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DeviceVM, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Splashtop Remote Desktop ,Splashtop Remote Desktop Free), brings Splashtop Remote Desktop with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Splashtop Remote Desktop app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The highest performance remote access app bringing Windows to your iPad, for the first time featuring full video and audio support!


* See and control your entire Windows
PCPersonal Computer
as if you are in front of it

Splashtop Remote Desktop
Tags :   windows ,   access ,   desktop ,   remote


* Access all of your Windows files and programs


* Watch videos in any format (including Flash!), and listen to your entire music library


* Play advanced Windows games via patent-pending Splashtop streaming technology


* Connect to multiple PCs with the same
iPadtablet made by Apple


* Interact with Windows applications using intuitive touch controls and familiar iPad gestures


Fast and easy setup:


* One-click access to your Windows
desktopa desktop is a computer
with minimal setup


* Application finds your local computers automatically


* Supports all versions of Windows 7 and Vista, including Home Premium. Limited support of Windows XP (no sound)


The Splashtop Remote Desktop is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Splashtop Remote Desktop in DeviceVM, Inc.`s Official Website :


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This is the best app I dont need a laptop because I can access everything from my tablets And I can check what the kids are working on from my bedroom or away from homebest app                Best app ever
This app works great It lets me connect to my PC wherever I have internet connectivity It allows me to travel with my iPad and use my PC when necessary                Great
Great app for connecting locally with multiple computers The paid subscription to access my computers over the web worked well I only paid for the year I needed that access                Awesome
Cant use this for Maya very well without changing Maya preferences around and still having problems with the work around       No middle mouse button
Stable works over all networks a pleasure to use I like the trackpad feature since that works easier for me than straightup mouse mode Even hitting cntraltdel is easy The only enhancement Id request is the ability to copy text from the remote machine and paste it on the iPad                Works great
I use this app nearly every day Easy to setup and easy to use                Simple solution to remote access
Needed this for emergency access to my desktop while on vacation It works great The fee was reasonable at 199month Access is easy and fast                Works great
This app works fantastically even from other networks Ive pulled files from my PC to my tablet from separate states Hasnt crashed or done unexpected stupid things since a month after I bought it I would love to see it have the ability to wake up a sleeping computer from another network but I have otherwise no complaints                Why laptop when this
ok i use this app to connect my ipad to my laptop and its perfect because i a an aspiring artist and i am saving money to buy a REAL drawing tablet but for now i have been using my ipad and this app works perfectly and though there may be some lag sometimes it works great anyway the navigation is good and it was considerably easy to aet up i did have a little trouble at first because when i had signed in on both of them on my ipad i had forgotten ONE letter and it still signed me in so i was unable to connect but after the fifth try or ao i fixed it and began using the app its well worth its cost             great
Love this app so easy to setup easy to use                Splashtop
I travel a lot and have been searching for a long time for an app that will let me work from the road on my iPad This app is much better than any other app available Love it                Great App
I use it once in a while for work It lets me do my work from home because using my mini iPad I am able to access my work computer Over Christmas I was able to do my work while I was on vacationAlso I installed it on my moms computer and because if this I have been able to help my mom remotely countless timesHighly recommended                Great convenient
First theres no reason to purchase a subscription unless you need remote access If you want to control another machine on your local network you dont need an account Thats how I use it on my iPad mini I was worried about ease and speed of connection scaling navigation and UI control of a Win 7 machine with a large screen Ive used it for quite awhile now and I have no complaints whatsoever In fact I generally work from my deck overlooking a sweet lake Simple quick and easy working with any application Ive thrown at it You will need to download a bit of software on your PC I assume the same for Mac that installs as a service so it will always load and run at startup though you could set it to manual but that would kind of defeat the purpose Its a rare 5star app for me                5 Stars on Local Network
