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Synthesia LLC , brings Synthesia with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Synthesia app has been update to version 8.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Synthesia is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 11.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 8.4 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
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Learn to play the piano using falling notes Get started right away, even if you don`t know how to read sheet music. Enjoy playing songs right on the iPad touchscreen or connect a MIDI keyboard, put ...
Not too bad its pretty nice to have              Not too bad
Paired with a lighted keyboard Yamaha EZ220 this is such a great way for and old guitar player to learn some keyboarding                 Lovin it
This is an awesome program I have more time on my hands now I decided to re teach myself to play the piano again all of my playing skills have come Back with ease I use my iPad Air hooked up to Yamaha YPG235 keyboard it works perfect                 Definitely 5 Stars
I like this app              Good app
I have absolutely no complaints Very well thought out includes everything from automatically scrolling sheet music to an option to change the instrument that is heard when a note is hit This app has allowed my friend and I to easily play music together While I focus on the piano she uses the same screen to transpose the notes onto violin or to simply use the sheet music herself We are able to see both the piano and violin music in the same place Im fascinated by the way one can open any midi file in safari and play it instantaneously sheet music included Someone made a good suggestion earlier that there should be an option to edit the midi files I think itd make a great addition I recommend for new users to buy the full version its worth it I cant wait for upcoming updates                 I want to punch various items this app is such a grand thing
Make an app to where you can make midis because I dont have a computer                 Make a midi maker app
It is great but it is way too expensive to create songs Ripoff Get piano 3d instead     Why
I want to be able to create my own song without having to pay eight dollars Even then I cant form a made up song There need to be an update where you can make up your sing without having to pay eight stinkin dollars        Irritating issue
I installed this hoping I would be able to compose MIDIs within the app Nope I cant even just freestyle I am heartbroken     Not what I was hoping for
The price lies     Not free
Its a okay appas you see not popular so nobody likes if        Its okayy
Its good just that I would like it if it had vocaloid       
Every time I get on it crashes        Crashes
This connects right to my digital piano and Ive learned a bunch of songs                 I love Synthesia
It crashes every time I try to open it       
This app is exactly what I needed to learn piano using midi files I was stuck between downloading some of the basic piano apps or using my sequencer apps to load midi files To my surprise Garageband doesnt load midi files without the hassle of using your mac first This app works perfectly The only reason for not giving 5 stars is it is missing ability to add lyrics and also I cant get the meta data app to work with a mac for adding title etc to your manually added midi files The app is exe file Other than those minor gripes this is perfect Dont hesitate to buy the play any song inapp purchase to make this app shine              Just what I wanted Midi files
One of the best apps ever that teaches piano                 Epic ness
This app is handsdown awesome I first got Synthesia on my PC about 4 years ago and recently saw it in the App Store for the iPad Its a very very smooth piece of software Unfortunately I mostly want to use the app to connect to my digital piano and from what I can tell my piano isnt compatible with my iPad I did then download it for my Mac and viola the same code that I used for my PC 4 years ago worked on the Mac I just spent an hour tonight using it Synthesia is great                 Fantastic
Ok so this is just amazing i love it i am just so happy that this exists love it                 BestAppEver
Oh finally Being able to split left hand right hand made all the difference I got this app to learn how to play some of my favorite soundtracks but they dont come coded with leftright hand and apples GarageBand doesnt export into midi when you try to split it through there Life saver                 Thank you
I really like this app because I can download midi files from safari and runs at a pretty good fps D                 AWESOME
I love this I havent had any problems and can go to the free midi sites to get songs                 Awesome
Its an okay app but how do you add your music to it It doesnt work           How to add music
Ive seen tons of people play this game I got it for my iPad and when I tried opening it the thing crashed I havent even done anything on it yet D PLZ FIX     D
I cant open the app Help     Uh ohs
I cant get my sound to work Plz help              Love but
I like the app alot I just think you could have a microphone setting in which if you had a real piano you could just use that instead of using a electric keyboard           Ummm
Love it just love it                 This is amazing XD
Please fix this I want to import my GarageBand iOS version songs onto this but it will not let me           Will not import GarageBand songs
