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Phunware, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS app (Circuit of the Americas ,ACK Kayak Launch Points ,Amplified Pop ,Callaway Golf Ball Selector ,Honest Discounts ,FUNimation), brings Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE! app has been update to version 1.0.94 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • to start my day..
  • It's easy to navigate and I like the calendar feature..
  • I have been extremely pleased with Susan's Daily Readings..
  • Daily words of wisdom..
  • I really enjoy this app because it gives me daily updates..
Overall Satisfactionclick me50
I know you need to make money.
This is certainly the best astrology app I use.
It's accurate to mostly 95% and I love the monthly feature.
Miller provides amazingly accurate monthly horoscopes.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
I loved the old version enough to pay for this one.
Fun & Engagingclick me79
Susan's daily readings are interesting and fun to read.
Interesting and fun app.
Latest Update awesome.
A fun diversion with morning coffee.
Usefulnessclick me76
Great app read love to read my horoscope everyday.
Useful information.
I like her reading and looking forward to read everyday.
It's very accurate and helpful.
Social Aspectsclick me53
She also makes herself incredibly accessible on social media.
So glad you've moved into social media Susan.
Reliabilityclick me10
Security & Privacyclick me13
Updates & Supportclick me21
Thanks for the great app and customer service.


Susan Miller, creator of, designed a free, eagerly-awaited daily horoscope app. Chock-full of easy to use astrological information, Susan keeps you up-to-date on all phases of your life each day. Her advice is intelligent, practical, stimulating and endearingly inspirational.


Known for her warm, reflective and sympathetic nature, and extraordinary accuracy, Susan has been an accredited, full-time astrologer for over 25 years. You can be sure that the advice and information you receive is from a trusted source. Susan is the most influential astrologer of her generation and her tone is one of a caring, best friend.

Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE!Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE!
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The FREE version includes:


1. Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE is delivered as short, smart, and to-the-point news bytes. Each forecast pertains to the day ahead, and you can check for tomorrow or view the forecast for yesterday. You’ll receive daily forecasts 365 days a year--all 12 signs--so you can read for your Sun sign, rising sign, or for your sweetheart, spouse, friend, or family member.


2. Read Susan’s column from, the site millions of readers love. With Susan’s monthly reports on your app, you’ll have no need to retrieve Susan’s data off the Web, avoiding costly carrier online fees. Susan’s handy summary at the end of each sign’s monthly report allows you to quickly note trends and see key dates.
Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE!


3. Press the blue star - Susan Miller’s Twitter feed will be accessible to you directly from your free app. For Twitter, Susan is @Astrologyzone and she links Twitter posts to her Facebook account, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, also accessible. Susan shares news and responds to many reader posts.


About Susan Miller


Susan has written nine books on astrology, and is monthly contributing editor of Elle US, Vogue Japan, W Korea, Her World Singapore, Tempo Turkey, Lola Brazil, Amica Italy and S Moda Spain


Upgrade to Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone Daily PLUS!


In the paid subscription premium version of your app, you’ll get MORE!


• Susan longer daily forecast (approx. 75+ words) gives a detailed look at the coming day and trends for future weeks. You can always re-read yesterday’s forecast or look ahead to tomorrow’s advice.


• Susan’s long monthly forecast is reprinted inside your app, avoiding the need to go on the Web, where you’d incur costly mobile fees.


• Important Dates lists your key dates to watch in coming weeks. This critical feature allows you to set appointments and plan initiations. Touch any date and more info often comes up.


• The social media FB and Twitter feature is still available under the blue star. (See free version.)


• Cosmic Tools: Learn about astrology--get more from Susan’s forecasts. Know about each horoscope house and planet. Discover how signs are classified.


• Personality Section:


1. Matchmaker: You’ll love this huge 65,000-word compatibility report. It gives detailed insight into your romantic relationship. With 144 possible relationship combinations, this is Susan’s most popular feature. Check reports both ways, such as, Aries with Leo, and Leo with Aries, for 2 completely different reports.


