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INRIX, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (KENWOOD Traffic Powered By INRIX™ ,MyLincoln Mobile ,SYNC® Destinations ,INRIX TV ,INRIX Traffic Lite ,EZparkLB – Park Smarter in Long Beach), brings SYNC® Destinations with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SYNC® Destinations app has been update to version 3.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • with the traffic alerts on..
  • That is why Sync responds to voice commands in motion..
Overall Satisfactionclick me36
Better than Google maps.
Works well with my SYNC account and love the traffic maps.
Fun & Engagingclick me42
Send to Sync is awesome.
Usefulnessclick me17
Somewhat Useful.
Ease of Useclick me39
Cool and Easy to Use.
Reliabilityclick me26
Security & Privacyclick me48
Works well with my SYNC account and love the traffic maps.
access cloud based sync services account on the go.


SYNC® Destinations Exclusively from Ford - for active Traffic, Directions, and Information (TDI) subscribers only.


• Turn-by-Turn Route Guidance via SYNC® Traffic, Directions and Information Services
• Destination Management (download destinations, access contacts, conduct business searches)
• Real-time Traffic & Traffic Forecasts
• Accident, Construction and Local Event Information

SYNC® DestinationsSYNC® Destinations
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Leverage the power of your smart phone with SYNC Destinations to manage your SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information Services account and know what`s happening on the road ahead of you. Expedite destination searches, create saved points for SYNC and stay on top of ever changing conditions and traffic before you leave with the SYNC Destinations mobile phone app (Exclusively from Ford and powered by INRIX).


Route Guidance Support with SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information Services
With SYNC Destinations, access contacts, conduct real time business searches, enter new destinations and save them directly to your SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information Services account. When logged on to and using the SYNC Destinations app, you are also connected to your SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information Services account. New destinations that you create and enter from the app can be saved directly to your SYNC account as one of up to 25 Saved Points. From there, next time you access SYNC Services from your SYNC equipped vehicle, you simply use voice commands to call up your saved points and the requested turn-by-turn directions or traffic updates are delivered through SYNC.
SYNC® Destinations


Superior Traffic Coverage & Accuracy: SYNC Destinations delivers real-time traffic on all major roadways in 126 cities across North America.


Predictive Traffic: Don`t be late or miss important events! SYNC Destinations allows you to look into the future to see how travel times are expected to change over the twelve hours. SYNC Destinations analyzes current traffic conditions and other key variables like, day of the week, holidays, sporting events, accidents and road construction to accurately predict traffic in 15 minute increments.


Traffic Incidents: Access specific details for accidents, construction and other incidents that explain the “why” of traffic.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download SYNC® Destinations for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.6 has been released on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about SYNC® Destinations in INRIX, Inc.`s Official Website :


