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Square, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Square Cash ,Square ,Square Appointments - Schedule, book, and manage your calendar anywhere ,Square Retail - POS (Point of Sale) System ,Square Card Case ,Square Order - Pickup from local shops, cafes, and restaurants), brings Square with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Square app has been update to version 2.3.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love the quick deposit directly to my account..
  • The square app is awesome for small business owners like myself..
  • most user friendly and transparent service we've come across..
  • Most credit card machine companies will charge you for different card types..
  • Perfect for photographers..
Overall Satisfactionclick me55
Been using Square since the beginning -- its awesome.
very disappointed and may stop using square out of sheer frustration.
Thank you Square for solving my credit card headaches.
Customers love that I can take credit cards in a snap :.
and my clients love being able to use their credit cards.
The fees are slightly better than PayPal.
Fun & Engagingclick me64
A real plus for small business startups or personal transactions.
The square app is awesome for small business owners like myself.
Square is awesome.
Social Aspectsclick me13
Ease of Useclick me100
It's so convenient and my clients think its so cool.
It works flawlessly and it's so convenient.
I'm a mobile hairstylist and this app is super convenient.
now allows u to be super convenient to ur customers.
Elegant and Simple.
Reliabilityclick me42
Security & Privacyclick me47
money goes directly to the bank account that you designate.
Regular Card Services merchant account was hosing me with Big fees.
A free merchant account that doesn't require jumping thru credit hoops.
and access to my money right away.
Updates & Supportclick me17
They do have customer service who are very responsive via email.
Maybe a customer service phone number.


Accept payments. Everywhere.


Quickly and securely accept card and cash payments for your business, service, charity – even to sell your couch. A free Square card reader makes payments even faster. Generate
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
receipts. With Square for iPad, add sales tax and a beautiful list of items sold. Sign on to to manage your sales and receipts with an intuitive web-based interface.

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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Square for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Square app version 2.3.2 has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Square check developer Square, Inc.`s website :


