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Startpage BV, the publisher behind many iOS app (Ixquick Search ,StartPage Search), brings StartPage Search with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. StartPage Search app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc94
The best search browser for moble devices and PCs.
The best app in the App Store.
Amazing Concept.
Better than google.
Thank you for providing such awesome service.
Security & Privacyc96
Thanks for respecting people's right as well as need for privacy.
Adds a layer of privacy and security.
Secure web search at its finest.

full web search capability with superior result quality. found in 2 reviews
you like having your big brother looking over your shoulder. found in 3 reviews
Thanks and God Bless. found in 1 reviews
I have been looking around for a private search engine. found in 5 reviews
It feels good to know you are protecting my privacy. found in 1 reviews
Very good search results and privacy is protected. found in 6 reviews
The best search browser for moble devices and PCs. found in 10 reviews
Thank you for providing such awesome service. found in 1 reviews
Unlike Google Search and other search engines. found in 6 reviews
Tired of google and yahoo spying. found in 2 reviews
Nice to see this app available for iOS. found in 1 reviews
Special thanx to coast to coast am. found in 2 reviews
Works great and protects my privacy. found in 1 reviews
Immediately after I downloaded startpage it was good bye to google. found in 1 reviews
Used on PC & Love it. found in 1 reviews
also No need for the pop up saying its searching in proxy. found in 1 reviews
but put a cap at two or three open tabs. found in 1 reviews
Please add a Reader and multiple windows. found in 3 reviews
but that may be the nature of the beast. found in 1 reviews
Being able to easily switch between the two would be terrific. found in 1 reviews
No print function. found in 1 reviews
If this app is designed for small devices as mentioned above. found in 1 reviews
but many things can always be improved. found in 1 reviews
this app doesn't appear in the default search 'ixquick'. found in 2 reviews
and the timer restarts when going re- viewing tabs. found in 1 reviews
Here's why:
-The program loads very slow upon start up. found in 1 reviews
-I can't find an URL to copy and share. found in 1 reviews

The StartPage Search is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.0 MB to download. The new StartPage Search app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about StartPage Search check developer Startpage BV`s website :

