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Stitcher, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Stitcher Radio ,Tales2Go), brings Stitcher Radio with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Stitcher Radio app has been update to version 4.9.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • most life changing app for me..
  • I am a podcast junkie - this app has changed my world..
  • great for catching up with news during early morning work outs..
  • Absolutely THE best Internet radio app.
  • Their judgement as to what qualifies as " breaking news " is excellent..
Overall Satisfactionclick me83
This is the best way to listen to podcasts across multiple platforms.
but I can't use stitcher unless you can listen to podcasts offline.
I love stitcher and the versatility it offers.
I love stitcher but every day it's getting worse.
It's the best way to listen to my favorite shows and discover new ones.
It does not have my favorite shows already downloaded and waiting.
Allows me to listen to my favorite podcasts without having to sync.
The Only Real Choice for Podcast Power Users.
Thanks stitcher for perfecting the basic needs of mobile applications.
Love Stitcher to listen the latest episodes of my favorite podcasts as a playlist.
I can't find latest episodes.
Great audio quality and I love the on demand feature.
The audio quality is awful.
Fun & Engagingclick me82
Stitcher is awesome for catching up on shows I have missed.
I listen to Stitcher all the time.
I listen all the time.
This is an awesome radio with lots to choose from.
I'm totally addicted.
Usefulnessclick me89
I'm a podcast junkie and use Stitcher every day.
A great way to stay informed and learn about new things.
I use Stitcher everyday because I listen to podcasts all day long.
I used stitcher everyday before but now it's just wont buffer.
I listen everyday and learn new and interesting things.
It's become such a regular part of my day.
Stitcher helps me keep up with a number of the podcasts I follow.
Youll wonder how you lived without this app after a week.
This is THE app for staying up to date with news.
Repeat Valueclick me42
Ease of Useclick me74
w out syncing is super convenient and fast.
Stitcher is super convenient.
Stitcher is the most convenient way to listen to audio podcasts.
Overall it's a convenient way to listen to your shows.
Great app simple to use.
Reliabilityclick me73
but has lots of bugs and connection issues.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me26
Updates & Supportclick me77
Great customer service from their content team.
and the customer service --for a free app.
Thanks in advance for responding to user feedback.
The developer gets kudos for responding.
Newest version makes it best podcast app on apps.
New version makes this the best app in the store.


Stream podcasts or radio stations on-demand to your iPhone or iPod Touch with Stitcher Radio.


**v4.0 now supports background listening & multitasking**


You can listen to any one of the 3500+ best news, talk, sports and entertainment podcasts, or tune into the live streams of your favorite local talk radio stations. It's easy - no cables, no synching. Just pick a topic, start listening and Stitcher will learn your interests, begin personalizing your stations, and help you discover new shows. Or, create a custom station of your favorite podcasts, hand-picked and ordered exactly how you want to listen on your morning commute, your run, or just catching up on your interests.

Stitcher RadioStitcher Radio
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• Winner of the 2009 Webby People's Voice Award for best Mobile News Application


• "If you like NPR, MSNBC, Bloomberg or any of the best sources then Stitcher is the best way to quickly access all your programs in one place and listen at your convenience." - emarie0405
Stitcher Radio


• "This app is a life saver for my daily commute. Nearly any subject or source I want to hear! A must for podcast lovers." -CyberData4


The Stitcher Radio is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPhone owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.9.6 has been released on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Stitcher Radio in Stitcher, Inc.`s Official Website :


