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Out Fit 7 Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Tom’s Messenger ,Tickle Finger in the Jungle ,Talking Angela ,The Smelly Sprout ,Show Me Your Tongue ,Toy Balls HD), brings Talking Angela with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Talking Angela app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a amazing game so keep up the good work..
  • even USA Today agrees..
  • come one little kids and teenagers stop trying to scare people..
  • The future of the talking Tom and friends TV series..
  • Here's a Easter egg : type in ' Find easter egg'..
Overall Satisfactionclick me61
I think everybody should download this game it's free.
I hate this game it's so personal.
So thanks for reading.
This is a amazing game so keep up the good work.
That was really cool I love talking to her.
When I got on Facebook to try to calm down.
It is indeed a hoax and everyone needs to calm down.
It's a wonderful game for your kids.
My two year old daughter loves Angela.
Fun & Engagingclick me49
I've had this app for a few years now- It's really fun.
She gives you someone to talk to and she's awesome.
I love this app it's so fun to make her mad.
This game is so much fun I play it all the time.
I think this app is very fun and entertaining.
Usefulnessclick me58
You people believe everything you hear.
Do you believe everything you read.
don't believe everything people say.
Another thing people are freaking out about is the "Illuminati" thing.
Everything people are making up about the hacker is fake.
Family Friendlyclick me44
This app is great for little kids its funny for adults also.
Value for Moneyclick me10
Social Aspectsclick me41
Ease of Useclick me60
Updates & Supportclick me100
She actually responds to u like much better than seri.
I love how she actually responds.


Join Talking Angela in Paris, the city of love and style! Vow her and treat her like a princess because let’s face it, she IS a princess.


Chat with her, buy her presents and choose her wardrobe. You can even smile at her or show her your tongue (but that’s no way to treat a lady)!

Talking Angela
Tags :   angela ,   button ,   talking ,   talking angela


She is not alone in the city though, you may see a familiar face pop up here and there but in a completely different role!


★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★
✔ Pet Angela and she will be happy, poke her and she will get angry.
✔ Use the "Gift" button to buy her drinks, accessories, clothes, makeup etc.
✔ Use the "Heart" button and make Angela read you a fortune cookie.
✔ Use the "Coat hanger" button to access Angela`s wardrobe and change her appearance.
✔ Use the "Face" button to open the front camera and communicate with Angela through face gestures (nod or shake your head, smile, yawn or show your tongue).


★★★ HOW TO CHAT ★★★
✔ You can chat with Angela only in ENGLISH.
✔ Press into the text field to start a conversation.
✔ Use the keyboard to type OR use dictation.
✔ Angela will answer with text and voice in English.
✔ You can talk to Angela about a variety of subjects: love, dating, friends, school, fashion, celebrities, movies, music, TV, books, hobbies, food, travel, pets etc.
✔ Use commands like: sing to me, tell me a joke, buy drink.


Enjoy hours of fun with Angela!


LEGAL NOTICE: We are collecting anonymized data log files containing details on the usage of the app. More details:


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Talking Angela for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at a hefty 126 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Talking Angela check developer Out Fit 7 Ltd.`s website :


