Summoners War: Sky Arena

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Bug fix...
13.4 MB
Com2uS Corp.
iPhone iPad
Requires iOS 6.0 or la

Description - Summoners War: Sky Arena

Com2uS Corp. , the publisher behind many iOS games (HOMERUN BATTLE 3D FREE ,HOMERUN BATTLE 3D ,Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor ,KBO카드야구 ,인생역전윷놀이 for Kakao ,Sniper Vs Sniper: Online), brings Summoners War: Sky Arena with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Summoners War: Sky Arena games has been update to version 1.1.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Getting to play with friends is the ultimate plus..
  • This game is addicting and has a lot of replay value..
  • Reminds me on Altus RPG games really well done..
  • It's a awesome social online game..
  • I am enjoying the graphics and great sound effects..

Overall Satisfactionc94
It's an amazing game and totally worth the wait.
Amazing game but not compatible to 6+.
One of the best games I've played in a while - different and challenging.
I recommend this game to anyone wanting to spend time playing a good game.
One of my favorite games I've ever played on iphone really recommended.
One of the best rpgs you will play on your phone.
This is the best iPhone game I have ever played.
love how you're challenged to collect and power up more monsters.
The graphics are amazing especially the attacks are very detailed.
Fun & Engagingc91
It's a really fun game to play I enjoy playing it.
Awesome graphics awesome game play awesome in general.
This would be an awesome game.
This game is very fun and addicting I highly recommend it.
Great game super fun to play and super addicting.
Only problem so far is it is too hard to put down.
If you are not wilting to put any money into.
love how you're challenged to collect and power up more monsters.
One of the best games I play everyday.
I play everyday and have for months.
Family Friendlyc23
Value for Moneyc83
Like it when you can advance without having to spend money.
Greedy company doesn't want to spend money.
I real need to spend money.
you DONT need to spend money to be good.
Replay Valuec84
Very fun and challenging when leveling up and finding friends sometimes.
really recommend this game big time and never gets old.
Hope there's more fun once you get to higher levels.
Sometimes it gets repetitive for me however it's really good.
Its so freaking annoying and the game gets repetitive real quick.
This game is addicting and has a lot of replay value.
This is a really fun game and provides long hours of entertainment.
However it's a little repetitive.
Social Aspectsc92
Getting to play with friends is the ultimate plus.
a great game to play with friends and coworkers.
Production Valuesc92
It's a great game overall with good graphics and gameplay.
Awesome graphics awesome game play awesome in general.
I love the animations and enjoy the scenery of the battles.
Great visuals and overall a good time killer.
I am enjoying the graphics and great sound effects.
Amazing animation.
Ease of Usec89
Very addicting cute graphics and easy to get the hang of.
It's very easy to get the hang of and once you do.
I was looking for something simple and fun and this is it.
The game itself is really simple and fun.
Graphics are smooth and gameplay is simple to understand.
Gameplay is simple and it's easy to summon monsters.
Great game keeps your interest and its origional.
Love the game keep making it better thx.
However this game keeps crashing every time I want to battle.
Updates & Supportc32
hopefully this game has better customer service support.

One of the best rpgs you will play on your phone. found in 93 reviews
I love the animations and enjoy the scenery of the battles. found in 26 reviews
Anyone who enjoys RPG games should definitely give this game a try. found in 13 reviews
It's a really fun game to play I enjoy playing it. found in 266 reviews
I'm doing this for the gems and it's still a great game. found in 88 reviews
Very enjoyable game love playing it it's very addictive. found in 79 reviews
It's a good game that will keep you coming back for more. found in 14 reviews
Very nice game with simplicity and amusement. found in 84 reviews
Need more summons and bring me back memories from final fantasy. found in 12 reviews
The 3D graphics give a nice smoothness to the game. found in 47 reviews
Great game super fun to play and super addicting. found in 273 reviews
HANDS DOWN GAME OF THE YEAR 2015. found in 14 reviews
It's an amazing game and totally worth the wait. found in 572 reviews
A lot of content and things to do leaves you not bored. found in 11 reviews
This is one of the best rpg games on any mobile device. found in 72 reviews
Very fun and challenging when leveling up and finding friends sometimes. found in 21 reviews
Dis game my favorite the really did well. found in 25 reviews
Awesome graphics awesome game play awesome in general. found in 1567 reviews
Great game guys keep the good work coming. found in 19 reviews
Think classic final fantasy fights with monster rancher style summoning. found in 21 reviews
and it doesn't even support my friends iPod 4. found in 33 reviews
No cards involved but your characters walk around your home screen. found in 32 reviews
Pretty good game but it takes a lot of time to level your monsters. found in 11 reviews
Don't need to spend a dime on the game && very good graphics. found in 327 reviews
but every other update means serious connection issues. found in 14 reviews
Doesn't make u spend any money unlike other games like it. found in 30 reviews
It doesn't support iPod touch 4 gen and I don't like that. found in 5 reviews
Love this game but could use fixing. found in 7 reviews
Not the worst game in the store. found in 18 reviews
Great game minus crashing problem. found in 9 reviews
Continually getting server busy and failed to connect to server messages. found in 36 reviews
It seems impossible to awaken any of your monster though. found in 34 reviews
Not a bad game help burn time while I wait. found in 71 reviews
Barely started playing it but its fun so far. found in 12 reviews
I tried to open the game but it force close itself. found in 34 reviews
Great game except lag and some runes disappear easily. found in 17 reviews
Meh it's decent. found in 6 reviews
Since the last game's maintenance my game crashes often. found in 68 reviews
Don't need to pay to succeed just spend time. found in 12 reviews
but since the latest patch many people are unable to play. found in 4 reviews
the game will do the same crashing problem again. found in 9 reviews
Good game but since the update I can't open the game anymore. found in 34 reviews
It keeps crashing when it's reading data files. found in 9 reviews
Not working on the 1st gen iPad mini anymore. found in 16 reviews
They do not refund you even after contacting the customer service. found in 23 reviews
This game just lunched but many max level player. found in 9 reviews
This is the worst game ever it's graphics terrible. found in 18 reviews
Since the update it crashes every time I try to play. found in 10 reviews
I see no inappropriate words in those names =-=. found in 16 reviews
So you can be unable to play anymore until you regenerate. found in 12 reviews
The problem started when I tried to connect my Facebook account. found in 36 reviews
Personally it would be fun if it supported iPod 4g. found in 33 reviews
Need to fix crashes on iPhone 6 plus. found in 13 reviews
Never got passed startup as download resource files takes to long. found in 16 reviews
For some reason my game crashes right when I start it. found in 68 reviews
but with the latest update the game is no longer playable. found in 11 reviews
The programmers present a beautiful but money hungry game. found in 11 reviews

