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Quilt2Go , the publisher behind many iOS app (KnitMinder Lite ,StitchMinder), brings StitchMinder with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. StitchMinder app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • There are several rows of things to keep track of like rows..

Overall Satisfactionc68
I'd love to be able to track Cable A and Cable B separately by name.
This app does a great job in keeping track of one project.
This program does everything I need.
It does everything you need to keep track of your knitting.
Ease of Usec87
Is simple to use and very versatile.
I just love ticking off rows with a simple touch.
Simple app that does what it says.
Reset button quit working w/ IPhone 4S upgrade.
The reset button doesn't work anymore so now it's completely WORTHLESS.

as someone else already suggested. found in 1 reviews
Is simple to use and very versatile. found in 1 reviews
A great little application. found in 1 reviews
Now I just need to tap. found in 1 reviews
and having multiple pages of counters. found in 1 reviews
I just love ticking off rows with a simple touch. found in 2 reviews
I've bought practically every knitting app out there. found in 2 reviews
Or maybe a notes window. found in 1 reviews
all in one neat lil row. found in 1 reviews
I Knit and crochet and it's just awesome. found in 1 reviews
Cool and awsome. found in 1 reviews
or searching for my stitch counter in the couch. found in 5 reviews
It's a real treat in any case. found in 1 reviews
a lot of repeats run through certain row numbers. found in 1 reviews
Thanks for offering this free. found in 1 reviews
No more loud clicking at the end of a row. found in 1 reviews
Needs expansion. found in 1 reviews
neither did two Apple store experts. found in 1 reviews
I'm totally satisfied and use this app constantly. found in 1 reviews
Certainly convenient if you don't want to carry a separate counter. found in 1 reviews
for example: if I tap " pattern row. found in 3 reviews
the Reset buttons stopped working. found in 1 reviews
it's icon disappeared. found in 1 reviews
No support for multiple projects or stitch patterns. found in 1 reviews
loved this app until most recent iOS update. found in 1 reviews
Stopped working correctly. found in 1 reviews
Wish there was a minus button. found in 2 reviews
but after the last iPhone OS update. found in 1 reviews
Can't customize titles or automatically calculate increase or decrease rows. found in 1 reviews
Great until last update. found in 1 reviews
Broken in iOS 7. found in 1 reviews
my counters go back to zero when I reopen the app. found in 2 reviews
It worked great but stopped resetting after I updated to the new iOS. found in 1 reviews
The reset button doesn't work anymore so now it's completely WORTHLESS. found in 1 reviews

The StitchMinder is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Japanese, Swedish. It weighs in at only 0.5 MB to download. The new StitchMinder app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 2.2.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about StitchMinder in Quilt2Go`s Official Website :

