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Spotify Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Spotify ,Spotify for Artists ,Spotify for iOS 4), brings Spotify with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Spotify app has been update to version 0.5.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's convenient and a huge money saver..
  • And it is awesome..
  • This app was life changing for me..
  • This really is the best music program available on the market..
  • Really like this app very good for college students..

Overall Satisfactionc92
Amazing app best music app out there way better than pandora.
The best way to listen to music without having to buy a ton of music.
which is annoying since I like to listen to music in the shower.
So far it's way better than pandora or any other station I've tried.
The new radio feature is amazing and better than Pandora.
They love being able to listen to songs from their favorite movies.
Wasted time creating playlists to not being able to listen to them now.
the sound quality is impeccable and service affordable.
Mm way better than ITunes Radio and pandora I just lovvveee itttt.
Spotify is the best thing about having a new iPad.
Fun & Engagingc89
Really awesome music app and good quality music.
I have found that I keep listening to the same songs over and over.
I cant play any of my songs over lte.
Spotify is awesome it is the best music app ever.
Love this app music all the time depending on mode.
Listen to it all the time and has almost every song I search.
Had it since its been released and I'm obsessed.
It's great get to listen to everything I wanna hear now.
Best way to listen to everything before having to buy.
Facebook doesn't need to be attached to EVERYTHING.
I love this app I use it all day everyday.
This app runs all day everyday for me.
How have I lived without you for so long.
Idk how I ever lived without spotify.
Family Friendlyc77
The family plan is great and decently priced.
Need Family Plan & Playlist Sorting.
Social Aspectsc91
Best app for music discovery & sharing music with friends.
downloading playlists and sharing music with friends.
Ads not Intrusivec94
I just begin listening so far it's less commercials than pandora.
Much better variety and a lot less commercials than Panndora.
Not many commercials and you can have all your favorite songs.
in my opinion not that many commercials and great quality.
Security & Privacyc42
the premium account is totally worth every cent.
Unless you have a premium account this app is absolutely worthless.
Updates & Supportc45
After dealing with the wonderful customer service people at pandora.
Customer service was very helpful in getting things worked out.
I think the monthly fee for the premium version is worth it.
and I'll definitely be upgrading for the premium version.
Definitely will not pay for the premium version.

This is definitely the best streaming music app available. found in 254 reviews
Beats pandora and iTunes Radio by a long shot. found in 73 reviews
So far it's way better than pandora or any other station I've tried. found in 2420 reviews
Ten times better than Pandora or any other music service 10 stars. found in 44 reviews
This is the best music application in mobile computing right now period. found in 47 reviews
You basically have ALL music at your fingertips whenever you want it. found in 44 reviews
spotify has to be one of the best music apps out there. found in 446 reviews
It blows pandora out of the water simply because it's more than a radio. found in 78 reviews
The premium service is a music lover's dream come true. found in 48 reviews
I'm thinking of possibly canceling my subscription if this doesn't get fixed. found in 35 reviews
Please bring back volume control for the Now Playing screen. found in 12 reviews
My only complaint is that radio doesn't work on the iPad. found in 20 reviews
4 stars because I can't search or sort playlists. found in 17 reviews
Just wish there were unlimited skips without a subscription. found in 158 reviews
I highly recommend downloading if you're a paid subscriber. found in 25 reviews
Premium subscription could be a few dollars cheaper. found in 158 reviews
it will say " unable to play song" for no reason. found in 22 reviews
I don't know half of the songs anymore. found in 21 reviews
I've been a loyal premium subscriber for over a year. found in 84 reviews
but now you have to have Facebook and I don't have a Facebook. found in 57 reviews
I would appreciate if they didn't require facebook login. found in 47 reviews
I hope the developers fix the issue with Starred songs. found in 29 reviews
I can't delete songs from my playlists anymore. found in 45 reviews
but the leak of iPad support makes me give 2 stars. found in 16 reviews
Sometimes when I change songs too fast the app crashes. found in 31 reviews
Artist Radio needs to be put in the iPhone app BADLY. found in 17 reviews
Doesn't want to change from the lock screen won't pause either. found in 80 reviews
Would be perfect if I could delete stations. found in 97 reviews
but it really really REALLY needs a shuffle button. found in 50 reviews
I can't even use the app since I don't have a Facebook account. found in 57 reviews
You don't get to play music unless you have premium. found in 192 reviews
Radio feature is useless without ability to delete stations. found in 97 reviews
Seriously i mean cmon you need a facebook account to use this. found in 55 reviews
Needs to play songs on created playlist not random songs. found in 86 reviews
but if you don't have a credit card like me. found in 59 reviews
Crashes everytime I try and make a new playlist. found in 81 reviews
Unless you have a premium account this app is absolutely worthless. found in 206 reviews
You get it for 48 hours unless you're paying $5 a month. found in 150 reviews
You will listen to one song before it crashes. found in 181 reviews
but opening the app from the lock screen is extremely frustrating. found in 80 reviews
Occasionally when I go to add a song to a playlist the app will crash. found in 214 reviews
Album art no longer displays unless in locked mode. found in 96 reviews
I really don't want to listen to other random songs. found in 87 reviews
Doesn't work at all for ios 7 beta 5. found in 176 reviews
It's awesome up until you lose the 48 hour trial. found in 106 reviews
make the shuffle play better so it doesn't repeat so much. found in 219 reviews
Premium features not working on a premium trial very dissatisfied. found in 54 reviews

