Stuff N Style - create magazine-style outfits, organize your closet & find fashion inspiration

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Hung Nguyen
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Requires iOS 7.0 or la

Description - Stuff N Style - create magazine-style outfits, organize your closet & find fashion inspiration

Hung Nguyen , the publisher behind many iOS app (Freaking Flag ,Bếp Nhà Ta ,Turn Off Light ,Capital Quiz! ,Oop Oop ,Cẩm Phong Book), brings Stuff N Style - create magazine-style outfits, organize your closet & find fashion inspiration with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Stuff N Style - create magazine-style outfits, organize your closet & find fashion inspiration app has been update to version 1.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Stuff N Style - create magazine-style outfits, organize your closet & find fashion inspiration for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.6 MB to download. The new Stuff N Style - create magazine-style outfits, organize your closet & find fashion inspiration app version 1.2.1 has been updated on 2014-05-12. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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With Stuff N Style you can create beautiful and instant magazine-style editorials of your favorite outfits. It gets even better: all clothing items you add will be kept in your virtual wardrobe, accessible to you ...
Love the app It is easy to use very intuitive and fun A great idea I could spend a lot of time trying to pick an outfit and still dont mix and match as well as how I was helped Getting a stylist for free Yes please                 Fun app
I love having my entire closet in my phone Really helps when Im planning outfits or out shopping This is the future of fashion                 Finally a digital closet
Love the app especially the Style Me feature Feeling like I have my own personal stylist This is EXACTLY what I needed I have tons of clothes and dont know how to put them together into an outfit It took a while to upload my clothes to the app but it was well worth it Wish the removing background work faster Love the new style me feature                 Amazing app
Saw the app on Reddit and downloaded immediately This is exactly what I need Especially like how easy it is to keep stock of my closet and learn from other peoples styles Got much compliments recently about my outfits Love it                 Such adorable and easytouse app
This app is great for planning your outfit in advance When you run out of outfit idea you can ask them to give you some inspiration                 Love it amazing app
I dont get how this app even gets five stars they must be fake reviews This app doesnt let you personalize it tells you theres an error It takes forever to whiteout and some of the outfits put together are just lazy Now theres a black white screen whenever I click on the app Its so frustrating because it took so long to log my closet Im finding a different more reliable app     Doesnt work
SnS helped me stay in style effortlessly My busy peeps loved it                 Too busy to stay in style Tada
please     pls make for iphone 6 plus
I was confused as to why I had to answer all these questions about my style but once done I realized why it was needed It now helps me style my current closet and recommends items that work with my closet Amazing                 Great Personal Styling App
Finally can look good without a headache                 Awesome
This app is exactly what I was looking for I have been looking for a way to organize and catalog my wardrobe for some time I tried all sorts of closet apps but adding clothes was way too time consuming This app It is makes it super easy to enter your clothes you just need to email your online receipt to them and clothes automatically appear in your closet the next day Since I do almost all of my clothing shopping online it only takes me a few minutes to get all my clothes to the digital closet The pictures are nice too and professionally taken There are features to help pick an outfit create a lookbook and plan your outfit Overall a great app                 Amazing app
Just found out that I can add clothes by forwarding the email to them This is brilliant Got all the clothes I bought in the last 3 years into my digital closet with 5 minutes of work                 Great app
I was really excited for this app but I put in my request for an outfit and havent gotten any response for 4 days now Kind of a bummer to use if it takes this long     Havent gotten a styled outfit yet
A super easytouse app it helps me a lot in planning my outfit every day If you are the one who run into the nothingtowear situation pretty often then this app is definitely for you It s fun and visually easier to mix and match what youve already got on this app                 Love love love
If your closet is full of clothes but feel like there is nothing to wear Reach for this app its like magic All of the sudden with outfit ideas that makes you feel like you just went shopping                 What a great idea Love this app
I was so excited for this app because you can take pictures of your clothes erase the backgrounds and virtually pick out your outfits BUT every time I try to take a picture of one of my clothes it crashes on me Also the feed doesnt refresh with new clothes or new outfit ideas even if you refresh it     CRASHES
What a great way to discover new styles suggested for you                 Loving the styling feature
So easy to add clothes the style suggestions are spot on as well                 So easy to add clothes
LOVE the outfits the stylists put together for me The wait was longer than expected but worth it                 Real Stylists Suggestions
Ive tried all closet apps and this one is by far the easiest to add clothes They have the option to add by using google search which make the clothes look much better than taking picture Its also great for creating outfits discovering pieces and styles I never thought I would like                 Great style App
Cool features but cannot be used because I cannot add my own clothes Phones and settings vary I think they should add a lot of tech support to help you analyze the problem so you can use it preferably screen Pop up that tell you how to fix the problem or show you where you can read directions on how to fix it     Big bug
Great app It truly gives me more ideas on what to wear                 Good app
This app is soo helpful for figuring out how to put together outfits based on the clothes in my closet The stylist suggestions are amazing and I am trying things I wouldnt have otherwise I feel like Im much more fashionable because of it                 Awesome app
Love that I can flip through my closet and get outfit idea on the go                 Great app
LOVE this app Its like if Polyvore and Clueless closet have a baby                 Cool apps