Everything I could want for streaming radio all in one app. found in 12 reviews
I love stitcher and the versatility it offers. found in 236 reviews
Great podcast search engine/player and musical jukebox. found in 36 reviews
Great for breaking headline for news junkies. found in 5 reviews
It belovedly bookends my day
Helps my walks fly by and keeps me in touch with reality. found in 6 reviews
A great way to stay informed and learn about new things. found in 54 reviews
I listen while driving to work every morning. found in 6 reviews
Downloading & streaming podcasts is almost instantaneous. found in 31 reviews
Love being able to listen to podcasts without downloading and syncing. found in 41 reviews
The daily headlines give me a brief taste of what's going on in the world. found in 5 reviews
Time-shifting so I can listen to my favorite programs on MY schedule. found in 126 reviews
Live the selection of podcasts and how easy it is to use. found in 15 reviews
Stitcher radio is a daily addiction to catch up on news and politics. found in 8 reviews
It's great having several preferred radio shows and podcasts in the same place. found in 92 reviews
Great selection of shows and a perfect presentation- makes it fun to listen. found in 8 reviews
I use it to listen to all my favorite NPR shows. found in 30 reviews
& I fall asleep to it. found in 14 reviews
Great talk radio app geared to the interests of the user. found in 7 reviews
Stitcher is the easiest way to organize your podcasts and radio shows. found in 100 reviews
great selection and the offline feature for your playlist is essential. found in 8 reviews
I paid for this App and still get annoying ads. found in 7 reviews
Ads ads ads all the time. found in 6 reviews
However I get frustrated with connection issues. found in 7 reviews
the lack of offline playback doubles data usage. found in 6 reviews
Way too many ads and now you're forced to listen to them. found in 8 reviews
not a huge fan of the new look however. found in 6 reviews
Needs more content options. found in 2 reviews
My only complaint is when I don't have an internet connection. found in 18 reviews
and I don't mind the ads that much. found in 6 reviews
I'm writing this review to complain about the constant ads. found in 8 reviews
I was disappointed with the glitches with the latest versions. found in 5 reviews
but the offline playback is still a little glitchy sometimes. found in 4 reviews
As an audio app I can tolerate audio ads. found in 12 reviews
Love everything about this app but it NEEDS AirPlay support. found in 3 reviews
I don't open Stitcher to read news. found in 7 reviews
What kind of audio app gives you no volume control. found in 10 reviews
The old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" applies here. found in 6 reviews
Some improvements would be fast forward by section in the podcast. found in 33 reviews
Unintuitive interface and sad sound quality. found in 12 reviews
I don't understand why the podcasts don't update more frequently. found in 10 reviews
They don't make it easy to refresh your content. found in 31 reviews
There is no ability to play in background like wunderradio. found in 92 reviews
Why did you get rid of the " resuming episode " feature. found in 15 reviews
it's ok but I'm just going use the Apple podcast app. found in 32 reviews
I cannot use the search function to find podcasts. found in 12 reviews
Now that this app requires iOS 4. found in 11 reviews
It's just one podcast and the app cannot handle that. found in 27 reviews
The audio quality is awful. found in 18 reviews
and I understand that it needs to make money. found in 10 reviews
If you try TuneIn radio. found in 19 reviews
it used to resume after crashing. found in 23 reviews
Then came the interjection of audio ads spliced into streams. found in 12 reviews
all shows lost and a very annoying "no internet connection " error. found in 18 reviews
I'm even willing to pay to not use this anymore. found in 36 reviews
since you can't see previous episodes. found in 12 reviews
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Like other reviewers this last update broke the ability to use with BMW Connected Drive Makes the product useless for me    Latest version does not work with BMW
Thanks for making my commute fly by Keep up the good work                Great selection of BBC shows
Stitcher used to be a great app then they made it worse by changing the UI but I got used to it Recently however it crashes more and more often and now it wont even complete a single podcast without crashing If the stitcher team reads thiskeep it simple Its an app to listen to podcasts dont try to make it more confusing to satisfy a very niche market of tech geeks    Used to be goodcrash crash crash
Meh good idea if it worked right          Agh
I used this app religiously for years until it started to freeze crash and unreliably updaterefresh If you enjoy pulling your hair out when using a free app this is for use If not grab an alternative for managing and discovering podcasts    Once good now awful
Clean interface I use Stitcher every day                Very useful app