2. Quick Match Lounge Guide: Concise clever descriptions of how you’ll relate to your new romantic partner. Read them together and laugh--break the ice!


3. Fitness: Get fit and lose weight by working with your sign’s metabolism, preferences, and natural proclivities.


4. Stress Busters: Every sign has a favorite way to relax. Find yours!


5. Gift Guide: Make finding the perfect gift a snap!


6. AstroCar Style Guide: What does your car say about you?


7. Vacation Tips: Travel to the ideal location and make the most of your time off.


8. Seducing Your Lover: For married or attached couples—add spice to your relationship!


The Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE! is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.8 MB to download. The new Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE! app version 1.0.94 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE! in Phunware, Inc`s Official Website :


App itself is easy to use. found in 2 reviews
Love Susan and I find her horoscopes insightful and accurate. found in 4 reviews
Susan Miller is hands down the best astrologer out there. found in 10 reviews
Her writings are detailed and always well written and remarkably on point. found in 6 reviews
Daily dose of what's to come. found in 6 reviews
Often eerily accurate however hardly ever punctual. found in 8 reviews
This is certainly the best astrology app I use. found in 35 reviews
Love this App- Going to get full version now. found in 6 reviews
website and app cheesy looking but maybe that works for the content. found in 7 reviews
Time to take my astrology addiction elsewhere. found in 16 reviews
Ridiculous $ 1 per full horoscope. found in 3 reviews
Accurate but too many advertising pop ups. found in 2 reviews
The constant push notifications encouraging an expensive premium subscription are annoying. found in 9 reviews
Daily ones short and vague unless you want to pay $1 a day. found in 4 reviews
And I'm not paying a ridiculous $50 for the new one. found in 5 reviews
I have been a loyal reader of Astrologyzone since the beginning. found in 17 reviews
Really annoying ads. found in 2 reviews
Good horoscope but a pain to log in each time. found in 2 reviews
I know everyone needs to make money. found in 54 reviews
Daily are all similar for every sign. found in 5 reviews
Having to log in is ridiculous and a frustration. found in 23 reviews
The new one asks for too much money for an annual subscription. found in 9 reviews
Accurate but always late. found in 51 reviews
Please offer a separate app for paying customers. found in 9 reviews
The subscription model is way over priced. found in 23 reviews
I love Susan Miller but I really miss the premier app. found in 13 reviews
I understand she needs to make money but its also disappointing. found in 54 reviews
If you're looking to keep track of Susan's personal health. found in 20 reviews
Whoever talked you into charging your loyal readers $50. found in 17 reviews
Downloaded this new app and found out about the new subscription model. found in 23 reviews
I paid for the old app which doesn't work. found in 24 reviews
So frustrating that the horoscopes are always late. found in 51 reviews
Today's daily scope was simply "error". found in 19 reviews
Even if you make money off of subscriptions and daily horoscopes. found in 19 reviews
99 for the old app and now I'm forced to pay. found in 34 reviews
I am hurtfully disappointed at the new subscription fee. found in 17 reviews
Hate the shorter daily horoscopes and the constant panhandling for more $$$$. found in 168 reviews
Horrible customer service which is unfortunate because she does good predictions. found in 19 reviews
I have to log in everyday which is incredibly annoying. found in 23 reviews
I bought a 3 month subscription but it doesn't work. found in 18 reviews
Good insights but lacks timeliness in uploading monthly forecasts lacking professionalism. found in 123 reviews
95 for a years subscription to Susan Miller who I adore. found in 19 reviews
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Susan Miller gives a very accurate generalized chart for the day It isnt possible yo get more unless a whole chart is done for you based on your birth data Im impressed and have been faithful and appreciative of her gift for years Susan I wish you health I send you energy every time I open the app Blessings to all Worth the fee to download                Awesome
Susan is a very good astrologer however she lacks in other major areas marketing and communications She needs a more reliable writing team to help her meet her monthly deadlines    Mixed Review
Since 2000 I have been reading Susan Millers monthly astrology reports every month and from time to time her daily and I can speak from experience that her work is detailed and accurate This app has made it convenient for me to access the reports anytime and anywhere And works well and is intuitive to use Her personal touch to the reports the real life examples of possible scenarios makes reading the reports very pleasant and also educational Shes wonderful and doesnt deserve some of the terrible reviews listed about her work Truly                Accurate Astrology Useful App