THE WORLD`S MOST PRIVATE WEB SEARCH APPStartPage Search gives you convenient mobile access to, the world`s most private search engine.It lets you search for information privately and anonymously, from the convenience of your smartphone ...
Thank U Thank U Thank UYou have restored my faith in Freedom and Liberty during the Wild West Internet Technology area                 CTO
I like that it doesnt send your IP address The search results are very good a lot of them come from Google                 Great search engine
im thankful and I appreciate that site for respecting my privacy and the privacy of all Americans Thank you thank you thank you thank you                 appreciate
We should all consider how irresponsible companies and govts can be with personal information I have nothing to hide but freedom needs privacy The app works great and I support the cause with every search                 Support this
Latest update has somehow caused this app to consistently crash and return the phone to the main app screen within about 3min Please fix soon     Love it Crash it
Love this appNo history of searches EVERGreat APP                 Most Secure Search Engine
Just sayin                 IxquickStartpage
In a time of hostile government and asymmetrical warfare cast upon our citizens by criminal governments Startpage helps relieve the burden by helping us to live a more PRIVATE LIFE Our government is out of control with its illegal surveillance grid Death to tyrants Live free or die                 AWESOME
This respects MY RIGHT right to Personal PRIVACY                 Common sense
I love this search engine that keeps my research private                 Excellent Search
It is the only search engine I use plus it is fast                 Pure Awesomeness
Best private search engine                 Amazing
Best search engine app that protects your privacy                 I spy privacy
This app is sooo informative google etc wishes Privacy I love it 5 stars is way too few                 WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW
Best private search out there It searches Google privately Thumbs up                 Best search out there
The best search browser for moble devices and PCs                 Greatest Privacy App
Not only private and secure but their crewteam take immediate action to remedy problems I will be letting my circle of friend know about StartPage                 Great follow through as well
Best search engine Uses Google results but doesnt save ANY info about you First rate Everybody who cares about their privacy should use it                 Outstanding
Ive had this app on my phone for awhile but closes out since every time I go to use it since the last update Please fix it otherwise its a good app           Doesnt work
Privacy is important Thank you for helping us consumers protect our rights                 Thank you
I am having an issue with the Startpage app related to image searches and I wanted to email the developers about this but they offer no contact address or form anywhere on the websiteI still love this app but I have an issue when searching through images Normally on the website when I search images I get tons of results and at the bottom of the page it shows numbers for new result pages to click Yet in this app when searching for an image all I get is one single page without an option to click new pages of results And I know it is not that the images I am searching for only would turn up a single page of results What I search for would usually turn up countless pages on the main websiteSo it seems to just be some sort of malfunction bug or omission I would assume I am using this app on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 811 and the newest version of this app if that information helps at all I hope that since I cannot email the developer with this problem that hopefully you will see my review here and also hopefully rectify this problem with the app please thank you I still really enjoy using this application and am very grateful for it and the hard work time and effort that you no doubt put into this application Thanks and God BlessiPad Air 2 iOS 811                 Still Like The App But Have An Issue
Great job Period                 Awesome
I get the privacy I want and the family filter works well If you want a wider search the family filter can be turned off Love it                 Its a beautiful thing
For the person that did not know how to contact start page there is a a send feedback button The email is on that linkThis app does what it says it does What else can you ask forAreas that may use some improvement are the proxy implementation Its not unusual to not be able to access a page if you use the proxy but that may be the nature of the beast Also it does seem to return less choices than other search products at least some of the time Still quite good and glad to have it              Great option to have
Love it for its privacy and ability to be used with Firefox                 Best engine
Incredibly well designed no bugs and no crashes simple private uses less mb and it is far superior to the big guys So my question is why are the other search engines so problematic and why do they not respect our privacy even after cleaning I just kept deleting their app but I highly recommend his one                 Terry
If you want privacy this is the only browser you should ever use I love it                 Best browser to use period
This is definitely the best private search engineapp in the App Store and I truly love it please update it so it would be compatible with iPhone 6 Plus                 THE Best private search app in App Store please update
Great use it                 Best search engine to use
Unlike Google and Yahoo and AOL etc which keep your search history for unspecified amounts of time and mine the data and sell it to help companies and govt entities can track you and target you with endless marketing Startpage guarantees it does not track or follow or store that about you And your searches are incredibly customizable This is a must have                 Great search engine that respects your privacy
This app is a must have for anyone that chooses to be private and not want to reveal their personal information or allow security breaches to affect their privacy in anyway while using search engines or website browsing I use this everyday rarely use Google Now Please download this app then rate and review                 100 must have
Should be just that private StartPage is my new best friend                 Privacy
Greet App                 Wonderful
No video search     No video search
Wish it had a night mode other than that best search engine                 Best browser
Excellent                 The Best
I have been looking around for a private search engine Here is my run over of the options1 DuckDuckGo Private and reliable However their results are not as good as Googles Quite frankly Google is the best search engine around2 Use a VPN I use one I recommend Private Internet Access However with regard to search engine tracking a VPN is not perfect3 Startpage It combines the best of both worlds Googles excellent results and DuckDuckGos privacy In fact Startpage is more private than DuckDuckGo they give an option of going to search results using the lxquick proxy Which means even after going to a website you are completely anonymous Startpage is currently my search engine of choice                 Best Private Search Engine
Did my homework and StartPage is the only truly anonymous search app Everything I expected and more                 Essential App
This app is great                 AWESOME
I love what these guys are doing for consumer privacy and their search functionality is the same a google Amazing                 Googlelevel search without being spying on
Really protects your privacy                 Love love this app
Very customizable encrypted search AppI like duckduckgo But i love startpage They go the extra mile as far as protecting your identityThank you startpage and the people who created and have completed one wonderful way to better protect oneself online                 Must have
Love it keep it up                 Search engines
Thank you thank you thank you Thank you for looking out for the public and protecting us from data collection and saving our privacy GOD BLESS all you do                 The best app in the App Store
Unlike all of the other search engines this one is very dedicated to our privacy Im ecstatic that Edward Snowden mentioned this site Im very satisfied with this search engine because we have the right to privacy and Im using that rightthrough this app                 Most respected search engine
It is really cool The only problem I have is there arent clear instructions on how it works              Awesome
Good app                 Review
Not only a capable search app This app supports what is rightthe last vestige of freedom is in apps such as this one                 Because it is about freedom
Thank you for this app I used to use StartPage on my device by saving the webpage to my home screen It worked really well but now I have options in settings and a jazzy icon for this app I learned about StartPage by listening to guest speaker K Albright on Talk Radio This is the real deal in privacy security and integrity something of a rarity these days                 God Bless You
Great app You never get totally away from Big Brothers unconstitutional spying but when you can occasionally give the NSA the middle finger it makes me smile                 Must Have

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