Awesome app I recently just moved to a different city and really couldnt bring my entire wardrobe with me The stylist help open my eyes to using the same piece and pairing it with different things to create different outfits and looks Also love how it introduces me to different key pieces to complete my wardrobe since I had to leave behind most of them in my old closet and they make it so much easier by telling you what brand and gives u the link to purchase                 Personal stylist on my phone
I must say this works pretty well I just got it and the interface is sleek I do wish you could style others as have a follow option as well as a how long ago you last wore a outfit Thanks              Pretty good for the price
I just downloaded this app as I was looking for an app where I could upload all the clothing and accessories I have My confusion comes when I hit the Style Me button Now in the box above what do I type in there and when I upload the picture of the bottom which picture goes there I emailed a stylist and I still havent received a reply Very confused right now Also it would be nice to add people and see what clothing they have in their closet Also favorite peoples put together outfits Maybe be able to follow people with the same clothing style as you That would be cool UPDATED REVIEW Its been a couple days since I have got this app and started using it I pretty much love it now since I know how to use it I like how friendly the stylists are The outfit choices are also very spot on              Kinda Confused
Of youre a fashionista in any capacity designer stylist or a fashion lover this app is for you Build your own virtual closet and sharehours of fun                 A Must Have App
Awesome for discovering great new outfits in your closet                 So cool
They create awesome outfits based on your description and you can keep track of your clothes If I could I would rate this a 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000                 Awesome
I have used this app for a while I love the way it helps me out from my messy closet i am now very confident with my fashion                 Great app for styling my daily outfits
I dont know how many times I have to tell you guys to only put in things that are in my closet but you never listen How am I suppose to wear something I dont own And honestly these designers you have arent that great Im not saying Im any good because Im not thats why I got this app but if youre going to have this job enough with picking out regular jeans with a basic white top Quit frankly its annoying And how basically every outfit you pick for me is the same Dont waste your time taking pictures of your whole closet and what not Not worth it whatsoever Deleting this app Ill get it back once you guys stop with putting random things I dont own and actually put effort into picking outfits because Im tired of seeing the same pants and shirts and what not every time     Dont waste your time
The Style me feature is brilliant Feel like Im shopping my closet 3                 Cute layout
Like the concept a lot              Bijal
Pleasantly surprised at how good the app is given that it is free It is simple and intuitive Better than all other apps Ive tried                 Love this app
I think Id really like this app if it worked It may be a bug in the current version but Im unable to create outfits for my lookbook I have tried it on my iPhone 4s iOS 7 and my iPad iOS 8 and Im having the same error I tried to get support on the website and report the bug but that doesnt seen to be an option anywhere Its a bummer Ive been searching for a good app to organize my closet and plan my outfits and this looked like the best hopefully it will get an update soon     Cant create outfits
Great app makes it easier to visualize things you already have in a way thats flattering and creative Perfect for the I have nothing to wear moments                 Amazing app
I thought it was an app for your all your clothes like a virtual on the go closet but its not              Not what I was expecting
very innovative app for women                 mr
Best closet app out there and Ive tried them all                 Love it
Trash     Chrash
This is a great and useful application Im so glad that I decided to try it This app makes me feel a bit more proactive about my fashion life Before I often takes at least 20 mins every morning to decide what to wear With this app I can quickly keep up with outfits that I have worn Im highly recommend this app to everyone 3                 I love it
Thank you for this amazing app Its super useful I wore the dresses recommended to NYE and I got a lot of compliments                 Amazing app
Found out about this precious gem from a fashion blog and have been using it for a while Its a great one to have on your phone which will style you up amazingly Its also easy to use as well as manage your stuffs Girls ladies if you love fashion download it to your phone please                 Youd love to have it installed
I am loving this Im kinda lazy so I just googlesearched for catalog photos of the clothing items Ive purchased over the years But Im the type of person who picks out the weirdest most unique pieces I can find and then I have no idea how to actually put these together into an outfit The styling suggestions are the best part of this app Theyve given me ideas for using my favorite pieces that I never would have thought of myself                 My new favorite app
Great idea nice design useful features I love that the app made suggestions for what to pair with what based on color style outfit history or whatever they do I got this app in hopes to start wearing everything I have and to get rid of pieces I dont wear However entering stuff is quite a hassle so I havent got all of the clothes I have in yet Once I spend more time taking inventory of everything I think it will be better For what Ive put in so far its already quite useful and Im having a lot of fun with it                 Great app
This app solves the problem of closet full of clothes and nothing to wear Lots of times you have something you really like but think it only matches on thing and never get to wear it The stylists help you make better use of your closet and it is free                 Great style tips for when you want to step up your style game
I love the app ui and ux But i was confuse to answer a lot of question at the first time                 Beautiful app design

Stuff N Style - create magazine-style outfits, organize your closet & find fashion inspiration LifestyleStuff N Style - create magazine-style outfits, organize your closet & find fashion inspiration LifestyleStuff N Style - create magazine-style outfits, organize your closet & find fashion inspiration LifestyleStuff N Style - create magazine-style outfits, organize your closet & find fashion inspiration Lifestyle

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