Everything used to be free then someone got greedy and now from one sly update you have to pay for EVERYTHING Not the same not even worth it Im deleting    Used to be better
Horoscope has said null for months now Should have never done the update    Null
Tried to recover paid for subscription am unable to I shouldnt have to buy the app a second time and the basic app is downgraded watered down crap    Lost paid for subscription
I had the previous free version and while I was willing to pay for Susans readings this app is the worst Its tough to navigate the old one was much much better Susans notes stay forever annoying as hellAnd while I understand shes been ill I have been paying for multiple months of lateness and minimal readings yes we are understanding but she should also understand that this cant be tolerated without something given n her part too       Love Susan but a Horrible app
I love Susan Miller but really detest this latest app Why everyone feels the need to continually upgrade boggles me About the time you figure it all out there are new changes Very frustrating Going back to the pc version instead    Life Lover
Great app                Love it
The last update makes it crash constantly    Not working
The tone style and level of detail have all changed substantially since the app was revised to me these appear to be written by somebody else       Doubtful Susans still writing these
I renewed my suscription but unable to view May Scopes    Astrology zone
This app has become so disappointing I paid for a full year subscription now Im sorry I did My monthly overview used to include Dates to Note I would mark them on the calendar to use as a guide for the month Now it says I need to go to Susans TV show for that with a posted bitly URL to follow Well not only is the link not clickable its also broken leads nowhere    They made me give it a star but its really Zero Stars
I bought this app and she has been late every month This is very unprofessional I dont see that shes trying to fix the situation by offering refunds or credit Here is December 1st with no product that I purchased Refund my money    No horoscope
Susan is an amazing wonderful soul Her predictions are accurate in tune Her Monthly daily reviews have helped me immensely for years Im thankful to be connected to her This app could improve but I appreciate its convenience Im sure they will continue to improve it             Susans work is wonderfulthank you
I paid for some of the features on my app and now its not even working I deleted the app and restarted it I shut off my phone and restarted it nothing is working what is happening I really miss the old app    What is going on this app
I bought a oneyear subscription that was supposed to end in midDecember In May I received a message that my subscription had expired I have contacted Jennifer at Phunware and received the useless canned responses it is clear that I have been ripped off I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times to no avail When I try to restore my subscription I am told I no longer have an active subscription tonight I took the extraordinary measure of trying to pay for the subscription again and got a message that I already have one This is pathetic Buyer beware    Ripped off
IMPROVED Improvements were made to timelines of the monthly horoscopes and to basic proofreading they no longer cut off midsentence and repeat a previous paragraph or two for instance NEEDS IMPROVEMENT Now for the first time in a decade the horoscopes are just plain wrong Its almost hilarious except that I paid for the app In a month that says Ill be arguing with my significant other for instance calling it out as a terrible month for romance I have a great time with him On a month that is all about career fame and honors I have the worst quarter of my career in years Everything is wrong except the theme Wondering if I should try expecting the opposite Anyway Im about to give up on Astrology Zone and Susan Miller24 hours does not equal 6 days and counting It does however under promise and under deliver Thats what this app has done since first it was released The app has been saying Your Monthly Forecast will be posted in 24 hours for 6 days and still theres no forecastThe app seems designed to get people to sign up for a subscription service to an extremely poorly written horoscope Theres no quality control Often part of the horoscope has been copied and pasted midsentence into another part of the horoscope so you read the same thing twiceBeyond the lack of simply reading for quality prior to posting the copy is written as if by a firstgrader runon sentences partial sentences poor structure None of this is the quality of something worth purchasing and I cant help but think that theyd hire a proofreader if they were serious about putting out a professional product    Your Monthly Forecast will be posted in 24 hours
Beautiful layout and user friendly Susan is always on point It feels like shes addressing me directly My favorite astrologer If you dont like the app check out her website its easy to read                Great App love the new style
