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Alejandro Portela , the publisher behind many iOS app (Nails Camera - Nail Art Stickers for Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook Photos ,Emoji Math Game Free - Tap Fast to Win Emoticon Points and be The Best Quick Genius ,Instalikes Christmas for Instagram ,Cool Memes for Instagram - Rage Face Meme Maker and Funny Reddit Jokes ,Cool Fonts ,Mr.White), brings Symbolizer for Facebook and Twitter with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Symbolizer for Facebook and Twitter app has been update to version 2.10 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Fun app and enables personalization of text messaging..
  • This app has so many cool fonts that make my friends jealous..
  • It makes my text so cute and still so user friendly..
  • I kinda like it and especially the upside down text soo awesome..
Overall Satisfactionclick me90
down this app to have more font for ur text.
It needs more fonts just almost perfect.
So many awesome and amazing fonts to choose from.
I love this app sooo much I use it for everything.
I LOVE this app it it so amazing I use it ALL the time.
You can use it for anything I really recommend this app for anyone.
It's a good app I love all the cool fonts I can use.
I love the circle ones.
Fun & Engagingclick me90
This app has awesome fonts highly recommed this app.
down this app to have more font for ur text.
It needs more fonts just almost perfect.
This is very awesome for insta and face.
Really nice app perfect for insta and kik.
Really fun to play around with the different fonts.
The fonts are awesome and so fun to mess around with.
absolutly love this app it has amazing fonts and makes texting fun.
Usefulnessclick me85
I love this app so much it makes everything look more professional.
This app is really helpful for my roller coaster account on Instagram @coastersource.
This is app is so useful.
Social Aspectsclick me100
It's great for social media and has so many available.
and is great for Instagram and other social media sites.
I like to use this app to mess with my friends.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me47


Symbolizer converts words and names into different symbols that you can post on Twitter, Facebook, instagram, email, iMessage, etc.


* Symbolizer lets you convert ᏔøЯ∂Ƨ ✞ø ƧУℳᏰøℓƧ

Symbolizer for Facebook and TwitterSymbolizer for Facebook and Twitter
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* Write sǝƃɐssǝɯ ʇxǝʇ uʍop ǝpısdn


* Type ⓨⓞⓤⓡ ⓝⓐⓜⓔ ⓘⓝ ⓒⓘⓡⓒⓛⓔⓢ


You can use it to customize your contacts list with upside down names, cool symbols and circled letters.


Get it now and start symbolizing!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Symbolizer for Facebook and Twitter for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.7 MB to download. The new Symbolizer for Facebook and Twitter app version 2.10 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Symbolizer for Facebook and Twitter in Alejandro Portela`s Official Website :
Symbolizer for Facebook and Twitter


