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Chimera Software, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS games (Seinfeld : World Party Trivia ,Rise of the Pharaoh : World Party Search ,The Guide`s Peachtree City Cart Paths ,Words : World Party Search ,Starbase Orion: First Contact ,Naval Tactics: Captains of the Spanish Main), brings Starbase Orion with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Starbase Orion games has been update to version 1.1.6 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The online community is great as is the developer..
  • My thanks to the developers for creating this awesome game..
  • like " old school " strategy games..
  • Noticeably Absent: direct turn based control over tactical combat..
  • Great strategy title..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Probably one of the best strategy clones I'be seen.
Other iOS game developers can learn from these guys.
Master of Orion was possibly my favorite game for years.
Thank you for such an amazing game.
This is by far the best strategy game I've played on iOS.
Used to love MOO2 and this game.
and the game needs better game balance.
Fun & Engagingc85
My thanks to the developers for creating this awesome game.
Awesome game but crashes late game.
and the game needs better game balance.
I'm addicted to this game.
it's a very fun game.
Lots of fun and fairly straight forward gameplay for a MOO vet.
The game is very in depth and awesome to play.
Replay Valuec85
The replay value is endless and the multiplayer support is incredible.
More difficulty settings and species settings gives it infinite replay ability.
This game is so in-depth and as challenging as you want.
challenging ai on hard.
A little too easy.
Social Aspectsc76
Multi player let down.
Production Valuesc94
Fantastic Fun with updates that impress and keep game play fresh.
Starbase Orion has many layers of game play to explore.
A 4X strategy game with a great touch interface.
I find these to detract from the otherwise well- polished game.
then immediately enter the custom focus option will cause game crash.
Bugs get fixed.
Updates & Supportc100
With each new update.
and the developer support is fantastic.
and support is fantastic.

Not only is this a fantastic multiplayer strategy game. found in 3 reviews
Easily the best space 4X game on the app store. found in 6 reviews
The Developer is very responsive to the desires of the player base. found in 4 reviews
The replay value is endless and the multiplayer support is incredible. found in 6 reviews
New patch almost turned it into a whole new gaming experience. found in 3 reviews
Moo1 blast from the past. found in 1 reviews
This brings me back to moo and moo2. found in 7 reviews
Best Strategy Game on the market. found in 2 reviews
and they are continuing to improve the game. found in 5 reviews
Best 4X Game continues to stand the test of time. found in 2 reviews
keep coming back to play. found in 2 reviews
Surely the greatest game on iPad. found in 4 reviews
Huge improvement to an already great game. found in 3 reviews
Fantastic Fun with updates that impress and keep game play fresh. found in 13 reviews
Surprisingly deep strategy game made for the iPad. found in 4 reviews
Asynchronous multiplayer with a variety of timers. found in 4 reviews
This game is so in-depth and as challenging as you want. found in 2 reviews
It turn based so you can play at your own pace. found in 2 reviews
I played Alpha Centauri and played the heck out of it. found in 2 reviews
it's a very fun game. found in 3 reviews
I'm also seeing the game crash after the new update. found in 12 reviews
Today's patch ruined the game. found in 1 reviews
Got to fix the AI. found in 1 reviews
and the game needs better game balance. found in 6 reviews
good execution of a classic genre. found in 2 reviews
always a good sign. found in 2 reviews
Desperately needs tutorials for inexperienced gamers. found in 1 reviews
Needs balancing or fixing. found in 1 reviews
Fun but needs work. found in 1 reviews
Great Game - Unstable Update. found in 1 reviews
AI needs to better manage fleets and develop planets. found in 5 reviews
fatally flawed. found in 1 reviews
Game crashing after update. found in 1 reviews
it seems to crash in the later stages of the game. found in 2 reviews
Great game but BUGGY now. found in 1 reviews
but the poor AI makes the tech/economy/exploration aspects unsatisfying. found in 3 reviews
The persnickety racial appears broken. found in 1 reviews
only to have it crash unrecoverably in the later stages of the game. found in 2 reviews
then immediately enter the custom focus option will cause game crash. found in 12 reviews
If you play on the harder difficulty levels. found in 2 reviews
If you have more than 8 colonies. found in 2 reviews
never a good sign. found in 2 reviews
Equally aggravating are the game design and AI problems. found in 2 reviews
The most turns in a row without a crash is 2 turns. found in 2 reviews
The game consistently crashes. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Starbase Orion for $7.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 40.4 MB to download. The new Starbase Orion app version 1.1.6 has been updated on 2014-11-05. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Starbase Orion in Chimera Software, LLC`s Official Website :

Explore. Expand. Exterminate. Can you defeat your friends and become the ruler of the galaxy? Starbase Orion is an old-school 4X space strategy game that draws inspiration from titles such as Master of Orion and Galactic ...