This is crap You need to restore the old app the monthly predictions as well as the daily horoscopes Youre ripping people off soon I will be posting this on Facebook Instagram Twitter If I could rate this a quarter star I would You should be embarrassed Im certainly looking elsewhere for this service If anyone out there is considering buying this DONT I will piss you off too    Cheap ripped off
Im very disappointed in this version I attended one of Susan Millers all day conferences in NYC and it was fabulous So was her previous versions of this horoscope app Thats why it pains me to say I paid for a years subscription and feel like I was ripped off Her horoscopes have become too lean and Ive yet to read a monthly summary Maybe her planets are just in retrograde this year and it shows in her work       Disappointed
I love Ms Miller forecasts but I found the previous version easier to navigate This version is easy enough if you only check one sign daily but Im in a habit of checking multiple signs The prior app was faster to jump back and forth in       Previous app version easier to navigate
I first downloaded the free version but my curiosity was deployed and I purchased the monthly subscription Her words are a simulation of whats going on around me She have the sentences that I dont find to express my routine expectations and desires I think after reading the app I focus more in what is important to me Rewarding the app so far its pretty nice I love the graphic design                I just love it
Susan Miller deserves an app that actually works This is a mess Annoying popup note from Susan will not go away and blocks the content users pay to access Monthly horoscopes hidden in a dumb place Overall a fail Phunware is obviously not a vendor anyone should ever hire for anything    Poor design and functionality
I love Susan Miller but I hate this app The tech behind it is totally lame Always malfunctioning And little or no support from their staff Heres a forecast for you Your Astrology Zone app will be a complete waste of money and a source of frustration Avoid it    App Equals Crap
Susan is great and shes always spot on Always get my moneys worth                Best app ever
Susan Miller is fantastic and really knows what shes doing also such a kind caring soul I was especially touched by her writing about her mother learnings Susan is the only astrology I follow recommend Love this                Very good reliable
This app NEVER works Constantly receive ie every day error messages that theres a problem with the server and to try again later Trying again later DOES not work If I were Susan Miller I would be ashamed to associate my name with this while charging clients premium dollar Up until a few months ago she was always late with one lame excuse after another In the real world you would be fired for not being able to meet deadlines Shameful    Shameful
Yes shes sick But you sympathize that and pray over her soul not DISS it and use it as an excuse of this being a bad app She is so accurate and has helped my life tremendously through these months and I wouldnt want anyone else To be that sick and still be amazing with forecasts Shes amazing                I LOVE HER
I loved it when the writer put more time into the monthly scope Now its either late or cut short If she is too busy too write a full in depth report like she used to then its not fair that the annual price went up so dramatically Its the most expensive app I have and I doubt Ill renew itHealth problems I have empathy for buy shouldnt we get a discount for the next year since we didnt get what we thought we were paying for          Over Priced
My day begins with reading my astrological horoscope by Susan Millerlove it Sending blessings and Love for your wellness                Susan Miller Horoscope
Every horoscope is written clearly and understandable And I love all the extras Recently the app crashed and I cant open it anymoreOr it would get 5 stars          Not mystical mombo jumbo
Update Edit The developer made some changes and improvements to the app after it had a rather damning relaunch It now stays on the sign youve selected and does not resign in each time The background color was cooled a bit but still white not as abrasively stark as before though Overall its a good app and I enjoy it Thank you Susan Original review I love a little fun with checking my sign before headed to bed at night it was a nice calm thing to do The new white background is very abrasive and unfriendly I do not have a paid subscription but I still have to click guest each time I open the app and change it back to my sign something I never worried about with the older version Im sorry I know the info hasnt changed but this new interface is not my favorite and I wish it was still the starry backdrop with white text Sigh Otherwise I hope you are feeling well Susan Thank you for still providing small quips for free version users             Sad to see the old one go
Ive been a fan of Susan Miller forecast and explanations but there is no word to express how bad the app is it is nothing you can count on the only sure thing is that it will fail you    Good content bad app
