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Digital Concepts , the publisher behind many iOS games (Starfall HD Lite ,Loot Master ,Construction Zone HD ,Starfall TD Lite ,Starfall HD ,Starfall), brings Starfall HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Starfall HD games has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Starfall HD is now available for $4.99 for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Starfall HD check developer Digital Concepts`s website :

Starfall is an epic experience loaded with beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay. Build your base, research technology, and repel the enemy onslaught. LAUNCH SPECIAL THIS WEEK - Liquid smooth graphics and animation - Amazing sound track ...
Fun game to fill hours convalescing             Great way to make time go by RKBII
Great game                     Great game B.C.Blazer
Awesome                     Great game MickleMik
Love it                     Very cool Turbo613613
This game is great However I do have a question for the developers Why did you practically hide the control for changing game difficulty and where is the downloadable content                     Great TD but boilerman7
Creating mazes to defeat the hordes is a good way to burn up some time                 Good challenge M.Void
Lots of fun                     Fun eagleusa71
I tend to like tower defense games and this is one of the better ones It s certainly not perfect                 One of the better tower defense games Twilight23
Nice TD gameplay fun spaceship graphics huge win                     Fantastic TD the GRZA
I like TD games I have tried numerous ones and I keep coming back to Starfall It s a well done game Period                     Fun tower defense game Sweetpoh
A                     Great game Fhfreyudfhi
This is by far the best TD game made for the iPad I have been playing it for over a year now The graphics are good the layout is tidy and user friendly and the game is challenging and makes you plan My one gripe is that there have never to my knowledge been more maps made and there is no way for users to create their own maps Starfall 2 is just not as good It got cutesy with the graphics unit layout is more difficult etc This game is about strategy and that is what I want Now I would like a way to continue to play with new and different maps I would PAY for these Wink wink I like the neat tech additions of Starfall 2 as well Perhaps the creators will update their classic game at some point They d get my coin again that s for sure If you are looking for a TD game stop looking Just click buy You won t regret it                     Best TD Game more maps please TrentAsh
Cool TD with deep and addicting gameplay and without any crapy iAP                     Nice [Niko_Lay]
I ve played this game for over a week now and while I like it there is very little replay value to it The graphics and coding are solid On an iPad 4 I ve not had a single crash There was a time that the frame rate became choppy but nothing that a restart wouldn t solve The graphics are HD quality although not when you zoom in I like the design of the game It reminds me a little of Starcraft and Total Annihilation a game I really miss playing That being said I wish there was more variety to the levels Personally I think it would be great to have different terrestrial levels I find the metal landscape look gets tiresome really quickly There are only 6 different Defense towers but only three of them are unique The other three are just beefy versions of their originals It would be great if there were more There are a lot of TD games in the iOS store but this definitely stands out among them I like that you can put your towers wherever you want I also like that its a pay once game no freemium nickel and diming here The biggest issues to me are the lack of variety with the level designs a small set of towers and little replay ability once you ve achieved all of the tower upgrades None of these issues though have to be deal breakers A solid update or two would make this an easy 5 stars             Good TD but gets tedious Parrot Freak
This is a very very good game to pass time with                     Must play toxen53
I have spent the last week downloading all the reasonable looking TD games I could find This one has impressed for not only is there a lot of enemies to kill the ability to play beyond the level s end is a nice innovation The only thing I wish for at this point is to have a better zoom No biggy Just a wish I have other TD games that I like but this one will be the stand by game to play when I don t want to deal with the BS that other games put in that do not make technological sense This game is well thought out and will be with me for a long long time Terrifically well thought out and I look forward to maxing out my unlocks                 Just Fantastic Jared6258
This game is very challenging New strategies are always unfolding as one learns the particulars of upgrades                 Very Entertaining ELLIS Q
I like the take this game has on tower defense being in space and all The upgrades are great the graphics are great and a variety of towers and such One thing that irritates me though is that when I hit the home button my game state is not saved I know just don t hit the home button however a calendar event reminder has the same effect Also it is a little confusing about what the track is I learned by trial and error and it isn t a big deal but on some levels the ships don t even fly on the platform they just fly around it But over all a great game and well worth the                 Very engaging tower defense game Squirrelsnuts
First thought its was an OK game Started playing and it really grows on you A real good way to pass the time away Fast forward helps to spread things up Nice strategy game for everyone                     Grows on you Rickstermon
Very solid scifi tower defense game Already looking forward to the second one                 Nice ScaryPinecone
Can t seem to get the extra armor and upgrades to appear             Review Darmerlin
Fun strategy game if you like td games                 Fun jungledeath
Get it                 Fun Joshseven
Very enjoyable once you get past the learning curve                     Fun R. Givens
So much good 6000 characters isn t enough p Seriously awesome game                     Fantastic TD DaScrew712
A nice turret defense TD with smooth graphics nice sound fx and music ability to upgrade units unlock able upgrades based on points earned and not in app purchase It has a style that is all its own though I wouldn t say star craft style unless you mean the TD maps from broodwar                     Amazing game worth the price Cip2
I have been looking for a good strategic game for a while now after I had deleted the others but now with this game the play is endless with the skirmishes and really they did a great job over all from graphics to game play It 100 is worth the 5 Awesome                     Finally Goddess Amarr
Good graphics Fair upgrades                 Good game Josephb76
Great game and depth as well as graphics                     Great TD game I'm Batman
I have over 40 TD games and 500 games most were paid games And this is my top 3 up there with Fieldrunner Everything is well balanced and feel right I love the graphics Hands up to the developers I wish there are more levels though                     TD At Its Best anonymous109x
This is a great TD game problem is when you ve played for hours and unlocked a lot of stuff you want to be able to have those unlocks when you start it back up again I d say I give it more stars when it gets fixed but really I just deleted it because I was so frustrated         Won t save progress BoomerSooner130
Great TD game but why can t I listen to my iTunes music while I play             Music Fugdygghfghjh
This is one of the best tower defense games I ve ever played It is the best that I ve played for the iPad                     Beautiful well done money well spent jadetris
Anyone else having trouble with it crashing on iOS 5 x I really enjoy the game when it doesn t crash on me Developers please fix this and I will change to 5 stars             Keeps crashing M.usmc
one of the best TD Games in appstore with space war themes truly amazing                     Great TD game Alvin_Chin
very useful love                     good baobaofox
I like this TD game                     Excellent giveaway0828
Like it                     Good game Bad Watch
Lots of fun Time flies by                     Fun starcraft like tower defense tunes, apps, and such
Needs a few more different level designs Other than that it s good so far Hope the dev s don t forget about this game                 Variety Thelizardkingy
I ve played through 125 waves on one mission where hundreds of enemies were attacking without any slow down Nice upgrades Nice tower variety Research seems like a plus No crashes so far but I always close all background tasks using the double click on the home button before playing Overall excellent game                     One of the better tower defense games for iPad 2 Bill Dempsey
I really enjoy this very challenging fun and addictive game                     Fun and addictive game epenaflo
Not bad so far just started the game                 Not bad Handoverfist
Good game If you are into td games this is a total must play                 Star fall Digitaria
I played many and this is very well done Nice work                     Great tower defense game Pixmap1969
Great gameplay Clean interface Very challenging even at medium level I just keep coming back to play more                     Love it NoNagScreen
Nice mechanics I like the campaign mode                     Great game Savage343
I m not a gamer but do enjoy TDs and this one is excellent                     Excellent TruckingFrog
Fun game and it has kept my interest One those game that you just keep coming back to                     Good game MikaOU812
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