StitchMinder is a free stitch counting utility application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. The program provides four customizable counters that can be used to track rows completed, pattern rows, increases, and decreases. Counters ...
It worked great but stopped resetting after I updated to the new iOS You can keep counting upward but you cant reset     Doesnt work with latest iOS 7
I love this app Works perfectly and its free                 Awesome
Was a great app but cant reset any counters anymore     Cant Reset Anymore
I use this app all the time to manage my crochet projects Two things could make it better 1 the ability to change the labels so you could use the counter to track up to 4 projects 2 a minus button in case you have to rip out a row or two                 Great app but could be better
I have loved this app in the past but recently the reset button on the counts has stopped working for me and I cant figure out why Possible bug           Bug
It does everything you need to keep track of your knitting One suggestion would be to expand the number of projects you can enter perhaps with the ability of naming your projects Love this app                 Great app
Only permits tracking one project at a time Uses extensive amount of battery Cant customize titles or automatically calculate increase or decrease rows        Needs expansion
Simple and efficient app I wish I could modify the text for example I am knitting a sweater and want to track Pattern Row Cable Chart and Buttonhole Repeats I can fake it with the defaults but it would be 5 stars to have control over the labels           Does okay
This program is minimal I only use the row counter Its efficient and basic When you need to start counting again just hit the reset button The program asks if its okay to start at 0 click yes This program does everything I need Rows counted remains in memory even when exiting program I use this program daily                 Basic Simple Easy
App seems to have stopped working with iOS7 update Can you please fix it I love this app and use it quite a bit Thanks              Does not work with iOS7
Will count up but will not allow me to reset stitch Please fix        Stopped working correctly
This is one of my favorite and most important apps that I use CANNOT live without it now that Ive had the joy of using it So simple and efficient I wouldve paid for this if called for                 Looooove it
This is a simple powerful app that has everything you need and nothing you dont It stays on rather than allowing the iPhone to sleep so you dont have to put down the knitting to fuss with it Big numbers let you swipe at it quickly with one hand rather than having to pick up the phone Clearly designed by a knitter not just a programmer                 It just works
I used to love this and used it all the time The reset button doesnt work anymore so now its completely WORTHLESS     Used to be good
So simple I love it                 Simply love
Ive had this on my iPod forever I love it The fact that you can keep count of multiple things makes life so much easier Sometimes you need to count rows increases and pattern repeats bam all in one neat lil row                 Love it
Four different counters that move with the touch of a finger                 User friendly
I loved this app until the iOS7 update The apps reset option works with this latest update but now it reverts back to what Ive cleared away each time I reopen the app        Stopped working
I love this app My kids were always picking up my clicker counter and clicking away so I couldnt trust it My postit notes would flyaway or get misplaced if I set my project down for days I am rarely without my phone so this counter is one of my most used apps Thank you for creating it              Love it
Nice app so cool to have a counter The only thing that would make it super awesome is if it could have an option forcounting down Could you guys maybe make an option for that Then a def 5 stars              Like it
Ive tried nearly every free counter out there and this is perfect for that one project that needs multiple counters You pick the label that you want to keep your brain straight and then you just tap to advance the counter If I could save multiple projects I wouldnt use any other counter                 Great basic app
I enjoy this app quite a bit Ive had it on my iPhone for more than a year use it all the time My only gripe is you cant label the project Also if you knit multiple projects at once it is easy to pull up the counter and go where was I Oh other item But for a free app its great              Very Handy app
I wish there was a way that I could keep track of more than one project           I love this app but
I havent used the app yet but Im an avid knitter and since my phone goes everywhere I go this app will come in very handy when I knit at or away from home              Cool app
I found that if you hold onto the number then flick it to the right it should decrease the number once It also makes a wierd noise And I love the app                 Hey Kim
downloaded stitch minder and ended up with Stash2Go     ms
Its free and keeps track of where I am in a pattern whats not to love                 Great simple app
No more scraps of paper marking on my patterns or searching for my stitch counter in the couch                 Very Simple yet EXACTLY what I need
I enjoyed using this app through a couple of big projects Then in the midst of a complex pattern my phone died When I set up the new iPhone all the numbers read 0 Everything lost in the middle of the project I guess a scrap of paper to record my progress periodically might have been a good idea        Used to love it
I cannot live without this app It is the mostused app on my iPod                 Love this app
This app no longer works Will not reset counters Lays updated in 2009     Broken in iOS 7
I use this app all the time So convenient to simply touch the screen as I start a new row pattern repeat decreaseincrease etc                 Wonderful app
While using the app for a project its icon disappeared The App store shows it is there but Search didnt find it neither did two Apple store experts After resetting redownlaoding my ENTIRE iPhone the icon made a brief showing then disappeared before our eyes It mysteriously reappeared a few days later I used it a few more days then it vanished again Unstable platforms are not to be trusted I hope developers hear my angstat least push a small update now and then so my ghostly apps reappear           Ghosting
Ive tried many others but this is the one I always come back to Does exactly what it is supposed to                 Excellent simple stitch counter
I had no idea what my life was missing before this app I used to use a sheet of paper to keep track of my rows It was a huge inconvenience to put down my work all the time and I always inevitably ended up miscounting Now I just need to tap Crazy how such a simple thing can be so helpful                 Simple yet necessary
Live this app Perfect to keep track of where I am One thing I wish it did was as I add a row in a pattern it would add it to the total              Perfect app for anyone
Love love loved this app until most recent iOS update now count will not reset Have to uninstall and reinstall to reset What a pain please fix           Wont reset
It doesnt save any of my data anymore If my phone locks or I open another app my counters go back to zero when I reopen the app     Great until last update
Perfect app for keeping your stitch count but lately Ive been encountering some sort of glitch where the app is refusing to reset to 0 Not a happy hooker           Used to Love
This app is awesome I love being able to keep track of multiple projects The only improvement I would make would be if I could label each one so I knew which project it was for Other than that it is so easy to use and it stays open so I dont have to keep unlocking my phone constantly              Love love love
I downloaded this app to assist me with my first lace shawl I adore it I have one counter tracking my total rows one tracking the chart row and a third tracking how many repeats of the chart I have completed There is a fourth counter in case I need it I can easily edit the counters to count down if I need to back up a few rows I have edited the counter tracking the chart rows to start with row 1 instead of the default row 0 so each time I go back to row 1 I just reset the counter and its ready to go A project which had intimidated me for months before starting is going quite smoothly because I dont have to worry about losing my place If Id had this a year ago to keep track of my lace chart rows decrease rows and lace panel shifts on my first sweater I might not have gotten hopelessly lost with all the counting I might be wearing the sweater now instead of feeling bad about hiding it in my closet unfinished                 How did I knit without this
Im suuper happy that the app was finally updated and now resets to zero The one thing thats starting to annoy me is that now whenever I close the app to do something else my counter automatically resets to zero even if Im not done with whatever project I was working on Its annoying having to put the counter back to where I had it its harder to remember what row Im on when I get farther along in a project so Id like to see the automatic resetting when the app is closed fixed              Almost there
Please help Is there a fix for this particular bug I Loved Loved this counter on my old IPhone3 but since I upgrade none of reset buttons work I am so sad now Ive been having to delete the App and reinstall it when I need to reset the counters Is there a paygrade of this App available If so I cant find it but if I could I would buy it              Reset button quit working w IPhone 4S upgrade
After ios7 stopped working Then an update let it work again but it no longer saves data like it used to Anytime I leave the app all info is lost Can you please fix this     Used to recommend this No longer saves data
I Knit and crochet and its just awesome                 I love it
Wish there was a minus button              Only one thing missing
I love this app its rather basic which makes it easy to work with Its saving me a lot of confusion and frustration With the multiple counters it is easy to keep track of repeats and saves me the trouble of keeping track of pencils and sticky notes                 Just what I needed
Used to love this app but after the last iPhone OS update the Reset buttons stopped working The only way to reset the counters is to delete the app and then reload it           Update needed
Wasnt sure what to expect new to iPhone but this is one well designed little needlework utility The best thing about it which tells me that someone actually thought about it is that it turns off the iPhones sleep feature I dont have to unlock the iPhone every time I complete a row etc I like the ability to change which function each counter controls Like other reviewers I would totally pay to buy an app with the ability to count multiple projects at one time Thanks for a welldesigned and wellthought out application                 nifty and very functional
This app is GREAT Finally an app that does what it is supposed to do It remembers your stitch count even after you turn it off to save energy Is simple to use and very versatile you can adjust the settings and count labels to accommodate your needs It is probably the one app that I cant live without                 A must have

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