Ive been using this on a home network with 3 other people 3 ipads 1 quadcore late 2012 completely unreal Dont hesitate to get this full computer on the go or at home                Great for years now
Does everything as expected A little difficult with odd keys in proprietary software but it eventually works             Great App
Great app                Perfect
This app is super useful Its super easy to use and requires next to no setup All that you have to do is download the streamer on your pc or mac and sign into your splashtop account                Awesome
Isnt the whole point of remote access is to access your computer remotely If I want to access my computer at home why dont I use my home computer instead of this app Nowhere does the description says you have to pay extra for remote access it just says inapp purchases Misleading advertising at its bestI want a refund    Why do I have to pay extra to use it on a different connection
This is a great app for accessing you desktop PC remotely I use it for troubleshooting my kids computers right from the comfort of my recliner as well as accessing my main computerYes you are paying for the app and have to pay a subscription to access across the Internet but that is clearly stated in the apps Details section If you read it             Works as Advertised
Really great app I use it at work related access and it give me great ability to fix some issues Like it very much                Great app
This is a great app for mirroring your desktop on the iPad Yes there is maybe a tenth of a second lag time but unless your into games needing split second responses you wont be able to tell it The only thing I could suggest is a more natural control of the mouse I have used this as a teacher to present lessons while not being chained to a document camera or computer and standing in one spot all the time For this purpose it is fantastic                Does exactly what it is designed to do
This app is already 3 why cant all the features be included with the app Im not paying another 2 to be able to access my computer from Africa Whats even worse theres subscription if you want to access your computer from anywhere you have to pay 2 monthly which to me is really stupid Never again will I get an app from splash top such bad apps and prices    Bad
Ive tried many apps to control my 10 lbs work laptop remotely including Team viewer Jump desktop Microsoft remote desktop All had one annoying problem or another For example automatically disconnecting when iPad is off or requiring Windows logon repeatedly or minimal options for simulating a remote mouse Splashtoo desktop gives one the control of how each of these options should be set and remembers the setting for each PC Two thumbs up Note that I am using the personal version on a LAN only Accessing from outside as LAN will cost you about 17 a year Need to download free software for the computer you are trying to reach                Options to meet anyones needs
Love this app I work from all over from my office Have had no problems so far Luv it                Splash
Primary purpose for purchasing SplashTop was to TCB when away from home Its amazing how from California I could literally use my home computer do download jobs from email and Internet and even print invoices in Maryland On a convenience level I can sit in kitchen in the morning and use iPad Air to play Webkinz via SplashTop to PC I will be renewing license come June Amazingly this works just as well on my Moto X2 There was no additional monthly payment for wifi use but I bought the anywhere use so even in the middle of a parking lot I can use cellular service to connect to home Couldnt be more pleased                Best Work App I Have
Does exactly what it is designed to do and does it with elegant simplicityOne minor quibbleWould wish for a setting that enables Skip Logon Screen enabling singleclick access to PC Well as I said a minor quibble only                Flawless Indispensible
The app works exactly as advertised but it only has a few things to work on The mouse pointer thingy needs to have a larger area and I cant customize the size it is Itd be nice if it was as large as the WASD stick This is on the productivity pack BTWThe rest of the app is pretty cool and the productivity pack is well worth the money Im using it to play Minecraft and it works very well with the ability to move buttons around on the screen I can customize my interface as I want it Through the internet I get a bit of lag but its the closest thing I have to playing the desktop version of Minecraft on my iPad             Almost perfect
Great app and customer serviceKeep up the good workThanks                Perfect app
You would think that after spending 499 outright on an app that the usage would be free but then when you try to control your computer it requires you to pay you 199 monthly fee Absolutely deceptive and not mentioning that price for purchasing makes me never want to associate with this company again    DECEPTIVE APP I want a refund
Splashtop works well overall a little cumbersome when using mouse             Works well
I have had this app for a very long time Now they want to charge a subscription fee like I said No thanks    NO THANKS