This game is one of the best on the App Store No micro transactions at all So much fun to play                     So Underrated Cade Vandenberg
So happy the developer continues to support this amazing game My most used app 5 years                     Still great after all these years Namtab98
My father played Stars of Orion when I was a really little kid Now that I m grown up we have been playing distance turn based Starbase Orion games It s been great No matter where I am in the world or what time zone I can still hang out with my dad                     Classic Great way to play with my father Gkhogg
Great game The only quibbles I have is that one cannot rename star systems nor choose your empire s color Otherwise this game reminds me a lot of MOO II                 Brings back memories Xadahgla-Hgla
I have iPad Pro 10 5 inch my iOS is 10 3 I crash and lose progress all the time Mostly when I ve tried to make a new ship design I have the latest released version of SO         New player it crashes a lot GrapeJim
Actually I don t like the star and fiction topic game However this game totally conquered me Deep strategy no in app purchase comfortable control and nice interface Five stars                     Wonderful game Gsdjsjd
I m new to 4x games and this one is fantastic It s well thought out fun and a great experience I suggest playing a game against the ai first to get used to everything                     Great 4x game Kizartik
Overall a great game It deserves a 5 star rating but I m giving it 4 because it lacks one thing the ability to rename stars and planets That s it There are some other suggestions I have but these wouldn t be enough to give SO less than 5 stars You should be able to pick your field color Would be nice if stars had more planets Would be nice if you could do SOMETHING with gas giants Also would be great if build things like starbases and warp gates on one planet in a system would lock out other planets in the system if you tried to build the same on another planet                 Great Game 1971bear
Don t know why but every game I set up no matter the difficulty AI is always friendly to me Think last update messed up             AI broken Ombar2000
I highly recommend Starbase Orion to anyone who s ever enjoyed a 4X game Certainly worth the price compared to the number of hours i ve put in playing it I d say that it s cost me less than 10 an hour to play at this time                     Best waste of time ever True Lake
No regrets                     My best purchase ever DarkLloyd
This is the one game that I always go back to Everything else gets deleted at one point or another Why does the agent facility always take precedence on auto industry                     Classic Qball46798
I picked up this game a few days ago after putting off the purchase for nearly two years and now I regret not picking it up sooner This game surpassed my expectations about how in depth the development of colonies and technology and how much strategy there is As soon as I said Hello in the chat I had different people eager to teach me the ins and outs of playing The community is very mature and helpful Multiplayer is the most fun because there are so many options you can customize like match options racial traits and auto build focuses If you are on the edge do yourself a favor and get this gem Well worth the 8 bucks and I own 242 apps so I know what I m talking about                     Outstanding Evilliv3
Great game I have come back to play it multiple times which I never do                     More like this please jeromegshelton
Been playing this game for years Still my favorite                     My favorite Todd.Shad
If you re looking for a game that feels like MoO2 this is the closest you ll get on mobile Very high replay value                     Great 4X game iwjeucpulrnchq
Turn based game like masters of Orion The game is complex and for people who like strategy It has an awesome multiplayer base and games happen regularly It s not a pay to win game You pay once Games can be short in length such as 50 turns                     Awesome game Jared7735666
Review update for 1 2 9 The developer listened to user requests to make some final tweaks to the game allowing this wonderful game to continue to be fun viable rather than forcing everyone to wait until the eventual release of the sequel The game is still worth the full asking price Unlike so many other games there are no in app purchases here The community of this game is excellent and very mature The forums are full of very helpful people Even if you are only interested in playing single player I encourage you to check out the forums or the multiplayer spacebar chat room for any questions you may have If you want to be involved in improving the game you can even join the beta testing group a fun experience in which you can see your suggestions implemented very quickly while interacting with the developer                     Excellent Community David Lutz
Worth the money better than no mans sky                     Great 5372325997
Glad they fixed the bugs which used to make this game frustrating Now it is great again                     Great game Bucknellian '91
This is a good game Plenty of replay Good fighting                     Best game of 4x Kurseteller
Still the best after how many years And yet still supported Worth every penny                     Star base Orion is the best 4x game for iOS Penuther
6 years strong Still one of the best 4X premium games on the App Store                     Still the best 4X on the App Store Athros
Have been playing casually for a years and still feel like it s fresh in part due to updates                     Awesome game Mini retina & air ipds