This daily horoscopes is not what I thought it would be way off Been reading the monthly one for a long time and that one is pretty on point Dont think it worth paying for the daily one when there is other free apps that are 100 better and on point I think theres to much attention on other project and not on this app If thats the case you should offer this app for FREE I see you have a show And tons of other things going on If you cant deliver a good daily horoscope then dont offer it The app Daily Horoscope is a great app and its free Dont mean to be a mean person but when you charge the public money and dont deliver a good service Thats plain wrong Dont play with people faith in astrology because then they loose the faith So get it together and do a better job or offer this app for FREE its not worth the money Dont buy it guys Im upset that I spent the money    Disappointed
The daily forecasts are good I decided to start with the monthly payment There are some issues with the subscription dropping but it has improved since I first purchased the app          A bit buggy
The app is not useful at allthere is next to no content apart from a one sentence daily horoscope You have to go to the website on your own to read anything else even if you pay Monthly horoscopes are posted way after the month has already begun highly disappointed with that too The app layout is awful too Like the other reviewer said I also tried to give this app another chance but theres no point to it    Nothing special
This is the horoscope app i trust most Susan is detailed ACCURATE Cant wait for more Love you susan get well soon                Spot on
I cannot believe the monthly overviews are no longer part of the subscription They were the most useful part I decided to give this app another try after getting thoroughly turned off by the waste of money my last subscription was because of the delays in posting the monthly overviews I never wouldve guessed that for the same cost that huge part of the subscription would be missing What a disappointment    Wheres the rest of the app
I like it                Universe
I used to love this app for the easy to read monthly horoscopes The latest update got rid of this important feature so I am now uninstalling    No Monthly Horoscopes
Always late need current and next month not previous month    Always late need current and next month not previous month
Dont pay for this app Susan is always sick and she references staff But the monthly forecasts never come out near on time You pay for no service Very unprofessional Then when the app was getting bad reviews and you saw the rating score in the App Store go down they updated the app and hid the reviews Make sure to click all versions reviews to read about the quality of service that is lacking Go to a service that respects the paying customerI will say she is talented when she does actually post the horoscopes    Dont pay she doesnt deliver
This horoscope app is useless both the free and paid subscription versions are crap And if you buy a subscription and then the devs push out an update you will lose the subscription in the app like I did I contacted the devs about this but never heard back Complete rip off Dont bother to waste time on this app There are lots of better horoscope apps than this thing on iTunes Susan Miller should be ashamed her brand is associated with this piece of crap    This app is crap
Susan Miller is truly gifted                Spot on
Ive loved this ap for yearsuntil I was forced to pay 4999 for it I understand your need to make money Susan but it feels like weve been cheated Especially since there is nothing added or new about this new ap Add that to that the fact that the monthly horoscopes are usually posted LATE or sometimes not at all when the app is acting buggy which is often and id suggest everyone to STEER CLEAR of Astrology Zone Its left me feeling taken advantage of    STAY AWAY
Stop with the rants about health issues Susan Read online about Susan saying shes deathly ill and cant post horoscopes on time yet shes seen at parties in New York    Susan Miller is a Scam Artist
Without monthly horoscope there is no need to have this app And lately none of her writings are accurate I know more about her health issues that cropped up unexpectedly than anything in astrology that should be anticipated Really disappointed follower    Used to be a fan
I have always been a Susan Miller fan so I downloaded the free version first after seeing the above reviews I was very disappointed Even as a free forecast the forecasting is so generic that I have decided against trying the upgraded portion Also the monthly horoscope is exactly the same as the website I would have liked more of an interactive site that allows for placing exact information in order to get a more detailed forecast I WOULD BE willing to subscribe and pay for that Overall this app gets a thumb down for the ability to entice me to spend my money    Not what I thought
I used to love this app but no longer The monthly horoscope appears to be gone The app never remembers me have to sign in every time No customer support either    Not good anymore


Phunware, Inc
7.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.94
iPhone iPad

iOS Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE! 1.0.94 Mobile

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