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SmartNews, Inc., brings SmartNews - Trending News & Stories with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SmartNews - Trending News & Stories app has been update to version 2.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great for keeping up with current events without having to worry about too much bias..
  • Best app to stay on top of interesting news..
  • Interesting mix of news..
  • This covers all areas of news I like from multiple sources..
  • Add breaking news alerts for the most important events..

Overall Satisfactionc81
Consolidates all of my favorite new sources into one app.
I highly recommend this App as it's become my new favorite news app.
Would like the option to set SmartView as default.
Good but needs to be able to set SmartView to default.
Fun & Engagingc95
Awesome news app in recent times.
Awesome news source.
Up To Date ALL the Time.
I like getting up to date news and enjoy the highlights.
Comprehensive news app that makes it easy to stay informed.
SmartNews has almost nothing to offer beyond most any other app.
it keeps me informed on what's going on back in the country.
Everything In One Spot.
Useful and convenient.
Social Aspectsc67
easy to post to social media.
Production Valuesc77
The interface is easy to navigate.
Super clean and intuitive interface.
Ease of Usec88
If you appreciate apps that deliver and are easy to navigate.
Super clean and intuitive interface.
The interface is easy to navigate.
Simple and amazing app.
Useful and convenient.
Work out the kinks.
Ads not Intrusivec12

Super clean and intuitive interface. found in 2 reviews
This app provides a variety of stories from various sources. found in 3 reviews
Greatest news app on the market. found in 1 reviews
It's my go-to news application every day. found in 5 reviews
Great Up To The Minute News. found in 3 reviews
It loads very quickly and has everything that is going on in the world. found in 11 reviews
A news aggregator that GETS me for the girl I am. found in 17 reviews
Simply the best news source on the planet. found in 3 reviews
it keeps me informed on what's going on back in the country. found in 2 reviews
It offers a much more diverse collection of news sources and stories. found in 4 reviews
Very easy way to receive news. found in 7 reviews
Great app for quick access to news. found in 28 reviews
It's very user friendly and I always find something interesting. found in 10 reviews
This replaced all my news apps. found in 3 reviews
Would love a search feature though. found in 1 reviews
The liberal bias however can be annoying. found in 7 reviews
My only suggestions would be push notifications as news happens. found in 4 reviews
Also a setting to always default articles to SmartView would be great. found in 9 reviews
Just needs support for RSS feed. found in 1 reviews
App has crashed three times in just a few minutes. found in 2 reviews
So please update for more countries. found in 1 reviews
If you want a very liberal slant on news stories. found in 6 reviews
or give us an option to always open in your awesome "SmartView" mode. found in 9 reviews
Please Add a women's Sports tab. found in 1 reviews
but the actual news content itself. found in 3 reviews
A few suggestions would be to add more new publishers. found in 2 reviews
good app but please fix the Notification Center widget. found in 2 reviews
Only thing I wish it had was night mode. found in 2 reviews
Really loving the free NY Times with no ads. found in 4 reviews
The reviews stating there are no Fox News are mistaken. found in 44 reviews
The actual news curation is terrible though. found in 2 reviews
it continues to crash several times a day while I'm reading an article. found in 7 reviews
horribly biased and one sided. found in 14 reviews
Also be nice if there were more news papers offered for news. found in 18 reviews
Obama/ left wing garbage. found in 20 reviews
Cancelled after one day due to liberal bias. found in 7 reviews
Poor Quality News Delivery. found in 4 reviews
Sites like Fox News and Drudge Report are missing. found in 44 reviews
No conservative news feeds. found in 3 reviews
Constantly getting sent to the App Store when using this app. found in 10 reviews
Can't search a news article after it updates. found in 18 reviews
NEEDS MORE CHANNELS. found in 8 reviews
Except for the inability to choose the news I wanted. found in 4 reviews