While it isn t perfect it s far and away the best 4X mobile game around for me It s followed me every time I ve replaced my iPad It s a must have for anyone into 4X games                     A solidly satisfying galactic empire game OC_M&M
Starbase Orion is a great 4x I can t say anything about it that you haven t already read elsewhere but I will say this There are no IAP and you pay once with upgrades forever The game is constantly updated either to work out bugs or to tweak the game for better play The developer really cares about the game and that we all have a good experience with it To Rocco I would easily pay for this again Thanks for the great work                     A great 4x ***RussK***
Starbase Orion is a PvP oriented game with many similarities to Master of Orion II Beyond this the developer is very community oriented and has great plans and aspirations for the gradual evolution of this game If you have any interest in this type of game you should definitely make this purchase                     MoO for You James & Jenny
This game is great And it has the funniest game winning event ever The button for next turn disappears No score No congratulations It is just over Regardless A great game for balancing research vs growth vs military It is easy to lose at this game Even on easy I play Civilization on the PC and played the game this game is clearly based on MOO2 And I still lost my first few games on easy And it is easy on your battery life I would say this game and Pixel Dungeon are the games that are easiest on my battery that I have downloaded for some time And I appreciate that Great game Well worth the money and glad the developer keeps making it better                     Fantastic game though hard McClelland01
Awesome strategy game                     Excellent Birn12345
Been gaming of various kinds for 20 years and I have to say this is a great game You have to like strategy wargames to enjoy this one Many facets to consider much to learn much to plan Play 1v1 2v2 vs computer vs others on Game Center etc The game however is not rated properly For more conservative types the chat built in has no filters and language is often quite crude and foul Not good for those who do not appreciate such language Also people kids there can be quite cruel So consider carefully           Best game on the market but not for all kids
I love this game It has no stupid IAP and it is fun The interface needs a tweak to make zooming in and out a little smoother but thats the only issue Great game If you love the original Masters Of Orion you will like this game                 Very cool turned based Stratagy
Ive been playing this game for 3 years and I still love it The app maker still updates and theres a sequel coming up and more updates                 Best Strategy Game Ever
This is very much a largescale turnbased strategy game On a more personal note it is very interesting how effective a race can be when their sole advantages are charisma breeding money and working well in large groups                 Dangerously addictive
Ive played this game close to its infancy and its still doesnt disappoint me For any of you who have money to spare and looking for a great game look no further this is that game                 Still the best
The title says it     WONT EVEN DOWNLOAD
I stumbled across Starbase Orion a while back its been great I missed the old PC 4x Masters of Orion 2 Starbase Orion is even better                 If you miss Masters of Orion 2 youll love Starbase Orion even more
This is still the best 4X game on iOS No one has come close to it yet                 Best 4x game
FINALY A REAL 4x GAME THATS GOOD AND REALLY IS 4x I love it i mean really there are none as far as i seen like it in the app store This game just looked at all dem shameful 4x games and toke a dump on them Because thats what this game makes them look like Get this app U can make maps with over 100 stars and stuff                 Loner Stars
Best portable 4x Well supported fantastic game              Awesome 4x
Good sound strategy game gets repetitive a bit but still lots of hours of addictive gaming              Master of Orion fans
It is worth the price the support is exceptional                 SO the best overall space strategy game on iPad
Love Master of Orion II This game is very close to it and is very addicting                 Awesome game Recommend
Review update for 126 The developer still continues to be very responsive to user requests I look forward to future updates The community of this game is excellent and very mature The forums are full of very helpful people Even if you are only interested in playing single player I encourage you to check out the forums or the multiplayer spacebar chat room for any questions you may have If you want to be involved in improving the game you can even join the beta testing groupa fun experience in which you can see your suggestions implemented very quickly while interacting with the developer                 Excellent Community
The tutorial locks up when you examine your fleet and the NEXT button goes away This game is NOT intuitive Shows promise tho        Needs work and better help
It is by far the best 4x game in the App Store I have played at least 50 hours so far and I keep finding things to keep me interested It is a little complicated to play but if I wanted to play a stupid person game I would play Angry Birds This game is worth the time and money to play                 Amazing
Love it                 Just like old times