Download this app now because the app works perfect. found in 4 reviews
Best app eva and it's the best for Instagram. found in 6 reviews
I love using these fonts for captions with song lyrics. found in 7 reviews
I lov lov lov lov this app it is so awesome. found in 5 reviews
It's really cool and I love using them 4 Instagram posts. found in 12 reviews
I want to try "coffee font" and " keep swimming. found in 10 reviews
It's great for social media and has so many available. found in 10 reviews
Especially for making your friends jealous with awesome fonts. found in 11 reviews
I love this app it helps a lot with cute fonts and stuff. found in 4 reviews
I love this appp its making my friends jeolous yep. found in 5 reviews
I can text my friends in a cooler new fun way. found in 15 reviews
but you can even type three letters without stupid ads popping up. found in 5 reviews
Good but could use. found in 2 reviews
is still Crap - just FREE. found in 1 reviews
However I don't like how we have to copy and paste everything. found in 11 reviews
•Wont let me type
Too aggressive with the pop ups and ads. found in 1 reviews
Needs more themes that three other than that pretty good. found in 1 reviews
This app is good but it has WAAYYY too many pop up ads. found in 6 reviews
I wish you could make it a keyboard on your phone like emoji. found in 6 reviews
Pretty cool I guess but way too many ads. found in 7 reviews
I just wish you didn't have to pay for the fonts. found in 5 reviews
but all of the better ones are locked for the full version. found in 7 reviews
Needs more fonts unlocked it the good fonts are locked. found in 67 reviews
but you do need to pay to unlock more than a few. found in 10 reviews
wish i didnt have to buy everything. found in 2 reviews
Pretty Cool I Just Wish There Were More Unlocked Fonts. found in 26 reviews
heres why its annoying:
Less ads would be nice and more fonts also. found in 9 reviews
along with the ads for "the app of the day ". found in 3 reviews
Good but needs more free fonts. found in 5 reviews
•no infinity sign. found in 21 reviews
I wish you would keep the design but not make us pay. found in 3 reviews
Adds pop up and it doesn't work right. found in 4 reviews
Wont let me type •no infinity sign. found in 3 reviews
but it's alright I guess but not the best app. found in 3 reviews
heres why its annoying:
Too many pop ups and constantly redirects me to the App Store. found in 9 reviews
so done with the uber annoying ads. found in 5 reviews
but every time you click something there's ANOTHER ad. found in 4 reviews
so many pop up ads I couldn't even type. found in 6 reviews
This app has to many adds its lame a worth of time. found in 28 reviews
It's an okay app but almost everything is locked. found in 4 reviews
The ads pop up every two seconds. found in 3 reviews
It has WAY too many ads and is really BORING. found in 7 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
iPad 360x480 1
Icon 175x175 1
I really want some free fonts instead of having to buy them thank you             Stuff
Yass                Lol
This app is soooo cool I love all of the cool new fonts that are added to my keyboard It helps express who I really am Buy it                Amazingness
I used to be super hyped about this app but seriously the amount of locked fonts is crazy Unlock more and this will get 5 stars from me          
It just comes down to which font apps yall see download 1st Meaning theyve all got very similar if not the exact same fonts so pay close attn to derail IF your looking for something in particular          It is as stated in the read more
Listen here dont get this app its a rip of there is a way cheaper app thats free and gives u even more fonts than this one its called cool fonts u can get it for free and the update to get all fonts Is way cheaper than 499 btw if u get it for free it comes with more than 2 fonts unlike this one so before you get the upgrade get cool fonts    READ THIS BEFORE YOU GET IT
everyone go download this app forget the haters go download this app                5 star app
I was honestly blown away by this app Till I had to reset my phone When I go back to purchase all my stuff again that I had bought but now its wanting me to buy another app for 499 I dont know if this is a bug or something but fix it or refund my money       Upset
I love the keyboard                I love
Awesome                Awesome
In the next update i would like to have ee                Next update
I have had the app for almost a year now and absolutely love it I have purchased all fonts and have gotten rid of the ads Now there is only one problem every time I try and open the app it crashes otherwise love it Please get this fixed       Crashes
So recently I just installed the app and I did everything but told me to I went to general went to keyboards and added it to my keyboard But when I select a keyboard on the app it doesnt work             What with the keyboard
I love the app I think they should give out more free founts             Great app
5 stars for meh                Awesome app every
I just purchased this app Within the first 24 hours it started having problems I purchased the 499 font package Now it wants me to repurchase the same fonts again I need someone to unlock the fonts or refund my 499 so I can purchase a different app But I surly wont repurchase the fonts every other day Thats a scam    Refund
So I spent 499 for an app that doesnt even open now Crashes all the time Fix it or refund our money    Wheres my refund
Now eye can g kniccas minds with my font game Laughing atcha while attention snatching                Awesome
I purchased the 5 fonts and then when I tried to use them the app just froze I kept trying to load it but it kept crashing I deleted the app and reinstalled it and the fonts I purchased are no longer available I have to buy them again This is nonsense Please refund me asap    REFUND PLEASE
тℏṧ ṧ тℏḙ ḙṧт ᾰ ḟԻ ḟℵтṧ ḙṽḙԻ I ℓṽḙ т ṧ Պṳḉℏ                Symbolizer
crashes every time i open    crash
would give it zero stars if I could    WHERE R THE KEYBOARDS
This app is pretty neat There are a lot of apps like this But they are usually really annoying to deal with Unlike this one The app is great                Awesomeness
Amazayn                Chsj
ITS SUPER COOL                Awesome
Wish we didnt had to unlock fonts             Eh
This is awesome I love it                Jnea
I love fount apps so this app is perfect for me thank u for creating this app I love it so much                I love your app
I used to love this app but lately there been a whole bunch of ads I cant do anything because its ad after ad please fix that because I used to really love this app       too many ads
good luck utilizing the app you wont make it past the first three words do a sentence without an ad popping up and if you exit the ad it reloads again without the option to exit this app has more ads than functionality even free I may as well delete it    more advertising than any app Ive seen
Cool             Cool
Its broken    Broken
It makes your keyboard look brand new             Goodish
Awesome to use                Symboliser fonts
It works I just wish there was a Harry Potter font                Hi
Cool I guess             Nice
I paid for the 499 package and everything is still locked I want a refund But if you fix bugs I think zombie letters should be next new font       Rip off
Love the fonts Very well put together                Awesome
LOVE IT SO MUCH нєαятѕ ωιℓℓ иєνєя вє мαє ρяαтιαℓ υитιℓ тнєу αяє мαє υивяωαкαвℓє thats how awesome this app is                YASSSSSSSS
I like all the unique fonts but all the ads are so annoying I cant even type a sentence without at least 2 ads popping up in my face most of the time video ads Its super annoying and irritating I dont want to use this app    UGH
I downloaded this app because its fun to use the fonts here and there I had no problems getting the different keyboards I was going to buy the 499 upgrade but after reading all the reviews about all the problems I decided against it I dont like how the customers who have purchased the app lose all their fonts and in order to get them again they need to pay the 499 Now thats bull I do agree that they should have more free fonts I mean come on there are a ton of fonts and I dont see why we cant get at least 10 free ones I dont know how often these reviews are checked and seen but I think once all the issues are solved then there will be more customers happy       Mixed feelings about this app
To see what freebie they give for this lousy app                Fake good review
I like this app I have no complaints             Cool app
erased the app and reinstalled it but now the upgrade l purchased for 499 five minutes ago is gone and Ive lost access to all the unlocked fonts Please fix this so l can use the fonts If you cannot fix this please reimburse my 499    Bug fixed
HOW DO YOU GET IT ON YOUR KEYBOARD          I cant get it on my keyboard
I ed it until it stopped workingit keeps xing it out like the app got deletedI have no idea what happened but I spent money on the app and now it wont work       
It is a awesome app I do it and my friends are like that is so COOL And I am like yah if you want the app get it cause it is awesome                AWESOME
Good app                Awesome
This app is great try it out             Awesome


Alejandro Portela
1.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.10
iPhone iPad

iOS Symbolizer for Facebook and Twitter 2.10 Mobile

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