The Summoners War: Sky Arena is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. It weighs in at only 13.4 MB to download. The new Summoners War: Sky Arena app version 1.1.4 has been updated on 2014-06-12. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Summoners War: Sky Arena check developer Com2uS Corp.`s website :

Come explore a world under battle over the vital resource: Mana Crystals Summon over 400 different types of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena Features 1. Breathtaking Graphics Experience epic battles in stunning 3D graphics Witness ...
Its like a good cross between a small MMO Final Fantasy and Pokemon I have been playing for two days now and it is great                 Good game
Its a really great game However when I updated it after a few mins of playing it it crashed on me           Great game
Im thoroughly enjoying this game but the latest update 176 broke the app on my iphone 5s It wont even start back up now I hope this gets resolved relatively quickly              NotBad
Great but sometimes you get really unlucky                 Great game
I love this gameapp but recently its been crashing on my iPhone 5 It works perfectly on my iPad but it crashes the first 5 seconds its loading on my phone Please do another update to fix this so I can play my game without wifi and on my phone Thanks Com2us              Ugh
I love this game I highly suggest it but sadly every time I try to open it it automatically crashes                 Great game
Its fun to play plus you and your friends can play together I like it                 Good game
Ever since my phone updated Ive had non stop freezes and crashes I know it may not be your side but is there any way to fix it i have a hard time playing because i continually keep losing energy and arena battles and scrolls due to it freezing as i start the scrolldungeonarena battle Hive name Maynard916        Ios 901 and summoners war
Its a nice game Amazing graphics Friend introduced me However the game every time I open it always needs some new resource files that take hours at a time to download and I often get messages saying Im nearly out of storage I check and the game takes up almost a gigabyte I close the app after a few minutes and not a moment do I reopen it a new download is required Its the only turnoff of this game And the game keeps alternating between 700 and 24 megabytes If I download it at least let it keep that memory and not require another download              Updates Every Day
Very fun game so far                 Love it
Very fun and enjoyable game playing and watching love this game                 Fun
Although it is a great game there are a lot of in app purchases ranging from as low as 499 to as high as 9999 There are no guarantees in this game           Buyer beware
As long as you can get past the fact that it likes to crash a lot thats a great game                 Fun game
I downloaded the update had no problem doing it But once I get back on I crash as soon as I hit fight in arena Before skill updates you should take time to fix that bug           Crashing problems
This is my first day playing SW and Im really enjoying myself Energy doesnt seem to disappear instantly like in other games so it will keep me busy for a while Definitely something fun for while Im bored in class                 Very Fun So Far
Why does this take so much space just to play it It doesnt take a lot to download it but when you open it for the first time it takes so muchhhh     Whyyyyy
My favorite game to play                
This is a really good game great game play and kills a lot of time for my day the only thing is wish scrolls were easier to get and monster were better to find having trouble looking for a legit good monster but other then that good game                 Great game
It crashes every time I launch it and when it says reading data files 1 sec EXACTLY crashes it plz fix this i love this game           Why
I recently began laying this game again after having taken a brake from it for a few months I love the new monsters and the frequent events                 Love this game
Crashes in the middle of some fights since the ios update              Great but
Its the best                 Best
Has a nice update introducing new monsters D but I found a typo in the notices for water Horus it says decreasing their 30 of their attack bar Unless I read it wrong thats the only reason I wrote the review lol                 Great game and nice update
Excellent free of charge game can get far and have plenty of fun without spending money                 Solid game
This game is amazing My only problem is that the game has become unplayable do to the crashes I cant battle at all without crashing Its like a 130 chance that ill make it through a battle without crashing           Crash after crash after crash
great game lots of play time for a free game no need to pay lots of stuff to do                 lots of fun
Bsvfgbdb                 Hdhdhdh
Great                 Good
Fun time waster with a nice GUI and a lovely art style Its a micro transaction game that doesnt reinvent the wheel but its not out to rob you blind                 Excellent game
This game is a ton of fun if you like strategy Its interactive and com2us has been getting a lot better with adding events and fun things to do in this game I used to play clash of clans but now this is my gotogame                 Fun
Love the game its fun                 Summer wars
Ever since I have downloaded this game I have enjoyed it thoroughly up unilateral this last update The game crashes every time I try to login Please fix this           Problem with update
Very pay to win                 Great game