The SmartNews - Trending News & Stories is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Japanese. It weighs in at only 16.4 MB to download. The new SmartNews - Trending News & Stories app version 2.0.0 has been updated on 2014-10-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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Your news in one minute. Zero loading time, a beautiful interface - SmartNews is the fastest, most efficient way to get all your news now.More about SmartNews...- There is zero loading time with SmartView. Content ...
Great news feed overall but you can tell whoever runs it is unfortunately leftleaning So think CNN and not Fox Thats the main thing I dont like about it              Great format
Never automatically refreshes I have to manually refresh each time I open app        Doesnt auto update
Replacing Zite is hard yet Smart News seems more user friendly than Flipboard              Better than Flipboard
What is going on with this app It just shuts down What does it take to convince the developers of the need to fix the problemThis is a great app when it works For the last couple of weeks this app crashes repeatedly Please fix it           Davison MI
Im sorry for the terrible review I really am Ive liked your all for a while and I used it constantly as my primary source for news updates in the morning and evening I finally had to uninstall your app after trying to launch the story about the new trailer for Jungle Book 4 times only to have the app crash each time Unfortunately this has been happening all too often lately Please fix this app so that its stable enough to use on an iPhone 6SadlyDave J     Too many crashes
Easy to read and get news from your favorite sources                 Awesome news app
After seeing how uninspired and useless the new iOS9 News app is I had to come here and reiterate how great SmartNews is Im not sure why Apple just didnt buy it Together with Flipboard when Im feeling for a slightly different experience these apps knock it out of the park Apple News is going into the same folder Newsstand was relegated to                 Pretty perfect
Easy to use and clean interface                 Great
After using a number of news apps over the years I found this app to be my favorite Its timely focused and very easy to navigate I get to the top stories from the best sources fast                 Just Right
I read this every day to help me keep up to date with current events Easy to navigate                 Great App
I like this app because it gathers news from several different sources often giving a different viewpoint and it doesnt push its own leanings into the quoted material It keeps you up to date with mostly facts                 Handy news app
Cant filter out specific topics Worthless to me Deleted     Topics
I used to live this app it brought in news stories from a wide variety of news sources and was consistent in its reliability Now it force closes multiple times a day and I have noticed that the Fox company gets their opinion pieces posted almost as much as all other news sources combined I have contacted the developers they have pretty much told me they dont care and due to this I am deleting this app I need unbiased news and a reliable news aggregator This app no longer meets those requirements     Force closes several times a day
Ive really enjoyed this app and getting all types of news compiled for the day to read My only problem with it is that videos dont have sound within the app I have to open the news video in safari to actually watch it Then go back to the app to finish catching up If this could be fixed I would give it 5 stars              Great app but no sound on videos
This is a wonderful app I never start my morning without it                 Smart News is Smarter
While the concept is great the execution is spotty The zero load time does not always work and even when it does it is often a poor version of what you get by waiting for a web page to load But the reason for the onestar rating is the apps annoying tendency to shut down without warning while you are in the middle of reading something This happens several times every day on my iPad mini 2 despite a recent update that supposedly fixed this very problem           Shuts down without warning multiple times a day on iPad
I have absolute contempt for mainstream news I refused to watch it till I found this app It allows me to control what I want to watch Good application                 News my way
Honestly guys at least try not to make it so obvious     Liberal News not Smart News
Love having it my way my news my choice around the world and the ease of web to smart view is well smart                 Smart News
I love the quick summary of all the important news around the globe and in the US Also I found very useful the option tailormade the news menu                 Its an amazing tool
Quick and informative                 The News
I would give this app 45 stars if the article reader didnt constantly crash the app If articles contain slow loading content like videos or other interactive content the app crashes It is consistent meaning the same articles will crash the app I have an iPad Air but the same happens on iPhone 6 Fix this issue and the app will be 4 stars Add suggested articles based on user chosen presets or activity and it will be a 5 star app Nice interface and easy to use        Nice interface but constant crashes
The App is beautiful and exactly but crashes all the time                 Love the app but crashes all the time
This app should have a setting that allows users to choose either the Web View or the Smart View as the default view when reading a story Web View is to small to read on many mobile devices and I hate racing the clock to choose Smart View every time I read an article           Smart View
I like it Its easy                 Great app
Always good information that loads quickly Check it all the time                 Love the App
Id give it 5 stars if it didnt crash every single time I use it Totally frustrating Time for another news app Sigh        Crashes every time I use it
Ive been using the Free app and its my morning to go App for all my news as it gives me all the latest and greatest news that I need for everyday use The tabs on each categories of news from US to World news is really very handy Thumbs up for this great app                 Absolutely great for all kinds of News in one app
I love your news I sometimes have a tearful time reading the different animal stories                 Great News
I like this app because it gives a range is sources in one place Of course that requires critical thinking skills which is good                 Provides a range of sources
After trying this app for a few months I am deleting it This app and news servce is just another arm of the tiresome parade of the left leaning junk news outletsWith nothing but snarky blatantly biased headlines and then nothing but scanty news items it brings nothing new to the news game my notifications or my life Its a waste of time and data     Disappointing More of the same
Like the app and layout overall Great selection of sources too I like how you can choose to add additional tabs tech crunch re code etc there are general tabs built in us top tech which are good but I would like to be able to customize You cannot select which sources to display in the general Top and US tabs so you have stories from such sources as Rawstory and Fox News which are politically opposite              Really good Hope for feature
Highly recommend                 Very useful use it everyday
I like looking at One app for all my news Dont need anything else                 All in One ChosenBy You
I really enjoy this app and look forward to reading all the news articles each evening SmartNews has always shut down on me though several times while Im in the middle of a story or video So frustrating Does anyone have an answer to this problem I keep up with the updates but it still happens I use an iPad           App keeps shutting down
Love it                 My GoTo News App
Love the app but I think u guys should really redesign the UI make it more visually appealing and easier to toggle thru the channels and stations Also landscape mode for iPhone 6 plus would be great I would love to be able to hold my phone sideways and use the app Other than that love it love the updated stations Keep it up              Awesome app
I love this app because I have access to many news sources and headlines in one place My only gripe is that I have to look at Breitbart headlines on the main pages Seriously I can handle Fox News but Breitbart              News all in one
Cant say enough about this news app It has replaced my other news apps Customization and content options are the keys for me I also love the ability to read offline content when traveling                 Fabulous app
All in one                 Great News
Allinone news app I like that I can read top stories and technology all in the same app                 Great news source
Have been using Smart News for quite a while Really like theres an option to customize news sources                 Great source of Newss
This use to be my go to news app Now the front page is full of sales opportunities and fluff and you cant remove it Be a news app or be a blatant sponsored content platform but dont try to switch and think you will keep the news fans        Was good
Is this app sponsored by Justin Bieber Enough is enough Now lets get back to the news           This App should be called the Justin Bieber app
I really enjoy this app                 Great
I believe this to be one of the best over all news apps around                 Best news app
As of this date on a 6 Plus iOS 84 the app is super buggy Keeps crashing after opening the app to the first story you tap on SmartNews please fix this        SUPER BUGGY
One of the best news apps except lately all it does it crash Reset and reinstall to no avail Please fix     Sure wish it didnt crash
Convenient                 Nice app
Its one of the first things I check when I wake up and one of the last things I check before bed Easily one of the best apps that I have                 Its my main source of news

SmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero LoadingSmartNews - Trending News & Stories News Zero Loading

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