I had been looking for a good 4X game for a long time and actually searched for masters of Orion multiple times hoping somebody had made that game for the iPad Luckily I stumbled across this one by accident All of the other reviews are spot on Its Masters of Orion in your pocket only better and there are no IAPs Stop reading and just buy it if you are at all interested in 4X strategy games                 Best 4X game on the App Store
Best iOS 4X game                 Stare base Orion
By a small margin If you you like 4X buy it                 Second best 4X
Just one more turn and then its six hours later                 Addictive just like crack
Ive been looking for so long for a game like this and I am completely satisfied Defense offense micromanage a way around that combat exploration the whole shabang Things I would like to see added the game but arent necessary more random events worm holes being openedclosed space storms impassable and if on your colonies can destroy them ect more customization for AI choose different difficulties for different opponents choose their race allow them to use your customized races ect Thats all that I can get off my head Regardless of that I am happy to say that this game is by far the best game Ive came across                 The game of my dreams
One of the best games I have ever found for iOS I absolutely love this game I give you full 5 stars because nothing is terribly wrong its just a lot of fun but if you are listening here are some requests that can make this even better When ships retreat in combat let them fully retreat as they reach the edge Dont make the ships skirt the outer edge of the map and risk getting attacked until the timer runs out What kind of sense does that make Missile weapon ranges should be stuck to maybe even a display to see what that range is Ive had ships that retreat an enemy is only barely in range and fires a missile which has limited range and even as my ship continues to move away that missile continues and hits the ship regardless Thats not right Tech variety can be an easy improvement These current tech cover the basics but whats wrong with some larger variety to spice things up like not just Armored Hulls but titanium armored hulls and shocktorite armored hulls and oblivion alloy armored hulls etc this same concept can be extended into many of the tech lines Eg not just laser but something like polaron laser low power but better range sequential pulse laser higher power but less range etc Methods of building cheap outposts instead of full colonies This lets you use that outpost as a fueling location to extend your reach to other systems and lets you make use of a system that has no habitable worlds like only gas giants or asteroids Or just to cheaply claim territory before you are ready to claim it fully New defenses like planetary mine fields and planet side weapon platforms and weaponized satellites This would help my planets but it can also be a great way to improve the AI players chances of holding me back If updates like these and others are too much of an overhaul to implement in the current code perhaps a Starbase Orion 2 is in order I for one would absolutely and gladly buy into another more advanced version of this game Well done Chimera Software                 Awesome
Probably the best app Ive ever paid for Regularly updated many active players great community and absolutely no paytowin Ive never even found a game worth reviewing until now The single player game is good for training and testing some tactics but it truly shines in multiplayer I cant think of a rival in the 4x genre                 Master of Orion II reborn
Title says it all Great decent sized and friendly multiplayer community Definitely worth the price but is so overlooked                 Best in its genre
I have to say that this game has renewed my faith in iPhone games If you can outthink your opponent AI or not this is a great game to burn hours on                 4x isnt for everyone but
Good game but keeps crashing when trying to bombard enemy planets so I can invade them           App crashing
I used to play MoO back in the day So when this first came out years ago it was a no brainer Since then with many many updates later not only did SO surpass MoO in greatness it also surpassed every other 4X game out there on any platform Of all the games that come and go SO has earned an immortal spot on my iPad Over the 3 years that Ive been playing this game no other game has come close                 The best 4X game of any platform ever And keeps getting better
The only thing its missing is tactical space combat the strategies are too far away from the action and a turn based combat simulator would be epic that would make this 5 stars              must have for masters of Orion fans
I used to play Masters of Orion II and it was awesome I expected something similar or better This is a dumbed down version of that and in no way worth 8     NOT MOO
Great 4x strategy game Reminiscent of games like Masters of Orion                 Wonderful
I have always been a fan of 4x explore expand exploit exterminate games like master of orion or civilization and I was thrilled to see this available as an app The updates help balance multiplayer mode as well as adding new content The customizable manager is an addition that I hope to see in all 4x games in the future Updated                 Hundreds of hours of gameplay
This game is a gem Its one of those rare finds in the App Store of a flawless space strategy game It is having Master of Orion in your pocket                 An unrecognized gem
