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TalkMe.IM, Inc , brings Talkatone - free calls, SMS texting and IM chat (VoIP Google Voice). with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Talkatone - free calls, SMS texting and IM chat (VoIP Google Voice). app has been update to version 1.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • fairly simple interface and facebook chat integration..
  • Go for video calling and it will beat facetime..
  • this is the app I mostly use for my Google Voice numbers..
  • Promises offline mode and it came..
  • Perfect for keeping in touch with my family while I'm abroad..
Overall Satisfactionclick me66
Better call quality than cell phone any where in world.
Call quality is unreliable and inconsistent at best.
This is by far the best app for google voice integration.
Meh for google talk.
The voice quality is fine and connections are made quickly.
Voice quality makes this phone service unusable.
Best VoIP app on the app store.
Best phone app for iPad I've seen to date.
Thanks talkatone for making me feel at home.
and be able to re charge the account.
Fun & Engagingclick me92
Talkatone is Awesome.
Family Friendlyclick me94
Keeps me in touch perfectly with all my friends and family back home.
The best service and so clear to hear friends and family back home.
i was able to call my family instantly without a busy tone.
I am able to call my family back home for free.
Social Aspectsclick me95
Makes staying in touch with friends so much easier :.
This app keeps me in touch with friends and family.
Perfect for keeping in touch with my family while I'm abroad.
it help me keep in touch with my family and friends.
Reliabilityclick me47
Crashes on my iPad 3 every time I try to make a call.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me33
Security & Privacyclick me33
Nice and easy to use this app with gmail account synching.
@ Craig MillieYou need a Gmail account because this app uses Google Voice.
Updates & Supportclick me41
their laughable customer service and their shackling contracts.
I definitely recommend paying for the premium version too.
Batteryclick me100
Turned on battery saving mode as previously suggested.
go to Settings then enable Battery Saving.


Unlimited free calls and text messages to any US or Canadian phone number. Make your iPhone, iPod Touch, and
iPadtablet made by Apple
an Internet phone.


Use Talkatone to stay connected with your family, friends and business partners. Login with your Google Talk℠ account and enjoy absolutely free voice calls and text instant messages. Configure your Google Voice℠ to make calls to phone numbers in North America.

Talkatone - free calls, SMS texting and IM chat (VoIP Google Voice).Talkatone - free calls, SMS texting and IM chat (VoIP Google Voice).
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• Free calls/texts on all iOS4 devices over
WiFiWireless local area network
or 3G*
• Real-time location sharing
• Uses backgrounding mode and local notifications for instant call/text alerts when app is inactive
• High quality audio with voice compression
(*Internet provider data charges may apply)


• Calls to regular phones in US and Canada requires an existing Google Voice℠ account
• SMS is available for US users only
• Limited Bluetooth support on iPod Touch and iPad
Talkatone - free calls, SMS texting and IM chat (VoIP Google Voice).


Google Talk℠ and Google Voice℠ services are provided by Google, Inc. TalkMe.IM, Inc is NOT affiliated with Google, Inc.
Google Voice℠ is a call enhancement service which may not route emergency (911) calls.
Continuous use of location sharing (GPS) for long period in background can significantly decrease battery life.




The Talkatone - free calls, SMS texting and IM chat (VoIP Google Voice). is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 12.3 MB to download. The new Talkatone - free calls, SMS texting and IM chat (VoIP Google Voice). app version 1.5.1 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Talkatone - free calls, SMS texting and IM chat (VoIP Google Voice). in TalkMe.IM, Inc`s Official Website :


