without the ads and I probably would have kept it if it werent for them     Fun ads ruin it
Mine wouldnt even open and i deleted it but im redownloading it to see if that will work i dont get why it wont open someone help me i havent even got to play it yet           WHAT
its a really fun game but in the middle while the game is still going an ad pops up and makes u loose its so frustrating           ads
Ads happen while your playing and it damages possible high scores Its really annoying and needs to be fixed     Ads are too frequent
There is too many ads on the game and its getting really annoying Im thinking of not playing the game cause I cant enjoy it after playing 1 game and having to wait 15 to 30 seconds to play again and doing the same progress less ads plz           Problems
Please fix the ads in this application I love how hard this game is but when I just got to my highest score and it glitches out it gives you 7x more ads you ever get while playing the game when it is functioning That being said I had chose to get used to the horrible torture of ads every OTHER time I played which was often I love this game and I tell people about it just fix it already please     ATTN IT DEPT FOR SPINNY CIRCLE
The ad videos popping up in the middle of your game is infuriating How do the developers expect anyone to play this game with that happening Fix it     Infuriating
The game is fun but the pop up too much and is ruining the game     Ads are horrible
Why the excess ads Deleting it     Ads
The ads are very disturbing Please please pleaseee remove the ads that appear while were playing Thanks           Just 1 thing
It is very hard to enjoy this game with all of the adds that interfere        Way too many adds
Way too many AIDS the game is fun tho                 AIDS
This game is fun and addictive                
You cant get through a single game either it randomly bugs out and changes colors as it touches the line and drops or the circle gets crooked so the balls only option is to land in the middle of two lines and it just ends it or a pop up comes up mid game and ends the game I would love the game I did before it got worse but now it wont work for me        Too many ads bugs
im deleting the app bc there is an add after almost everytime you finish one game its just stupid its a great idea adds totally ruined this for me dont get it     ads make this unbearable
The amount of ads is unbelievable I like it and it is fun but I cant take the ads Uninstall for the amount of them              Way too many ads
Im playing in mid game and just an ad pops up and messes up my score           Too many ads
It was great but cut back on the ads              It was great
To many ads and I cant listen to music while playing the game and theres no place to turn of the sound for the game I live his game but fix the app     To many ads and not music
when i first played it was pretty fun because its challenging yet simple but ads would pop up when your playing and can restart your game this happened once when i was about to get my high score           Fun Game but ads ruin it
It was great until I found out how many ads there were PLEASE FIX     Was great
The game has way to many adds in the middle of the game there will be a add but other than the adds the game is pretty nice and challenging           The Game Has To Many Adds
Lets say this add backwards and forward buttons and add less adds if that makes sense           Adds and add forward and backwards
Great game I love it But Ive never seen so many ads in one game I understand ads its how the company makes money on their game But chill out Especially when you got them popping up on me mid game Unnecessary           Holy ads
Game is fun and hard at a good spot But the ads are too annoying        Fun nice look many ads
During the middle of games random ads will just pop up I have lost many high scores due to ads popping up     Too many ads
this game is fun but there are too many ads if it didnt have excessive ads i would delete it           fun but
I love the game but it wont let me play anymore And no offense but too many ads Hold off a bit                 Can I play
The ads pop up while Im in the middle of me playing and it makes it really tempting to delete it     Way too many ads
Way too many ads I eventually deleted this app because the ads got in the way and made me not want to play this game anymore     Ads
First I loved the game but then there where so many ads during me playing and its stupid they need to fix that and when they do Ill re download it     Ads
Its a decent game to play when youre bored that if there werent any ads Literally every time after a game which lasts about 510 seconds theres an ad Please get rid of the ads     Way too many ads
The game is alright but the ads take the fun out of it However Ive learned that when you put it on airplane mode it cant load the ads              Airplane Mode for Ads
If you use airplane or have no internet no ads will pop out                 Use airplane mode
It opened up 3 ads in the middle of my game Screw this     Too many ads
Best game since Flappy Bird actually tough                 SpinnyCircle Awesome
this game is pretty much addicting but its so fun                 addictinggg
SO MANY ADS And u know what Its bad to have so many ads cause then sooner or later well get so into that game that we will forget all about this app        Excessive ads
I was at 99 then an add popped up and I lost I hate this gameThere are so many ads you cant even enjoy the stupid game     Really
The game itself is actually pretty fun and deserves 45 stars But the ads are horrible They pop up after every other game and sometimes even in the middle of playingJust charge more for the ad space and run them a lot less often Or just do non intrusive ads only     Wayyyyyy too many ads Deleted within the first 5 minutes
game has double ads do not download     horrible
Jesus played two games at a time and ads ruin it     Did I download an ad app
Its an awesome game and hard its challenging                 Really fun game
Really fun game but it just had so many ads that will even pop up in the middle of your game Not worth wasting time unless you buy the ad free version              Stop the Ads
This isnt a tripleA game with a 200m budget I understand the desire to capitalize off of hard work put into an app but this app is totally not worth watching 5 advertisements per minute Greedy developers and boring game in my opinion     Obstructive ads and too many of them

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