This app works perfectly Using Windows 7 on my PC and it works seamlessly I connect to watch flash shows and do other things Im unable to via iPad If youre looking for a remote way to connect to your PC youve found your app right here                Remote Connect
If I had to be very critical the only complaint I have is the scrolling function not being as smooth as one would like it to be Other than that its a great app             Love it
Wasted of money dont by this app dont work    This is stupid
Doesnt work with OS X Yosemite The app doesnt see the Mac on the network From reading the comments it looks like this problem has persisted for 6 or 7 months Thats a long time to do nothing    Broken
Yes I can access my comp from my iPad but at an extremely slow pace Now I havent tried the subscription that allows you to use it away from home but I can say that without it it isnt worth using for any reason whatsoever I gave it 2 stars because its a cool idea and I want it to work but its honestly not even worth a dollar in its current state Ill keep an eye out for updates but Im not using it until its improved If the subscription is the same pace you are better off driving home and using your desktop than using this app assuming the drive is less than a couple hours it should be much faster       It works but not well
Great app I use it to control my Mac mini as Im using the mini mostly as a music server There is a slight lag when using iPad to scroll but my separate wireless keyboard and track pad work perfectly             Splashtop Review
The app has had few dips but overall has been an excellent tool for me I use it from my iPhone and iPad It allows me to access my PC anytime I need to             Wonderful Helpful
A remotedesktop app For 3 bucks Yeah I got excited to Until that is after I bought the app and got everything set up then it told me YOU NEED TO PAY A SUBSCRIPTION TO USE IT OUTSIDE YOUR OWN HOUSE AND YOU NEED TO PAY ANOTHER SUBSCRIPTION IF YOU WANT TO USE KEYSLol yeah no deleted    Cheated me out of 299 Gg no re
My initial review of this app was pretty bad because I couldnt get help I was able to retrieve my old username and password and now use it almost every day if not every day                Love it
Ever since I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 the finger touch locations are improperly located Touch one place and its as if youve touched an inch to the left Needs upgrade          Problems After Upgrade to Windows 10
Bad business model    Bait and switch
The desktop remote works great you can see the screen and everything and the control is really nice too But dont use it for games because1 arrow keys exist but thats all no WASD2 you cant hold to interact since this keyboard wont let you3 you want your mouse sensitivity to be WAY LOWERonce again its a great app but honestly they should not advertise this for gaming if it doesnt even support itAlso when it says access from anywhere it means in the same building Unfortunately Remote Desktop when the computer is off still doesnt exist yet and thats kind of the whole reason I brought it Because I wanted to go away on a trip and still have access to my computer but I guess thats not happening          NOT FOR GAMES
Great app very useful for managing computers Works great no issues                Artist
So much easier to use than Logmein                Great app
Use splash top as my primary access to my Mac mini Even use it to log in while on the road Would prefer lower subscription cost but none of the freebies worked to any great degree             A must have app
This app will allow you to use your iPad connected to your computer if youre in the same network Doesnt sound like it was advertised If you want to use it with your computer on a different network you will have to pay a monthly fee Also you cannot return the app to get your money back from iTunes I have not used this app once upon opening it I found that I had to pay for monthly fee and now I cant get my money back    Do not buy
So I paid for the app before and now you want a paid subscription No thanks Google makes a Remote Desktop app and its free       Paid Subscription
All the REAL reviews who arent happy with the app need to let Apple know we are getting ripped off It needs better clarification upfront so you dont buy the app for 5 then only to find out its a monthly fee to use it Who is going to buy an app for money just to never be able to use it and have it taking up space on your device Its NOT deceptive its FRAUD and we were duped under false pretenses It should be a FREE app then pay for the inapp purchase That way you know what your getting upfront Dont get this app unless you have money for subscriptions or the monthly fee Ill be contacting Apple directly Will update in the future    Got screwed
Really nice for utilizing many different computers Left your assignment on the laptop you left at home No problem SplashTop lets you retrieve it easily I really like this app             Super helpful


DeviceVM, Inc.
Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
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iPhone iPad

iOS Splashtop Remote Desktop Mobile

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Splashtop Remote Desktop
Splashtop Remote Desktop Free

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