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Starbucks Coffee Company , the publisher behind many iOS app (Starbucks India ,Starbucks Vietnam ,Starbucks Philippines ,Starbucks CEE ,Starbucks Brasil ,Starbucks Switzerland), brings Starbucks with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Starbucks app has been update to version 2.3.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Download free games and music from my Starbucks messages..
  • Huge time saver and A+ for convenience factor..
  • The Starbucks App is great for Starbucks lovers..
  • Great to earn rewards in something I buy everyday anyway..

Overall Satisfactionc61
I love being able to pay with the app and get rewards.
Defeats the purpose of being able to pay from the app.
The Starbucks App is great for Starbucks lovers.
There is no reason for Starbucks to constantly monitor my location.
Thanks starbucks for keeping the American dream alive.
Thanks Starbucks for a fail.
I love paying with my phone instead of digging through my purse.
it is one of the most useful apps for coffee lovers.
I miss being able to save my favorite drinks and creating drinks.
but now I can't save my favorite beverages or check nutritional info.
love the freebies and best of all the touch to pay option.
Love the shake to pay feature and the history of bonus points.
So convenient and helps keep track of everything Starbucks.
The app saves time and helps track spending.
I love starbucks soo much already and this app makes everything easier.
This app is nice and clean and I use it almost every day.
Social Aspectsc95
I like that Starbucks is trying to tap into social media.
My most used app other than social media.
I do NOT need social media before my coffee.
Ease of Usec68
Super convenient to add on the passbook as well.
Quick and easy payment and love getting free apps or songs.
It's nice and convenient to pay with and I get rewards.
This App makes it easy to pay for purchases and read your messages.
Starbucks nailed it with their stunningly simple app.
Simple app errors make this a failure.
It make life easy just scan in and pay.
They were able to reset my password.
Security & Privacyc20
I transfer funds to my account and the process is so efficient.
They were able to reset my password.
No more going through the website and trying to remember my password.
with the optional security code.
Updates & Supportc33
Store Manager trains employee and support excellent customer service.
Couldn't imagine ANY Starbucks customer not having this app.
Great app I just miss the old version.
Sort of liked the old version better.
Love the look of the new updated app.

love the freebies and best of all the touch to pay option. found in 29 reviews
Love the shake to pay feature and the history of bonus points. found in 26 reviews
I love being able to pay with the app and get rewards. found in 373 reviews
The all has great perks and is really user friendly. found in 37 reviews
Love my SB app and use it all the time. found in 42 reviews
Would recommend to any starbucks addict like myself. found in 67 reviews
The app has greatly helped me manage my account and transactions. found in 18 reviews
I love paying with my phone instead of digging through my purse. found in 123 reviews
It locates the closest Starbucks and then gives the driving instructions. found in 40 reviews
So convenient and helps keep track of everything Starbucks. found in 20 reviews
Amount on Passbook doesn't update automatically. found in 24 reviews
Yes it's still lacking iPhone 5 screen support. found in 52 reviews
Needs to reintroduce and improve the old features. found in 96 reviews
Also had trouble with stars not being credited on registered card. found in 40 reviews
I've deleted and reinstalled the app several times but still doesn't work. found in 35 reviews
This is where Starbucks needs to update their app indeed. found in 53 reviews
Keep getting errors when trying to reload my card from the app. found in 131 reviews
There is no iPhone 5 support even with the brand-new update. found in 110 reviews
This app keeps freezing when I try to load my card. found in 74 reviews
I keep having to re -enter my login info constantly. found in 154 reviews
Now it crashes every time I try to reload my card after password input. found in 213 reviews
" I even tried deleting and reinstalling the entire app. found in 29 reviews
My stars disappeared this morning and still have not returned. found in 121 reviews
Three updates later and still no iPhone 5 support for the 4 inch screen. found in 25 reviews
Not so good for asking to login to account so often. found in 553 reviews
What happened to the build a drink menu thing. found in 181 reviews
Won't validate my password so I am unable to reload my card. found in 192 reviews
It will no longer let me " refresh balance " on a card. found in 34 reviews
After deleting and reinstalling the app my stars are back. found in 29 reviews
Since the software update I can't add money to my card. found in 211 reviews
Still no pick of the week or any other messages from Starbucks. found in 238 reviews
Store locator doesn't work 90% of the time. found in 298 reviews
Still does not has a drink menu with nutritional info. found in 181 reviews
I'd like to see the nutrition facts return if nothing else. found in 192 reviews
Cant delete other gift cards and complicated to use. found in 612 reviews
Not having the nutritional info and favorite drinks is extremely disappointing. found in 433 reviews
Called customer service and they couldn't fix it. found in 268 reviews
Just installed and my gold card doesn't show up. found in 812 reviews
Every time I try to reload it is always says 'error processing transaction'. found in 213 reviews
Especially that the drinks and nutrition information was removed. found in 473 reviews
I can't reload my card and that is absolutely annoying. found in 1041 reviews
I have no words for the long awaited ability to tip. found in 288 reviews
Mobile Starbucks Card registration does not work. found in 666 reviews
Crashes everytime I try to login to the app. found in 553 reviews
Taking away the nutritional information /menu ruined this app. found in 660 reviews
I get error messages whenever I try to reload my card in the app. found in 1723 reviews
I have been unable to reload money since then. found in 192 reviews
Can't see card balance but can see rewards points. found in 264 reviews

The Starbucks is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 14.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.3.2 has been released on 2014-11-14. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about Starbucks in Starbucks Coffee Company`s Official Website :