A real plus for small business startups or personal transactions. found in 275 reviews
however there is no customer service to speak of. found in 24 reviews
Customer service needs a major boost. found in 3 reviews
Square Register no longer supports it. found in 4 reviews
iPhone version is not good as web version. found in 1 reviews
no partial refund available yet on full refunds. found in 11 reviews
I would like to see a better tip system. found in 2 reviews
Square is great but the new icon looks CHEAP -- please. found in 6 reviews
but the iPhone app needs the inventory too. found in 5 reviews
iPhone 5 support still missing. found in 12 reviews
Needs custom tip amounts. found in 3 reviews
Reader doesn't work with otter box cases on I-phone. found in 16 reviews
slow response time from support and no number to call. found in 67 reviews
the card reader does not work and I'll keep re swiping again & again. found in 8 reviews
Please figure this out/revert back to the old tipping ways. found in 15 reviews
but now finding the new Tipping screen quite awkward. found in 23 reviews
Would be GREAT if tip option was on signature page. found in 39 reviews
The iPhone version needs a section that totals if each transaction. found in 4 reviews
just a %
very uncomfortable giving out social security number just to register/sign up. found in 31 reviews
Square will not adjust higher rate even though there reader doesn't work. found in 16 reviews
Square needs to update and put that button somewhere else. found in 9 reviews
Hi I'm having problems with registering the credit card swipe. found in 36 reviews
Don't waste your time or your social security number. found in 31 reviews
The idea is so great but whats with the credit check. found in 37 reviews
Horrible customer service and no any 1800 phone number to call. found in 67 reviews
This needs to change. found in 29 reviews
But it takes 3 days to receive the money. found in 59 reviews
Credit limit too low and still no card reader. found in 393 reviews
The recent update to the tip option was a HORRIBLE mistake. found in 39 reviews
Need to force customers to choose tip amount BEFORE they sign. found in 31 reviews
They quickly made two deposits to my account and then nothing. found in 40 reviews
emailed to ask how do I cancel and get my cash. found in 31 reviews
After taking bank account information it crashes every time. found in 164 reviews
This is the worst credit card reader company. found in 28 reviews
If anyone looking for a number to contact square. found in 60 reviews
Poor service and they hold your money. found in 36 reviews
It all sounded good until I needed to talk to someone. found in 31 reviews
Customer Service for this company is absolutely terrible. found in 358 reviews
No phone support and takes days to return email. found in 39 reviews
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Excellent Easy and efficient No complaints                Excellent
Excellent way to do business Fast and easy to use                Stylist
What is the deal So happy we have square in the world Dont know why people complain Seems perfect to me                Awesome
As a small business owner weve been very happy with this service and its been very useful and easy for us We can take credit cards from customers over the phone which is ideal for our business increasing our sales without having to pay the bank for their expensive equipment leases and monthly fees                Owner
Love it great for my business                Great
Ive used Square for years and havent been disappointed yet I havent had any problems with it at all Love it                Love this App
Im surprised to see some of the negative ratings here Ive had Square now for my small business for about 3 12 years and have been extremely pleased Ive never had any problems with funds not being deposited Everything is always done in a timely manner and the one time I made an inquiry it was handled quickly and to my satisfaction When I think of all the money and time I wasted over the years having to use a credit card terminal from a bank Im thankful for this Square service everyday                Happy customer
Square has been invaluable to me and my business The app is my register that I ring up orders on I use it for all transactions including cash and it is the only thing I use to track my sales It even tracks my inventory for me Thank you so much Square This small business owner couldnt operate without you                Priceless
The card reader and app work great The only change I would do is if they added the ability to authorize a card but not charge it immediately That way you dont have to issue refunds as much Like for me I use it for a hotel while we are under construction and it would be nice to be able to authorize for a whole stay and then if they leave early only charge for what they use             Needs another feature
Ive been using Square for about 10 months now Ive never had a problem matter of fact this service is highly recommend not only for personal use but for business use as well i cant speak for others but i would never use any other service                Very satisfied with Square
Soy emprendedor y esta es la mejor app para manejo de caja que he probado felicidades equipo caja square                Unica
Feel like throwing your cash into the wind Is your idea of a perfect day one in which you spend hours chasing dead end support tickets to attempt retrieval of lost payments Ever felt like you dont have enough frustration in your life Then this service is for you    Most expensive mistake youll make today
Please everyone read these reviews carefully and do not make the same mistake that I and the other bad review on here did Square is not a legit company After sending all the documents they needed they still did not allow us access to our funds The verification of the account was made on the 4th day after signing up After that they emailed saying they couldnt verify the account and suspected some questionable transactions Uhm WHAT They already verified the account Then after sending in the documents they needed I get an email saying now theyre going to deactivate my account and hold the funds for 99 DAYS Are you serious And understand that the funds were about 2700 that we made in one night My company never takes card and the first time we did we used SquareReader The customer could only pay with Amex due to the company wanting to make a payment using the company card Square has made our experience living hell and I could rate them 0 Stars I would I am now going to take them to court and fight my case My hope is that square is done away with for good They dont pick up the phone never do you hear from anyone Only by email They never answer your questions and take forever to get back with you Please please PLEASE everyone do not use this company You will highly regret you made the same mistake I did    This company has lost its mind
I want the developer to add more tab so that different people can log in under their own page under same register so the owner can be able to sort out easy who is who n pull out daily sale report Kind of annoying trying to determine who did what Hope you get itwil help a lot             More TABS
Im so disappointed in this app the first couple of times worked fine till I charged a large sum of money and they made me verify my business which was really hard without a tax ID number They have no customer service line for help and dont respond to email quickly until you send a very angry one Then they disable your account and keep the money that was supposed to be in your account I feel like this app is all a big SCAM    They kept my money
I have been using Square for 10 months They make it easy to add new items categorize the items us I want my credit card transactions appear in my bank acct quickly I have had no problems             Happy Small Business Owner
This app has been greatmy clients love it It would be even better if it kept a running total of charges made to me for every transaction That way it would be easier for me come tax time I wouldnt have to go through every single charge Thank youCarole                Square Register
Love it Wish the new appointment system was available in the app though                Love it
I have been using Square for two years now and couldnt be happier Steady improvements every month make it better all the time I dont understand what the one star raters are talking about unless they dont know how to read because from set up to customer support I have yet to have a single problem                Best decision for my small business
As a small business person I find this service great I get a sales record the end of the day and my money is sent to me the next day and it appears in my bank couple days after I am not sure what other square account other people have signed up for                Depends on what u register for
