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SMA Solar Technology AG , the publisher behind many iOS app (SOLARCHECKER ,SUNNY PORTAL ,SMA Service ,SMA JOBS ,SUNNY DOTS), brings SUNNY PORTAL with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SUNNY PORTAL app has been update to version 1.04 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


and the iphone makes the usage intuitive and easy to learn. found in 1 reviews
this keeps you well informed wherever you are. found in 1 reviews
all important data is visible at a single glance. found in 1 reviews
Nice charts for quick view. found in 1 reviews
plant selection. found in 1 reviews
Easy way to monitor my solar system. found in 1 reviews
About only 1/ 15 tries will work. found in 1 reviews
but this particular version crashes EVERY time you attempt to change timeframes. found in 1 reviews
Crashes in iOS 7. found in 1 reviews
Production graphs do not work with iPhone 4S. found in 1 reviews
Deleted app and reinstalled. found in 1 reviews
working but updates often many hours late. found in 1 reviews
a very poor showing from a technology driven company. found in 1 reviews
will not login to server. found in 1 reviews
after entering credentials app crashes. found in 1 reviews
Selecting a day crashes the program. found in 1 reviews
Barely adequate. found in 1 reviews

The SUNNY PORTAL is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 0.9 MB to download. The new SUNNY PORTAL app version 1.04 has been updated on 2014-11-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
More Info: Find more info about SUNNY PORTAL in SMA Solar Technology AG`s Official Website :