The Spotify is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 7.5 MB to download. The new Spotify app version 0.5.5 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Spotify check developer Spotify Ltd.`s website :

Stream millions of tracks from thousands of albums and artists to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Take your existing Spotify playlists with you on the go - listen to them during your commute, in ...
The app is amazing and so much better than anything else thank you so much for the next new thing                 Spotify
Truly                 Amazing
I love it                 Great
I love spotify But sleep Playlist are extremely important to me and my Playlists will all repeat infinitely since the update Even if I choose one song it will repeat regardless of any combination of shuffle and repeat settings Please fix or I will definitely stop paying for this as much as I love you guys thats an unforgivable glitch to let happen after at least months of near perfection           Help Playlist play queues are all infinite since update
Spotify is my companion Always love it                 Love it
Cool Music Bang                 Got it good
I am not very satisfied with everything about this app except that it now refuses to sync any of my local files onto my phone for offline listening The app used to but one day it stopped so now I cant listen to any of my local files in my playlists that I previously could Otherwise the app is great and allows me to fill my music addiction              Almost there
Nice to have access to so much music                 Good
Free music pluse offline                 The best
Im listening to my fav album and it jumps to some other album that isnt relevant to the artist     Dont like when they go to suggested
Im totally impressed for all the music I heard its super fun I didnt pay for apples music I was worried I couldnt hear it then I find this love this app thank you for making it              love the app and I only been on it for 5 min
Its better than pandora but iheartradio is kinda better its a great app                 Its awesome
Best music app                 Spotify
Its a superb app it has most of the songs I love this makes my day                 Awesome app
Best music app out there                 Amazing
Spotify is zesty I love it                 Zesty
I first had spotify years ago Didnt really like the interface then so I deleted it However my friends and family recommended it so I said why not Love it Pick any song anytime Im considering paying monthly because there is just so much music and for me they have so many Spanish songs Love it love it love it                 Love it
Great app helped me find tons of great music                 Awsome
Quite possibly the WORST music player I have ever used Its frustratingly filled with ads and garbage I couldnt even play the ONE song I wanted to hear because it will only shuffle music Had it for less than 10 minutes OVER IT     Ugh
I wish you didnt have to shuffle to listen to a song I wish you could just click on the song But even then I love it              Love
Its great except the last update made the backgrounds for album covers glitch out showing the next mild annoyance              Amazing
Music is awesome and its really cool                 Amazing
Totally worth it                 Love it
Yes                 Yes
I was hesitant to get spotify at first but once I got it I dont know how Ive lived without it All the bands I love and almost every song I could want right there Easy to navigate and set up to your liking I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys listening to music                 Awesome app
Great app very handy to have                 Love it
The blur of the album art shows the song ahead instead of the current song Please fix it bugs me           Issue
I dont know whats happening but Spotify is giving me the option to have premium but if i click on it it goes away and nothing else pops up Ive even restarted my phone and nothing it is irritating and annoying I just want my freakin premium        Do you want my money or not
Excellent                 Excellent
Awesome music app                 Britt
Everything is organized and a good dynamic of music is offered on the top row of browse                 I like it
I truly love spotify                 Soptify is amazing
I had friends that used spotify but I was so used to iheartradio I never cared to get it Well I decided to get it and I like it SO much more I wish I got it sooner It has a great variety of songs that dont repeat frequently like the other music apps do Definitely a keeper                 Spotify
Only thing I would change is price 13 monthly is just a bit out of reason                 Noice
App is great Not a big fan of the new feature for playing music from a different device though                 Greatest Music App Ever
Love the app I just dont like how it changes to other artist that I dont want to hear just please keep it to the artist I choice thank you           Important
listened to many new artists catching back up with current songs                 awesome
Love spotify                 R
Spotify is the best I get all the music I want 10 a month is a steal they should bump the price up to 30mo                 I heart who
Love the app everyone get ittt                 Love it
Muy buena app i like                 Muy buenaa
Keeps crashing           Crashing
Best Internet radio on the market Best app for music Would like a smoother way to edit playlists and delete songs but I feel that will come eventually                 The best
I have used this app for around 2 month now and I have to say that was the best decision due to the fact that I have never bought an app and with this one I have no complaints it worth every penny                 Great app
Awesome                 A really god music app
Its like pandora but with more ads and if you want to listen to a specific song you have to pay monthly other than that its always on shuffle     Not free Ads everywhere

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