And another update to improve the game again So many options so many ways to play Quite simply the best 4X game on iOS The developer continually upgrades 25 upgrades in 2 years and tweaks the game to increase replayability and add features Combined with a firstclass user forum and an ingame chat with mature players who can actually use complete sentences new users will feel welcome and able to learn from the existing players Successful strategies include industrial overpowering research supremacy cloak and dagger growthexpansion dominance or any hybrid you choose to outwit then overpower your opponents Single player multiplayer and user run leagues and tournaments truly the best investment Ive made for ANY game Finally the game plays great on either iPhone or iPad and you can continue your existing games on either device automatically A unique notification sound will always alert you when its your turn on multiplayer Asynchronous multiplayer with a variety of timers including no timer moves the games along at your pace                 Best 4X Game continues to stand the test of time
I had been looking for a great stragety game without in app purchases This game is AWESOME                 Great game
Well developed full game which is well worth the money Especially if you want everything from a game that you should be able to get without dreaded ingame purchases                 Very Good Game
I have always been a fan of Master of Orion and this app lets me take with me I love it                 I love this app
Great game Especially is youre a fan of games like Civilization                 Epic game
I havent found a better 4x space game on iOS                 The Best
Starbase Orion is the best game on IOS in my opinion It is a well crafted and enjoyable 4X conquertheuniverse turnbased game I run it on my iPhone 6 and an older iPad 2 and it plays flawlessly on both The serverbased turns allow me to play a turn on one device and the next turn on the other with no hiccups I used to play Master of Orion with my friends during LAN parties years ago but now we can connect up from anywhere with Starbase Orion We often use the ingame chat to keep up with each other I just wish it were easier to find on the APP store as it doesnt show up in most searches My thanks to the developers for creating this awesome game                 Favorite game on IOS
Starbase Orion is probably the best multiplayer 4X game ever I have played hundreds of matches over the last several years both single player against the AI and multiplayer mostly with one of my best friends The learning curve was a bit daunting at first but once you get the hang of the UI its really easy to work with and the replayability is great because there are so many ways to vary the game sizeshapeage of the galaxy the pluses and minuses parameters for the race etc The game will take you through the familiar pattern of exploration research colonization skirmishes and eventually battles among massive star fleets Gameplay is focused on strategy and economics and because its a turnbased game there is very minimal tactical control you give your fleet some basic orders and next turn you see how the battle was resolved and you can watch an animated replay Starbase Orion is a great investment given how many hours of play it provides and how good a job the developer does at adding in tweaking features over time Its worth the purchase price and its worth the investment in time to get up the learning curve and really experience this tremendous strategy game                 Best Strategy Game Multiplayer
Really incredible 4x game The Developer is also very responsive and constantly updating the game which is something that is very refreshing For newbies the AI will seem impossible to beat But as you gain experience you will find that playing against the computer is like playing against a child                 My Favorite IOS Game
Simply the best Better than all the rest Better than ever with every update Have you ever missed 1993 at 3 am when you cant sleep and you have no way of playing MoO Well this solves your problem bucko Easily the best value on the App Store                 Most faithful tribute to Masters of Orion one could hope for
I love space 4x games and this one ranks with some of the best This is not a watered down version for IOS this is a full featured 4x game on par with galactic civ and distant worlds Highly recommended                 Amazing game True successor to Master Of Orion
1Advice Need a way to manually label planets into different task groups and deliver commands to each one of them as a group wholeproduction change focus assign rally point etc 2Advice Need Carrier type warship Additional Drone Fighters Bay addon will also be fine 3Advice Custom race should have less points to compensate for the standard racesOr else The Standard race should have slightly more points than the Custom race 4Advice Task group should have their own custom build order in Game Option 5Bug SaveQuit game then immediately enter the custom focus option will cause game crash 6Advice More custom race portraits and slots please     Good game but still can be improved
This game at first when I saw it I though it was one of those stupid board games But when I played this it was awesome I love to advance in tech and build a super ship One thing I hope is that they add more shipsresearchand more planets Thank you if you read this                 Wow
keeps getting updates                 Best 4x on ios
I love the feature                 Cool iCloud support
A well executed and highly addictive game Highly recommended If you loved MOO back in the day this game delivers Easy and intuitive controls Smart gameplay Best Ive spent in the App Store ever If you love turn based strategy then you must have this game                 Outstanding
Hard to understand not sure what goals are Inconsistent interface so Its clunky to use Crashes quite a lot        Disorganized

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