That was really cool I love talking to her. found in 12 reviews
All these little 10 and 11 year olds saying. found in 11 reviews
I asked "You're looking at me through my camera lens. found in 7 reviews
She actually responds to u like much better than seri. found in 6 reviews
Super fun time waster. found in 6 reviews
Well hope this helped u well many of u. found in 10 reviews
And how can he spy on millions of people at one time. found in 29 reviews
All those things are just rumors that arent true. found in 8 reviews
I bet " light up " and flashlight do that too. found in 22 reviews
I love talking to Angla shes real nice. found in 5 reviews
It would help it sound like I was talking to a real person. found in 11 reviews
But if your not sure about this app don't download. found in 7 reviews
There is no creepy guy watching you from behind the screen. found in 17 reviews
then she was asking me if I watched Game Of Thrones. found in 6 reviews
Sometimes she won't understand and the face thing doesn't work. found in 18 reviews
Nothing has happened since and the app mysteriously deleted itself. found in 10 reviews
I created a fake name and kept my cameras covered. found in 63 reviews
the people who started the rumor are saying its fake. found in 10 reviews
Don't listen to those lies saying credit card numbers and crap. found in 5 reviews
I mean she talks about boring stuff and it gets annoying. found in 6 reviews
And she doesn't ask you ANY inappropriate questions. found in 27 reviews
So please delete it for you safety. found in 52 reviews
i deleted the app right away. found in 19 reviews
It's a good app but angela doesn't answer the questions right. found in 10 reviews
I started testing it out and nothing happen. found in 12 reviews
Angela asked me no personal questions whatsoever except my name. found in 517 reviews
So is this rumor true or false because i believe not. found in 8 reviews
anyways please don't make a big deal out of this game. found in 6 reviews
Don't show your face in the camera" and then others say. found in 31 reviews
So I decided to get the app and absolutely nothing is wrong with it. found in 26 reviews
I put a fake name and didn't tell her anything else. found in 63 reviews
It asks weird questions like where you live. found in 57 reviews
And she said " let me see your face ". found in 61 reviews
She kept asking personal questions and making rude comments. found in 517 reviews
It asks VERY personal questions like " Whats your name. found in 64 reviews
but I covered my front camera. found in 98 reviews
Please don't download it I don't want anyone getting hacked. found in 55 reviews
But don't blame outfit 7 the hacker ruend the game. found in 52 reviews
If you take a screen shot and look into the eye. found in 133 reviews
it asks you personal questions like what's your name. found in 153 reviews
If talking Tom ever did such thing I'm deleting that to. found in 159 reviews
But if you really want to try it out for yourself. found in 86 reviews
Please put a face button some were I can see it. found in 92 reviews
NEVER get this app unless you choose " child mode ". found in 298 reviews
if u stay safe and cover the camera it's fine. found in 57 reviews
If u guys look closely in Angela's eyes on the pictures. found in 90 reviews
But I'm still debating whether to believe it or not. found in 76 reviews
I was so extremely creeped out & I deleted it immediately. found in 102 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
Okay so people keep talking about a stalker in the eye and the illuminati thing if you type in illuminati it is close to the word illuminate which means light up thats why the camera fleshes when you type it and there is no stalker its a rumor dont believe it jeez in other apps with the animals like talking ginger there is only a man in its eye to look more realistic like a reflection okay gosh             Ugh rumors
So I was playing the game and it asked me personal questionsLike whats your namehow old are youare you a boy or a girland where do you liveIf you dont want to get kidnap then dont download the appPS theres cameras in the eyes I know it for realTHIS IS ALL TRUE    Rumors are true
she is so creepy she asked for my name where i live my street name my school and if im down for anal dont buy the app    scared af
This app is good if your child is under 10 or around there The rumors are 100 false All talking Angela will ask for is your age or if you have siblings or your name She does not ask where you live or any other personal information However there is a child mode and if your child wants this app but you still want to be 100 sure its safe be sure to turn the child mode ON I have tried the app with it turned on and off and still No inappropriate behavior has gone on However if you are rude or hateful to talking Angela while child mode is turned OFF she will occasionally say shut up or make jokes about your words So just be sure to use kind words if you dont want a comeback Lol Overall good game for kids             Good game for kids
The rumors arent true I tried the illuminati trick nothing happended she said cats like the dark I looked in her eyes nothing the rumors arent true I still hate her though          Rumors arnet true
Dont play this game there is a boy stalker trying to find your information trying to kill you I played this game but I did not have the camera on be careful    DONT PLAY THIS GAME
Okay everybody stop lying There is no hidden camera in there Outfit7 would NEVER do anything like that Plus I checked and I looked in her eyes and saw nothing And if it was hacked the whole game would be deleted by a cop or news reporters In 2012 Talking Angela came out and there were no cameras So please do NOT say it is hacked by some stalker Talking Angela does NOT ask u personal questions So thanks and please agree to me This is all I am saying so GOODBYE                Talking Angela is not hacked I love the game