The official iPhone application from Starbucks Now you can use Mobile Pay for your Starbucks purchases. It s the fastest way to pay at Starbucks just scan and go But that s not all With ...
The app is very convenient                 App Love
I love just pulling out my phone instead of cash its the Bomb                 Cool
Best thing ever and so convenient                 Love it
I use my Starbucks app almost daily I love it Cant live without it Period                 Love it
Love the Mobil ordering Makes me feel great and gets me out quicker                 Easy peasy
The best app Helps keep my purchases organized                 Starbucks App
This is a good app I just wish I could use my free drink with the mobile ordering                 Great over all
Starbucks is in a class all by itself they cant be touched                 Theres no comparison
I love my Starbucks app as much as I love my Starbucks coffee                 Love
I love the mobile ordering I just love Starbucks go starbies I love u                 I Love Starbz
Addicted and proud of it                 Coffee equals love
Very convenient and fast Love this app                 Love this app
Love it                 Great app
Im Italian and like all Italian people we love coffee Starbucks is not the regular Italian coffee but I love it more than regular Italian coffee                 I love Starbucks
In love with this app and I really like that I can customize my drink and order online and just go pick it up                 Love it And the online ordering is an A
Love the rewards Love you Starbucks                 Starbucks
Would like more discounts                 Love
Overall good but not perfect small issues like app says free drink and Starbucks says nope Edit Now sometimes app does not update balance for over a week So make sure you check last updated date Now I have 4 stars but I will take one away for every time they ask me to write a review Sept 15              Overall good
So far so good Only issue is I cannot utilize my free drink using the phone app                 Pretty good app
Its not complicated and works well met of the time They make it easy to be a customer promotions via email and in the app My only frustration is I have purchased specific items to earn stars and didnt get them I guess I should ask for my receipt each time until the starsreward is applied I have called and customer service was prompt and accommodating Good customer service and great staff at my usual store                 Easy to navigate and use
This is a great appand I love mobile pay Best idea ever                 Great App
The Starbucks app is seriously the best thing that I could have ever downloaded on my phone The perks of being a member at Starbucks is fantastic because I go almost every day so earning points just for going to get some delicious coffee is amazing If Im going to spend that money on the coffee I might as well put it towards rewards that Ill get later                 Love this app
The app does a super job of tracking my purchases and rewards no need to carry my gold card but I do like having one                 Great app
The is good I just wish the promos popped up on the main screen I miss lots of good opportunities because I forget to check the history when Im in a hurry which is pretty often              Pretty good but
this app works great I especially love the mobile order and pay Only improvement suggest is finger print password option for ordering and reloading payments                 use almost every day
I love it works great              One of my most used apps
Love this app I didnt like the card because I would always forget it I carry my phone everywhere its nice to be able to order ahead and pay right off my phone                 Love it
I absolutely love this app The features on it are awesome I love that you can pay from your phone reload your card and anything else you need to do with your Starbucks account Its definitely a must have app                 Love Starbucks and Love this app
Mobile order needs updated to be able to use reward drink App not as quick to pay as Passbook on iPhone Otherwise great app and does what it needs to do I wish it would use Google Maps not the poorly written and ugly Apple maps                 Good app Needs new features
Yes super quick covenant scouts out every Starbucks where ever you are gives free app downloads exclusive member treatsgifts PayOrder via App keep track of RewardsStars all in one place Awesome app                 YES
Order ahead of time and get your drink right when you get there Also managing your stars is way easier                 Super convenient
Just shut up and take it                 Take my moneeeeeyyyyyy
The best thing Starbucks could do for their customers                 Starbucks awesomeness
I really do love this app It is very great to work with Very convenient and really great I recommend this to anyone                 Great and Convenient
And this app would be great As I saw stated before I think being able to select a home store would be awesome I live equidistant to 3 and Id prefer the one with easiest parking but each time I have to go through the hoops to select that one And heaven forbid I place a second order it will flip back to the store I dont love There have been times Ive had to go to both because I didnt pay attention to the fact that it flipped back to that one Which I get is on me but when I clicked place another order it shouldve defaulted to the store I already ordered from Also needs space to list other customizations From what I hear you can somehow add after your name but Ive not found that ability even on the website              A couple tweaks
The previous app was better for mobile ordering I am a mobile ordering user and to have complications is very upsetting I love being able to pay quickly but please fix the mobile order bug              Happy but new update messed up mobile order
Love this app So easy to use and convenient Makes my relationship with Starbucks low maintenance                 Whats not to love
this app has its good and bad the good part about it lets us order ahead is awesome if they can only let us order ahead and use our rewards to pay also some of the customized options are not listedother than that i love this app              Not bad
Very good I love the app And all the persons who work there are very friendly                 Good
I like how I can make my purchases faster I can load my card and it doesnt take forever to do so Good Job              Its Great
I like that I can keep track of my rewards offers balance stars all in one place                 Useful app
Hard to customize drinks for mobile order              Great but some flaws
I like this app for the many things it does Let you pay keeps track of rewards regular offers of things from free apps to free songs to special offers Tells you where stores are and what your account balance is All that and coffee too what more can you ask for                 Great App
It has saved me when I have forgotten my wallet I just grabbed lunch at starbucks              Great App
Dont know why i got it from day one been using it for 6 months already had more then 8 rewards                 Awesome
Love it Use it almost everyday                 I drink all the coffee I want
When you say a reward expires on a date given you may want to share the DATE you show is the DAY AFTER they may be able to ENJOY their REWARD           Rewards
Love it                 Great App
Simplistic Im only writing this review to receive their promotional offers of free shiii                 Easy to use
So convenient we all take our phones every where so is so easy to just pay with it Also I can always know where there is a Starbucks near me when I travel and check out their hours Easy to reload and add gift cars and manage them Most important I earn free drinks and get good deals                 Love it

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