Sunny Portal - Professional Management, Monitoring and Presentation of PV plants The easy mobile access to the largest online-portal for monitoring, organizing and presentation of solar power plants is now available as free iPhone App. No matter ...
Crashes     Crashes on load GreenTechFusion
for historic data 30 minutes the app works fine BUT for the current info the app cannot download the data as it times out after three seconds and start loading again Portal server too slow or refresh rate of app too fast             not yet compatible with sunnu home manager 2 0 wbello port
The app works fine but it could do more Especially it should provide values that are more up to date Right now there s a lag of half an hour to one hour Also would appreciate having it on my AppleWatch             Ok but could do more Satzspiegel
Been using this app to monitor my system for 1 year now on iPad No problems Works fine                 Abear70 Abear70
Exits back to iOS as soon as it loads Looks cool from the pictures too bad it doesn t work     Bombs Audio Purist
You need to make it where we can save our username password and or use fingerprint login It is annoying having to enter everything each time we log on             Needs some work Steven33776
Nice to have the app Better than having to check the Internet everything I want to look up my system But I just downloaded it so we ll see                 So far so good Mass422
Does not work     Sunny portal Cutlas9
UX has not been tested properly         Disappointing deanvcd
Simple app that has most but not all the functionality of the web interface NOTE THAT THE LOGIN BUTTON IS FAULTY AND MIGHT CRASH THE APP IF THIS HAPPENS DELETE AND REINSTALL NEED TO USE THE SEND BUTTON ON KEYBOARD INSTEAD         Fix the login screen please StatusBK
App stopped working once I got my iPhone 7 Very disappointed     App won t load bleis716
The app won t even open it just crashes Such a disappointment Dear SMA please fix your app for iPhone users     Useless Joe Fo
This app kept crashing every time I tried logging in and I deleted and reloaded it onto my phone a number of times Finally after a few months I got it to work The trick I think is to press the send key on the virtual keyboard when logging in rather than either of the login buttons At least that s what worked for me Now that it isn t crashing it s an OK app Nothing wildly special but it s informative             Once it stopped crashing was fine DoonTass
Not at all as depicted The screen shots on App Store do not accurately show what the iOS App provides Really a let down Update 9 30 2016 It used to work Quite simple But I got used to it Now It crashes every time I try to use it     Blah KgirvchckskLhvakxocnfbdkxksb
Honestly not much that I can say that is nice App so unreliable can only get my data when I have my laptop nearby         Constant crashes ugly old UI AlexT.AU
One second to crash during authentication Failing grade     Another one bites the dust Buck325
Works great I m using an IPhone 6 Plus and I haven t had any problems with the app The app doesn t look like the picture but shows a nice graph daily monthly and yearly I have had the app since February 2016 Also my system is connected to my FiOS router directly by Ethernet for the best possible connection                 Works Great Keithson
Maybe I should have went with Fronius     Doesn t work ohhgeeveebee
The app is terrible Crashes every time it tries to authenticate Worthless at best     Unhappy app guy Jesemckin
Esta app tiene un problema que es cuando se escribe mal la contrase a te saca de la aplicaci n y no se puede hacer nada Tengo que borrarla y volver a instalarla para poder entrar nuevamente     Problema con App OrlandoHdezPR
The app lets you know how the system is working but to see error or inconsistencies one has to log in there is no alerts option It will be nice to have alerts sent to my iPhone when trouble or warnings                 Needs improvements yal3000
Love my solar system but this app and the monitoring capability of SMA have been a big disappointment Contacted them in March about the immediate crashing received a response that it would be fixed and still no update Not what you expect when you invest 10k plus on a solar inverter What a disappointment     Crashes immediately Olsch01
I ve never even been able to login to this pathetic app Very disappointed and frustrated with sma and this product offering     Has NOT worked a single time neal_barth
Whether this app will work for you at all is totally hit or miss It s also very finicky about your login info but it won t allow you to see your password inputtng So when the app invariably crashes to the home screen without any hint of error you ll be clueless as to the cause of error When it does work it shows how much power your photovoltaic system is outputting at any past moment or during some monthly or yearly time period My copy ran okay from installing in Dec 2015 till March 25 2016 Maybe the SMA needs to be restarted to clear its tiny memory What a pain     Total SMA SUCKAGE Bird Seedman
Tried logging with either the send or login at the middle of the page caused the app to crash BUT LOGGING IN with the LOGIN at the top right of the first screen worked If the app crashes for you delete reinstall and try using the login link at the top right of the screen It worked for me Otherwise the app is simplistic but does give a nice and quick overview of your system Only 4 stars as its a simplistic app and the fact that it crashes during login if you use the wrong link You d think they would fix that                 Worked for me very simplistic app Dave32ars
I also had the problem of app crashing upon launch after I had changed my password Failed authentication panic I deleted and reinstalled and that seemed to solve the problem Also there is no reason this app shouldn t show the exact same info as the web client Live production should be represented and is painfully absent Design leaves MUCH to be desired I know that gear heads think that the info is more important than the way it s presented Those gear heads are wrong An app should be better than its corresponding web client not worse         Too basic MrDibS
I m not sure what version of this app is depicted in the screenshots of the app page but my interface for this app looks nothing like it There is no current tab to see generated and used power and there is no option for further details of each day showing power generated as it shows in the screenshot Hoping SMA will update the app to the one that is shown in the actual App Store Other competitors have had more advanced monitoring features for years Get with it SMA     Not as described big-mac-attack
Crash on start Was working fine until yesterday Please fix     Doesn t work Wong5185
It opened so I could log in and then crashed when authenticating It has never stayed open for more than 2 seconds since then It opens and says authenticating before crashing     Sad Mfairley01
Had the app on my phone for 11 days worked perfectly well for the first 7 days has not worked for the last 4 When it works it s a fine app I don t know why it stopped working and I don t know what to do to make it work again         Not impressed Meincalifornia
App crashes immediately when started Can t even get past the login window     Unusable The Little Ragu