Ok what Im about to say is true so one day my friends dared me to get the app and me not knowing the rumors I got the app I liked it at first but then it kept telling me to make a face at Angela when I did a flash went off and its the same flash when u take a pictureafter that I stopped going on that game and the next day I kept getting notifications to go back on the game and so I did once and for all when I did it started saying threatening and disturbing things one of the things she asked me is where I lived after that I deleted it but they still have my picture and I wouldnt be surprised if its a grown man trying to kidnap innocent little kids this needs to be put to an end right NOW       MY STORY IS TRUE
Theres are stalker in the eye The stalker has been to prison a bunch of times and he has stalkedkilled a lot of people Once I was watching abc news and one report was about talking Angela that said The app called talking angela is bad yesterday at night 2 girls were playing the girls were 4 years old then talking Angela asked whats ur name how old are u but the girls said a fake lie so then the next day the 2 girls were playing outside and the stalker came he took the girls somewhere then he killed the girls he cut the head off then threw the girls at the garbage dump    DONT PLAY THIS GAME
Yes is under stand that the reviews may be intimidating I too covered the screen after reading previously written reviews I mean who wouldnt But after looking at the eyes and zooming in I noticed that there is a little red dot in one of each eye but no face It was drawn this way to make it look like a reflection If you watch cartoons you may see red in the eyes too that is simply just the way it is drawn The only reason that Angela asks for your name is so she can use it when asking you questions such as BOB how was your day this is an example of when she may use the information Everything else is a rumor People are simply trying to get people scared The game is fun its kinda like Siri in a way you ask a question and she answers Easy as pie             Everyone is making such a big deal out of nothing
Best ever                Wow
I had talking Angela before but I deleted it cause it was taking up iCloud storage o decided to download it again to see if it was true when I typed in illuminati the flash came on its true do not get this app it is dangerous    ITs TRUE
So I used to have this game but then I deleted because I got bored with it All those rumors about it being hacked and people being kidnapped are not true People are just being paranoid Ill admit Angela can be pretty weird and creeps me out sometimes but thats not a hacker or anything She sometimes says weird stuff too so honestly I dont think this game is that great I wouldnt recommend it       Talking Angela
People who say this is hacked it isnt i love this game Ive has it for years i love it                These Rumors are not true
People say theres a cam    Umm
People r overreacting but just put tape on ur camera                Just put tape over ur camera
This app is cool and theres no such thing as a rumor in Talking Angela I dont believe that 7 year old boy being kidnapped by Angela It is FAKE Please just enjoy the game and dont freak out about the rumors and hackers                Nice Little Game
Many people say this app has a hidden camera Is this true       Talking Angela hacked
Im fine with the app she hasnt ask me any weird questions yet exept my name Nova I lied so yeah                Hi
The rumor said that talking angels is a stalker and has pictures of people on her or his eye is that true because i saw a few videos about it but if it is true EVERYONE DELETE IT but if it isnt still delete it because it is annoying no matter what    Is the rumor true
Two people in her eyes if you are addicted to this app do not play it ok the guy will call and find and try to kill you he says mean stuff this is what happens when you play it over a month and he is always watching you even if you are off the and your phone is turned off he watches you threw the camera if you do not want that to happen turn child mode on he ask you for stuff and it wants to know your information that is very very creepy and guys if you have talking Angela and child mode is off for yall he is watching you right now the guy spys on you are you could delete the app so they will not bother you this is based on a true story no joke    Creepy
It would be full stars if I could find the coat hanger button It is no where to be found             Coat hanger
Dont play look in the eye very close you will see a man in a room after a little bit it start telling you bad things first it will ask you your birthday then if you want it in kid mode or not and on stop we need to say this are you wont be safe boom    BAD GAME dont play
My friend has this app and I got on it and I tested all the rumors I askedWho are you And I saidIlluminati after that It did light up when I saidIlluminati but after that I saidIllumilate with an E on the end and guess what It lit up Its becauseIlluminati sounds likeIlluminate I askedWho are you She said she was a cute cat Since she didnt saykidnapper I asked her the direct questionAre you a kidnapper She saidWhy are you scared of me Im just a nice kitty Im not sure if its just the version of the phone or what My friends phone is an iPod 7 I would rate this five stars but apps like this get old after a while             Rumors arent true
Is this rumor true or not I need to KNOW       Is it