Best VoIP app on the app store. found in 73 reviews
Please bring back the individual time stamps per each text message. found in 7 reviews
The quality and volume of custom ringtones is absolutely pathetic. found in 43 reviews
The sound quality is horrible at times. found in 10 reviews
you still want to make money off with annoying ads. found in 16 reviews
It's good but you need to update network quality on wifi. found in 10 reviews
Would give 5 stars if you will fix crashes. found in 5 reviews
you cannot answer incoming calls. found in 48 reviews
I just wish it could receive MMS messages. found in 10 reviews
it drops the connection to gv connect for contacts. found in 26 reviews
I can make outgoing calls but it's not letting receive incoming. found in 57 reviews
Just to mention two limitations:
The only problem is that when other people call me. found in 12 reviews
Bt every time I tried to call someone the app would crash. found in 58 reviews
It is VERY ANNOYING when it comes to push notifications. found in 72 reviews
It needs improvement with sending & receive pictures. found in 45 reviews
Sometimes push notifications don't get shown. found in 6 reviews
Having poor reception with almost all my intl calls. found in 4 reviews
Crashes when I send a text and i don't receive picture messages. found in 19 reviews
it doesn't ring or something cause I don't hear it ringing. found in 15 reviews
Talkatone would be wonderful if incoming calls could be received. found in 161 reviews
Call quality is unreliable and inconsistent at best. found in 313 reviews
hangs up incoming/ outgoing calls as soon as call is answered. found in 71 reviews
The duplicate push notifications are really annoying. found in 72 reviews
Talkatone needs a gmail account personally I don't have one. found in 88 reviews
5 just shows "Cannot send audio" when taking an incoming call. found in 57 reviews
I'm no longer able to send pictures. found in 42 reviews
Latest update causes the app to close every time I try to make a call. found in 53 reviews
Can't see the texts I send nor can I receive texts. found in 49 reviews
incoming calls can't be answered and outgoing calls are frequently disconnected. found in 74 reviews
Logged in to google but won't connect to google servers. found in 107 reviews
Force closes after writing long text messages and pressing send. found in 125 reviews
To receive calls unfortunately you have to have the app running. found in 290 reviews
I can't view my missed calls. found in 52 reviews
It works great until you try to call someone and then it crashes. found in 58 reviews
Voice quality makes this phone service unusable. found in 105 reviews
I've been trying to make calls but it just won't work. found in 447 reviews
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True story Ive been in Europe a month My boyfriend is back home in Miami in jail The only way he can call me is by calling this app number and since I could choose the area code I set it as a Miami number and the calls are only 1 and he pays off his commissary I dont know what I would do if I didnt have this app                Best ever
the app works very well especially considering that you dont have to pay to get the appthe interface could be better but im not one to complain there have been some bugs but they always get fixed usually by the next day too overall im very happy with this app and i would recommend it                very nice
I have never had a problem texting or sending or receiving phone calls And its free Highly recommend Your iPad becomes a phone                Excellent App
Resolved the issue was having with notifications not always going through                Good update
That would make this the best app even better than kik          Needs Group MSG
Ive been getting calls from from unwarranted calls I thought it was to connect with friends but obviously I was mistaken       Cant block unknown or other numbers
App is no longer sending or receiving messages Very disappointing It seems the new update messed something up       No longer works
Cant pay your phone bill This is a great substitute that allows you to make calls and texts when connected to WiFi                Great app
This is a terrible app dont waste your time I cant see anything I type my send button disappeared and the are LOADS OF LAG AND ADS Dont waste your time    Terrible
Love the app only one problem sometimes whenever you make calls and now its happening sometimes during incoming for some reason you cant hear each other on the line and it says Voice traffic being blocked by network other than that I love the app                Voice traffic being blocked by network
I cant send or receive any kind of texts messages and this been going on for hours can yall please fix this problem ASAP    Help
Good service                Talkatone
This app is a lifesaver since I dont have a real phone so it saves me money and I can use it almost anywhere was Internet                Best thing since the real phone
Everything was great until the most recent update Now I cant get any texts to go through Rebooted my phone multiple times deleted and reinstalled and still nothing A great thing is now mucked up    Cant send or receive texts
If you have wifi then you have a phone Much better price than ATT or Sprint but stay in the wifi I use a hotspot when I travel                Good alternate phone line
Love the app Been using the application for a few years now ever since I lost service on my iphone I wish the outgoing calls were still free and didnt use my credits I dont have anything bad to say other then texts dont go through sometimes until the next day same with receiving them And answering a call from the lock screen doesnt take and I have to return the call instead of answering it Other then that it really is a must have             Wish out going calls were still Free