Yoooo add new features like places and camera angles or improve graphics And there might be another star on the way with it              Keep it up
i love this game tbh                 amazing
You dont absolutely need a nat 5 there are dragonsgiants b10 teams using farmable monsters                 Stop the hate
Auto play                 Gems
For the past couple of weeks my game crashes all the time The worst part is it crashes right after I start a guild war battle or a dungeon run using a friend I log back in and Ive lost the guild war battle and cant use the friend anymore in the dungeon run If this keeps up I will just abandon the game altogether           What happened
Everything in this game is prepared not randomly so it is like stealing money from players     Monster summoning is not random
So far the game has been great addicting and fun without having to spend a dime                 Excellent
Awsome              Fun game
This is my favorite game that I have ever played on my iPad Ive spent so many hours enjoying this game for free that I felt I should write a review to support it Its not like one of those annoying games that asks you to write a review either Im doing this just to support a terrific game that I have really had fun playing Story In this game you are a summoner You use magic scrolls to summon monsters As you level up and travel across a magical world you and your monsters become more powerful and help save the world Its a simple fun story that anyone can easily follow and jump right into Graphics The graphics are in 3D and are really good for an App The monsters look really cool and are designed well Their magic and skills look great when battling The different locations on the map and areas you can explore are nice too I like the art style and the whole look and feel of this game Game Play This is the best part of this game Its simple and easy to learn Summon a monster and go make it fight but as you progress it can get more complicated and competitive if you want Of course if you want to keep it casual you can do just that Its great for players of all skills Runes are one way you can customize and make your monsters stronger They add a whole new level of game play There is also an Arena for players who like to fight other players There are Guild Wars that allow players to team up with other players and fight together You can add other players as friends who can help you out which adds a fun social element to the game The ingame chat is also fun since it lets players learn from each other and just have fun or silly conversations Support The developers are constantly working to improve things and add new content There are always new monsters dungeons to explore bosses runes etc I also love all the new fun events they add that constantly keep things interesting If theres ever a problem with the game which is rare they fix it right away and usually will give some nice compensation The game grows and improves all the time This really gives the game so much replay value Theres so much to do youll never get bored Cost Ive never spent a single penny on this game Im just one of those people who wont ever spend any amount I like to earn it all myself and you can do that with this game Free to play players can enjoy it and do well just as much as paying players The game does offer people stuff they can purchase but it doesnt guarantee those paying players an advantage and the free to play players can still have fun and progress too Whether youre free to play or like to spend a little extra please support this game its worth it ConclusionTLDR This is a really fun free game that everyone can enjoy Try it out for yourself Its free so youve got nothing to lose                 My Favorite Game
Was really great game now it seems like every day the game crashes during a battle wastes the energy I used to do the battle In the middle of the dimensional battle That uses 30 energy 1 dimensional crystal Im at the last set of monsters crashwhen I log back on no reward wasted crystal wasted energy So frustrating So frustrating        Crash crash crash
This game is great I love and would totally give a full five stars to it but ever since the new update came out all I have had was crash after crash after crash It normally occurs when the app has to load the boss like its animation and such But slowly the game has kicked me out when I press on chat in the middle of summons not a network connection delay it literally kicks me out and back to my home screen so I have to restart the app and in arena battles Please Com2us fix this because you have a great game going here that I love Oh and PS been playing for 13 months no nat 5 cmon              Crashes a lot nowadays
Nice                 Good
Not overly obtrusive with the ads and sales either                 Its fun
Its really fun worth a try                 Great game
Best Game Ever But 9 months without nat 5 00 too much                 Rly nice game
I dont normally review games because Im lazy but I will admit this is a fun game that has kept my interest The only lame part is when they do try to get you to spend money which is often and I totally understand that their packages begin at 2999 and rise to 9900 Seriously Most normal people are not going to spend that kind of money on an app Bring your prices down to a reasonable level and Ill be more than willing to throw money your way The game is great and so are the graphics but not 2999 good for little boosts here and there 499999 a month sure but thats about my limit and Im sure Im not in the minority in this issue              Really fun

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