I use yamaha ez 220 to connect with synthesia and had learned many piano music by myself Its great                 Easy learn and full of fun
I loved it but when I tried to get all songs it kept telling me that I needed to pay I wasted all my App Store money please fix           I waster to much money
Amazing app I just think you could make it better by adding a pure sheet music mode in which it does not show the keyboard and it purely displays the sheet music                 Needs fullscreen sheet music mode
I definitely recommend getting Synthesia and upgrading it to the full version You can get any song on there and play it or watch the notes get played                 Best AppEVER
This is a great app but its super confusing on how everything works The website only has 3 guides that dont help that much Is there an easier way to upload MIDI files Please help              Great App But
I cant access my Synthesia app It keeps crashing and I have an iPad 2 with iOS 80 Really upset and would love a new update This used to be my music player but now I do not have one 05 Stars     Upset
I only really heard about this from Lyras Song Anthropology I wanted to try it out so here I am Hoping I can do it     Idk
It became a lot more fun after I hooked up my Casio PX to my iPad mini However as a teaching tool i agree with the other reviewer that it needs a full screen sheet music view Even in the current state it helps a lot learningteaching new songs It is very helpful that you can record your own midis and get students to practice on them using this tool              1 Full Screen sheet music request
Its great butI think that instead of you just listening to it you could actually play it I mean they do let you play the song during you listening to them play it but they keep going and its hard to keep upSo they did a good job and some people really could enjoy it but thats just my opinion        There could be more
I payed for the full version of this and it worked great with my midi keyboard for a while and it was a fantastic app learned very quickly with it but now when I plug in my midi keyboard no matter what I do with the settings or what mode a play in all the keys falling fly by extremely fast as if it were going at 400 speed and it says its on 100 even on the mode where its supposed to stop until you play all the keys it just keeps flying by any way and does not let you play it Im very dissapointed with this bug get it fixed immediately        BUGS
I used to really love this app for changing instruments and trying new songs which I paid 7 dollars to upload my own songs however they decided to take the advanced mode and simple mode and somehow combine them making the app horrible and overcomplicated for what I do PLEASE FIX     THIS VERSION IS BAD
This app was great and then I decided to delete like a genius I try downloading it once again and now it has downloaded but wont open at all and there seems to be nobody to contact for support I want to play but it refuses to open I cant launch it from the App Store This needs to get fixed or its just gonna remain 1 star     Good until crash
This is a great resource in my quest for learning old hymns Here are things I would like to see in future updates 1 The ability to rename midi files 2 A key transpose tool 3 The play speed to be in increments of single digits Thanks for making this great app                 Positive feedback
Omg I want to play they dont know about us by one direction but It says it doesnt have it              XD
Why not make a special offer to get Pro for only 100                 Costs too much
How do i start it up           HELP PLEASE
Ive played with synthesia for a very long time and been very pleased with my experiences with the app Though as of late my app has stopped opening Ive reseted my iPad Ive deleted the app and have respectively redownloaded it though nothing seems to be working Please fix this bug     Great App until
The app is really good but it would be nice if you could transpose the key of a song to play in different keys              Please add a key change option
I had Synthesia on my Mac and reviewed it several years ago but hadnt played with many recent versions I noticed the iPad version came out and was blown away on how much BETTER the iPad version feels The implementation of gestures such as pinch to zoom and swiping the progress bar to rewind is so intuitive that my 5year old knows how to practice with it I purchased the Play Any Song feature and it is totally worth it if you have plenty of educational MIDI files that come with many piano methods like the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library The builtin MIDI sound set is fantastic but it also has the flexibility of using MIDI sounds from an external source like your own digital piano Keep up the great work                 Terrific Teaching Tool
I use this app with a Kawai digital piano and it is just great Right hand left hand both as slow as I must and then speeding up as I learn is great Its like a teacher that can work with you any time of the day Brilliant Also I have used it to import MIDI files from Kawai touch note or the internet then assigned the notes to the hands in Synthesia and then used it for practicing Just great                 Excellent learning support

Synthesia Music Sheet Music Falling NotesSynthesia Music Sheet Music Falling NotesSynthesia Music Sheet Music Falling NotesSynthesia Music Sheet Music Falling NotesSynthesia Music Sheet Music Falling NotesSynthesia Music Sheet Music Falling NotesSynthesia Music Sheet Music Falling NotesSynthesia Music Sheet Music Falling Notes

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