So much better than using the screen. found in 1 reviews
This update is a huge improvement over the previous version. found in 1 reviews
Cool and Easy to Use. found in 1 reviews
but could easily be improved. found in 1 reviews
Serious Login Issues. found in 3 reviews
Great but could use some tweaking. found in 1 reviews
Needs to take traffic into account for estimated travel. found in 1 reviews
but add a " send destination to car" feature. found in 5 reviews
Please Drop Yelp Search. found in 2 reviews
Please create a desktop version. found in 3 reviews
GPS location nothing. found in 2 reviews
Not bad but needs work. found in 1 reviews
Ford needs use Goggle maps and pay them. found in 1 reviews
Search Database Needs an Overhaul. found in 1 reviews
Great idea but not too user friendly. found in 4 reviews
It is pointless if the car is in motion even just rolling. found in 8 reviews
Like veryone else: What's with the 5mph lock. found in 10 reviews
Yelp is terrible search engine. found in 4 reviews
which defeats the purpose of traffic updates. found in 3 reviews
yes or no for toll roads on route. found in 3 reviews
and aside from the terrible search. found in 3 reviews
App crashes now. found in 1 reviews
Did I mention that remember me doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
You can not use app while car is moving. found in 6 reviews
Until you eliminate the motion lock out this app is useless. found in 6 reviews
Not compatible with iPad mini retina. found in 4 reviews
Probably one of the worst gps apps I've ever used. found in 4 reviews
The search engine is horrendous. found in 4 reviews
If u miss a turn u have to pull over. found in 5 reviews
If Google Maps can send destinations to SYNC. found in 5 reviews
Doesn't send directions to car. found in 4 reviews
although the 5 mph lock was pointless. found in 17 reviews
If I'm driving 65 mph on a highway. found in 7 reviews
Here is another defective Ford Sync product. found in 17 reviews
Terrible search function. found in 3 reviews
No longer compatible with iPad Air or non-3G/4G units. found in 5 reviews
Only thing worse is the actual Sync system in my car. found in 17 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
Didnt think it could be as bad as all the reviews It is Wont send info to vehicle All MFT wants to do is dial and then gives no info Junk    Dont bother
This is a very bad designed app    Bad
I really like the concept of this app and for the most part it works But it relies on Bing for destination information In the last 2 months Sync Services has taken me way out of the way with incorrect directions As soon as I switch on Google maps it takes me right where I want to go Time to update it and get the maps and routing working properly       Time for an update
Junk Doesnt work most of the time cant find anything errors saving locations now wont let me even log in any more I can log in to sync website but not through this app Utter garbage    This app is awful and pretty much dysfunctional
Smart Savvy A bit scary good Disregard reviews that complain re working wiPad Theres a different app 4 That                Perfect 4 my iPhone separate app 4 iPad
Title says it all No longer compatible with my iPad Air    Latest Update Broke the UI
Are you kidding This app no longer works on my otherwise awesome iPad just because I dont have cellularWRONG CHOICE FORD    A bad JOKE
How is this tool not available for the iPad I just bought sync again and I wish I could have my money back for the year of service I dont understand why that would be a choice by ford    Give us an iPad app
The App update on iPad was to kill the app for their users Considering Ford a large and important corporation this app feels it was designed by amateurs Also Mapquest feels like 90s maps I think Google Maps would have been a better choice    App NOT working on ipad any longer
I would like to give this app a bad review but I cant even get logged in The ford dealer gave me a printout with an id and a pw but it doesnt work I have tried resetting it 2 times and still nothing Fortunately it doesnt look like I am missing anything    syncmyride
Not everyone needs an iPad with cellular option on it Did you think that some people run access points or tether off their phones Thanks for breaking the app    Get with the times
You would think that Ford one of Americas strongest vehicle producers could manage to obtain a really great app to support the Sync system Nope This app is garbage dont bother    What a joke
I am already paying for the sync technologyhow about an update to make this app compatible with the iPad 3 It used to work with IOS 60 with the update to 8the app fails    2010 escape xlt
This is the worst app The whole Ford system is horrible Take it from someone who bought a brand new Ford Fusion and have had nothing but trouble with compatibility Stupid    Awful
WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE EVERYTHING SO DIFFICULT Predictive typing causes lag which causes frustration which causes me to buy GM    Only thing worse is the actual Sync system in my car
Cant update app Judging from the other recent reviews it sounds like they screwed up Why did I buy a new Ford Fusion again Never been so disappointed I think Im going to write Ford directly A lot of good that will probably do    What happened
Crap update Can no longer use on my iPad Air because it is only wifi Please Ford find new developers    Not everyone needs cellular
Doesnt do anything well but everything badly app appears to be for marketing purposes only rather than being useful for anything Uninstalled    Complete fail
I really dont know why all these negative comments It works great Easy to use                Works great
Loaded it yesterday on my iPhone and it worked flawlessly                Sync
This concept technology really solidifies Ford in LAST place with old technology and driver convinces No reason to waste time and space down loading this softwareapp    FORDs Notso Shining pile
The app lets you entertype all kind of information but wouldnt let you hit the submit button while in motion A passenger cant do anything when sitting idle If its really for safety it shouldnt let the user type anything at all After entering everything prevent from just hitting the submit button is ridiculous    Height of stupidity
This app works very well I read all the negatives too I can only speak for my experience and couldnt be happier                Ford 2012 F150 iPhone 5s