I have used square for four years and it is a convenient well designed app for the part time vendor However they have recently decided to monetize every feature one takes for granted a la Adobe They are also taking possession of all sales contact info as if these were THEIR customers and then metering out use of that information for a fee Time to get off this train    Square is cannibalizing its users
I have a hair extensions store and website I have a tax ID and a legitimate business After selling a large amount of hair and products to a stylist for a trade show I am asked to provide information so they can understand more about my business I do everything that ask and wait a month to be informed that my money will be held for 90 days before they will decide to release the funds to me The stylist I did business with emailed me her credit card statement showing she paid the charge with me in full So square has received the payment in full I am so disappointed with the timely delay and I am out over 2000 Total If you need a business credit card app just go to your bank and do business there That is the only secure way to know that you will receive your money Im supposed to wait a total of 5 months before I receive payment from square Rip off    Horrible experience
I have been using square for over a year and have never had any issues Only negative I see is not being able to create price estimates that can later be converted to invoices for convenience             Great Small Business Tool
Honestly Im a patient person and understanding when it comes to errors BUT Square has tested my patient If u encounter a transaction error ur assigned an agent to ur case u send them EVERY important document involving bank statements and company documents Somehow the ONE person assigned to ur case isnt allowed to speak to you on the phone FINE so u send them emails and they will never email u back within a timely manner so u call the customer service wasted hours time to kinda resolve issues THEN a fews days later ur assigned agent replies TERRIBLEOh and ur not allowed to speak to supervisors on the phone either If phone agent cant help hell simply say Umm I gotta go I have other calls to answer aightIf u respect ur customers clients and companyDO NOT USE SQUARE    WORST SERVICE EVER
This app is great I used to have to manually enter numbers now just swipe and move on                Great time saver
I am not pleased with the latest update Why did you reduce the size of fonts and numbers I need a binoculars to look at and type the numbers of phone numbers It was nice and big before why waste all that space and put tiny font and numbers Please give the option to enlarge them       App needs improvement
To be fair song for inservice were OK at the start The real problem comes from two aspects of this company one is horrible customer service and support and the other is discriminatory practices If you have any problems at all you might never get them resolved even if they owe you thousands And it anytime they can decide that you are violating their agreement even if you arent and they wont give you any details whatsoever about what you might be violating The company is a snake and even if they cancel your account or you cancel yours yourself they will keep your data forever its in their agreement Im a Hindu astrologer and Im pretty sure they decided that I am considered occult and that a occult means bad which means they dont want to allow me to use their service like anyone else They claim that its really their financial institutions that they work with that insist on such discrimination but I dont believe it Stay away from this company    Absolutely avoid this service and software
I have been using square for over w year now I have a small business and have never had one problem with square                Love Square
We have use this app for over a year now love it All fees are clear not hidden Great mobile non mobile solutionprocessor                Works great
I have been using square for over a year now and have been very pleased Its ideal for my business which is essentially seasonal My two gripes are with the dashboard functionality Square should allow the ability to generate invoices from the iPhone app Also an ability to generate estimates that can convert into invoices would be extremely helpful Other than that great solution for card processing             Great for Small Business
i have had square since opening my food truck 2 months ago with square stand ipad printer and register drawer it is easypeasy works great fast reliable and easy to program with 1 exception i was after downloading latest ipad ios version square would not open up right lunch time but i had my phone and square reader as backup whew i uninstalledreistalled square app and it worked fine very pleased with the ease of use speed and reliability so far and would recommend to anyone                food truck owner
Im still waiting for this app to allow me to log in by using TouchID I really wish Square would add this option          Needs Touch ID
Other companies wanted to charge us for wireless credit cards they wanted us to pay airtime Plus fees Plus the machineetc I would not trade this company for nothing they do a great job thank you Square                Great app we have a towing company so always on the go
They also kept my money after a huge transaction with client not advisable    Not Good
Spent way too much time messing with this app after losing hundreds of dollars in card transactions since the app wont go two seconds without crashing whenever connected to wifi Fix this bug square or Im switching my POS and your company loses my business    App crashes Woof
Ive been using Square for about 4 years now Ive never once had a problem I love how easy it is to use and how quickly they Deposit my funds into my account Ill be a customer for as long as I need them                Love it
Great app made charging card easier for everyone No need to have the mashin where you have to pay monthly fee They only take a percentage when u charge someone very convenient right in your pocket                Great application
Why do you need my microphone    Permissions
Me and my wife saw a great opportunity to take advantage of Squares free transactions up to 1000 in the first 180 days for referrals Once we took advantage of the offer and charged 1400 in transactions we were both taken advantage of and now we have 1400 of our funds being held hostage for 90 days On top of that our Square accounts were deactivated after proving documentation they requested This is the worst experience ever and I would recommend you go to PayPal    SquareStinks
We started using square when we first opened our business Its very user friendly But the amount we were paying in merchant fees became ridiculous once business began picking up We switched to a much more affordable provider after about a year          Great but pricey
Yay                Yay
My business has been using Square credit card processing for several years now Never had issues receiving payments in a timely manner When any problems or questions do arise I have gotten support answers within 48 hours The fees I was spending just for accepting cards was costing so much in profits making this a perfect solution for my businessIt may not work for everyone but as for my company it is 100 the right system                Best decision I have made for credit card processing
Ive been notified that my square reader shipped in July I still havent received it Ive ordered it twice I sure hope the new one that reads the chips arrives If not Ill be forced to manually enter payments resulting in a higher fee for Square Why on Earth do I have to enter my email address every time I want to view activity Cant the programmers enter a remember this email button Im searching for other card acceptance options for my small business       Im questioning this service
The inability to provide a partial refund to a customer which in turn is properly reflected against the category from which the original purchase was drawn is a serious flaw in the software Amazon register although new can already provide this feature Get with it square    Missing key features
Been using square for about three years Never had a problem They have made this simple and deposit funds quickly I recently switched banks for my business account and the transition was smooth as silk with Square Highly recommend                Very easy Very satisfied with the app and service
iPad screen keeps freezing when trying to open cash drawer Have to take the iPad out of the stand a reset it Dont recommend this product at all until the bug is fixed    Aug 25 release has bugs
Ive been using square products for the past couple of years Its decently priced and efficient I use the reader the appointments feature and most recently the instant deposit Fantastic job                Great App
I have been very pleased with how Square has worked for me in my business                Excellent Service


Square, Inc.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.3.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Square 2.3.2 Mobile

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