This is for sure one of my top 3 apps Listen to something or another every day Like that it will download the programs I want so I can listen without using data Love having access to all my favorite npr shows and learning about new ones My teen daughter listens all the time tooLowered my rating from 5 stars to 3 Seems like Deezer is having trouble managing Stitcher lazy The front page isnt updating AGAIN was out for over a week probably a month ago Very lame and no communication or explanation with customers          Awesome app
I have been a faithful user of Stitcher for 3 years as my go to podcast app after getting tired of the apple podcast app stitcher has evolved some and I have been ok with it until recently when it started having several issues including1 Not remembering my spot in a podcast2 Not getting the most updated podcast3 Not giving me access to older podcasts4 And worst Intermittently being unable to connect to the InternetSadly I think I will be shopping for a new podcast app to try out now          Stitcher is dying
Latest update has become useless with the BMW car system Please fix    Fails on BMW connected drive
Stitcher was good before But not anymore The UI remains the same forever what are you Craiglist Switch to TuneIn       Used to be good
Much better than the stock podcast app             Good app
Still the best podcast app out there I love the update I wish they had episode search though                Great way to keep informed on my commute
I used to use this app religiously Unfortunately I was unable to listen to premium content of some podcasts This app doesnt have the ability for you to access a premium podcast As soon as this feature is on stitcher I will come back          Good app but needs more
Im an avid podcast listener and Sticher is the best app Ive found so far to stream podcasts Overcast is better if you plan on downloading them in advance                All my podcasts in one place
The latest update starts a commercial whenever I pause or unpause a show This means not only do I have a commercial blaring in my ears when I wanted to STOP all audio output you know so I could answer the phone at work or speak to my coworkers but it also means that when I restart the audio I get a commercial blaring over the top of the show that I wanted to continue Not cool Stitcher Not cool    Commercial integration is baaad
What is all this crap Just give me my feed and keep track of where I left off Web version doesnt seem to sync with the app either Why is something so amazing like podcasting so hard to work with I so badly want a good podcast app and this doesnt get me any closer          What is so difficult
I use pandora for music and stitcher for news information and entertainment                Useful and Entertaining
Love the shows and the variety offered here My complaint is with the notifications When I click on a notification it takes me to the app and then tells me there is an error loading the podcast That has happened on every attempt to load a show via notifications          Great shows app notification troubles
Very nice                Love the improved layout
One of the most frustrating apps Ive encountered The interface is horrible and doesnt flow well must have been designed by ex Windows designers Not reliable at all and more of a time waster then anything else I finally deleted it and am just using the Apple Podcast app which is bad enough but Stitcher is WORSE    STAY AWAY
Hate how apps these days let you use their website as a guest but force you to give up your privacy for their mobile app    Requires Login
Stitcher keeps getting better and better                Still my favorite app
Im still trying to get comfortable with the idea of listening to podcasts but I like the idea of Stitcher building a stream of them doing the work so I dont have to once I set it up             Quality app
Please I dont mind ads But could you get some new ones Its the same transunion ads over and over Its so annoying    Ads are so repetitive
Ike the suggestions that it makes based on your favorite podcasts Really simple and beautiful user interface                Awesome app use it all the time
My ears are never bored Still my most used app Cant live without it comedy news science its got it all                Amazing app
The best app for podcasts So many great tools to manage things yet easy the use                If youre listening to podcasts get this app
Longtime Stitcher user but lifes too short to struggle with poorly designed apps like this Moving on to better things    Gave up on bad UI
I wish it didnt take so many taps to change the Playback Behavior I often switch Continuous playback on and off Sometimes I want to listen to just one podcast Sometimes I want to listen to several Currently I have to make nine taps to switch it on or off and get back to my playlist Can this switch be put with the Available Offline switch under the settings gear             Great app I use it every day Theres just one thing
Seriously why would u do this Also the ui is pretty minimal and useless    Load sound at app startup