Wont accept my username and password They work via the web but not via the app Probably have a max password length that is too short    Nonfunctional
It can find the destination I want Even though the POI is not found Im able to input the address to get there Then just send to the SYNC Whenever Im ready the only thing I need to do is to call Services in the car And the next step is to wait the Services to send u the coordinates of the destination Once its downloaded ure ready to get to ur destination accordingly                Great app for Sync my Ford
Get idea poor execution    Terrible app
The app could not be any worse than it is I can eve log in And it generates no usable errors What a pos    Worse app ever
My 2013 Ford F150 which has Sync is apparently not compatible with Sync After downloading the app and logging in with my Sync account it turns out that you have to have another sync services account on top of that which happens to not be available for my vehicle The app also does not remember passwords so be ready to do a lot of typing    Worthless
I downloaded this app last year when I purchased my 2013 Focus ST Love the car and everything about it I figured this app would play nicely but it required me to sign in to Ford SYNC after every menu selection only to take me to the mobile site where I had to sign in again Once Ford gets the software update to strip addresses from my contacts list this app should be removed from the App Store    Whats the point
You cant even really connect to your my touch w navigation you have to make a phone call to send the info to the car Why cant Favorites and such from the car be edited through Bluetooth from the app Or even change the Temp Or switch to Sirius or Radio Whats the point This app is garbage and pointless seriously Dont bother downloading    Worst app ever
Never works    Useless
I have NEVER been so disappointed in a product in my life as this over priced vehicle and its horrible technology Wow So I need to use a CORD to connect to Pandora in my truck I have tried to Bluetooth my phone for 3 days no luck Downloaded this app which is COMPLeTELY useless Drive the Ford into the ditch pls    Really
This app doesnt let you start your car unlock lock or anything hey Ford call GM they have a nice appmay be they can help you guys I give it only one star due to the fact its a app    Truck of the Year NOT app of the year
Love my new Mustang but Sync is aweful Really difficult to use My other car can complete a nav function in a few steps This system takes 10 steps a phone call a download and really tries my patience Cant even use it while moving News flash most of us dont want to pull over in a neighborhood we dont know to get the system to give directions    I hate Sync
When this app works its great however even after closing the app entirely the GPS remains in use which is draining my battery more quickly than usual As a result I have to disable GPS for this app when not being used Please fix    GPS runs all the time
When you search a business it 98 of the time says results not found For instance Ill put Lubbock airportno luck Always have to search Internet then copy address and plant the address in the app    Search function bites
I got this app for my 2014 Mustang Its terrible Dont try to use it for long trips because its not capable of giving proper directions It told me to drive for 120 miles before the next direction I switched to Google maps and I had to stay right in 3 miles This app is very unhelpful    Unusable
What is everybody complaining about The app works great                Works fine
Even after staying on the phone for over an hour with Sync customer service it still will not work    Doesnt work
This app is incompatible now with iPads Most of the time when using the app I would get a message the server is busy Real helpful when trying to get a traffic report Thumbs down Ford Motor Company    July 2013 update
The map simply doesnt work Its terribly buggy I provide my GPS location but it shows me a map about 1000 miles away When I try to zoom in it splits in half and then shows half a map of another random location I dont think anybody looked at this app before they published it    Map and directions are terrible
What a worthless app This is my first negative review EVER It wont allow a passenger to use the app while the car is in motion Give me a break Its my life and my phone I dont need an app that is going to force me to have the driver pull over just to use it DELETE AND WORST RATING OBTAINED    Dont Waste Your Time
This is a vast improvement over using the Ford screen and especially the crappy voice commands You have to use Apple maps to send the address to the app and Services to get the car to download to the car             So much better than using the screen
It takes too many steps to get directions phone and a download It also takes too long for the download Directions come up faster on my phone    Too many steps Too slow
So the last update was July 2014 Are you not listening to your customers This app needs major updates    Hellooooo Ford Anyone there
I dont understand what the fuss and negative reviews are about It works great Been using it 2 months on my 2015 F250 and it works as advertised Simple and easy to use Only reason it doesnt get 5 stars is that it shuts me out when in motion at times There is a lag of a minute or two before it allows me to use it again once I stop Annoying Otherwise great             Works great
This app used to be ok Now its useless Have deleted it from my phone and gone back to my Tom Tom I still like sync in my 2014 F150 for hands free phone Fire or give the geek that screwed this app up a demotion 0    Useless App
App is never updated at timely fashion does not function well with sync with my touch    Poor updates
I just want to listen to internet radio Im using my iphone which I always do without any problems Sync will randomly stop playing I need to totally unhook the USB and reinsert it then start all over on the ford fusion dashboard menu to sync the USB again Once it played for about 6 minutes Usually it disconnects after 20 seconds Id give it only one star but at least I got to listen to a little music I cant keep unplugging and restarting this while driving Total annoyance and let down       Horrible
Do not get this app as it is the most worthless app there is    What a piece of junk


7.0 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.6
iPhone iPad

iOS SYNC® Destinations 3.6 Mobile

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