Maybe I havent figured out how to find this but itd be nice to know how many credits I have before I make a call I was cut off in the middle of an important call because I ran out of credits             Credits
Cant receive txt messages please fix issue          TXT MESSAGES
My parents dont let me have a phone so I use this app It is great The reason why it is 4 stars is because I cant text anyone I could write down the text but cant send it Please fix it Thanks             Me Likey
Great app Im very happy I recommend it 100                
This app bugs out to much for me and I keep getting random calls and half of the texts I should receive I dont get       Not as good when I first got it
Great for outgoing calls not incoming Switched to VoIP system Works well             Not too bad
I have had many apps like this none has lived up to its words but this app I recommend it to everyone It dont eat minutes either I recommend it highly Love this app 5                Great App
I love using it but please make emoji available to text to others that dont have a talkatone numberemojis are my life sometimes it wont text                EMOJI PLEASE
I love this app but ever since yesterday Talkatone hasnt been sending or receiving messages from me I see other people have this problem It is a big problem for me because most of the people that contact me only have my Talkatone number This is a big problem with my iPhone       Please fix the bug
I am revising my rating because the app stopped working suddenly todayThe texting is great most of the time Occasionally a text will never go through and sometimes it will take hours to send a message When making a long call after about an hour of talking the app will disconnect the call without warning For features I would like to see I would like to have a time stamp for every text and the ability to send and receive pictures    Good but could be better
This app is the best Real life saver                Awesome Phone
An ad popped up full screen and I dont know how to close it There is not a done button like there usually is on talkatone          Advertisement
I love this app and use it a lot because I dont have a phone yet but know I can call off of my iPod which is great the only thing bad about it is that I have to buy credits alot                Love it
Outgoing calls used to be free Now they want you to buy credits Time to delete and move on    Bad App
It was working great until now Its not letting me send any messages at all    Sending messages
Love The App but I Tried to call a house phone itll ring once and then hang itself up but I can call cell phone numbers with no problem       Not letting me call landline
If the app is not running in the background and you get a call it makes a notification but doesnt allow you to answer the call You can slide on the notification it opens the app but will not answer the call or give you the option to answer I payed full price for this app Im very upset would like it to be fixed       Big bug
This is the worst app ive ever downloaded    No
I wish they would quit changing it back and forth from free to pay I was about to permanently remove from my phone and discovered they made it free again Works well for now and is free at least till they mess it up again                Great app for now
My text messages are not going thru to people sometimes and I try to get help from support and nobody is getting back with me It works sometimes and sometimes it doesnt          Texting
Free great app Can call all you want                Great app
The voicemail is limited to 30 seconds then drops off it would be nice to hear the whole message from the caller especially when I am not able to answer the call right away    Voicemail Limitation
How does it show u your phone number                Lol
Please fix the problemBeen using this app for long time its a great app But today I cant send text Tried to deleted and download back but still no luck                Error
It worked great but then it just stopped    Stopped working
I Love this talktone app it is very handy when I am on the go                Talktone App
This app used to be free However I got a message stating that the app requires you to buy credits in order to make phone calls now It used to be a cool app    Not free anymore
Ive been using this app for about 2 years now and never had an issue with it until recently For the past 2 weeks it went from not receiving texts to not being able to send texts and now I dont get phone calls only the notification of a missed call Ive emailed support and have gotten no reply about anything which is annoying Fix the issues with your app    Fed Up
I been using this app for months but as of today none of my texts have been going through and it fails to pop up notifications from time to time             Overall good app
Useful app for sure                No complaints
Ive been tryna send a message and they wont send I emailed talkatone and they didnt respond They are normally very quick about emailing back a fixing the problem but they havent responded    Help
It needs an offline feature                810 would hit
I cant send our receive pictures from this app          No pictures
This app crashes and or freezes at least twice a week Hate it    Not ok


Social Networking
TalkMe.IM, Inc
12.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.5.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Talkatone - free calls, SMS texting and IM chat (VoIP Google Voice). 1.5.1 Mobile

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Talkatone - free calls, SMS texting and IM chat (VoIP Google Voice).

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