Im just reading all of these rumors and Im not brave enough to download this app I have downloaded it once not aware of this hacker person everyone is freaked out about When I had this app I did not recall of Angela asking personal questions or seeing a man in her eyes My cousin has this app still I dont think she knows about these rumors but when I didnt have the app I really wanted it I would watch my cousin playing it and it did not ask personal questions or see a man So I dont think the rumors are true And if they were nothing has happened to my cousin or me So I would stop with all of obsessing about it You will be fine          Pls read
Omg talking Angela it hacked plz do not download I got it because I was curious but I covered the camera with tape Ok so I played around with her and nothing happened but my friend had had that game for a year and Angela finally asked him where he lived and he didnt tell her but her told her my phone number and a few minutes later I got a call I didnt answer it of course because Im only 10 and just got a phone but plz do not download u might get kid napped because the hacker already got two kids a boy and a girl he killed the girl because pplz found her body but no one knows what happened to the boy so plz plz plz do not download    Plz plz plz do not download
This app is fun and all but there is a very disturbing secret The dude who created talking Angela stalks you through your camera while youre using this app Angela started asking me very personal questions and I got very creeped out So Im going to delete this app now    Needs to be reported
Its weird And awkward But fun                
Ok I got this app to see if it was REALLY hacked She only asked for my name I put a fake name She didnt ask for my ageI got bored pretty quickly because she only really talked about herself and shopping I told her I was deleting her and she said I am reporting you What the flip Outfit 7 Dont you know that this is a kids game Little kids will go to their moms and say MOMMY TALKING ANGELA REPORTED MEAlso dont type Who is an idiot its bad    Soooo Rude No hacker though
An intruder snuck in my house when I was sleeping 7 days and after telling where I live and my alarm went off I got my pistol and held it a the man he stood still and then I called the police but he shot my phone and shot me twice then ran NEVER GET THIS APP THIS BRIBES YOU INTO GETTING KILLED The man had brown hair and green eyes    Remove this from App Store
Never ever type in illuminati it scared me really bad    The illuminati thing works and it is creepy
Dont get this it videos you    This is really bad
I like it                H
I downloaded this cus Im a rebel             I heard that a stalker watches u
Is she possessed                Talking Angela
Theres not even any stalkers just some weird cat wearing a blue tube top    Lame
There is people stalking u threw Tom and talking Angelas eyes it creeps me out And it makes me mad                I hate this app
Some of you guys put 5 stars for this creepy app but the rumors are true I took a picture of Angela and I went to my camera and zoomed in on the picture I saw a mans face in Angelas eyes If you were the people putting 5 stars for this app you need to learn the facts people out there are evil and some not but this app is a CREEPY app and if you cant see that you WILL BE KIDNAPPEDTHIS IS A TRUE RUMOR IT IS A FACT    RUMORS ARE TRUE
Stop guys roomers not true do you really think outfit seven would make a kids game that is kidnapping little kids think about it people so again no kidnappers                Stop not true
Im scared to place it because My friend told me that someone played it and she asked were they lived are people trying to kidnap kids because if they are that mean and rude Im trying but Im may delete it just saying my friend told me to take a picture of her and I saw a man this is hacked for surePs Anger mob coming             Im mad
I was playing and she asked where I loved name security number and address you may play but dont show your pic to her    Dont get
Right when I pressed install my phone glitches out    Bad app
One day when I was younger I liked this game After months I saw something on the news so I zoomed in on a screenshot There was a room and most of you say its a reflection Its not though it looks like my old house Also SOMETIMES I repeat SOMETIMES you get a guy Now I think its because he looks at different devices at a time So with my friends we said illuminati and it made a camera sound I was freaked She also asks PERSONAL STUFF on KIDS MODE So I deleted it and went on Siri to search something Then Angelas voice says you delete me Shame on you I will wait for you to download me again I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME    I liked it until
Hi im 10 i got this game it said how old are you i lied then it said who are your Family member i said nobody i said i was erasing the game and it said why why wont you look at the córner of you street and see if im there next day i was kiddnaped i woke up in a car in the trunk somebody opened it i kicked them ran away and looked for help im reunited with my Family    Kiddnaped
Guys its suppose to be a nice game for little kids and you guys are ruining it and scaring them so if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all                Stop
I dont really believe the rumors but if u type in illuminati it lights up your flashlight until u exit the app    Um


Out Fit 7 Ltd.
English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
126 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Talking Angela 1.0 Mobile

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