I tried downloading to iPad and iPhone I have the latest IOS on both Cannot get through the sign in authentication process without crashing I have never seen such a useless app     Crash Never Stop Looking
I have a 5 3kw system with SMA inverter the system itself works well but the remote monitoring via Sunny Portal app is sketchy at best mine always crashes on opening and when it is working only shows production not consumption as the pics show for the app I m grateful it s free as I d be quite irritated if I had to pay for it this software has a lot of potential but needs to be addressed by SMA before it is really ready to go I love my sunny boy inverter I loathe this app and SMA seems to not care one iota I d rate it below one star if I could     Crashes on start worse than useless delNorteFrio
While I can connect and login to SunnyPortal on a PC this app simply wont connect Knowing that SunnyPortal got issues constantly I may try later SMA needs to work on their stability and connectivity desperately     Does not connect
I have been using this app for over a year I have a iPhone 6 with iOS 83 and Sunnyboy 1095R It now crashes on launch starting this morning and after some time restarting it it loads Is this a server problem we might expect in the future           App crashes after launch now works
This app worked when I first fired it up with the password that they sent me When I changed my password it has never opened up since This app needs some major work     Solar user
Cant seem to get this to work on either new iOS for iPhone or iPad Keeps closing     Crash crash crash
I would like to use this app but it wont connect Keeps giving error Communication with the Sunny Home Manager is currently not possible Check the Sunny Home Manager Internet connection and try again Yet I have no problem connecting on the web portal and my system data is updating close to real time     Wont connect
Hasnt worked in months This app crashes during opening every time I try to use it Please fix     App crashed during launch
I have a 4s and the app rarely connects to download the data to populate the graphical information on the status of the power production from my system About only 115 tries will work Having said that the few times I have been able to connect it seems like the data only gets updated once every three hours or so They need to work on expedited status updates and improve connectivity with this app If they do Ill improve my ratings to 4 or possibly 5        SMA webboxsunny portal
Just installed my sunny web box I can log into that just fine Cant login in to app though and cant find support anywhere help     Cant login
Ah that fine German software engineering Enter your credentials wrong when you first start up the program and it saves them and instead of telling you to try again crashes And when you restart it it uses the saved wrong credentials and crashes You have to uninstall and reinstall and never get your username or password wrong We have no quality and we have no control           You have got to be kidding me
Im a solar installer trying to use this to monitor our customers day to day The App crashes nearly every time on use Thank god the inverters are better as this software is a real brand killer So bad it should be withdrawn     Huge waste of time
Thank you Great app                 Moty
If you use the SunnyPortal this App works great for quick stats on your SMA PV system                 Awesome
I think this is a great idea to have this app but it lags in responsive updating Im already a day behind in results Cmon folks I know you can get this app to run better than this I guess Ill have to keep it because it is the only app out there     Really This is the best you have
Very very useful for SMA PV system owners but this particular version crashes EVERY time you attempt to change timeframes such as changing years or months in the pull down lists Also I wish there was an iPad version but for now just making the app stable again should be the priority        Crashes in iOS 7
App doesnt work on iPhone 6     Crashes instantly
I had a iPhone 3S with iOS5 and ran this app without incident After upgrading to a new 4S the production graphs do not display any data Selecting a day crashes the program Yes I have deleted and reinstalled the app Same results The Plant Properties and Logbook work as expected     Production graphs do not work with iPhone 4S
Login bug after entering credentials app crashes Upon reopening then works ok Updates to this app and web portal are no where near realtime only 23 timesday so not really useful for any kind of realtime or even recent data Not much point in having an app that tells me about yesterday Feb 11 update app no longer works at all will not login to server Deleted app and reinstalled no help Feb 12 update after multiple reinstalls app back to where it was working but updates often many hours late this is a portalserver issue as app mirrors web portal report and web portal just as far behind I have confirmed wSMA tech support that my system is reporting to server every 15 min yet server updates only every several hours Feb 14 update no portal update at all Asof 6pm showing only yesterdays data Overall a very poor showing from a technology driven company I note that app support is all in German so clearly this company could care less about English speaking clients who have paid for their products app might be free but inverters and web box werent Doubtful they even read these reviews     Barely adequate when it works
App does not show energy balance as shown in the pictures 3rd pic from the left This snapshot view would be most helpful to the common solar owner Please fix        Energy Balance
I have a 53kw system with SMA inverter the system itself works well but the remote monitoring via Sunny Portal app is sketchy at best mine frequently crashes on opening and when it is working only shows production not consumption as the pics show for the app Im grateful its free as Id be quite irritated if I had to pay for it this software has a lot of potential but needs to be addressed by SMA before it is really ready to go     Crash on start
Easy way to monitor my solar system Nice charts for quick view Helped me recognize that I had a connection problem by showing that My KWH production was down by 20                 Works Great on my iPhone 4S
This is useless without a sunny portal account     Useless
Apparently this app is not for USA Sunpower SMA inverters and solar systems so beware           Not for Sunpower SMA
I have the latest OS on my iPhoneand this app will ALWAYS crash as soon as it starts to load plants Oddly enough it works on my older iPad You would think that as a iPhone app it would work thereright     Still crashes on the iPhone 6
Works really well even on my old iPhone 3G                 Works great
This app worked for the first few weeks that I had my solar panels It worked well and showed me my info after only a short delay I dont know if its after I upgraded my OS or what but the app always closes before loading        Buggy

SUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important DataSUNNY PORTAL Utilities Sunny Portal Important Data

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