I listen to podcasts on Stitcher almost every day during my commute This app lets you access hundreds of podcasts and its easy to find your favorites                I love this app Tons of amazing content every week
Please fix this bug that was introduced with last update Thank you       Cant connect with BMW idrive
Review Stitcher appEvery time I open the app it nags me to resubscribe to premium Every time This trumps the rest of my review 1 star rating Overall excellent app A few things on my wishlistSleep timer fade out instead of cutting off abruptly Bottom controls dont need to slide down since there is nothing in that space after they slide down Just keep them in place    Loved it
I agree with Melancholy7777 Stitcher became weak recently Podcasts stopped started intermittently internet downloads became inconsistent and after my brief subscription to Stitcher Plus ended I was repeatedly pestered to re subscribe I got frustrated changed to Overcast I had been a Stitcher user for several years used to like it but I had to change       Had to change
2500 hr listener Ability to listen and manage my podcasts across 2 iPhones 2 iPads And desktop They seem to have dialed back the advertising which is a welcomed change                Most used app on all my devises
I respect what stitcher is doing but I dont much care for how they are doing it The delivery system for this new form of radio content podcast is an ugly word has a long way to being perfected Every once and a while I download stitcher to see whats up The navigation of the app is not very intuitive and after a while I gave up       Not for everyone
Stitcher has the best overall feature set podcasts stations playlists a front page of interesting news and episodes Daily goto app                Still the best
I have it loaded with all my favorite NPR news shows and podcasts download at home and listen on my commutes By downloading over wifi only it saves on my mobile bill But you can also opt to download over cell use when youre traveling or need an update before you get to wifi Super interface and one of the few apps I use every dayThank you                Love Stitcher listen every day
Ads playing over audio of the podcastPodcasts not updating consistentlyI might have to give in and purchase an app that works well Stitcher doesnt seem to be capable of maintaining their App on a regular bases After years of use I think its time to give up    Glitchy
I see the splash screen and then it just closes iPhone 6 v84    The app Wont launch
Have to use this for a paid podcast subscription If you can listen another way do it This is the most unreliable app Ive ever used Its constantly crashing it has never downloaded new episodes in order or completely and it never connects If you have a choice dont chose this one    Horrible Reliability
Is this 2007 Or did I enter some weird alternate universe where interfaces like this in 2015 are acceptable    Terrible UI
Used to love this app and use it every day but unable to use it since downloading the update The app no longer updates any of the shows in my playlist so they are daysweeks old It is useless to me now I guess I shouldnt have downloaded the updatePlease fix so I can give it five stars    Update is Broken
Gone bad    Offline a lot
This is the best app Ive ever used No more download podcast for years already                My most used app
Love Stitcher forever cant live without it                Hooray
Ive been using this app for years and I love it No its not as institutive as id like but its very useful                Use it daily Awesome app
I notice the app programs repeat over and over For example How Things Work on balloons Heard it 10 times already Fast forwarding doesnt stop it Dont want to hear it anymore Please fix it Todays note 9615       Cheryl
This app is terrible for finding and listening to podcasts Why is there no way to dismiss items from my feed Why is it so hard to organize my fee based on recent podcasts All I ever want to do is listen to newly released podcast but all I ever see are old or partially played podcasts          The UX leaves a lot to be desired
I accidentally updated this app and am very disappointed Mind you I had an old version from about a year ago That UI made sense Upon app launch one could see all their playlists in a gridlike setup that was very easy to see and use Ive always LOVED promoted and supported Stitcher but now I think Ill be recommending TuneIn I highly recommend that app for podcasts and streaming literally thousands of stations from around the world Another disadvantage that stitcher has now is that it constantly refreshes while using the app This means that if you have older shows that you want to listen to while still in the app now you cant The older version allowed you to listen to all their shows that arent available anymore unless you refreshed it BIG DISAPPOINTMENT    HORRIBLE UI


Stitcher, Inc.
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.9.6

iOS Stitcher Radio 4.9.6 Mobile

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